It has been two years since Moana had returned home after she and Maui restored the heart of Te Fiti. During those two years, Moana felt a pull to not only the ocean but to him, to Maui.

"Maui, I miss you so much. Where are you?" Moana said looking up at the sky as she toed at the ocean water from where she sat on the beach. Moana was just about to go back to her hut when suddenly, a screech came from the sky. The giant hawk landed and transformed back into the man she came to love.

"I'm right here Moana." Maui said with a smile as he held open his arms, waiting for his hug.

"Maui!" she exclaimed, running into those huge arms that she remembered, wrapping her arms around his neck. She smiled as she felt those arms that made her feel safe wrap around her.

"I missed you so much!" Moana said into his hair.

"I'm here now and I'm not leaving." Maui said, stroking her hair lovingly.

"you have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that."

"come. I wish to talk to your father." Maui said, letting go of Moana then taking her hand.

once they got to the village, Moana's people stopped what they were doing to stare at the duo. Even though Moana couldn't, Maui could hear the whispers coming from the villagers.

"Is that the famous demigod, Maui?"

"Did you know that Moana forced Maui to return the heart of Te Fiti."

"I heard that they are having an affair. I guess that's why Moana has turned down every suitor that has come to her."

Maui became ecstatic at that last comment but he didn't dare show it. but he was glad the woman he loved had turned down suitors most likely for him.

They kept walking until they reached the chief's hut.

"Moana, I would like a moment alone with your father.. Is that okay?" Maui asked.

"Sure. I'll wait out here." Moana said softly.

"Thanks." Maui said before kissing Moana's forehead softly, causing her to blush a deep crimson. He then tucked a lock of that curly hair behind her ear and with a smile, disappeared through the hut flap.

A few minutes later Maui and her father came out of the hut. Moana's father came forward to address the village that had gathered around.

"tonight we will feast in celebration of the return of Maui, the demi god! However, before we retire to the banquet hall, I believe Maui wishes to ask Moana something." Tui said with a nod to Maui.

Maui nervously stepped over to Moana and got down on one knee.

"Moana. I know we had a rough start when we went to Te Fiti and we had some problems along way. However, even though I never thought I'd fall in love, I'm glad I did. I love you Moana and I will be honored if you will agree to be my wife. I got this ring blessed by Te Fiti. It will turn you into a demigod like me. so we can have forever together. you will be able to have the power over the ocean. Please, Moana, will you marry me?" Maui said before presenting the ring. It was an princess cut aquamarine gemstone set in a beautiful white gold band.

"Yes. Of course I will marry you!" Moana cried happily as she held out her left hand. Maui slid the ring onto her slim fingers. suddenly, the second the ring was on, a bright blue glow surrounded Moana. then as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. in its wake, was a beautiful, slightly older and taller, Moana. she looked at herself then at her fiance. she then leaped into his arms crushing her lips into his as they both went tumbling to the ground. this caused the whole village to cheer, causing the couple to pull apart

"I love you Moana." Maui said resting his forehead against her's.

"I love you too Maui." Moana replied before they began to get up. Maui got up first and then pulled his love with up into his arms. they both smiled at eachother, then turned to the chief.

"to the banquet hall!" Chief Tui exclaimed.