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I wanted to start this fanfiction because I kind of liked the anime of Claymore a little more than some of the other anime's I watched but I mostly try to make my own characters so it was hard finding a way to do that. Until now that is.


Clare was what people referred to half-human and half-yokai people: a Claymore. She was trying to have revenge from the Abyssal One Priscilla that killed the only friend she had the ranked number one Teresa. Although her rank was dead below she still helped the Organization exterminating yokai. As of now her whereabouts were a mystery to everyone in the Organization and the ones looking for her were Claymores in their rank 20's.

Kate rank 22 was a Claymore (though that isn't what they call themselves) who liked to mock her enemies before she eliminated them. She wore the attire of white and gold with a blade connected to a holder on her back. Her hair was like Rafaela's style only she has a black scratch in her hair. Her past like most Claymore's was in shambles because of a heart wrenching moment she could not escape from. Normally to become a Claymore a man in a black suit gives you an invitation to join except the means of which she joined were because of a map that brought her to the Organization.

What mysteries were shrouded in it she didn't know except her intentions were to get information buried in it.

Present Day

It felt like life was unfair when you were placed dead last in a sport you though you were good at. It felt like trying to be a archer didn't bode well and that would effect Michael for the rest of his future.

Michael was a typical nobody who had nobody in his life except for two friends who like him had very bad luck. His friend who was the only girl he could talk to Myra was not born with family who could make ends meet, in fact her father lost his job one week before she was born. Tori his friend people would think is popular because he is muscular but isn't works forty-eight hours every week and after he pays for his house, food, and books is left with very small amount of money. Basically he was the lamest of the three of them simply because he loved shooting an arrow against a bulls-eye target too many times and in the end he lost in the game of it.

" Stupid." Michael said referring to himself.

Today was the first time he was going to learn how to fish and it was because he wanted to do something for his friends after all the times he's ditched them to try archery. For a beginner he was doing well at picking out the tack, bait, rod, and reel. He wasn't having even a little bit of trouble getting trout from the pond out into a basket with a white handkerchief woven by his mother. The remembrance of his mother saddened him for the last five minutes of his fishing time.

Michael wouldn't be going home with barely any food. He caught dozens of fishes. He walked home but along the way he saw a little boy sad. He did the only rational thing he could think of and that was start a fire so they could see better before the woods turned pitch black. The searing fire came just in time. Now Michael was sitting down hoping the young boy would sit down with him.

" It's warmer by the fire than it is being away at that tree. I have food for you but if you don't like fish I can get you back home; maybe your parents will deliver some food to you."

" Y-You got my attention when you helped make it brighter instead of darker." the boy said.

It was with those few words that Michael realized the boy was afraid of the dark. That was nothing to be ashamed of when this boy and Michael lived in a world where monsters were real.

" I couldn't get away from them." Said the boy. " I'm putting everyone around me in danger. Don't go back to the town you came from. You think an enemy that can disguise itself as a human is bad...fear the yokai that possess you."

Michael saw a pale face overshadow the little boy's face. This was a moment Michael felt like he should run but a part of him was telling him he should stay. It was close to child birthing he felt like the closest he would get to experiencing death was through that childbirth or being here being reminded of all the monsters that could be out there. This wasn't Michael being distrustful of the people around him.

The fire had to be doused before Michael could leave. With a high-rise of yokai threats the dangers of forest fire still couldn't be left out of account. He kicked dirt on the fire vanquishing the flames.

" I'm not sure what you are but if you were going to kill me chances are it would have been accomplished by now. Please trust me and hop on my back."

Michael heard something akin to a yokai roaring after swallowing the blood of a human. Michael's blood felt like water in a glass, still and mixing between cold and hot. When the boy finally listened to Michael jumping on his back the young archer ran like a man about to be gnawed at by feral creatures—yokai possessed intelligence close to and sometimes beyond average humans so climbing a tree wouldn't save him.

He completely left behind the basket of fish and the heirloom his mother made for him her handkerchief. Losing it was heartbreaking but he wanted to live to see daylight.

Michael could feel his heart pounding from the inside of his chest thanks to the fear he had of being eaten by a yokai and adrenaline that only seemed to happen when moving wasn't something that happened fast enough. He felt like the kids guardian trying to protect him even though he knew absolutely nothing about him. There was only a slim chance Michael was making a getaway from the yokai.

It turned from a small chance of escaping to a fruitless escape the moment Michael tripped on a small stud he couldn't see and it made him fall hard enough to hurt his knee. The little boy hugged harder on Michael trying to not look at the massive terror standing behind him.


With Michael's strength he stood up again. He didn't just stand up. Before he made it to his full height he pried the boy off his back.

" I can't see myself as being better than all of those archers and now I won't even get to practice getting better. If this truly is how I die I can be sure of..." a proud smile was on Michael's face as he prepared to say something profound. " You yokai are a cancer that come out strong but will fall to the dirt."

The yokai couldn't be seen gritting its teeth but the hubris this boy said to it was infuriating. Like a cook shaving the skin off an elk it would take away his dignity before eating him.

" Not bad." A voice sang.

From the neck blood erupted from the yokai and speckled Michael's face. It looked like a fatal wound but the cut in its neck was patched up and working normally again.

A/N: Yeah, this ending is more anticlimatic than thrilling but I just try to make a chapter over one thousand words, I don't try to make it like an anime episode or a tv drama episode. More will come because I wrote this at a friends house and it was the most fun I had writing a chapter. Hopefully I didn't ruin the chapter by messing up the lore of Claymore.