Chapter 5: Changes

Bella POV ~


"As with all Hunters, you need to understand what you are inflicting on others in order to best gage their reactions. As we are the elites of the Supernatural Council's Warriors, we need to know how to break any and all species and force them to give us information whether they want to or not. But, to know what to do you must experience it yourself. Do you still wish to continue?" Dante asked, I looked back at him with the same expression of determination I always had.

"Yes," I said.

"Very well, I certainly hope you don't break like so many others have. But, you will experience the most pain you have ever endured in your life. Be prepared for a long road."

Dante was true to his word, the months I spent learning by enduring were the worst in my life, but I was determined to become stronger than I was before. Strong enough to deal with anything that threatened Grace's life, I would do anything to protect my girl from any of the creatures who wanted to harm her. I was lucky with Victoria, but who knows what else might come after her, I wasn't going to take the risk.

But after I endured and learned, I was taught how to break every single supernatural species in existence. And I got good at it, Vampires, Werewolves, Fae, Shifters, Oni, Dragons, it didn't matter which prisoners I got given, I broke them eventually. It's what got me Amber and I will always remember the strength I received from the supernatural council's belief in me. Amber had been a partner of the council for eons and was the next one to be assigned to a new skin, me.

End flashback

The Dungeons of Volterra were void of almost all light. It was amusing seeing the Cullen's chained up with chains that were drenched in werewolf blood, which physically weakened a vampire. None of the Volturi guards had voluntarily come into the dungeons for interrogation with us except for Jane. Of course all of the Volturi Kings were here as were the Queens minus Didyme.

"Bella, this isn't necessary," Emmett said, he was physically restrained to the wall and not even his large muscles could help him against the werewolf blood.

"Perhaps you'd like to give me the answers I asked for then," I said, I had managed to reign Amber in, but I knew one of my eyes had changed and I could feel all of my teeth being serrated, the wings were still out of my shoulder blades. It was very obvious Amber was still here even if I was in control.

"We've already told you, we don't know where Edward is!" Rosalie begged.

"You and Emmett may not know where he is, but I know a few of you do know where he is," I eyed Carlisle, Alice and Jasper particularly.

Carlisle sported a lot of cracks which were slowly healing, he had taken a lot of damage from when he had attempted to attack me. Jasper was also mending from his instinctual attack on myself when I had threatened Alice, his arm had been torn clean off along with one leg and they were reattached but still mending. I wonder what this would do to his 'God of War' reputation.

"So, Carlisle, are you going to start speaking? Or is this going to turn into an interesting interrogation?" I asked, he glared at me yet remained silent.

"Very well," I turned to the others in the room.

"Should any of you wish to leave at any time, you may. It will not be comforting to watch torture that affects all Vampires," I said, yet they all straightened their backs and nodded.

No words were spoken as I looked to Seth and Leah, and Kate who stood back leaning against the wall. Strangely enough, she was immune to werewolf blood, though I think that's because she and Leah have exchanged blood/venom and therefore Kate has some shifter blood flowing through her body.

"Jane, I need a plain and sanitised table," I asked, a flash later and the table was set in front of me, clean as can be and even had some disinfectant products on it.

"Thanks love," I said before holding my hand out to Leah, she placed a wrapped bundle in my hand and I rolled it out on the table.

Various tools were placed within the wrap and were now in front of me, I sorted everything out without making a sound. Everyone around me held their breath, a few moments later and I was finished. I then looked to Seth and Leah and they came over and stood in front of me, I placed a bowl between them and then they picked up a dagger each, cut into their palms and let the blood fall into the bowl. The vampires in the room except Kate made a face at the smell of the blood, it smelled foul to them and would definitely make them sick if they ingested or were touched by it.

"You're not doing what I think you're doing… are you?" Alice asked, her voice trembling.

"Kate, shock her."

"Which one?"

"We'll start with that one," I pointed right at Esme, torturing her would make the Cullen's speak. She was without a doubt their crutch, the one who held them together. She was once someone I cared about, but, I despised her and their whole coven now so I had no qualms about getting some revenge.

Kate pushed off of the wall she was leaning against, her hands crackling with electricity. Rosalie and Emmett stood shocked as Kate stood in front of Esme, her hands now radiated with the electricity, to the point where you could see it travelling from one hand to the other.

"Katrina, please, we're family," Esme pleaded, struggling against her bonds, but her body was infinitely weaker because of the blood.

"Perhaps a few decades ago we were, but, you Cullen's haven't been welcomed in Denali for years. And you never will be again. We know exactly what you did to Bella, and Leah is my mate, Bella is Leah's sister. I hope you know Esme, that Carmen would be doing this herself if she could," Kate's words silenced Esme before her body convulsed and Esme Platt or Cullen, let out a scream that echoed throughout most of the castle.

"Stop! Please!" "How could you do this Bella!" and "Kate! stop!" were the reactions from Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie while Alice's facial expression conveyed shock and then fear. Because of Seth and Leah's presence, she could no longer see their future and that scared her because she had no idea if Bella was even going to let them live.

After a few moments and continuous screaming, I ignored the pleas of the Cullen's and eventually signalled Kate to stop. When she did, Esme's body was limp and she was coughing up venom, spitting it onto the ground. Carlisle's face never faltered and he never said a thing as his supposed mate was tortured. Typical Carlisle, Esme may not have been his mate but she was the emotional backbone of the coven.

"Leah, Seth, unchain her and we'll put her on the gurney," I waved my hand and the traditional interrogation gurney, the bed was on wheels like the hospital gurney's. However, there were specific runes crafted on the different parts of it which could do different things. And of course, the base activated rune was created by Queen Tatiana herself, and it caused whoever was strapped in it to practically become mortal. Though if they were an immortal race, they still couldn't die. They would bleed a lot though.

They walked forwards and Emmett and Rosalie were trying their hardest to fight the chains, but it was pointless. Rosalie was dry sobbing and Esme was pleading over and over again for us to stop. I noticed that the Kings and Queens were still watching, Aro with an expression of morbid fascination, naturally. Sulpicia, however, looked a little sick and my mate, Queen Athenodora seemed to be biting her lip, she looked cute I thought.

'Concentrate on the task at hand, Isabella. I will let you claim your new mate later' Amber's voice resonated through my thoughts.

"Are you ready to speak yet, Carlisle?" I asked, as Esme was forced onto the gurney and locked into place, the golden rune activating.

"I will not tell you where Edward is," he stated firmly, with a glare at me.

"Really, while your wife is being tortured? How immoral are you Carlisle," I chuckled before running my hand over the selection of tools.

"Well Alice, how about you?" I hummed, as I picked up a serrated karambit knife, and dropped it into the pool of wolf blood that Seth and Leah had provided for me.

"I-I… oh god, please don't do it Bella," Alice sobbed, shaking her head frantically.

"Jasper? How about you?" I turned to him and his jaw was clenched.

"I don't know where Edward is, that is the truth," he said.

"We don't know where he is! He hasn't been around for a few years. Why won't you believe us!" Rosalie shouted.

"Because I know when someone is lying to me, Carlisle and Alice both know where Edward and his army are," I grinned at the two of them and Alice paled.

"Very well, if you won't tell me. Perhaps you will, after seeing this happen to dear mother Esme," I walked over to her with the knife in my hand, it was time to properly get to work.

My hands move with practiced precision as the knife with wolf blood cut into the flesh of her arm, however, I didn't cut it off. No, that would have been merciful. Instead I made a small but somewhat deep cut, then I angled the knife flat against her cold skin. Then I started to skin her arm, and once again her screams echoed through the dungeons.

"I think I'm going to be sick," Sulpicia placed her hand over her mouth and fled from the dungeons at vampire speed.

"You see, the thing about becoming a Hunter – is that when you learn how to interrogate different species. You must first adopt the attributes of the species and then go through the torture yourself. That is how we are trained so thoroughly, I spend a year being tortured in so many painful ways to become what I am now. And it has paid off, as I now have the pleasure of doing this and watching your pain," I said as I tore the granite skin from Esme's arm, I knew it would heal itself up, but the wolf blood would make it extremely painful and would take quite a while.

"I know exactly how Esme feels, and as you all can imagine. She is in unimaginable pain," I continued and chuckled at my own joke, Kate held her hand over her face and shook her head.

For an hour, I worked on Esme with sadistic pleasure. I was inflicting an unimaginable pain on someone who had taken part in breaking me. And I was enjoying it. I skinned her arms and legs, I took off her nails, managing to leave the fingers and toes connected still. The only part of her I didn't mark was her face. Rosalie had opted to look away after half an hour and Emmett was motionless, his eyes wide in horror. Yet, still no one spoke up with anything that could have me stop. It was quite annoying. It would seem that I need to get more personal for them to speak.

"It seems that Esme isn't as important to you as I thought. Really Carlisle, I thought she was your mate?" I laughed, Esme looked at Carlisle with an expression of utter betrayal on her face. She had pleaded for him to help her, and he was well within his power to.

Aro had even taken sympathy for Esme and tried to get the information out of Carlisle. However, that development caused us to learn that Carlisle was somehow being protected from Aro's gift, which we could easily deduce that one of Edward's new vampires had some kind of shielding ability which psychologically protected Carlisle – this was confirmed when Jane tried to use her gift on him as it was a mental affliction. He was immune.

"Well, I suppose I will have to start with someone else. Someone who is more likely to get me answers," I mused, looking over my tools with interest. Cleaning them off and then reorganising them.

"One must always keep their tools in order, even when currently being used," Dante had always told me as he taught me my lessons, both when he was torturing me and when I was torturing prisoners.

"Kate, Leah, bring me The Major," I said, not even looking over my shoulder.

"You shock me, and you're sleeping on the couch for a month," Leah said sternly.

"Babe! You can't be serious… please! Anything but the couch! Ugh. Fine," Kate protested as she walked over with Leah, then had a pout on her face, I shook my head. Even during business those two were slightly childish.

Jasper struggled, as expected and he was especially strong. But as soon as Kate touched him, he was convulsing as electricity flooded his body. Leah wasn't affected at all as they carried him, because Kate had perfect control over her powers now she was blessed by the council

"So Major, I hope you give me some entertainment just like Esme did," I said before picking up an M9 Bayonet. A military knife, and soaked it in the blood once again.

"Let's see what's under the God of War's skin," I moved the blade and trailed it up and down his arm before moving to cut. He let out a hiss of pain as the blade effortlessly pierces his diamond hard skin, really, knowing the weaknesses of all species was beautiful.

"Cairo!" Alice shouted and I stopped, looked at her and grinned.

"The last vision I had of Edward, he was in Cairo. He was indecisive about what he was doing, but I only know he was there a few months ago," Alice said, looking down at the ground.

"Well Major, guess it's good to know that your mate, is indeed your mate and cares deeply for you," I wiped the blood off of the blade and placed it back on the table before wiping his cut and removing any trace of the wolf blood so his cut would heal quickly.

"See how great it is when you tell me what I want to know straight out. And I had so much planned if you didn't talk, I was even going to castrate him," I said with some disappointment.

"Keep them locked in here without any sunlight for the moment, Once a day you may bring the injured vampire a single blood bag until she is fully healed. Aside from that lone bag for that single vampire, they are to starve until I say so. Understood?" I said looking at all of the members of the Volturi.

"As you command, my lady," Aro said.

There was a loud crash as the stone wall gave way with the force Athenodora was slammed up against it. She groaned as her legs locked around her assailant, her mate was attacking her lips and neck with her mouth. Athenodora could do nothing but let the raging dragon have its way with her, and she would have it no other way.

For centuries she had been the one in control, the one to dominate the battlefield, the bedroom, everything. Now, she was in the opposite position, she was the one being thrown around like a toy, and she thoroughly enjoyed the way her mate tore into her body.

"Fuck, Bella," Athenodora said in Celtic, her first language. I had torn her clothes from her body ages ago and was equally naked.

"I love the way you say my name," my voice was deep and husky, and I could feel her body shiver as I spoke.

"I have all eternity to say your name," Athenodora smirked, then threw her head back and into the stone as she felt my tail penetrate her while I used my hands to maul her soft tits while trailing kisses up her neck

Athenodora thrust her hips back against the motion of my moving tail, but her movement was limited by my hold on her. Her arms clawed at my back, they barely left a mark, but I allowed them to somewhat mark me as I didn't want to have her pouting because she wasn't as strong as she thought she was.

"Bed, Please," Athenodora begged and I complied throwing her onto the bed and landing on top of her with a devilish grin.

"Care to join us, Jane?"