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Barry whizzed around, avoiding blasts from Snart and Mick's guns. He shot up a building, then came around for another pass, grabbing Mick so he couldn't get shot. Snart fired his gun, barely missing Mick, and Barry dashed around to the safety of a car, cold seeping thought the cloth at his shoulder.

And explosion knocked Snart off of his feet, sending him tumbling. Barry was by his side, cold gun in his hands in seconds. It fell apart with a few quick pulls.

A noise from above made him glance up. "I was late again, wasn't I?" Firestorm grinned down at him, flaming.

Barry beamed back. "Right on time."

Firestorm shot up into the sky with a whoop, and Barry followed him back to STAR Labs. Cisco was grinning. "Two down at the same time." He clapped Barry's hand. "Superhero double play, baby!"

"Couldn't have done it alone." He smiled.

Caitlin walked up and kissed him. He took her hand and rubbed his fingers over the beautiful diamond ring on her left hand. "You're never alone, Barry." She murmured.

"Nether are you, Mrs. Allen." Barry kissed her again, smiling.

"Snart and Rory." Joe shook his head in admiration. "You're gonna put a cop like me out of a job." He gave Barry a hug, which the latter eagerly returned, overflowing with happiness.

"Just trying to help." Barry said modestly.

"You do more then help, Barry." Iris walked in. "You give the people of this city hope."

Eddie clapped him on the shoulder. "You're the hero Barry."

"Congratulations, everyone!" Dr. Wells rolled in on his wheelchair, clapping lightly. "A spectacular victory. A milestone if you will." Wells shook his head in amazement. "Mr. Allen, I believe their's nothing left I can teach you. I believe," He stood up, now looking a little less happy. "That you are ready to do all of this on your own."

Barry blinked, and STAR Labs, the real one, devoid of people and happiness, came back into view. He glanced around at the empty room, trying to rid his mind of all the memories.

A beeping from on of Cisco's old computers made him look over. He raced over to his suit and flashed off again, out of STAR Labs, into the city to fight whatever was waiting for him.

It had been 6 months since the singularity, and Barry was alone now. He knew it was better off that way. Everyone was better off that way. It kept everyone safe. Which was all that he wanted.

Which is what he had failed to do.

6 months ago...

Barry pulled Caitlin into his side and kissed her, then he flashed off, up towards the singularity. She moved foreword, trying to call him back, but Cisco grabbed her arm and forced her to say.

There was now a yellow blur in the singularity's center. "Brilliant" Stein exclaimed in excitement. "He's containing the singularity by adding to it's angular momentum!"

Caitlin had no idea what that meant, but Cisco seemed to get it. He held his phone up to his mouth, comm app up. "Barry! It's stabilizing! Keep doing what you're doing!"

"I'm not sure how much longer I can." Barry's voice sounded faint, but she closed her eyes, listening to it. "Cisco!"

"Now what?" Joe asked.

"We have to merge the inner and outer event horizons." Stein informed him.

"How will we do that?" Ronnie rested his hand on Caitlin's shoulder.

Stein paused for a moment, and when he spoke, his voice was considerably less excited then before. "By separating in the eye of it. The amount of energy from the fissure should do the trick."

Caitlin grabbed her brother's hand, wordlessly pleading with him not to leave her. "It's our only hope, Ronald." Stein said quietly.

"Ronnie, no!" Caitlin hated herself for being selfish, but she had already lost him once. She could do it again. "It's too dangerous. What if you can't escape the inlash?"

"Cait." He murmured, squeezing her shoulders. "We have to try."

Those words would be the death of her, Caitlin knew that for sure. Ronnie grabbed her in a tight hug, and kissed her forehead. Then he and Stein merged into Firestorm. He flew off, and Caitlin was left feeling cold and alone.

Now there was a small dot of flame inside the swirling pool of the singularity. Caitlin bit back a sob and grasped unto Cisco like a lifeline.

And then it was over. A blinding flash, and the swirling stopped, leaving a dark mass of clouds hovering over the collapsing city. A streak of something that could only have been Barry ran down a building and disappeared. Caitlin lurched forward, and followed the others, running around the corner.

There was no Ronnie. Stein was up against the wall, and Joe ran over to his side, checking on him. Caitlin eyes filled with tears and Barry shook his head and held out his arms. "I'm so sorry."

She fell into them, burying her face in his shoulder as her cheeks became wet with tears.

Present time...

Caitlin clasped her hands neatly in front of her as she glanced around. The entire city must have been there, because the masses of people had stopped cars at least 30 city blocks away from the heart of the Flash Day festival.

To think she had almost not been one of those people. Barry- the Flash, whatever- had been her hero, not to mention her boyfriend. And she was going to miss the day that he deserved so much? The day where the city finally said one giant thank you? She would have to thank her co-worker at Mercery Labs for talking her out of staying home.

Red and yellow everything was scattered around. From Flash balloons to T-shirts, Central City had really gone all out. She wondered, for a moment, if Joe and Cisco where somewhere in the crowd. She wasn't sure if she wanted them to be, not wanting to get into a conversation at the moment.

It hurt her, deep inside her chest, remember those few amazing months of helping the Flash. After Ronnie... After the singularity, Barry had pushed everyone away, including her. Caitlin missed him, him and his smile and his laugh and his stupid, beautiful need to save everyone, all the time.

The crowd around her started to cheer, and she moved a few steps closer to the stage. The Mayor was starting his speech. "Good morning, Central City!" He looked grandly out for a moment, drinking in the attention. "A year ago, our world changed. Our city became Ground 0 for... some pretty weird stuff. We got a new breed of criminal. Men and woman who defied not only the law, but physics, and reason."

The crowd, for such a large one, was very quiet, remember all of the things it had gone through in the past year. Caitlin was, too. She was also remembering how his brown hair felt under her fingertips, smooth and soft, his hands on her hips, mouth on hers, one last time...

"But!" The Mayor broke her out of her thoughts. "We got something else, too. We got.. the Flash!" The crowd exploded in cheers. The Mayor let it ring for a moment, but soon continued. "Our wounds run deep. And I know many of you are afraid of what threats tomorrow might bring. But the Flash doesn't just protect us. He restores hope where it is lost."

The Mayor now held up a gold object. "That's why I'm honored to present the key to the man who saved Central City, the Flash!"

Once again, the crowd exploded, and Caitlin felt a small smile crossing her face. If Barry was here- she wasn't sure if he was or not- he would be so embarrassed. Those dark green eyes would shift downward, and his cheeks would flush, and he would shuffle his feet and rub the back of his neck. She missed him more then anything, right now.

And then, after a painful pause, there he was. Caitlin bit her lip, hard, and covered her mouth with her hand. He was so close, she could have just run up on that stage and kissed him. But she couldn't.

Barry looked around him in amazement as the crowd began to yell his name. Tears welled in Caitlin's eyes as she remembered their night together at the Dive Bar. Barry! Barry! Barry! Look at him go, he's so fast- oh shhhhh!

On the stage, Barry raised his arm, waving to the crowd with a smile, contented smile on his face. His eyes ran over the faces, looking for one in particular. Where was his Caitlin?

"The doors of Central City will forever be open for you, Flash." The Mayor said when the cheers had quieted down. "Thank you." He reached over and handed the speedster the golden key.

Then the entire crowd fell into chaos, and Caitlin found herself pushed along with the crowds, until her only sight of Barry in 6 months was knocked out of view.


Caitlin was in her lab, working on the new serum Mercury Labs was developing. She looked up at a knock at the door, and her heart did a strange, abnormal, Whadump. "What are you doing here?" Caitlin breathed, drinking in his features, the dark hair, combed, as usual, his green eyes, staring straight into her's.

Barry shifted away from his leaning position against the wall, and moved slowly into the room. "Sorry, I should have called, or, something, I just- I wanted to see you."

She wanted to throw herself into his arms and kiss him for all it was worth, but it was right. They weren't there, yet. "It's been awhile."

He walked closer, to stand in front of her. "Yeah. Um, Cisco said that he saw you at the Flash day celebration." The unspoken was telling her that he had looked, but hadn't seen her himself. "I was surprised."

She titled her head with a little sigh. "You of all people know that- that I wasn't the hero that day." Barry broke eye contact, looking at his shoes.

Even after all this time, he was still the same, modest Barry. "Of course you were." She breathed.

"No." He shook his head. "Cait- Ronnie died for me, and I- I should have saved him and I'm... I'm so sorry."

"Barry, I know that you did everything you could." And just because she hadn't seen him in so long, she reached out her hand and brushed the back of it along his cheekbone.

He sighed quietly, and leaned into her fingers. "It wasn't you're fault." Caitlin continued, tears welling in her eyes, choking her throat. "I don't blame you for Ronnie's death. I blame myself."

His eyes met her's once again, watery. "Why?"

"When Ronnie first became Firestorm, he asked me to leave Central City." She took a deep breath, getting a hold of herself. "He wanted to go somewhere where we could start up a normal life, as siblings." Caitlin shook her head, tears spilling down her cheeks now. "I said no! I- I couldn't leave STAR Labs, Dr. Wells... you."

It was his turn to touch her, taking her hand and pressing the fingers to his lips. She inhaled sharply at the contact, bliss spreading up her arm, muddling her brain. "If I had gone with him, Ronnie would still be alive. Being at STAR Labs just made me think of that every single day."

Barry reached into his pocket, and she could see his fingers shaking. "Here." He extended his hand to her.

She laughed at what she saw. "You carry a handkerchief now? What are you, 80?"

He smiled, and handed her the cloth. As she wiped her eyes, a small piece of plastic clattered to the floor. "What's that?"

"Uh, it's uh, apparently, with his death, Wells had some sort of a living will."

Caitlin nodded in understanding. "And you haven't watched it yet?"

Barry glanced at his hand, at the small, entirely terrifying drive. "No." He murmured. "I've- I guess I've been.. to afraid?"

Caitlin, still holding his hand, gave it an understanding squeeze. "What if we watched it together?"

"Alright." Barry whispered, and she tugged gently on his hand, leading him to the nearest computer. He plugged in the drive, and the computer downloaded the material on it with agonizing slowness.

And then there was Dr. Wells. He took off his glassed, rubbed his face, and started. "Hello, Barry. If you're watching this, that means something has gone horribly wrong. I'm dead, and the last 15 years have been for nothing. Bummer."

He laughed his quiet laugh, and Caitlin shivered. "15 years. And what I've realized, with all those years, helping raise you, we were never truly enemies, Barry. I'm not the thing you hate. And so, I'm going to give you the thing that you want most." Barry's eyes were dark with anger, and Caitlin took his hand again, rubbing her thumb across the top knuckles.

"It doesn't matter." Wells continued. "You can never be truly happy, Barry Allen- Trust me. I know you. Now." He clicked something on his small remote. "Erase everything I said up to this point, and give the following message to the police." Caitlin's heart thudded in her chest. She knew what was about to happen, and she couldn't quite believe it.

Barry had a death grip on her hand. "My name is Harrison Wells. Being of sound mind and body, I feely confess to the murder of Nora Allen, in her home, on the night of March 18th, in the year 2000."

"Oh my gosh." Caitlin murmured, as Wells talked on with the details of the murder. "He confessed."

Barry's eyes were filled with tears as he turned to look at her. "This is it." He started to stand, pulling her up with him. "This is what I need to free my dad!"

Barry pulled out his phone, and clicked on a contact. "Hey, yeah, hey Joe. Can you have everyone meet me at STAR Labs? Yeah. Alright, thanks, yeah. Bye." After he had hung up he grabbed Caitlin's hand again and hugged her.

She pressed her face into the soft cotton of his shirt, breathing him in. His arms were strong and warm, and tight around her back, and it was everything that she had remembered and more. "I missed you, Barry Allen." Caitlin whispered.

"I missed you, too, Cait." He pulled back and took a deep breath.

She smiled gently at him. "I'll drive."


They were all waiting in STAR Labs when Barry got back from the CCPD. "Is it good news?" Caitlin asked, a little on the nervous side.

"I think so." Barry said, looking shocked.

"Henry's coming home?" Iris grabbed her friend in a hug, and Barry beamed at Caitlin from over her shoulder.

When Iris had finally let go, Barry turned to the matter of the meta-human. "So. Geomancer. How are we going to beat him."

"Well.." Caitlin tilted her head, glancing at Cisco. "Ever since I was shown the drain radiation tag, which I haven't been able to stop thinking about." She glared at her friend. "Thank you Cisco."

"You're welcome Caitlin." He responded, goofily pointing at her.

"If this guy likes radiation so much, I say we give it to him." Caitlin suggested.

Barry started to nod in agreement. Before they got to work, he looked them both in the eye seriously. "Guys, I just want to tell you... you two are the best friends, other then Iris, that I have ever known. I'm never pushing you away like that again."

Cisco clapped Barry on the shoulder, then paused. "Would I be correct in assuming that Caitlin is more of your best friend then I am?"

"It's.. different." Barry wrinkled his nose.

"Heck, yeah, it's different!" Cisco exclaimed, looking weirded out for a moment. "You two do things that are not happening with me. Never. Ever."

"Way to wreck the moment, Cisco." Caitlin smiled, reaching out and rubbed Barry's arm with the palm of her hand. "And the same goes for me, really. -No Cisco, not what you are thinking.- I shoved you both out of my life because it was all just to painful. But now I see that you guys to take away the pain, not cause it."

"Aww..." Cisco said. "We're so sappy."

Barry laughed, and grabbed Caitlin's hand. "Come on. Let's stop this meta."



The banner was in cursive, and in purple and pink, which Caitlin thought was a little strange (until she found out that Iris had made the poster). Joe welcomed her into the West house with a hug and a "I missed you being here", and she nearly started crying right then and there.

Cisco, Iris, Joe, even Stein and his wife, Clarissa were there. They were all bubbling with excited energy, released in one giant, "WELCOME HOME!" When Henry Allen walked through the door.

He looked so surprised it was kind of cute. Then a huge smile spread across his face, and he grasped Joe in a hug.

They had gotten a cake, which looked remarkably similar to the banner, and it was cut into while everyone hugged Henry. And each other. Actually, there was just a whole lot of hugging involved.

When Caitlin hugged Henry, he asked, "Are you and Barry still a couple? I haven't- I haven't seen much of him in a few months. I'm guessing that it's survivors guilt."

"Yeah." She murmured. "Yeah, he loves caking on the survivors guilt." She accepted Joe's offer of champagne with a smile. Her eyes found Barry's form, talking with Iris across the room. "I don't know what we are right now. We're... we're healing."

"Healing's great." Henry placed a hand on her shoulder. "But I will give you some honest advice. Barry needs you. So don't heal too long."

She smiled, and gave him another hug. "I'm glad that you're here."

"Me too, Caitlin. Me too."

Barry walked over to hug his dad again, and Caitlin laced their fingers together, sipping at her drink.

A ring of glass shushed them for a moment. Stein was hitting his glass with his fingernail, asking for quiet. "Gather round, please." They all moved so they were standing around the coffee table. Caitlin was sandwiched between Barry, hands still intertwined, and Cisco.

"Looking at all of you," Stein started his toast. "Thinking how far we've all come, and remember those who are no longer with us, I'm reminded of a Hebrew word, used during times of graduation. Kadema." The word rang out in the silence of the living room. "It means 'Foreword'." Stein raised his glass. "Foreword."

They all raised their glasses, repeated the one, small, powerful word. Barry turned to her, and tilted her chin. "Foreword." He whispered.

She kissed him before he had the chance, and it was the most amazing thing she had felt in a long time.

Author's Note: And there you have it! I think that this has been one of my favorites that I have ever written in this series.

But I don't know. Maybe that's not true :)