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Chapter 3: Dancing

Sabo's eye twitched as he watched the bickering between his brothers get louder and louder.

"You moron! You aren't going to get any females at this rate!"

"Eeehhhh?! I'm not a moron, Ace is! Ow!"

"Hah! That's for calling me a moron, you little piece of worm! Yow!"

"That's for pecking me! You are just jealous I will do better than you, you old- Ow ow ow!"

"Don't you dare peck at me!"

"Ace, you meanie!"

Ok. He drew the line at bodily harm. Barging his way in between the glaring match his brothers were having, he used his wings to push Luffy and Ace apart.

"That's enough! We are losing daylight! It's almost afternoon, and Luffy still hasn't learnt all the ropes yet!"

Luffy jumped back and stuck out his tongue. "Yeah! Ace is being a big bully!"

"Why you-!"

Whack. Whack.

"Ow! Sabo!"

"Gah! Fuck!"

Sabo glared at Ace. "That's quite enough, Ace." He turned to Luffy. "Don't antagonize him, Luffy."

The two of them grumbled, fluffing their ruffled feathers.

Sabo sighed. "Right now, Luffy needs to learn the mating dance, to attract females."

Luffy brightened. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Is it that jumping and wing fluffing that I see Ace doing?"

Sabo nodded and Luffy giggled. "Ooohhh…shishishi! Ace looked stupid doing that."

Ace's tail flared. "Haaahhhh?!"

"Eek!" Luffy ducked behind Sabo, futile as it was.

Sabo chuckled, shaking his head. "Lu, you have to learn that dance too, and Ace will teach you."

"Huh? Me?" Sabo huffed, "Yes, you. You are a Territorial, and Luffy is a Satellite, so of course he has to learn from you."

Luffy pouted, "Ahh? But I want Sabo to teach me! Teach me Sabo, teach me!" Luffy jumped and pranced around Sabo, chanting.

Sabo chuckled once more, "Well, it looks like you are well on your way to being a great dancer." Luffy beamed. Sabo rubbed a wing to his head, embarrassed. "I'm sorry, Luffy. My mating tactics doesn't really involve dancing, but more of stealth and opportunities."

Luffy tilted his head, and blinked. "I don't really get it, but dance, Sabo, dance!"

Sabo flushed. "Luffy! I don't know if I can-"

A red and black wing draped over his back. "Aw, c'mon, Sab, surely you can afford a little show. After all, Luffy learns best from watching and doing things first hand."

Sabo glared at Ace, "Then doesn't that apply to you as well Ace? You are more suited to teach Luffy how to dance considering you actually Dance."

Then an idea sparked into Sabo's head. He ducked past Ace's wing and grinned, a spark of mischief in his eyes that immediately had Ace wary. "Oh Luffy~~!" He sing-songed.

Luffy came bounding up. "Yeah Sabo?"

He eyed Ace and Luffy. "Why don't you two have a little, competition to see who can out-dance the other."

Luffy's eyes lit up, "You are right~ Let's do it Ace! I can beat you for sure!"

Ace, not one to back down, rose to the bait. "Ha. Ha. Ha. Dream on, little bro, you can never beat me!"

"I can too!" Luffy cried, jumping up and down and flapping his wings. "Wait! How do we know who danced better?"

"Well, of course, I will judge the dance." Sabo replied, lifting a wing. "But Ace should go first."

"What?! Why?!" Ace squawked.

At this, Sabo giggled behind his wing, "Why, to show Luffy how it's done of course!"

Ace smirked, "Well of course!"

With that, he stepped in front of Sabo, a confident grin on his beak.

Spreading his red and black wings, he fluffed out his plumage and started to dance. Twisting and turning, and flaring his wings, Ace's dance would have surely enticed many a female ruffs if they were within the vicinity. Sabo was entranced. His eyes never strayed from Ace as he danced, framed against the light of the sun shining into the enclosure.

Sabo swallowed, not willing to tear his eyes away even when Ace finished his dance and Luffy took over his spot.

Sabo was not prepared.

If he was dying when Ace danced, the Luffy's dance killed him.

Luffy twisted and turned unlike anything he had ever seen, his happy chirps was like an arrow through the heart. Each one capturing him and mesmerising him even more. Was Luffy always this flexible? Wow, who knew he could bend like that? Was this really his first dance? He was a natural!

The backlit sunrays only served to bathe Luffy in an ethereal glow, his white feathers gleaming and giving him an angelic appearance.

When he was done, his wings once again tucked at his side and he was panting a little, unused to the energy expenditure, Sabo's beak was still open, his eyes wide, a sound struggling to burst forth from his throat.

Ace was in a similar state, but he was able to get over it and burst out, "What the doves, Luffy?! Who did you take dance lessons from? Were you cheating? You were so cheating! You knew how to dance beforehand!"

Luffy frowned and pouted, "Muuuu~! Meanie Ace! I didn't cheat! Tell him, Sabo! I did good right? Did I win? Did I? Did I?"

Sabo struggled to regain his bearings, he blinked, once, twice, thrice. His beak clamped shut with an audible clack as Ace and Luffy argued in the background.

"What? You didn't win, you idiot!"

"Meeeaaann! I so did!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"


As one, they turned to him and towered over him.

"Tell this little idiot that I won!"

"No! Ace is being mean! I won!"

Sabo sighed, smacking a wing to his face, "You BOTH won, ok?"

They blinked, "Ok…" Ace said slowly. "But who did Better?"

Sabo started, and mulled over it. "Well…Ace did better in terms of experience…and Luffy, you did better in well…you are a good dancer for your first time."

"Humph, beginner's luck." Ace huffed.

"But overall, you both managed to entice with your dance moves…So…it's a tie."

Sabo said with as much confidence and finality as he could, so that they won't bicker with each other anymore.

"Wait." Ace paused, as a thought occurred to him. He turned to Sabo, a sly grin on his face, one that made Sabo take a step back.

"We managed to entice? So we enticed you, eh Sabo?"

"Um.." Sabo started to sweat bullets, his eyes darted left and right, hoping for an escape route.

His eyes widened when Luffy flanked Ace and started to step towards him too. He took another step back.

"A-Ace, L-Luffy…" His tone was warning and wary.

Geez, can't Ace keep his instincts in? He was giving Luffy a bad example!

"Come on Sabo," Ace practically crooned. "It was alluring wasn't it? Admit it, we managed to seduce you~"

Luffy giggled, "Shishishi~!"

"N-now, Ace, Luffy. The bet hasn't started yet, so you can't! Get a grip and let the bet and the season play out! Then, then you can start to-!"

"Yes, Sabo, but see, the bet hasn't started yet, so technically, I'm not bound by the set rules. So, I can do whatever I want."

The grin was practically devilish. Sabo was getting desperate; he was running out of options and damn, of all the times when Ace used that brain of his.

"No-now, wait just a minute-!"

He didn't get to finish his sentence when his brothers jumped at him.


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