The Selkie´s song

Chapter 1- He´s a she...and a sea lion?!

Lance was crying as he and his lion were spinning through the wormhole before they had crashed into a planet of ice and water. Lance was thankful that all the spining was finally over, but now he and his lion were slowing sinking into the deep of the ocean.

"Blue! Are you alright?!" Asked Lance in panic, worried about his lion.

As they finally reached to the ocean's floor, Lance turned the radion on to see if the others were nearby. But sadly, Lance found himself alone in the ocean.

"Alone in the ocean, hum?" he muttered, before chucking. "I am alone in the ocean?" Then, he removed his helmet as he started to glow. His anatomy started to change as his hair became longer. His face became more feminine. Then, Lance smiled.

" Alone in the ocean." his voice was more feminine as he got from his bag an odd skin coat as he removed his paladin armor, showing his female body.

When Lance got out, he was not human, he was now a sea lion. You see, Lance is not a normal boy, he was actually a girl and a selkie. Selkies are very special type of fairy. Selkies are magical creatures of sea that take form of either seals or sea lion, taking a human form when they shed their skin when they need go to the land.

Lance always knew many female selkies had become victims of cruel men when their coat are stolen. Without their coat, they can not return to the ocean. In the hands of men, the female selkies are forced to become their wifes. Some were lucky to be able to get their coat back and returning to the ocean, but some other were not that lucky.

Lance was lucky her father was a gentle cuban fisherman which helped her selkie mother to get her coat back from abusive first husband. Instead of returning to the ocean, Lance's mother decided to become the wife of her savior. Together they had Lance, her older brothers and sisters, but only Lance was born as a selkie.

Rarely a selkie is born when one of the parents are not one.

Since Lance had talent on using illusion magic, she used it to disguise herself as a male, to make sure none would find out who she truly was. She was able to fool everyone, even her teammates. She felt bad for not telling them, especially after Pigde revealed she was a girl to them. She of course knew all along since she could smell it, but she had to act like she was surprise to make sure her disguise do not fall apart.

Lance felt so wonderful being a sea lion again. Even if the situation was not good, she felt so good to be in the water after so long time. In her Sea lion form she could breath under water, unlike the real seals and sea lions from Earth. It was thanks to her selkie magic, so she had no problem on being worried to drown. She was checking if there was any other damage on Blue Lion when Blue finally showed signs of life.

"Blue!" she exclaimed happily. " You alright!"

Blue lion looked at her paladin and she purred happily as she nuzzled her paladin. Lance giggled at Blue Lion's affection.

"I am alright girl." she said, looking at Blue. " Hey, actually I think it's the first time you see me like this." she smiled.

Lance could feel Blue Lion being happy. Of course Blue Lion always knew her paladin was especial and she was very happy to see her for the first time since they bounded her true self; a creature of sea.

"Listen Blue, I will try to find someone to help us to get us back to the others. You stay here and complete your healing. If something happens, I will call you ok?"

Blue Lion purred as she turned her barrier on. Lance nodded as she swam away, exploring the strange alien ocean, hoping to find someone who can help her.

Lance swan around of this alien ocean. Even being different from Earth, she felt like she was home. Then, she felt a presence and it was familiar to her. Swinging in the direction of this familiar presence. To her shock it was the Red Lion.

"Red?!" she exclaimed in surprise. She soon shut up, fearing Keith had heard her. But she noticed Red Lion was inside of her barrier; which means Keith was outside of his Lion. Lance looked all her surrendering and no sight of the red paladin. She looked back to the Red Lion.

"Red,where is Keith?" she asked

The lion growled and lance frowned.

"Who am I?! Come on, Red! Its me, Lance, the blue paladin. You should know by my brain waves." she hissed, frowning at the giant Red Lion. She felt a little offended by Red Lion.

Red Lion looked at her and started to laugh. Lance groaned; Red Lion in many ways was just like Keith and she was pretty sure Keith would laugh at her if he sees her in her selkie form.

"Red, focus! Where is Keith?" she asked once more.

Red Lion finally stopped laughing at her and she answered Keith had left her to follow a mermaid that they saw not long ago. Lance's jaw dropped; Keith was following a mermaid? Ah, this is really bad. Not losing any time, she swam away, hoping to save Keith in time.

Unlike the story of the little mermaid tale, real mermaids from earth are very dangerous to men; they capture good look men to use them to breed and after they use them, they just let them drown in the ocean.


Then, Lance found a submarine village. There was a lot of alien merpeople, but she could not find any sign of Keith. But she felt something else. Something dangerous, like there was a huge predator. Then, everything was black.

When Lance got her conscious back, she saw 3 alien merpeople wearing jellyfishes as odd masks on their heads. THey explained they just saved her from being hypnotized by Queen Luxia and how many of their people were gone missing.

"Could have been the predator the reason why your people were going missing?" Lance asked.

"Predator?" they asked

Lance nodded. She explain that before they had 'rescued' her, the selkie had felt a presence and energy of a dangerous predator. The merpeople trio and looked at each other. Though they never saw any kind of predator near of their village, they had to agree this could be the reason why many of their friends had disappeared without any trace. They begged Lance to help them to free their people.

"You can count with me." Lance said with determination on her face.

While planning how they should attack, Lance found out that Red Lion and Blue Lion were in the village. That would make the things easier, with the lions in the merpeople village, that means they can make a surprise attack , especially when they expect another human pilot and not a sea lion.

On her way to retrieve the Blue lion, Lance was attacked by a mind-controlled Keith. Their fight was vicious and Lance had the impression Keith was a lot stronger when he was not himself, which did not help her any bit.

"Keith! You have to wake up!" she shouted.

But Keith did not listen to her. Lance growled as her animal instincts were rising and attacked Keith. Then, with a brute force, she slapped his face with her tail, bursting his bubble in the process.

Lance cursed. She did not mean to burst his source of air. She saw his helmet on the floor and she quickly grabbed it. Lance gasped in horror when she saw Keith was drowning. In an act of despair, she sherded her sea lion skin, revealing her human self as she kissed Keith, giving him the air he needed.

Keith's eye widen in shock when he saw Lance, girl, naked and the waist down was a seal body. She gently smiled as she putted his helmet back on his head. Keith could breath again now his helmet was filled with precious air.

"L-Lance?" he whispered in shock

Lance wore her coat back, turning back into a sea lion, shocking Keith even more.

"I will explain later. We need to get back to our lions, now!"

With that, they returned back to their lions. Lance was now in her human form, but naked since she had no time to wear her paladin suit.

Together they take the Queen hostage and bring her back to the merpeople resistance.

Queen Lexia reveals that it's actually the Bakku Gardens that have hypnotized the village, not her. The Garden has been using the mermaids as a food source. Lance and Keith use their Lions to fight the sea serpent.

The Blue Lion manages to defeat it by creating a blue, sonic attack. After saving the village, the Queen helps the paladins find their friends by sending a beacon up into space.

Keith and Lance were now on the surface of the ice planet, waiting for their friends see the beacon. Keith used this opportunity to talk to Lance. Ah, Lance was now wearing her paladin suit and back to her male form. Lance had no choice but explain what she truly was.

"Let me see if I got it right: You're a selkie, a type of magical sea creature, when you're on land, you're human and when you use your coat you're a seal. And you use a type of illusion to disguise yourself as a guy. And no one, not even Hunk knows what you are. Why?"

"I am actually a sea lion." She corrected him "About why I disguise myself as a male, It's complicated. Let's just say the females of my kind have a terrible luck when human men find them. I am not ready to tell to our team what I am. Please, Keith, I know we are not actually close but, could you keep this in secret a little longer, please?" She begged.

Keith did not said anything. He knew what Lance meant with the females of their kind having a bad luck when men find them. He remember his father once told him a story of a beautiful nymph who came from the heavens and lost her celestial robe to a hunter, forcing her to be his wife. Through her children's song, the nymph was able to get her celestial robe back and returning to the heaven, her home. Could be the same with female selkies? He was almost sure it was. He promised her he would not tell to anyone, not even to Shiro. Lance sighed in relief.

"I know Lance is not your true name. What is your real name?" he asked

Lance smiled. It had been a long time since since she told to anyone her real name. THe last time she said her real name to anyone was to a small boy she had befriend with on the beach when she was just a little girl.

"It is Lana. My real name is Lana."

Pidge sees the beacon and goes down to rescue them.

End of the chapter

I hope you guys liked this chapter as much as I could. I admit, after I had a dream where Lance was a girl and a selkie, I had to do this fic.

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Next chapter: Keith is not the only one who finds out about Lana's secret