A/N: This is an alternate rewritten version of my "The Black Rose Shall Bloom Once More" only this time it features Superhuman!Bella and of course Jane! My favourite Twilight character except for Alice. The Story is going to loosely follow the same route as the original title only featuring a more dynamic relationship between Bella and the characters, also Bella is a strong Independent mother who's priority (much to Jane's annoyance) will always be her daughter.

Bella POV -

Volterra, a beautiful city in Italy with old Victorian gothic architecture still very much present within the buildings. Phil's baseball team had been one of a few from the United States to be invited to the Volterran Velociraptor's debut tournament. There were 5 teams from each country competing, and of course all family members were encouraged to come. Phil and Renee had invited Grace and I to join them, apparently the Volterran Velociraptor's were sponsored by some of the wealthiest businesses who were willing to pay all expenses for the visitors on their trip, must have cost millions.

Asleep in her seat on the plane was Grace, my 9-year-old daughter. Grace Lauren Swan was one of the only good things to ever happen to me, the best actually. Grace, unfortunately doesn't know her father, neither do I really. He was just a one-night stand that I never cared to remember his name, or face, however, I knew he had blonde hair because Grace doesn't share the same brown hair as I do. Nor does she have my nose, hers was a bit flatter than mine and she had dimples, but she is the one I treasure the most. Sometimes I think back to the circumstances that led me to have her.

It all started in the woods outside of a designer house in Forks, my first boyfriend broke up with me and told me I was just a way to kill time. I was absolutely pathetic back then, I shut down, didn't eat, sleep, rarely left home. I thought I wasn't good enough, so once I got out of the feeling sorry for myself stage I ended up heading to Seattle every weekend and often wouldn't return until Monday. I scared Charlie half to death on a weekly basis, I spent the time in Seattle drinking, smoking, taking drugs and having sex. A few weeks after an encounter I missed my period, that set off red lights in my head and I later found I was pregnant.

After I gave birth to Grace I turned my life around, took up various jobs until I found one that I was a natural at; A few seats up from me was a man wearing an expensive suit and tie, my target. Antonio Valentina, 38 years of age, married with two children. He also happened to be a scumbag who owns Valentina Industries, they manufacture clothes on the global scale. However, while most of his business deals have been clean, most of them.

Valentina had been doing some under the table deals with Marvin Cortez, the leader of one of the drug smuggling operations that was putting my client out of business. His brother also happened to be a baseball player for the Redbacks, one of the Australian teams.

However, that wasn't his biggest fault. Valentina was an Oni, a demon. If my interaction with the Cullen's taught me anything, it's that we are not alone in this world. While Valentina was wanted by one of my clients, it was my bosses who wanted him taken out.

We landed in Volterra shortly after, I kept my eyes on my target and made an excuse to go to the bathroom. Renee and Phil were happy to look after Grace while I was busy, however, instead of going to the bathroom I followed Valentina to where he was going. He went into a private security room with two guards at the door. They stood up to me when I walked up to them, however, humans are easy to move around. A simple wave of my hand and they dropped where they stood, unconscious.

"I should have known they'd send you here," Valentina's voice was eerily calm.

"It is amazing what impact we can have in the human world when it is convenient. Now, are you going to come quietly? Or am I going to be taking back your head?" I stated calmly.

"I heard from the grapevine that while you're new, you've also got the largest kill count. Tell me, is that true?" he asked, his back was still turned to me.

"It's true, I have a girl to take care of. The Elder Council took interest in me, gave me a gift, and gave me a means to take care of my daughter," I replied.

"Indeed, I also have a family to take care of. So, I will come peacefully. Cortez isn't worth dying over, the human is doing well for himself… so how much trouble am I in this time? I must've pissed of Titania a shit load for them to send the Black Rose after me," Valentina sighed.

A singular Black Rose, that had been my calling card when I've enforced the Laws of the Elder Council. They had found me struggling to make ends meet and offered me a chance to give my daughter a future and be more than what I could have been.

"Mummy, we're seeing the castle today. Aren't we?" Grace said looking up at me with those adorable emerald eyes, although I never knew her father more than just a one night stand, I absolutely adore her eyes.

"Sure are love, you going to wear that dress I got you?" I asked, she nodded eagerly and went to the copy of Rapunzel's dress from 'Tangled' that she adored, I also braided her long hair.

The castle was old, and slightly off. We were with a large tour group. Grace was the only child which caused her to pout, but she was enjoying the fact that she could frolic in the castle without anyone telling her she can't.

Our tour guide Heidi appeared to be a lovely woman, she was draped in clothes that seemed out of place, however, she said it was their uniform. She was quite nice and seemed quite young, I couldn't smell anything off about it other than her beauty. Italian women must be absolute pieces of art. My sense of smell, however, could be affected by all the humans we were with. Though, I'm not one of the highest ranked assassins serving the Elder Council for nothing, I have a complete arsenal on me at all times and if things get sticky I can always transform and call in someone to wipe memories.

"And here we are, the throne room. Please note that the thrones are not to be touched," Heidi said brightly.

"Aw," Grace said with a pout.

"Don't worry honey, we'll sneak around and grab some pics for you," I whispered, she grinned up at me and nodded her head eagerly.

The first signs something was very wrong hit me as soon as we entered the room and I could smell something off. The obvious sign was that three men were seated on the thrones and surrounding the room were various figures in the same robes as Heidi. The last sign was the door closing behind us and then being locked by two strong looking men.

I surveyed the room with practiced precision, I could easily identify exactly what they were. Vampires, their unnatural beauty, pale skin and blood red eyes gave them away.

"Grace, do you remember the rule we have about when Mummy has to work when you're with her?" I said leaning down and looking Grace in the eyes.

"Do you have to work?" she pouted and I nodded.

"Okay," Grace sighed and pulled on her jacket and closed it up over her head.

"How interesting," the man in the middle said.

I reached into my jacket and grasped my hand around one of my mythic blades, its designed so that the blade is stored inside the hilt and comes out when I draw it. However, I can also access part of my gifts with it.

I saw the flash and movement of one of them heading towards me, the humans around us screamed and panicked obscuring my view of the coming assailant. Soon enough human bodies were being thrown around the room by the vampire, with the ones on the outside catching their prey and then sinking their teeth directly into the exposed jugular. I quickly made note of where Grace was, she was of course directly behind me and against the wall I had backed us into.

"This one's a smart one," a slick looking vampire said looking directly at me.

"Don't play with your food Demetri," a blonde-haired vampire said rolling her eyes.

"Bon appetite," he said licking his lips and coming right at me.

I drew the blade from its hiding place on my belt with practiced speed, the blade materialised within mere moments and I pushed my gift into it igniting it with a golden flame. My move surprised him and he didn't have time, nor the speed in which he could possibly hope to match me. I removed his head clean from his shoulders, his body reducing to flames straight away with his head rolling to the ground metres from me.

The Vampires ceased their movements and feeding, all blood red eyes were on me. The blonde-haired woman let out a pained scream, no doubt this was his mate. It took me a few moments to see who exactly were going to act violent at my actions.

I cursed myself mentally the moment my eyes met the short blonde girl standing right next to the three thrones. I couldn't seem to pull my eyes away from her, that gave the other blonde-haired vampire who was mated to the foolish one who tried to make me his dinner the chance to attack. However, before she managed to reach me she collapsed onto the ground screaming in pain.

Her screams snapped me out of my stupor and I moved and immediately removed her head from her shoulders. The head rolled within distance of the males and then her body caught fire.

"Extraordinary, to think someone could have the speed to match us. Tell me, how did you do it?"

"You thought you and the wolves were the only non-human species out there?" I said surprised, most of the vampires in the room looked perplexed at the idea that there's more out there.

"I was aware, but, I never thought I'd see a representative on the Elder Council for another few thousand years. We've broken none of their laws," the man in the middle said.

"Fortunately for you, I had other council business to take care of. And I was merely sight-seeing with my daughter."

"Terribly sorry you two got caught up in our lunch time, but, I would say it is certainly welcome. You seem to be our dear Jane's mate," the man in the middle said, I looked to the blonde who was standing next to the thrones who looked like she wanted to run over to me.

"Yes, that… distraction nearly cost me," I was mentally kicking myself for getting distracted during a high-risk situation.

"Jane, dear, how about you take your Mate…"


"Right, how about you take Isabella and her daughter to your room for a conversation? I'm sure Alec will save you some for later," the man said politely, in a few moments the young woman was in front of me with a small smile on her face.

"I'm Jane, Jane Volturi."

"Isabella Swan."

"And I'm Grace!" my daughter had taken her jacket off her head and was looking at the two of us with her adorable eyes.

"A pleasure to meet you young one," Jane said kneeling down.

"Mummy she has red eyes, kind of like yours when you're angry. Is she angry?" Grace asked concerned.

"Angry? No, my eyes are always red. I'm a vampire," Jane replied.

"Ooh, can I sit on the throne?" Grace's attention quickly changed to look at the thrones the three men were sitting on.

Most of the guard tensed at that, Jane tensed as well and that caused me to tense. The sword that had been just at my side ignited once again. However, the man in the middle just let out a chuckle before he spoke.

"Of course my dear, why don't you come on up. I hope the seat is comfortable," he said, Grace's smile widened at that and she immediately ran past me and straight to the now vacant throne.

"No one will hurt her," Jane said quietly, she seemed to have caught on to my worry.

"They'd better not even think about trying, or I'll tear this place to the ground. Mate or not, your species can't stay sane once their mate is gone. I can live without a mate, sure it'll be hard, but I can do it," I threatened in a voice that was loud enough for vampires to hear, but low enough that Grace couldn't hear.

"What are you? You smell human, but clearly you're as fast as us," the blonde male who was sitting on his throne while looking at Grace with disgust.

"That completely depends on…" my phone buzzed in my pocket, not my regular phone but my 'work' phone, I picked it up and answered.


"The Black Rose Shall Bloom Once More."

"The Red Rose Shall Cleanse The World Of Sin," was my immediately reply.

"You have a new assignment Swan."

"Your target?"

"We have news that a rogue vampire is amassing an army, we believe his target is the Volturi. Since you're in Volterra, we want you to run protection detail until the target has shown himself," I sighed and mentally rolled my eyes, it was as if they knew I was with the Volturi right now.

"Who's the target?"

"Edward Cullen."