Wasguud mah Peeps Marshmallows? Here today: Ash x Dawn/Pearlshipping. enjoy :3

Ash, Dawn and Brock were just hanging out near the beach with their Pokemon. "ah... this is a great way to relax huh?" Brock said. "yeah..." Ash and Dawn agreed. Pikachu had found his once lost, bottle of ketchup and went to hug it (forgot to mention: Contains Pikachu x Ketchup) and heard Piplup and Oshawott coming over but then a net dropped over the three. They all screamed (sort of).

"Hey... I wonder where Pikachu, Oshawott and Piplup are..." Ash wondered, beginning to search for his friends. "Pipluuuuup!" Dawn called. "Oshawott?!" Brocked called. Little did our heroes know, that Team Rocket had captured them not too long ago.

"hey what's da deal?! We were only gonna catch dat Pikachu!" Meowth complained. "Well they WERE in the way! And we ARE by a beach..." James remarked. "hm, that's true..." Jessie said. They all heard footsteps coming in their direction. "Team Rocket?!" the three trainers said. Not bothering to say anything, the Rockets sent out their Pokemon to attack the other young trainers.

"*gasp* Pikachu use iron tail!" Ash said. Pikachu used the move and ended up freeing himself, Piplup and Oshawott from the net. The ketchup bottle exploded from the impact of the move. "Pikaaaaa...!?" Pikachu said, once again mourning the loss of his beloved ketchup. (R.I.P Ketchup 2017-2017) "Oshawott! Water pulse!" Ash said. "Piplup use Bubble Beam!" Dawn called.

The two water Pokemon launched their attacks at the fire Pokemon Team Rocket had stolen and it caused the Rockets to blast off into the sky. "huh... that wasn't so hard." Ash said. Dawn blushed a bit but agreed anyway. "Let's go have dinner, it's pretty late..!" Brock said.

-Later that night-

Dawn couldn't sleep very well. 'ugh... no more stalling. I need to tell him NOW.' she thought. "h-hey Ash...? Can I tell you something?" she asked. "sure. Anything." Ash said, letting her sit next to him. "um... I like you- No I love you like... as a boyfriend..." Dawn explained. "I... love you too Dawn. You're a very good friend to me and everyone else we've known." Ash said.

The campfire crackled a bit as the two trainers gazed into each other's eyes. "oh, it's 11:11! make a wish..!" Ash said. Him and Dawn closed their eyes and made a wish. "what'd you wish for?" Dawn asked. "I wished that we could be together forever and ever..." Ash said. "I did too...!" Dawn chirped. The two trainers then hugged each other under the moonlight.

A/N: sorry this was so short but it's like 11:37 right now and I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow but I'll update whenever I can ^^