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I've updated ANYTHING. But I swear

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Anyway, this has nothing to do with my

other stories its just random. I just wanted to

write a little bit with Melinda in it.

Anyway, for the people who don't know, I created

Adam and Austin. In this case Adam and Wyatt

are a couple and Chris and Wyatt are JUST BROTHERS.


Wyatt did not want to do this. This mother fucking college. Fucking Chris and Bella teamed up on him. Demanding that he come with them. And then he finally captured his sister Mel, she ended up joining their little plan. But to be honest, the only reason why Wyatt agreed was because Melinda was blowing shit up in defiance of being trapped with Wyatt. After two days of seven different bombings, Wyatt was done. Agreeing to one semester of college was the ONLY WAY he could get her from blowing up his shit... she is really good at making bombs.

So here he is. Standing outside of the colledge.

Adam was beside him, his shades protecting his eyes from the 9 'o clock sun. Popping his gum Adam spoke "Well you are royaly screwed my Lord." he laughes a little. He pats Wyatt's shoulder and turns on his heels to walk away "Have fun"

Wyatt pulls on Adam's shirt making him come back, nearly chocking the young man. "I will end you"

"Lets try a different E word like" Adam pauses as if to think " Enter. Entering me sounds like a really good plan." Adam says not caring of what he was saying.

"Your mind is either blood or lust."Wyatt growls. Adam smirks when Wyatt pulls him closer to a kiss. A whisel of prasise was herd somewhere on campous.

Then someone cleared ther throat.

"Mr. Halliwell?" a very shy young woman stood there. She was the defion of prey. Easy to take control of.

"Um, yes" Wyatt says quickly pulling away from Adam who was fixing his shirt from the wrinkles left from Wyatt's hand.

There was an akward silence. The young woman that stood there was slightly uncomfortable with what she just witnesses. Or maybe it was because she knew she could be dust in 0.5 seconds.

"My- my name is Kelly and I will be taking you to your classes today. Make sure you don't get lost..." she trails off losing her confidence her voice faltering toward the end.

"Oh for fuck sake" Wyatt mumbles. He was so done.

A 2017 ford mustang convertible comes zooming down the street.

"Isn't Austin not supse to be driving" Wyatt asks Adam glad that something happened to take his mind off of this situation.

"Yeah. But why would you..." he turns around and mood suddenly changes.

Austin sat in the drivers seat with Chris beside him. Bella and Melinda both in the back. They got out the car coffes in the hands and class shit that Wyatt didn't car about.

"Austin" Adam says in that voice. Wyatt knew that voice. That's the 'you're so fucking screwed' voice.

"I was so not driving" Austin says quickly denying what everyone saw with there eyes.

"Give me the keys"

"I wasn't driving. I don't have the keys"

while Adam dealt with Austin, Melinda walks up to Wyatt and shy girl. "Hey Wyatt are you ready for that math test?"

"It's the first day and you're talking about a test Mel?"

"Yep. The instouctor is going to want the how far everyone is."

"Oh my gods. Kill me now"

"I mean, gladly" Mel cheerfuly replies and pulls a small switch blade from her boot. The shy girl beside Wyatt shreks and grabs her chest in surprise and horror.

"How the flying fuck?" Chris asks taking his eyes off the two men "quietly" fighting over a pair of keys and rules and blah blah blah

"What? I can keep things from you" Mel defends herself.

Austin walks up beside Chris. "Can we go now?" Chris smirks and they leave. As they walk away Chris said "I told you I should have drived"

Wyatt takes the switch blade from Mel and hands it to Adam. He then proceeds to search her body.

"That's my boobs dear Wyatt"

"And this is three cases full of bullets dear Mell"

She impatiently sighs as Wyatt checked her boots and find the hand gun.

"This is unnseary touching Wyatt. Stop" his hand checking her lower back.

"I have to make sure that my check it throughow. Only because you manged to hide three fully loaded cases inside your B cup boobs. So don't get mad if I question your vagina."

"Stop" she starts to resist out of panic. "Stop Wyatt stop. There is nothing there."

"How can I trust you?"

"I promise there is nothing there." Bela steps in. " Trust me, her cherry is ripe and ready for popping"

Wyatt lost his shit at that point. He laughed way to hard for something that wasn't that funny. But Melinda's face just made him laugh harder. The humiliation.

"Stop laughing its not funny" she demands.

"You can't come back from that sweetheart" Adam says with a smirk. Melinda storms away with a small "I hate you" with Bella in tow.

"Oh way too funny." Wyatt turns to Adam who was now getting into the car. "And now youre telling me goodbye..."

"Don't get sad about it" Adam says. " I'm always a text away. Or you could always summon me."

"Yeah. Text me if anything goes wrong. And I want hourly updates. You got it" Wyatt switched into leader mood for a second.

"Yes sir." Adam pops his gum befor speaking. "My Lord" he calls "Please don't forget. No killing. They are innocent even if they are stupid, annoying, or you just don't agree with them"

Wyatt roles his eyes in annoyance. 'Your not my mom, Adam' but he wouldn't dare say it out loud or he will never hear the end of it. " Are you on this list?"

Shades lowered so they can see each others eyes. "I'm serious Wyatt" Adam spoke in that voice again.

"Oh you're serious now? *How scary*"

Shades back up Adam speaks "Is there anything else you'd like my Lord?"

Wyatt then began to panic. Oh fuck! No! This needed to be fixed right now! "Adam. I was kidding"

"You're going to be late, my Lord."

"Adam wait"

"Yes, my Lord"

Wyatt knew he had fucked up. No use trying to talk to Adam about anything other than business. Why didn't you accept the fucking warning? "Never mind. You're dismissed"

Adam drove away and Wyatt began to walk toward the front door.

The young woman did not know what she got her self into. This side of the Halliwells were different then what she read about online and the stories she was told.

"Suzie where am I going?"

'My name is Kelly' but she couldn't bring her self to say it out loud. They may be different then what she though, but she was not about to tempt fate. Especially what she just saw what happened between the ruler and his boyfriend.

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