"Remind me why I thought this was a good idea."

"Something about raising your DPM. Whatever that's supposed to mean." Hana pursed her lips, before lighting up upon her realization. "Besides, someone had to volunteer for the frontlines. Don't tell me you're having second thoughts now."

"Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time!" Hana snapped back, the face of her pink mech glaring angrily at Jack, who didn't even bother facing toward her. This resulted in more pouting from the mech pilot.

On the other hand, the hearty laughter from a certain bulky hero did help to ease some of the tension. "No worries! There's nothing like a good fight to get your morning going!"

If his cheer had any influence on Pharah, her face certainly said otherwise. "Let's not get too excited. Remember the mission: hold off as many drones as you can until Torbjorn can get disable it from the inside. The local militia is already spread thin with the evacuation, and even then," She pointed a finger at the monstrosity that loomed over the city. "I doubt any of us have the manpower to take on something like that."

No one could fault her words; Titan Omnics were among the largest and the most devastating threats up to date. Originally designed to construct skyscrapers efficiently, they had been remodeled for the sole purpose of destruction, in an ironic twist of fate.

Its power made itself known once again when a laser blasted out of the port of its arm, bisecting several buildings. The angle of the cut caused them to slide down, before smashing against its neighboring buildings, and decimating entire segments of the road.

Though the militia ordered a city-wide evacuation, it proved to be rather pointless. A giant fifty foot mech in the middle of the city tends to inspire a certain excitement among the populace. Especially when it has a skull for a face along with glowing red eyes.

Most of the citizens evacuated, but that still left one problem. One that was more than fifty feet tall. And of course, Overwatch had no choice but to attend to the matter. 'Save the day', as they called it. Jack preferred the phrase 'cleaning up the government's mess'.

"So. Anything else we should know before we get started?" asked Hana.

"Well, if you'd bothered to listen during the mission briefing… at least a hundred drones are deployed each minute, according to Torbjorn. We spread out to cover more ground if they disperse, but if they're condensed then we hold formation." Jack elaborated, his visor hiding the frown he made.

"And remember, keep away from the Titan at ALL costs." Pharah added. "None of us will survive for long if we're caught up in one of its missile barrages." As if to emphasize her point, a block went up in flames as a storm of missiles made impact. Inside of his helmet, Reinhardt grinned at the excitement. The others' expressions were unreadable, save for Hana's, who, frankly, didn't feel as vigorous as the others.

"Let's just hope Torbjorn's faster than he looks. With legs as short as his, I'd be surprised if he could actually make it to the cockpit." added Hana.

"Don't worry. He knows the beast inside and out. He helped build it after all." A painful reminder from Reinhardt, but true nonetheless. No one felt as disheartened as Reinhardt when it came to Torbjorn's work, especially since he had the best of intentions. Noticing the sudden change in atmosphere, Jack quickly sought to change the subject of the matter.

"Let's just make sure we do this right. You all know the plan." Following his words, a small cluster of red dots appeared on Hana's visor. They then proceeded to grow in number, forming a large red splotch staining part of the holographic map.

"Uh guys…" By then, they noticed it as well. In the middle of another missile barrage, a segment of the Titan's back began to unfold and unhinge. Despite being at least several miles away, their sight did not betray them.

A plethora of drones, like an angry beehive after being whacked several times, began pouring out of the Titan's back and washed over the city like an aggressive fog. Donning laser cannons and missile packs that were especially devastating when wielded in vast numbers, there was a reason why they were designated to back up the robotic giant.

The first time they had been deployed, more than half the arriving military forces were vastly overwhelmed, severely cutting down their morale and probably any chance of them taking the massive machine head on. If Torbjorn hadn't been there, things would have definitely gone worse.

This time, things would be different.

Jack's visor began filtering targets with utmost efficiency. 's fusion cannons whirred to life. Pharah's rocket launcher unfolded from inside her arm. Reinhardt pulled out a cloth from seemingly nowhere and wiped the screen of his helmet before wearing it again. They were ready for a battle.

The massive cloud of drones dispersed over the city, a particularly large segment pouring in their direction. It seemed their presence had not gone unnoticed. Impressive that the Titan's targeting capability had been improved to recognize more substantial threats.

"So much for the splitting up plan…" Hana idly commented. With their weapons ready and their foes coming to greet them, the four agents of Overwatch prepared for a dramatic battle.

But a dramatic battle would not occur that day.

"Incinerate!" A blinding light and a resounding crack followed the sudden battlecry. It covered every corner of their vision, forcing the four protectors to assume a guarded stance, their arms covering their faces. A shockwave thundered against their bodies, forcing them back, even Reinhardt for all his bulk was worth.

It soon became clear just what perpetrated their momentary blindness, when a breath of hot air entered their lungs. A massive torrent of flames washed through the streets and across the sky, burning up all that blockaded its rampage, as though a miniature sun combusted right then and there on 17th Street. Sweat began to pour as the relentless heat thrashed against their skin. Only after several prolonged seconds did the barrage of fire finally cease.

The defenders of the city, now relieved of their lack of sight, noticed three things. For one, the skies were completely empty, devoid of any and all drones as compared to before. The shattered visors and wings strewn across the ground served as the only reminders of their brief existence.

The second would be the unbelievable amount of char that filled up the block. Black splotches constituted every road, sidewalk, and stop sign. Not even the innards of the buildings were spared of this; enough char made it inside to coat the floors almost completely. The shattered windows probably gave way during the blast.

Fareeha coughed several times as smoke entered her lungs. She then looked up to observe a silhouette unveiling itself in the waning cloud of smoke, his arms outstretched and glowing molten orange.

His skin bore an unnatural shade of gray similar to the smoke.

"Is that… " Her words fell on deaf ears, still ringing from the blast. They could only stare at the newcomer with wide eyes.

Then, to everyone's shock, he put on a burst of speed that put even Tracer's time warping abilities to shame. The machine man simply vanished from sight at the speed he moved at, stopping in front of an even more ludicrous sight.

"Master!" The four defenders were forced to shield their faces once again the moment they turned, another blinding light seemingly emerging from nowhere. Only this time the culprit was not a torrent of flames, but rather a forehead. Jack flicked on the 'shade' setting of his visor, and began wishing he didn't.

He wasn't sure which to address first, the fact that this man didn't follow evacuation protocols or that he apparently chose to dress up as some obscure superhero he didn't know of.

Of course, the ridiculous amount of sunlight his forehead refracted at them also demanded addressing.

Oblivious to their plight, the hero turned to address his disciple. "Oh, nice. You cleared out all of them."

"Yes. However, scans indicate there are more being manufactured within that contrivance. I suspect it won't be too long before more drones swarm the city."

"A walking factory, huh? Cool." Saitama turned toward the behemoth of a machine, and raised a fist. "Guess I'll have to beat it. Just give me a sec."

"Hey, just hold on a minute…!" Sadly, neither of them noticed the aging soldier.

"Do they have udon around here? I could probably use some."

"One moment." It didn't take long for Genos' processors to find results. "There is one several blocks north of here, in relatively good condition. They are closed on Sundays, however." He pointed down the street, where black splotches covered a small building, coating even the small parking lot up front.

"Oh. Well that's… good to know."

"Guys? What's going on?" Hana asked. All she got in response was a collective shrug. She hated moments like this when she had no idea how to proceed.

"What are they even doing? Shouldn't they be-"

A sudden gust of wind threw them back, stopping Jack mid sentence. A tremor nearly threw them to the ground, a large crater appearing out of nowhere a second after. Jack pulled himself up, and looked towards the sky to see something very yellow and very bald flying towards the Titan Omnic at unimaginable speeds.

If anything, Saitama was grateful he had a lot of practice doing light hops. Usually when fighting enemies this large, he would sometimes overshoot, either missing entirely or ending up in another city by accident. Then there was that time he accidentally crashed into someone's bedroom, at a particularly bad moment. He shivered.

Never again.

Back on the surface, Genos' glowing eyes kept track of his master's movements, just barely making out the image of the human missile that his master resembled.

"ETA: 7.29 seconds from impact."

"...What?" Fareeha managed to get out.

"I recommend that you have several repair crews ready in advance. Collateral will become an issue in the next few seconds."

"I… huh?" Fareeha gave up on forming an actual response. They weren't exactly trained in dealing with situations involving cyborgs and cosplaying bald people. And what exactly did he mean by 'impact'?

They would receive their answer soon enough.

Saitama continued blasting through the air, the mechanical terror growing bigger with every second. The supersonic speeds he traveled at combined with the aerodynamic nature of his egg-shaped head caused ripples of pure energy to strafe right past his body. But even with the wind pressure battering him like a disgruntled jackhammer, his mouth formed a straight line, expressing no emotion to the situation at hand.

His utmost resolve temporarily turned to that of disgust when a mosquito disintegrated against his cheek.

The skeletal face-plating certainly did much to intimidate all who opposed its might, but appearance alone could only get one so far. As the technological monstrosity rampaged across the city, with its weapons trained on every building and roadway in sight, something else entirely came up on its sensors.

It turned its attention away from the tanks that fired at it, and toward something akin to a fighter jet. No, not a fighter jet. It moved far too fast for that, even by Mk.5 standards. Some kind of prototype weapon designed by the enemy?

A man. A bald man in a yellow outfit, to be more specific. The machine had little time to ponder this anomaly, how and why a bald man would be flying directly towards one of the strongest weapons ever built. Even less to realize what happened the instant something red struck its visor.

The fist made impact.

For just the briefest of moments, it seemed as though every particle converged into one singular mass, the hydrogen particles igniting to create something similar to a flashbang thrown into a nuke . The inner wirings of the machine stuttered, before disintegrating completely. Only Genos' augmented vision picked up on this rare moment.

As though the heavens decided that today would be the perfect day to rain some much deserved karma on the city of Caligo, metal scraps of a once terrifying weapon of mass destruction did just that. Everyone in the city, the militiamen, those who haven't had the fortune of evacuating in time, and most importantly the agents of Overwatch, had their jawlines separated entirely.

Jack's visor fell off entirely because of said jaw length. Torbjorn, sitting on the Omnic's foot with a wrench held out, dropped his beaker of molten metal, which landed on his foot. Something he didn't notice until about five seconds later, when screams of agony could be heard in the distance by several people. Genos only watched with a silent gaze, having long become accustomed to his master's ridiculous level of power.

Reinhardt gradually stared at the sky as the massive metal scraps rained from the sky, the behemoth's legs being the only components that remained intact.

"Well, uhhh..." he finally said.. "Does... does anyone want to explain what just happened?"