Blood. It was the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes. A puddle of blood, thick sticky blood. The word kept repeating in his head, not really having a meaning to it.

An awful pain feeling like a thousand knives in his body shot through him and he moaned. What the hell happened. Where was he? When trying to look up ,he saw that he was lying on the stairs by the kitchen. Still in the mansion at least.

The family! Where were they? Oh god, what if they were in danger or worse? No, that could be happening! Please no… Niles tried to get up, but dropped back on the stairs, too weakened. A thought, hidden deep inside his head, came forwards. Weekend away for…something. They were away, he was alone here. Good. They were save.

Great, then he could at least die in peace… Blackness came back and seemed to agree with his last thought.