This is a bird AU where the ASL are Ruffs. A type of wading bird with 3 types of males.
** please read, important if you don't want to get lost while reading.

1) territorial: black and/or red in colour. This is the dominant male who are the leaders of sorts. Common
2) Satellite: Mostly white. do not have territory but stays with the Territorial male. Territorial male tolerates and even mounts them as it attracts females
3) Faeder: Rarest type. Looks like female. Brown with stripes of yellow/white. Sneaks past and/or distracts the territorial male and copulates with females. Will also mate with the other Two males as a mating strategy.

The other 2 basically leeches off the territorial male's territory and attempts to mate with the females. The territorial male allows them to stay as they attract more females with their homosexual acts. the other Two male types will also readily mate with faeder, despite knowing its gender.

Lek: Area of territory owned by the territorial Male

I Love the ASL brothers and the pairings XD This idea came to me when I was reading about the Ruffs. If you wish, you can search them up to read more in depth about them.

Ok, on with the story!


He twitched.

He rolled away from the annoying assaults, intent on not getting his precious sleep intruded on.

Peck peck.
He grumbled and swatted at the infernal thing. It didn't let up.
Peck peck peck.

"UGH, what?!" Sabo jumped up, leaves fluttering, feathers flying, wings flapping and brown plumage fluffed up, glaring at the source of interruption of his beauty sleep.

"Woah, easy there, Sabo." Ace hopped back a step, wings flaring.

Sabo's expression lost its anger and he sighed. "Why in god's name did you wake me up at such an ungodly hour? It's barely dawn!" He grumbled in irritation, ruffling his feathers.

"Because!" Luffy chirped happily- excitedly, hopping from one feet to the other.

Sabo rolled his eyes, seriously? How did Luffy get to be a Satellite Ruff? He sure didn't act like one.

Sabo fixed one ice-blue eye on Ace. "And why are you even up so early, Ace? Normally you sleep till mid-morning."

Ace and Luffy glanced at each other, and then back at Sabo.
"Sabo, have you forgotten what today is?" Ace asked slowly.

Sabo frowned, confused. "Um...well, what is today?" He questioned sheepishly.

At that, Luffy started jumping up and down brimming with excitement, his beak curved in a huge grin.

"Today's the start of breeding season! And I'm finally old enough!"

Sabo stiffened.

Oh hell.

Breeding season.

How could he have forgotten?! Now that he looked at his brothers, sure enough, their magnificent plumage was even more vibrant than usual, signifying the start of the breeding season.

Breeding season was a bet amongst the brothers, to see who could attract and copulate with the most females, as was their purpose during breeding season; and Sabo knew that no matter what, he would lose.

After all, he is a Faeder. A rare type of male Ruff with no territory and looked like a female all the time, which female would be attracted to that?

Granted, he was a sneaker bird, but still, why did he agree to the bet in the first place? Ugh, Sabo groaned inwardly. Last breeding season was a bet between him and Ace as Luffy was still not ready yet.

That's right, last season was the season that the bet started, after they had reached maturity and figured out their male types. It was a shock to both him and his brothers when even though Ace developed into his bright red and black plumage; he had instead retained his dull colours. They were honestly getting worried as Sabo still didn't change. That was when they found out from Marco, Ace's friend and a Great Blue Heron.

Marco knew a lot of things in this animal sanctuary and told the brothers not to worry. He informed them that there was actually a rare, third type of male Ruff called a faeder and that was exactly what Sabo was. Sabo, Ace and Luffy were then given a run down on the behaviour of faeders during breeding season just around the corner and boy, was that one hell of a conversation. By the end of it, Sabo was blushing red and trying to hide while the information had sparked the idea of a game with Ace, which led to the catastrophe that was last season.

God, last season was not pleasant for him, not at all, he lost the bet and the consequence...he shivered a little. Not from fear, oh no , he could never fear his Brother, but from reliving that memory of his utter humiliation. He scrunched his eyes shut as he caught sight of Ace's smirk.

He felt Ace sidle up to his side and Whisper in his ear, "I'm looking forward to my rewards again, Sabo. "

He chuckled as Sabo blushed. 'That sadistic horn dog, uh, bird!' He inwardly seethed. 'Enjoying the memory at my expense.'

Sabo knew that either way, he would lose. He had no territory to call his own. In fact, this Lek belonged to Ace. He was the one who fought it over by asserting his Dominance over other territorial Ruffs with his brilliant red and black ruffs , and Sabo and Luffy could stay as they were his brothers. That and Luffy is a Satellite, useful for attracting females and so is tolerated, while he himself is a faeder, rare and much appreciated and lucky to have around to attract females, considering how rare Faeders are, especially amongst the Ruffs that were in captivity here in this sanctuary.

Should he just give up? No, no he can't. There were consequences to giving up this mating game as they called it. Then again, whether he lost or gave up, he is still screwed, literally and figuratively.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when a white ball of fluff barrelled into him and he fell backwards with an "Oomph!" His breath left him in a whoosh from the force of the blow.

"Luffy!" He gasped. Luffy was physically larger than him, considering his genetic make up, so he was also heavier.

"Ne, Sabo." Sabo glanced down at Luffy who was perched on top of him, Ace snickering from the side instead of helping, that jerk.

When Luffy was sure that he had Sabo's attention, he proceeded to ask, "So if Sabo loses again this year, does this mean I get a turn with Sabo too?"

Upon hearing that, Sabo exploded in a multitude of red, as the implications of Luffy's words set in.

"..." Sabo sputtered and for once, was at a loss for words, so he simply flopped back down onto the grass with a tired sigh.

After recovering from his laughing fit, Ace kindly answered for him.

"Yes Luffy, yes you do. And judging from the looks of things now, you will get your chance ~"

"Yay!" Luffy cheered as he hopped off of Sabo and proceeded to prance around in joy.

Sabo shot the eldest of them a glare from his spot on the ground. Ace caught his Glare and shrugged, fluffing his feathers. "What? You can't deny what's going to happen. In fact..." here, Ace's face took on a mischievous grin. "That position right there is perfect..." Ace started to step closer to Sabo, intending on trapping him where he laid.

With a yelp, Sabo shot up off the ground and hopped back, wings a flutter.

"Nope, nope nope nope!" He cried, "I haven't even had breakfast yet! Keep your hormones in, geez!" With that, Sabo flitted over to the small puddle where he quenched his thirst, before going to hunt for his meal, trying hard to avoid his brothers' eyes that were trained on him.

He sighed, this is going to be a loooonnnggg season, that was for sure.

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