Birthday Wishes Always Come True

written by: albe-chan

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction and I do NOT own Harry Potter or any of the characters mentioned, and any similarities with real life is purely coincidental. This work will contain MATURE THEMES, such as coarse language, mature subject matter (scenes containing graphic sex, recreational drug use, nudity, etc.), and violence. Please, if you are not over the age of 18, or of majority in your country, DO NOT READ THIS! You have been warned!


Lily Potter looked at her fifteenth birthday cake and wished for one thing, closed her eyes for a brief second, visualizing the wish coming true, and then opened her bright hazel eyes and blew out her candles, every last one of them.

There was clapping and her older brothers whooped. The redhead blushed, almost as dark as her crimson hair and her mother picked up the cake to slice. "My baby sister, fifteen already," James sighed. She rolled her eyes.

"James, you're not even four years older than me," she drawled.

"And I still remember when you were a baby and we had to go to Nan's in the middle of the night while you were being born and then Mum and Dad told us you were a girl when you finally came home, even though Dad said you'd be a brother. Still never going to forgive you for that," he chuckled. Lily rolled her eyes then turned to her cousin Rose, who was sleeping over that night, but saw her making suggestive eye contact with Scorpius Malfoy, who was sitting across the table from her. Lily barely resisted frowning. She knew her cousin Rose, along with dozens of other girls at Hogwarts, had a decent sized crush on the tall, handsome Seventh Year Slytherin. Including her.

But when a guy is your older brother's best friend, you get stuck with the label of Little Sister by default. And Lily doubted Scorpius would ever see her as anything more than Albus's annoying little sister. But she got the perk of seeing him for the first two weeks of break every summer from when she was nine, turning ten, when he came to her parents' place to stay over with Al. And sometimes he took his shirt off, which Lily fully appreciated now.

After the mini family party, Lily went out with Rose and Albus and Scorpius to 'play Quidditch'. Lily wasn't sure why Rose insisted she come, although her brother looked wary and Scorpius looked condescendingly amused. She was rubbish at Quidditch.

They went back through the large yard to the little grouping of trees where the broom shed was, but instead of opening it, Albus and Scorpius, Rose who half-dragged Lily by the hand in tow, moved behind it. Her brother looked at her sternly. "If you're going to be a fink, I'll Obliviate you," he said. She noticed Scorpius rolled his eyes.

"She won't," Rose said. "Hurry up, I don't want to get eaten by mosquitoes." Lily rolled her eyes at this. It was still June, barely into the second week of summer holidays before Lily's Fifth Year, and she thought herself mature for her just today fifteen years. And Lily, for the record, didn't fink, although she sometimes strategically let things slip.

The redhead folded her arms, glancing around, and then looked over as Scorpius pulled a little bag of something green that smelled funny from his pocket and passed it to Albus. The darker haired young wizard crouched, pulled a package from his pocket, ripped it open, and pulled out a brown piece of what looked like thick parchment. She realized, when he put the green stuff in the paper and rolled it, what was about to happen, and her eyes widened. They couldn't smoke pot! Her parents were like fifty feet away!

"Relax, Little Potter," Scorpius drawled teasingly, and she glared a little, because he was looking amused by her reaction. "No one's going to hold you at wand point."

Albus's green eyes flicked up to her, then to Rose, who scoffed. "Come on," the auburn haired witch said, slapping a mosquito off her leg. "Lily's a big girl now. Besides, she's already tried it."

The redhead shot her cousin a furious look. Albus and Scorpius looked shocked. "When?" Albus demanded.

"My birthday," Rose said. It had been the first day of Easter break last school year, and Rose had thrown a huge bash because her parents were out of town. Lily had indeed tried smoking the first time that night. As well as drinking. She preferred the buzz of the latter, but she'd tried the green stuff again a second time during the week she spent with Rose, house sitting while Ron and Hermione Weasley were away, visiting her parents in Australia.

"You're shitting me," Albus said, looking disgruntled. Scorpius grinned at her.

"Maybe not so little after all, Little Potter," the blond said, dark grey eyes roving over her short denim cutoffs and baggy, plaid button down shirt thrown over her tiny tank top. "Big stoner now, then?"

"Says the one who brought it," she snarked back. His grin widened, but then Albus handed his stuff back, pulled out his wand, and lit the end of the thick blunt, puffing contentedly, then passed it to his best mate. Scorpius took a hit, then passed it to Rose, who puffed and then handed it to Lily. She felt three pairs of eyes on her, but her hand didn't tremble as she reached for it, took a tiny drag, knowing it would hit her hard, and passed it along. By the time the blunt was finished, Lily was feeling decidedly mellow and floated with Rose back up to her room.

"So, is it just me," Rose asked eyes bloodshot and squinty, "or is Scorpius like, painfully hot?"

Lily giggled a bit. "Kind of," she admitted. Rose's eyes went wide and Lily laughed some more. "What?" she gasped.

"Holy Hufflepuff, you like him don't you?"

Lily tried to school her face into seriousness. "Yeah right," she said firmly.

Rose cackled. "You so do! Godric, you're blushing! That's hilarious."

The redhead scowled, but it wavered a bit. She was too buzzed and mellow to feel grouchy and properly pissed. "Yeah, well, sue me," she muttered. "You said it yourself, painfully hot."

The auburn haired witch smirked. "Mmm. But for reals, d'you think he'd go for me? I mean, just 'cause, no offence, you're like Al's sister and whatever." The redhead grimaced.

"Don't remind me. But why not? You're pretty, and smart, and when you're not being a total bitch you can be nice." Rose threw a pillow at her.

"Sod off, Potter," she giggled. "Go get some Butterbeers, I have mad pasties."

The redhead rolled her eyes but rose from her very comfortable chair and headed downstairs toward the kitchen.

She moved with practiced ease through the house, and didn't bother to turn on the kitchen light as she went to the fridge. The ghostly glow was oddly comforting in her state and she smiled vaguely, eyeing up the contents, trying to remember what she'd been going for. Lily leaned down, wondering if she should give in to temptation and eat some of the leftover birthday cake.

"Put some pants on, Little Potter," Scorpius said from very close behind her and she jumped upright. He laughed. "Jumpy?" he teased.

"You fucking scared me, asshole," she breathed, turning to face him.

He moved in toward her and reached around the side of her waist, pulling out a pair of Butterbeers. He held one out to her and she smiled a little as she accepted it. "Happy Birthday," he rumbled, and then kissed her, soft and gentle, and not nearly long enough, on the mouth, his full lips moving sensually over hers and then away.

She blinked and then he was gone. Lily quickly grabbed another Butterbeer for Rose and hustled back to her room. She was torn, whether to tell her cousin or not, but Rose seemed to genuinely like Scorpius. The redhead decided she would at least give Rose the chance to try pursuing the tall sexy blond. And if he wasn't interest in Rose, then maybe, Lily decided, she would see if he might be interested in her, or if that had really just been a birthday kiss that literally meant nothing.

The next Saturday Lily was lounging in the setting sun, reading her new copy of Witch Weekly, soaking up the sun. The weather forecast was calling for sun and heat for the next couple weeks and she was eager to test out a tanning potion she'd bought last year in Hogsmeade. She flipped the page to continue reading the article on Jeanette Delaney, internationally famous singer/songwriter witch who was in a tumultuous love rhombus with some other minor celebs, when someone stood over her, casting a long shadow in the dim light.

"Busy?" Scorpius drawled, eyes roving over her.

"No. Why?" she asked, putting her magazine down.

"Wanna go for a smoke?" The redhead's mouth pulled up on one side in a crooked smirk.

"Where's Al?" Scorpius rolled his eyes.

"Writing a very long, boring, apparently private letter to his girlfriend. And I don't want to wait for however long it takes him to say a hundred different ways how much he misses fucking her."

Lily's nose scrunched. "Ew."

Scorpius chuckled, even as she got up and followed him down toward the broom shed and the little stand of scraggly pine trees. "I never would have pegged you for a stoner," he said, passing the skinny blunt over. She took a hit, frowning when it wouldn't pull properly. The blond reached out and pinched her face gently with thumb and forefinger, along her cheeks, forcing her mouth into a pout. "Like that. Now puff."

She did and lifted her brows because that worked much better. "Thanks," she murmured, blowing the smoke out, passing it back and licking her lips. "Mmm, grape?"

"Yeah. So?" he asked.

She giggled. "So what?"

"So, Little Lily Potter is a stoner. It's just funny. And surprising." He puffed a bit, exhaled a cloud of sweet-skunky smoke, and then Lily's eyes widened when he put the thing backward in his mouth. Her eyebrows shot up when he leaned down and motioned her forward, but as he blew out a stream of smoke, she sucked it in, more than she had ever before.

It puffed out in a cloud around her and she coughed and choked waving her hands. Scorpius laughed at her, then puffed on the blunt properly. "That was mean," she gasped, and coughed some more.

"Aw, princess. You'll live."

"Screw you, Scorpius," she said, but was feeling exceedingly stoned, and mellow. After they finished the blunt she went back to her magazine and he followed.

"Why d'you read that crap?" he asked, motioning to her magazine with his chin. "I don't get it."

"Why do you read Quidditch magazines?" she returned.

"For the International stats, and pointers and feature articles on new equipment." Lily blinked and he grinned. "So why do you read mindless drivel and gossip?"

The redhead glared. "There's some good stuff," she said defensively. But she admitted it was few and far between. Scorpius merely arched a disbelieving blond eyebrow. "Godric, why are you such a jerk?" she mumbled. And why did she still have a huge crush on such a jerk?

"Can't help it," he replied, then moved her legs off the end of her lounge chair and sat down. Lily was equally delighted at the brush of his Quidditch rough hands on her flesh, and annoyed he was stealing half her chair. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure," she replied, glancing down at her magazine.

"Something personal?" he pushed. She flicked a glance up.

"You can ask," she said back. "I might not answer." He grinned.

"Fair enough. It's just, I heard a rumour last year, before term ended last year, about you." Lily grimaced a little. "Was it true?"

He didn't even have to say which rumour, because Lily had a pretty good idea. A few weeks before the end of term, Lily, who had been dating the same guy, a Fifth Year at the time, named Hank Zipzer, from Ravenclaw, since October, finally decided to go all the way with him. Little did she know it would get out, the very next morning, and from Zipzer himself no less, that she'd given up her virginity to him in the broom closet on the second floor. She'd dumped him after that one horrible experience, which was definitely not the euphoric encounter Rose had claimed would come after the initial pain. Lily had been mortified at the time. Now she felt lingering embarrassment, but mostly a sharp surge of her temper.

"Unfortunately," she mumbled, feeling ashamed for being so naive and stupid. She thought he'd actually loved her. He'd been using her, because her dad was famous, probably. He'd never said it in so many words, but Lily had guessed as much from his resulting cocky behaviour the rest of term, despite being dumped.

"What a loser," Scorpius mumbled and Lily almost saw red. She thought, with regret, of her wand, upstairs on her night stand, because several choice hexes came to mind when Scorpius said it with such apparent disgust. "What sort of guy does that?" he continued, oblivious to her shock rendering her completely still. So he hadn't meant her. She barely even breathed. "That's shitty, and on behalf of the male population, I'm sorry, Little Potter."

"What?" she whispered, chancing a glance up at him. His brow was furrowed, eyes a little squinty, but his mouth was frowning. He still looked painfully handsome.

"I don't get what sort of guy not only takes a girl's first time in a fucking closet, but then brags about it to the whole school the next day, like it's some kind of competition." He glanced at her. "No offence," he added hastily at her shocked expression.

"Well, um, thanks," she said, not knowing what else to say but feeling she should say something to stop looking so gormless, just staring at him. But she couldn't get over his reaction. It was completely out of left field.

"No worries. But, c'mon, that guy?" he arched a brow at her, and Lily smirked a little, because that was more what she'd been expecting.

"He helped me with my Charms," she said, shrugging.

Scorpius rolled his eyes. "Get someone else," he said. Lily snorted.

"Obviously. Not that I need it now. Surprisingly, he taught me a lot about the actual subject. I guess I fell for his crappy romantic ones, too."

Before Scorpius could reply, Albus came over. "You twat, you already smoked it, didn't you?"

"You were taking too long, Potter," Scorpius said, standing up and stretching. Lily put her legs back on her lounger, and the blond leaned down, tapping her long, pale limb. "If you want help with your Charms, let me know, Little Potter. I'm the Charms Master." He shoved Albus playfully. "I know you got another one. Beach?"

"Yeah, Hugo's on his way."

Lily rolled her eyes, going back to her magazine, trying to smother the giddy smile that wouldn't quite wipe off her face. Two days later, the young redheaded witch was at the little spit of beach at the far side of her parents' very secluded, private, Unplottable and the whole nine yards, home and grounds. There was a Muggle town across the bay, as they themselves were on an island, but the house was hidden from sight, only revealing an empty old boathouse and dock on one side of the little beach area.

She sat at the edge of the dock, sandals beside her and feet dangling over the water, occasionally brushing her toes in. The sun had just set and the odd twilight was rapidly darkening to night. Just as she was debating going back up to the house, there were footsteps on the dock behind her. She didn't have to look round to know who it was. She could smell him. The perfect amount of cologne and the tiniest hint of weed, it had to be Scorpius.

When she did turn round, he had the blunt behind one ear, and she gulped, because he had a bottle of Ogden's finest in the other hand. "What's with the face?" he asked, coming to sit down beside her.

He'd come the night before, sought her out for a smoke and a chat, and the night before that as well. She was starting to wonder what his intentions were, and was torn between hoping he might actually like her in a more than platonic sort of way and fearing he was trying to get dirt on her to share to Albus for blackmail. "You're going to turn me into a stoner," she accused teasingly.

He smirked. "It's the summer. It doesn't count." She smiled as he passed the blunt to her for first hit and lit it for her. She puffed, sucked the smoke in, and huffed it out, then passed it over. After a few hits she was feeling it and smirked over at the tall blond in the gathering dusk, then laid back and looked up at the few stars pressing their light into view already.

"Is that so," she murmured at last, and accepted the smoke when he passed it. "Does anything count in the summer?" she asked.

The blond glanced at her, arching a brow. "What does that even mean?"

She shrugged, then laughed and sat up again. "I dunno. What's with the bottle?" she asked in a blatant subject change, pointing to the liquor.

"I'm going home in a few days. Do you want to have a drink with me?"

The redhead frowned a little. "I shouldn't. If I get caught drinking, my parents will flip."

Scorpius grinned. "You won't get caught, Lily."

She doubted that but shrugged. "I guess," she said. He took a hit and passed her the blunt, unscrewing the cap and taking a drink, then swallowed and puffed out his smoke.

"Your turn." He held out the bottle of whiskey and she wanted to gag at the smell of it. "Come on, Little Potter, you're a big girl, right?" he teased. She slanted him a glare, took a big toke, grabbed the bottle, took a sip, tried not to gag on it as she swallowed, and blew out her lungful of smoke.

"Sure am," she answered, took another puff and handed it back. When he offered it again, she waved him down. "I'm good."

Scorpius shrugged, finished it, then flicked the butt into the water and took another drink. "I suppose there's a few things that count in the summer," Scorpius said after a moment.

"Yeah?" Lily murmured, accepting another drink when he offered it. "Like what?"

"Getting your homework done," he said. She smirked a little at that. "Seeing your friends," he continued, and she nodded. That one seemed reasonable. "And kissing girls you're not supposed to."

Lily frowned at that. "What does that even mean?" she asked pointedly.

Scorpius grinned. "I dunno. Probably nothing."

Lily shook her head. "You're weird. Whatever." After a bit, Lily asked, "So where's Al?"

Scorpius drank some more, offered some to Lily, who was about to decline but shrugged and had one last mouthful that burned all the way down. "Around." They sat for a bit longer, then Lily shivered for a third time in a row and said she was going in. The blond walked up to the house with her, and just before they got to the lighted side yard, Scorpius paused. The redhead paused with him. "Fuck, I can't help it," he muttered, and then bent and kissed her again. But unlike the last time, the kiss was hard, and determined, and she found herself submitting as his tongue pushed into her mouth.

Lily had no idea how long they stood there, wrapped up in shadows and one another, snogging furiously, his tongue tracing every hot corner of her mouth, the hand not clutching his bottle of whiskey roving around her waist, and up her back, then down and back around to her hip until he finally broke away. She was panting, nipples hard, thoughts whirling with the couple shots and smoke, and blinked as Scorpius looked down at her. It was properly dark now, and she was glad, because she was pretty positive her face was bright red and Lily had no idea what she was supposed to say or do now. It wasn't every day her brother's best friend just snogged her senseless for no reason. "What was that for?" she finally whispered, when he made no move to either kiss her again or go out into the lighted yard.

Scorpius ran a hand through his hair. "I dunno. Nothing, I guess." He glanced over at her, then smirked. "Put some pants on, Little Potter," he rumbled, tugging playfully on a lock of her dark red hair, and moved back up toward the house, probably to find Albus.

Lily went up to her room, lips still tingling, unable to think of anything other than that kiss. It was electric, and mind-numbing, and Lily wondered, with growing smugness and confidence, if that meant Scorpius liked her. More than just platonically and despite her being Al's little sister. And then she realized her birthday cake wish had at least partly come true and grinned, putting her pillow over her face to muffle the giggles.