Alexander blinked, one moment he had been in bed cradling Philip with Eliza by his side the next, he was in a room with a black wall, sitting on a couch. Eliza was still with him and so was Philip, but Washington was there and so was Lauren's, Mulligan, Laffyette, Angelica, Peggy, Burr and two men later identified as Jefferson and Madison. The black wall came to life and they all jumped back in suprise. A man dressed in all black was inside the wall.

"Hello, welcome to 2017, I am your host and you, founding fathers, and guests, are about to watch Hamilton, a play written about the life of Alexander Hamilton. Not all scenes may be accurate, additional charges may apply. We are in no way responsible for any inguries that may happen due to your watching of this show. With that said, let the show begin." the man said before the wall turned black again. They all gasped as the wall once again blinked to life.