C.C didn't call again or back to the Sheffield family at their luxurious resort. Instead, she tried to force all of the bad thoughts in her brain away. First she was sure that nothing was wrong, but as silence filled the air only more and every sound seemed to disappear around her, the bad thoughts only became worse. Until she couldn't take it anymore.

"Damn it". She stood up and dressed in jogging pants with a simple t-shirt. With her glasses half on and still open shoes she locked the door, leaving Chester behind and went downstairs to get a taxi and to go to the mansion. She was going to kill that damn butler for this.

Later they arrived, she gave the driver way too much money in her rush and left the car with a very happy man behind. The first thing that suprised her was the fact that light was still burning in the house. She had her key with her, but she had a feeling she didn't need it. C.C opened the front door of the mansion, which was, indeed, still unlocked and gasped when seeing the inside.

A mess, a big mess. Stuff was clearly missing and there was glass laying on the ground, as well as pillows, papers and what more. The mansion had been robbed again. C.C wanted to take her cellphine, she lucky enough had brought with her, when she rememberd why she came here in the first place. Niles!

Where was he? Not in the livingroom. She ran towards the kitchen, used to find him there. First she didn't saw him, but when walking around the counter she did. Her heart seemed to stop for a long moment and her legs became heavy. God no.