After S5, The McCall Pack decides to take a rest outside Beacon Hills and pick Australia as the destination. The Mako Gang has just defeated a water dragon and thinks that the worst has passed, even after a disastrous super moon. Despite both groups feeling that they are hidding something from one another, friendships are formed. But when two enemies from their pasts join forces, Scott and Zac may have to reveal some secrets that involve tails and claws.


"There is something haunting in the light of the moon; it has all the dispassionateness of a disembodied soul, and something of its inconceivable mystery" - Joseph Conrad

NOVEMBER 14, 2016.

It's funny how something that's in outer space can cause events to unfold in different parts of the world.

In a town, two male boys are fighting. One looks older, the other, younger.

The scene is brutal; there's blood, roars and whimpers are heard.

You can feel the rage of the youngest male as he attacks. And you can feel the pity coming from the older one, who can only try to defend himself while trying to prevent hurting his opponent.

You can feel the sorrow in the air.

How can it affect certain special people around the planet.

In a cave, five teenagers are relaxing in a natural pool with an underwater entrance to the ocean. They're four girls and only one male, but they all seem comfortable as they wait for something to happen.

The moonlight suddenly shines on top of them, and the pool starts to form bubbles.

The teens welcome the sensation, relaxing on the light and water.

Everything is peaceful, until the male's eyes turn a dark blue.

These certain people aren't your average writers looking up for inspiration. And the changes aren't your definition of normal.

In the town, the young one gains the upper hand and is about the end his adversary, until another young male comes in and stops him. He shares some bad news. The young boy breaks down and leaves.

In the cave, the male starts to make things fly around him, barely hitting his friends with rocks and out-of-the-blue lightning. They beg him to stop, but their pleas are ignored. Two girls end up getting hurt, while the other two attempt to stop him.

In time the normal moon becomes… well… normal.

The new young male tries to help the older one, but he is knocked d unconscious by another male, his age the same as the guy staring him. A cruel smile forms in his mouth.

The girls manage to grab the male, but suddenly he cries out in pain as the rock and lightning storm gets more and more violent.

A super moon, however…

The male's fight, but the one who had been previously fighting is clearly weaker.

The male starts to scream in pain and his body starts convulsing.

… Will make werewolves…

The new male draws out his claws and with them; he stabs the weaker male in the chest. His eyes, having been red, fade to brown. His facial features change from werewolf to human. His body goes limb. His opponent leaves, satisfied.

… And merpeople…

The male nearly hits the girls with his tail as he continues to scream and convulse. The moonlight starts fading, and with her slow leave, the merman looks to be in more pain. The girls, his mermaid friends and family, can only stare in horror.

… Experience a brand new change.

In the town, the werewolf is dead for fifteen minutes. His mother manages to bring him back.

In the cave, the merman is unconscious. When he opens his eyes, they are no longer dark blue.

But like all great changes…

The werewolf manages to go on, and at the end, his pack has taken down the male who stopped his heart.

For them, everything was all right.

The merman goes on with his life, the events on the pool simply becoming a bad full moon for him and his friends.

For them, everything looked normal.

… They take their time to appear.