Title: The Return of Merlin (Year 2)

Rating: T

Summary: Sandra Snow returns for her second year with the Chamber of Secrets being opened and a pretty boy as a Defense teacher. She's going to have another year of trying to keep Harry from getting killed as the other houses look at Slytherin with hate. Sequel to The Return of Merlin (Year 1)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 1

Sandra knew that something was wrong when Harry told her that none of his friends were writing to him. She knew how important friends were, even though she really didn't have any in Slytherin.

"Want me to find out what's going on?" she asked him.

"Please," he begged.

"I'll send a letter to her, asking her to call," she said and she left Harry alone to do his work.

Three days later Hermione called. Sandra took the call and Hermione told her that she had written to Harry.

"That's strange," Sandra said. "Why wouldn't your letter arrive?"

"I don't know," Hermione said. "But I'm glad that Harry is having a good summer."

Ever since Harry had been saved from the Dursley's by her parents he had been taken to someone to help him deal with the issues that he was having. Sandra had never dealt with someone that had been abused and it hurt her. Of course her first year hadn't been easy. Finding out that she was a reincarnation of Merlin, the greatest wizard to ever be taught at Hogwarts, battling Quirrell, and saving the school had been more than she had ever thought she would be handling.

Of course that didn't mean that her second year was going to be easy. She knew that the snakes were coming up with another way to get her removed. She was glad that she had the Headmaster and Professors McGonagall and Snape on her side. Professor McGonagall visited once a week to see how Harry was doing. Another thing that she noticed was that Harry was getting better at his essays.

"I didn't want Ron to turn on me so I dumbed myself down," he confessed.

"So you're good at Potions."

Harry nodded and Sandra sighed.

Of course McGonagall hadn't taken the dumb down news well. Sandra swore she could see a new goal in lip thinning. Sandra had a funny feeling that she would be telling all the Professors about what Harry confessed and they would demand that he do better. Of course Sandra would make sure that he did.

"So when are we getting our letters?" Harry asked.

They were all done with their summer work and were enjoying their time off.

"I hope soon," Sandra said. "Though I'm wondering who the Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers will be, hope not other Voldemort's supporter."

"Yeah, I agree," Harry said.

"Well if it happens again I'll be there to make sure that you don't get killed."

Harry grinned.

"Thanks," he said.

"That's what families are for," she said and she put her arm around his shoulder.

Of course she should have guessed that Harry's summer wasn't going to be normal. She was sound asleep when she heard yelling. Sandra was on her feet and hurrying down the hall, throwing the door open. Standing there was a small creature that gave her an odd look. He vanished and Sandra at once was at Harry's side.

"What happened?"

"He tried to get me to not return to Hogwarts," Harry told her. "I told him that Hogwarts is my home and then you appeared."

Sandra stared at him.

"Why would he not want you to return?" she asked him, fearful that this was another danger that Harry was in.

"He said that bad things are going to happen at Hogwarts this year."

Great, she thought.

Sandra wrote to Professor Snape, telling him what had happened. She mentioned the name of the creature, Harry had told her, and asked what they should do. That night both Professors arrived.

"What's a house elf?" Sandra's mother asked.

"It's a creature that serves a wizarding family," McGonagall told her.

"But why was it here?"

"It wanted me to promise not to return and I declined. Dobby has been keeping the letters away from me."

"I'm going to have a long talk with Lucius Malfoy," Snape said.

"Malfoy's stinking father owns that walking nightmare," Sandra stated.

She was never impressed with the Malfoy money and she wasn't about to be impressed with Malfoy's house elf either.

"Yes, he owns him," Snape said.

"Do you think that he sent it," Harry wondered.

Sandra saw the look that he gave Harry but, thankfully, he said nothing.

"I doubt that he did," McGonagall said, "Though it's a good thing that you didn't promise not to return to Hogwarts. That would have been a binding agreement and that means that you would never be able to return."

"And we know that Hermione would be mad," Sandra stated.

"I agree with you on that," she said.

"Do you think this thing will try something else?"

"I doubt it," Snape said, "He doesn't want to get Lucius Malfoy angry."

Sandra had a bad feeling that this Dobby creature wasn't going to stop.

Three days later their letters finally arrived. To Sandra's complete horror most of the books were written by Lockhart. She didn't know anything about him but she had a feeling that the Defense teacher was a fan.

"Why is one author on almost our entire book list?" Harry asked her.

"I have no clue," Sandra said.

"We'll take you both next week," Sandra's mother told them both.

"Great," she said and they headed back to their rooms.


A/N: Like the last story this one will be from her POV. I hope that you enjoy it and I will be updating once a week unless something happens to my net.