Reaper sat on the couch, his arms spread over the ledges. The assassin then let out a resigned sigh.

Things in Talon had become rather hectic lately, with the incidents revolving around New York. Judging from everything that happened, he couldn't help but wonder.

It certainly was an odd favor for Sombra to call in, infiltrating one of their own bases. He didn't mind it that much, because the head of the operation was certainly not worth what they paid him, and he didn't put that mech pilot on his list either, mostly because he never really met her.

Besides, there wouldn't be any point in prying about her plans for the future. The woman enjoyed amassing a vault of information, and yet found the very idea of sharing it abominable.

He did learn a few things from his excursion, however. At this point he couldn't deny that Overwatch's influence grew stronger every day. With the events of Caligo City, no doubt more than a few people would be willing to change their opinion of them.

Reaper frowned under his mask. That day had been especially agitating for Talon's head engineers, who initially planned for the Omnic Titan to retreat once it caused enough damage. Though he found it somewhat amusing to see their faces when they learned their beloved weapon of mass destruction had been literally shattered into millions of pieces by some unknown force.

If anything, it proved that Overwatch would stand in his way no matter what. Eventually he would have to come face to face with them, but for the time being he would relax.

"You're still wearing that stupid fedora?" Just when he thought he could get some shut-eye. Widowmaker sat on the edge of the sofa, her back facing towards him.

"First of all, it's none of your business. Second of all, it's a top hat, not a fedora."

"If you say so." She shrugged. She did find his recent choices of attire somewhat interesting, if not amusing. "So, is something on your mind?"

"Nothing new, if that's what you're wondering." Despite only a few days passing, the events of New York threw pretty much everyone into an uproar. "Though I did hear Arashi recruited some new faces."

"Bien sûr. The forces of Talon grow ever stronger." Widowmaker smirked at the thought, before her lips curled into a frown. "Though the current state of Talon's leadership is somewhat concerning, I must admit."

"So you noticed it too, huh?" For someone like Lacroix, it didn't exactly surprise him. "I'd have known if those big heads had been working on those earthquake generators. It's even weirder how they managed to get them under New York."

"So you didn't know, then."

"No." he bluntly replied. "I hold a seat at the table, after all."

"True. But if I recall correctly, you did travel to New York despite not receiving any orders. Is there any reason for that?" A hint of suspicion sunk into her tone.

"Nothing much. Just had a few loose ends to tie up." Those ends of course involved him indirectly interfering with the operation. Lacroix would probably press on it, so he changed the subject. "Ran into a few Overwatch agents along the way. They had another cyborg with them. Didn't recognize him."

"I thought you memorized all the faces of Overwatch?" Widowmaker raised an eyebrow.

"This one was new. Don't know much about him, but be wary just in case." Reaper turned his gaze towards the sofa chair beside the couch. "That includes you too, Sombra."

Seeing Sombra uncloak herself on the chair did surprise Widowmaker somewhat, but she didn't show it, instead preserving her deadpan stare.

"Buenos dias my edgy amigo. Sharp as always." Sombra started clapping, really slowly. Then she flicked a finger at Widowmaker. "You need to step up your game, little spider, before edgelord here starts to take the lead."

"Sombra." hissed the sniper. "Snooping as usual, I see."

"Is that really such a surprise?"

"...Non. I suppose not." That didn't mean she felt okay with it. Not that someone like Sombra would care. "Besides, Reaper here informed me that you went on a little trip. What were you up to, Sombra?"

She grinned in response.

The control room emitted a dark purple hue; a result of the mysterious gas engulfing the entire control room. Mei and Hanzo lay still on the ground, their bodies having succumbed to its effects.

Across the room rested Tracer, along the wall of ice that should have prevented anyone from entering. Her plasma pistols lay empty on the ground, and her warm clothes now donned several new tears, some made deep enough to cut her skin. Her ability to rewind helped to negate the effects of the gas as well as her injuries, but from the way her accelerator blinked, she wouldn't be able to keep it up for long.

"Well, if it isn't Sombra." Tracer coughed out, earning an arrogant grin from their unlikely assailant.

"Ah, so you do remember me. How nice of you." she teasingly replied. Only she could wear a gas mask and still sound sarcastic.

Tracer furrowed her eyebrows. "How could I, after I found out you were the one who stole the blueprints for the teleportation matrix?"

"Well, it's good to know my reputation precedes me. But enough about me." Sombra crouched down to her level. "There's someone who has caught my eye recently. He has something I want. And if I'm going to get it, I'm going to need your help."

Tracer looked at her strange, her face etched with confusion. "Why do you need my help? You're the master hacker here."

"True. Everything is connected, these days. But this is a special case. Overwatch has already involved themselves with him. They've already caused several ripples. I need to act now before they turn into a tidal wave."

"And just to make sure you stay motivated…" Sombra pulled out a small vial of a purple substance. "Let's just say this isn't just sleeping gas."

Great. She suspected just as much. If Sombra wanted things to play out like this, then she most likely held the antidote. And with the state she was in, there was little she could do about it, unless she complied to whatever her demands were.

"I'd hurry up and decide if I were you," warned Sombra. "Because in a few minutes, you won't remember this conversation." Tracer bit her lips.

"...Fine." It came out as a whisper, but Sombra heard it loud and clear. Seeing the hacker so giddy made her blood boil. "What do you want me to do?"

"Nothing much, really." Sombra replied with a grin.

Widowmaker frowned. "Funny. That's the same thing Reaper said."

"Oh? Did he now?" Sombra pressed her fingers to her lips in mock surprise. If this bothered Reaper at all, his mask did a good job of hiding it. "I guess it's a shame. That the two of us got to go out and do exciting things, while you were stuck here playing hooky."

"I was given specific orders to make sure things stayed in line here, at headquarters." Widowmaker slipped herself off the ledge so she could properly face the annoying hacker. "I suppose it is to be expected, with the sudden lapse in leadership. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you, Sombra?"

"No, surprisingly not." She felt a wave of agitation come over her. She constantly wanted to sate her desire to hold all the pieces. "I'm pretty sure everyone here is aware of that room he locks himself in for like 80% of the day."

"Lemme guess. You tried hacking in." Reaper glanced at her. She could almost feel that smug expression under his mask.

"'Tried' is right. I don't think anyone among the council understands the purpose of that room."

"Well, either way, I need to consult him later." He paused, before adding, "About his leadership status, not that room he commissioned."

"That will not be necessary." The three of them reeled back in shock, when the very man they spoke of somehow appeared right in front of them. Even Reaper, who usually kept a stoic expression plastered on his face, seemed surprised at his sudden appearance.

And if anything else, he looked worse for wear.

For one, the few clothes he wore now donned several tears. Bruises lined themselves across his entire body, and blood dripped from the many cuts that endorsed his arms and his shoulders. And above all, his once pristine Doomfist now looked scratched and worn, and parts of it sported thick dents. In short, he looked as though he had just fought an army of genetically enhanced gorillas, all of which wielded rocket launchers.

"Are you… okay?" Sombra was somewhat hesitant to ask, but Doomfist didn't seem at all bothered by her words.

"Better than okay." His voice carried a new confidence compared to the silence that overtook him these past few weeks. "I realize that my behavior has brought concern to you all. It is understandable."

"Well, if anything, you sound like you're ready to get back in the fight." Right now, Reaper felt the same way too.

"Correct. Come, let us all head to the meeting room to discuss our next move. Talon shall now expose to the world the dangers that await it." No one could understand why he felt excited all of a sudden. But one thing was certain, if someone as passionate as Doomfist spoke with such vigor, then they could be certain he wasn't lying. The world would be ill-prepared for what they had in store for them.

All the while, Akande covered his shoulder with his gauntlet, the fibers threatening to burst from his skin. When the time came, he would unleash his true form. Then they would know true terror.