Chapter One

Everything seemed so different. I had just moved to Plymouth, Massachusetts about a month ago. My dad was a historian actor at Plymouth Plantation. He would play Edward Winslow. My mother had passed away a few months ago. I would not be related to my father, I was Elizabeth Tilley since I was just her age. When a got up in the morning I heard someone knock on our door. It was the manager of Plymouth. "Good morning Lydia. I have great news for your father. We have found a Susanna Winslow! Her name is Emily Jents." He said. "Hello Mr. Gombi. So a Susanna? Her name? What does she look like?" My father asked. "She looks just like the paintings we saw of her!" Mr. Gombi exclaimed.

When father, Jimmy and I were walking to work, we were wondering who this Emily Jents was. Well to tell you the truth when we got there, she looked like the real Susanna! Her kids were named Nicholas and John. Nicholas looked like Resolved Winslow at thirteen and John like Peregrine at 7! Jimmy and I were really freaked out by this. I became best friends with Nicholas. Jimmy with John I thought about Nick all day long trying to figure out if I should ask him about the weirdness about his family. Did they some how travel through time to get here?!