Snatched-Ch 27

Epilogue- 5 Years Later

Penelope squeezed Dereks hand as she was hit with another contraction, Derek wiped her forehead and said, "you're doing so good baby girl", as the contraction ended she collapsed against the pillows. The doctor said, "it won't be long now Penelope and then you'll be holding your little baby in your arms", she blew out a deep breath and said, "I can't wait Sharla, I can't wait" and before she do or say anything else she was hit with another contraction.

Derek brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it and said, "I love you baby girl", she looked at him and said, "I love you to but this oracle is exhausted hotstuff". Sharla said, "I don't doubt it, you've been in labor for 30 hours", Penelope said, "I don't understand what's taking so long with this one".

Derek said, "maybe she's stubborn like her momma"?, Penelope said, "or maybe he's pig headed like his daddy"?, Sharla laughed and said, "where's the rest of your family today"?, Derek said, "the team is away on a case and my mom and sisters are out of town for my aunts birthday and with the snowstorm their were no flights heading out".

Sharla said, "what about Savannah"?, Derek said, "she's doing good, she's remarried and is really happy", Penelope said, "after everything she was put through with Martin it's good to see her happy". Sharla smiled and said, "most people wouldn't be happy for her after what she put everybody through", Derek said, "we're happy and she's happy so we've put that bad stuff behind us, right sweetness"?, she winked at him and said, "right sugar shack".

She said, "what about Tyler and Jazzy"?, Derek said, "they are out in the waiting room with Tamika", Sharla said, "how old are they now"?, Derek said, "Ty is 8 going on 9 and Jazzy is 5". Sharla said, "time flies doesn't it"?, Penelope said, "it does Sharla, it really does", she took a deep breath an blew out a deep breath as she felt another contraction starting.

Penelope squeezed Dereks hand and pushed as she was hit with another contraction, a few seconds later the doctor said, "alrightttttt, let's get you cleaned up just a little bit". Derek said, "how is the baby"?, Sharla grinned and said, "he's perfect" and turned the baby around and said, "here you go momma, here's your little boy".

Penelope kissed her son on the top of the head and said, "awwwww lookey hotstuff, look at what we did", Derek said, "he's beautiful", Derek said, "hello Hank Spencer Morgan, welcome to our family". Derek leaned down and kissed Penelope on the lips and said, "I love you", she said, "and I love you hotstuff".

Sharla started feeling around on Penelopes stomach and said, "huhhhhhh", Derek said, "what, is something wrong"?, she said, "no nothings wrong butttt"?, Derek said, "but what"?, Sharla said, "Kim can you take Hank and get him cleaned up for me and get another incubator ready for us"?, she said, "yes doctor" as she took the baby and handed him to another nurse as she pulled another incubator close to Sharla.

Penelope said, "why do you need another incubator is something wrong with Hank"?, she said, "no Hanks fine but you're having tw' and before she could get the word twins out Penelope was hit with another contraction. Derek held her hand and kept telling her that she could do it and telling her how much he loved her.

It wasn't long before the cries of baby girl Morgan filled the room, after Sharla cleaned up the little girl she said, "here you go momma", Derek said, "how could this be, how did we miss this little angel here"?, Sharla said, "she's smaller than her brother it happens a lot". Penelope said, "hello Heather Michelle Morgan", Sharla said, "it's a good thing you had a name picked out for both boys and girls", Derek nodded his head and said, "we wanted to be prepared just in case".

Derek said, "okay sweetness, smile and I'll send this picture to the team", she held the twins and smiled as Derek snapped a couple of pictures and after sending the pictures out and getting responses he stood close to his family and smiled as he looked down. A few minutes later Penelope and the twins were moved to her private room and they were joined by Tamika, Jazzy and Ty.

Derek was holding his daughter and Penelope her son when the others walked into the room, Tyler and Jazzy ran straight to her bedside and said in unsion, "are you alright mommy"?, Penelope smiled at them and said, "mommy's fine". Derek said, "guys we want you to meet your new brother and sister", Tyler said, "2 of them, I thought momma was only having 1"?, Penelope said, "so did we sport, so did we".

Penelope said, "Ty, Jazzy, Tamika we want you to meet Hank Spencer and Heather Michelle Morgan, the newest additions to our family", as everybody gathered close Derek knew that life couldn't get any better. Penelope sighed happily as she looked around the room at her family, she loved them all dearly and she knew that no matter what she would do anything it took to keep them safe.

A little while later after Tyler, Jazzy and Tamika had gone home for the night Derek was holding his son while his wife and daughter slept, as he held the little boy he couldn't help but smile knowing that another part of him and Penelope was there in his arms. He kissed the little boy on the head and said, "let daddy tell you a little story about how me and your momma met".

Hank yawned as Derek said, "once upon a time" and then spent a little while telling his son the story of one of the greatest love stories of all time Derek Morgan and his baby girl Penelope Garcia Morgan began.