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Chapter 1: Foundations

We Humans as a species are a…interesting race so to say, we are capable of many things. But we are sometimes greedy, destructive, selfish, and fearful and many other I can't think of at the top of my head. But we hold the capacity for change and make ourselves known for either the right or wrong reasons.

Where am I going with this you may ask?

Well, they say the right man in the right place can make all the difference. Well I'm not the right man, but the right place? Heh, I am there already. I intend to make humanity known for the right it can do rather than the wrong.

Before we get this train rolling I'd like to give a summary of how this came to be.

I was at home playing Titanfall 2 like I normally was since it's really hard not to come back to, until I saw a bright light shine from the window, I went outside to see what it was and then I saw I big orb roughly the size of a beach ball, shining like a star. Noticing it was familiar but I didn't want to just assume it was what I thought it was in case it wasn't. I got a little closer to it, it then shone brighter at the point I couldn't see and it was all that I could remember.

When I wake up I look around to see I wasn't at my house anymore. To be honest I wasn't sure where I was, mean in the middle of a forest with nowhere of knowing where you are is kinda unsettling. I then turn to my left and see a small crate, I crouched over it and opened it up.

When I saw what was inside I was in for a surprise, I noticed a Titanfall Pilot helmet, a Data-Knife, a protective vest with several pouches, a Jump kit and a SMART pistol. There was a note stuck on the helmet…

"Hello, Connor, there isn't a doubt in my mind that you're wondering why you are where you are now. I'll be honest, after seeing events in this world, I've become rather curious of what would happen if events where shaped differently. So I thought why not give it a try right? Well for you it doesn't take a genius to figure out what these items are however these items alone aren't enough to make a huge change. In the handle of the SMART pistol is a small chip that contains everything you need to make change in the world, there is a small release you'll know where it is when you see it. I recommend you keep it discrete until you make progress. Good luck."

Sincerely, the Advocate~

P.S. Welcome to Remnant Kiddo!

'Remnant?! I'm in the world of RWBY? But just where bouts am I in the series? And to top it all off I'm practically given pilot gear and a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) kit as well' I thought to myself. Before I equipped the gear I then looked inside the crate and noticed that there were extra clothes along with some extra body armour. "Well I guess since there's no one here I could do a little outfit change, not that anybody would notice". I shrugged.

I then changed into the clothes that were given along with the armour and jump kit. I looked at my reflection in a small pond and observed myself for the first time I got here. I was wearing a green dark green jumpsuit with boots and the body armour covering my legs and my knees along with the vest covering my upper body as well as my shoulders. Come to think of it just make the green red and I'm the spitting image of Jack Cooper from the Titanfall 2 campaign.

I walked back over to the crate and dug through the crate and found a backpack that was a military one and was all black. I put my clothes in there and tossed it on my back and tightened it so it was secure. I then picked up the helmet and stared at the visor as it did the same, I then put the helmet on and started to come online.

New User Found

First Name: Connor

Last name: Camerone

Serial Number: **********

Birth Date: 26/12/97

Initialising Pilot Combat systems

Personal Cloak-Ok



Double Jump-Online

I looked at the HUD of my helmet and looked around and saw that it was scanning for anything nearby. But lady luck decided to throw me a bone this time. I checked my HUD.

Explosive weapons sounded. Waypoint marked.

I then started making my way towards the marked location, it might be someone that can help if I'm lucky but I don't wanna push my luck and have it turn on my for the worst. I hope that this will easy to start off with, it should be easy working the jump kit right? I hope.

I've been walking for god knows how long and right now I don't think this forest is looking any different the longer I keep going. I kept on going until I heard more gunfire going on and rushed over to the source.

"What you want some too?!"

"Wait I know that voice". I said to myself quietly as I dashed the last few meters from the marked waypoint. When I saw the source I now knew where I was and when I was in this world. I saw none other than Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna standing over a dead Ursa now forming their partnership. I was in the Initiation for Beacon academy, the last thing I needed was to draw unnecessary ate-



The girls attention was then drawn in my direction and had their weapons trained on me. Perfect. "Alright come out now!" Blake demanded. What choice do I have? I walked out and had my hands in surrender showing them I wasn't a threat. "Easy ladies, let's use words instead of bullets alright?" I said. "Who are you? I Didn't see you when we arrived at Beacon". Yang said lowering her weapons and scratching her head in confusion. "Don't mind me just passing through". I replied.

"If you're not attending Beacon what are you doing here?" Blake demanded. Again. "Sheesh, ease up ribbons, Like I said I don't want any trouble, Merely just passing through". I explained. "We should beat it out of him, he'll talk when I'm done with him". Yang said cracking her knuckles. "Whoa buy me dinner first love". I joked. She seemed to like it. Blake? Not so much. "Look, I get it you don't trust me. If I were in your position I would be too". I said which let her lower her weapon but not sheath it. I then saw something behind them, I had my hand ready on my SMART Pistol.

"So why are you here?" Yang asked.

"DUCK!" I yelled while pulling out my pistol and shooting two Beowulfs that crept up on them in the head. I'm surprised that the SMART pistol could pierce through their skulls. Well I guess it could go through a grunt's helmet in the game the skulls shouldn't be a problem. As the Grimm corpses lay lifeless and disintegrating the two of them turned back to me. "You're welcome by the way". I said as I slapped a fresh mag in then stowed my gun.

Y"Whoa, thanks I guess". She exhaled. Blake was just silent and looked back at me. "What?" I said with a shrug. "Well I guess I could trust you a little, you had a chance to shoot us but you didn't. But try-" "-Anything funny and I'll regret it. Got it". I finished for her. "Hey could you take off your helmet? I'd rather talk to the person behind it face to face". Yang asked.

"Sure". I complied and pressed a button on the side of my helmet which opened the front of the visor to reveal my face. "Uh, how old are you?" Blake asked seeing how my face was as young as theirs. "19 why?" I asked. "You kinda look older than you are. Just pointing it out". Yang explained

"Eh I get that quite a lot. So we heading out?" The girls agreed and I closed my visor and followed them.

Receiving encrypted transmission-

Just follow them and help them complete the initiation, when the time comes to meet the Headmaster I'll help you out. You are here to change the events. There will be a cache near the ruins where only you can find it with your HUD.

You'll hear from me very soon.

The Advocate~

P.S. The Link to your helmet allows mental commands to your gear. I added the liberty of linking your phone, and any nearby communication devices. Play some music when the chance comes ;)

'Huh, handy. But seriously who the hell is the Advocate anyway?' I asked myself mentally, then Yang got my attention. "You know we never did tell us your name". She pointed out. "My name's Connor, and sorry I had to almost pull a gun on you two but I had to act quickly". I stated. "Nah it's ok. Name's Yang and this is Blake, how did you end up here anyway?" "Well your guess is as good as mine love". I shrugged while shaking my head. "I'm finding it hard to believe you just ended up here suddenly. Although the tone of your voice says you're truthful". Blake added her to cents in. I'm not sure if that's saying I'm telling the truth or bullshitting.

"Weather you believe me or not it's the truth, and besides there's a cam in my helmet that recorded everything and still is now so it should help my case if push comes to shove". I explained. 'Let's hope the Advocate has everything planned out so I can make the change he wants me to make'. I thought to myself while I had my gun at the ready following the future members of Team RWBY.

(Emerald Forest Cliff)

Ozpin and Glynda are currently observing the students on the cliffs of the initiation and soon they would be forming their teams once they have returned with their relics. However Ozpin noticed someone walking with Yang and Blake via his scroll. He was wearing a helmet that didn't look recognisable. "Glynda, switch your feed to Miss Belladonna and Miss Xiao Long". "Wh-who is that? Ozpin we need to deal with this matter. He could sabotage the initiation or worse harm the student-"

"If he were to harm the students he wouldn't be walking with two of them. Let's see where this goes before we decided to take action shall we?" He said in which his assistant just sighed and nodded her head. 'This should be interesting'. He thought to himself.

(Forest, My pov)

We kept walking until we found the temple and saw various chess pieces. While Yang and Blake were talking I started to look around for that cache the Advocate left for me to find, I had no luck until my HUD was updated.

Weapons cache detected marking HUD now

I traced the marker to a bush near the temple behind the chess pieces and walked over. I brushed the leaves off and opened the cache, what it contained gave me enough firepower to take on an army. I was looking at an R-201c Carbine, A Charge Rifle Anti-Titan weapon, Fire Stars and magazines to go with em. I took the supplies and stowed them on my person and noticed a small box that stood out. I pulled it closer and opened it and saw a syringe, a Card and a lighter, another transmission came through as I opened it.

Receiving Encrypted Transmission

This needle will help you in the long run and may seem very familiar to you. The effects will be stated on the card provided once you've done the procedure, burn the card with the lighter…its undetectable, trust me. I'm sure you know the effects and it does just that you would expect it to do. The Weapons that you have and I might send to you will already be compatable to this world's resources, or "Dust" as the locals call it. Your first challenge is near, best of luck to you my friend.

P.S. Don't worry about the Charge Rifle, it'll recharge overtime, you're ordinance will restock itself as well but be patient.

The Advocate~

'Well that'll come in handy.'. I then looked at the syringe, and remembered what the Advocate said. It clones a person's adrenaline. Meaning this is the Adrenaline Transfusion Burn Card. And when I looked at it was the Burn Card itself. Exactly like it was in the game.

Adrenaline Transfusion

Permanently Stimmed as a Pilot,

In addition to

Having your Pilot Tactical ability

I took the lighter and with a few tries it was lit, then burned the card and let it fall on the stone tile. The lighter got the attention of the girls and they walked up to me with a needle in my hands. "What is that?" She asked pointing to the needle. Technically this wasn't a lie…a little but mostly the truth. "Adrenaline shot". I said as I stuck it in my leg and bushed the fluid into my body, making my legs go numb, but not unusable. I then take another capsule in the box and inject myself like before. I then felt the effects, well taking effect, I was full of energy and felt like I could run for hours. I put the needle back in the box and closed the cache.

"And where did you get all that gear just a minute ago?" Yang asked. "Someone sent them for me to use, and let's just say, it's like Christmas morning and no one told me". I said cocking the bolt on my assault rifle. "Then again I dunno why this person would do all this". I said stashing the Fire Stars on my person.

"Right. Also why would someone send weapons to you in a place like this in a time like this? Seems sketchy don't you think?" The Hidden Faunus said. "Look I get it ya don't trust me, I think we established that when we both met". I sighed. Yang was about to speak up until we heard a scream come cut through the air.

Y"Some girl's in trouble!" Yang called. "Or a guy with a really high pitched scream" 'Looks like Jaune's balls haven't dropped yet'. I chuckled in my head.

"Seriously? Blake did you hear that?" Blake only responded by pointing in the air which made her look up to see Ruby falling to earth. But then she collided with Jaune and was sent into the trees to our left. Not long after that Nora and Ren show up with her riding an Ursa and snatching the white rook piece. Then Pyrrah arrives with the Death Stalker on her tail as Blake would put it. "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Will everyone just chill out for two seconds before something crazy happens?!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

Two seconds later Ruby brought our attention towards the sky-oh there's Weiss. Aaaaaand she's still on the Nevermore as expected. "How could you leave me!?" She called from above.

Ruby: "I said jump!" She called back.

Blake: "She's gonna fall".

Ruby: "She'll be fine".

Ren: "She's falling".

"Yep". That's when the others took notice of me and stood there wondering who the hell I was. "Sup?" I said before pointing up back at Weiss, who was "saved" by Jaune by being the one to break her fall…and possibly his back as well. "Great the gang's all here now we can die together!" Yang said sarcastically.

"Not if I can help it!" She said before charging at the Death stalker. Knowing what happens next I run up with her and Yang following close behind me. Ruby Speeds up using her weapon and semblance to strike the Grimm but had little-actually no effect at all. She then tries to make a break for it but the Nevermore fires a volley of feathers trapping her by the cloak and stopping Yang in her tracks but I kept going. I took my Charge Rifle out and took aim.

"Hey ugly! Why don't you pick on someone who has more meat on his bones!?" I yelled. That got its attention, I keep running towards it faster than what I would normally run. Thanks to the Adrenaline Transfusion Burn card it's made possible. As I was clear of the feathers I built of the charge in the weapon and fired directly in its eyes, but it was persistent and kept coming. The kick was a bit much but I managed to hold it and not dislocate my shoulder. i then threw a Fire Star at it's face in which it screached in pain with the thermite burning into it's armoured exterior. I activated the cloak and was now hidden from sight the giant scorpion changed its target and went for Ruby again, I saw this and prepared to fire again but Weiss beat me to the punch and froze it's stinger like she did in the series.

'Man, too close for comfort there. Even if I knew it was coming'. I thought to myself before uncloaking and joining the group. "Nice job with the ice wall there". I said towards Weiss who looked at me in appreciation. "If you don't mind me asking something?" She asked. "Shoot". "How were you able to run that fast?" I responded by showing her my Jump Kit. "I use this and I took an adrenaline shot earlier, so I was able to run fast as I was able to. Now all those who want to leave now speak now and forever hold your peace". I said. "Guys that thing is circling back. What are we gonna do?" Jaune asked.

"Everyone got their pieces?" I asked everyone.

Blake: "We do".

Ren: "We have".

"We still-" "-Got it!" Ruby said cutting Weiss off. "Ok then just so ya know I don't know you're names save for a few so". I asked pointing to each of them. "Lie Ren. But call me Ren". "Pyrrah". "NORA!" "Weiss". "Ruby". "Jaune, sweet short, ladies love it". "keep telling yourself that Casanova". I chuckled. "I'm Connor, the way I see it no reason to stay here due to the situation". I said. "He's right our objective is to take the relics and get them back to the cliff. There's no point in fighting these things". Ruby explained. "Well said. Check ammo, make sure you're stocked and let's bolt". I said. "Who made you leader of this little group?" Weiss said in a manner I'm all too familiar with.

"I never was, besides the way I see it we're following Rosebud here". I replied. Ruby took the lead and we all followed, with me knowing what lied ahead. All I can hope is that these weapons can take out the Grimm we are going to face.

We kept running as fast as we could with me just behind Ruby due to the Burn Card I used earlier. I pulled out my Anti-Titan weapon and fired at the Death Stalker hoping to slow it down, and I did…for what, 5 seconds? We kept going until we were at the bridge but right on que, the Giant Nevermore dive bombed it separating Ren, Pyrrah and Blake from us.

"Man we gotta get over there they need help!" Jaune said. "Let's do it!" Nora replied. "Yea, I can't make that jump". And as expected for me, she changed her Grenade launcher to its hammer mode and catapulted her and Jaune over to the other side. I then looked up and my helmet calculated the rout I should take to reach the top where team RWBY was going to be.

'Well time to put this Jump Kit to the test, just to put some tunes on first'. I thought while several commands were issued on my HUD before I ran to build up speed.

[Now Playing-Red Like Roses-Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams-RWBY Volume 1 Soundtrack]

I double jumped onto a pillar running up it and leaping of onto another one. After that I ran into the inner area of the ruins and wall ran on it before jumping next to Ruby who was surprised to see me. "How did you do that?" She asked. "Jump kit". I responded. 'I'm definitely loving this Jump kit now that I think about it'. I Chuckled in my head. We looked up to see Blake making an attempt to cut it down to size but it wasn't working. Where the hell is that thing's weak spot anyway? As she regrouped with us we saw it come in for another attack run and I lifted my Charge rifle at the ready. "It's Tougher than it looks!" She said to us. "Then let's hit it with everything we got!" Yang said cocking her gauntlets with the rest of us readying our weapons.

"Weapons Free!" I called out and we then opened fire on the giant bird that as coming at us.

Coming at us. Oh shit!

"Girls jump!" I said, and I think they got the message as the bird came and crashed into the ruins. The girls used their own methods to recover from a strike like that Ruby used her semblance and speed, Weiss with her Glyphs, Blake with her agility and Yang with her gauntlets. Me? Well my helmet mapped the route for me and used my jump kit to wall run and leap to one bit of rubble to another, much like a certain level in the Titanfall 2 campaign, we all eventually made it on the bridge where the Grimm was circling back for another attempt.

Mentally I was shitting myself not to fuck up while doing so. So I wasn't as calm as you may think. "None of this is working!" Weiss said as she scanned her surroundings. "I have a plan! Cover me!" Ruby ordered. "Give the word red". I called back switching to my carbine and the jumping on a pillar near Yang then firing at it aiming for its eye. Yang's explosive rounds were only hitting with splash damage, but I was going for the eyes so it'll hopefully lose its vision a bit before Ruby beheads it. I swapped my old magazine with a fresh one and was about to shoot before Yang was scooped up and firing buckshot down its throat. She then jumped off letting the bird smash into the cliff allowing Weiss to freeze it by the tail and I then threw a Fire Star to weaken the armour it had on it. I turned my attention to the girls and saw that they had the slingshot ready.

"Hurry it won't hold for long!" I said as I landed near Weiss who had Ruby ready to be launched. "Of course you would come up with a plan like this". Ice queen said. "Can you make the shot?" Ruby asked. "Hmph, can I?" She said with confidence. "Can yo-" "Of course I can!" And with that, little red was launched trapping the Nevermore by the neck and dragging it up the hill leaving rose petals behind her then slicing its entire head off, letting the corpse fall to the abyss below.

"Well. That was a thing". Yang said aloud. "Too right love. Too right". I exhaled. "So how about we find a way up there?" I asked everyone.

We eventually got to the top of the cliffs and we noticed that there wasn't anybody here for some reason. Damned if I know what's up. "Uh are we the first here?" Ruby asked. "Well I don't see anybody here, so it seems the most logical thing". I shrugged then opening my visor. "Well it's good to see you've arrived in one piece students". We turned to see both of the professors appear. Goodwitch then held her crop at me and I felt myself being moved in mid-air.

"Wha-Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me!" I exclaimed. "And our intruder". Ozpin said. "Intruder seems too big of a word here. I prefer the term, innocent bystander". I replied…but fell on deaf ears. "Professor stop! He helped us in the initiation!" Yang said coming to my defence. "We're not going to hurt him, we're just going to ask him some questions". "Yea, well if that's the case can you tell her to let me down. If I were to hurt anybody I had like a million chances down there to do so". I explained. there was a moment of silence before Ozpin Spoke up. "Glynda release him". He said, and in which she abruptly complied and let me down. "Thank you". I said dusting myself off.

"You ok?" Yang's worried about me? Wow. "Y-Yea I'm good". I replied. "Now if you would all make your way to the auditorium and wait until the rest of the students arrive". He said to them before turning his attention to me. "As for you I would like for you to come with me. We have some questions to ask". He said. The others started walking away to where they were instructed but Yang turned her head in worry. "Go on. I'll be ok, don't worry". I smiled assuring her that I would be. She then jogged up to catch up to the others leaving me with the faculty members of the school. "Well now that that's sorted. Shall we?" I asked them and which Ozpin nodded and gestured me to follow.

I then got a message from the Advocate as expected and closed my visor to read it.

Receiving encrypted transmission

The only way to get the faculty of Beacon on your side is to tell them the truth of all this. Who you are and where you came from. However don't tell them your purpose. Tell them that you're here to change the world for the better but don't elaborate too much, do not to mention me too much either, don't reveal the chip in your pistol they cannot know about it. I have my reasons for this. I know this is asking a lot from me at the moment but you need to trust me on this one.

The Advocate~

'I hope you know what you're doing Advocate. My ass is on the line here'. I thought frantically.

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