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Chapter 1

"Hello my name is Nefertiri I'm the princess of Egypt( Ancient Egypt )my father is King

Seti 1. I'm 12 years old, well I am today. Today is my twelfth birthday. " " Your

highness" a voice asks I reply with " yes " the voice says " oh there you are your

highness happy birthday again, your father, his Majesty would like to see you in the

throne room." She bows and waits for me to answer. "Thank you Mia (Mia is my

servant) I shall come down now." I say grinning I'm so happy! " I walk into the throne

room where the guards are all watching. " Leave the room I wish to wish my daughter

a happy birthday" the servants and guards all clear the room. " come here my child"

my father says. " Happy Birthday my child you are turning into a beautiful young lady"

"Thank you Daddy" I say and walk up and hug him. "There is some... issues we must

discuss" my father says seriously. "Yes father" I say formally knowing that tone of

voice meant something urgent. "There are certain... rules we must follow with us

being royalty my daughter. There is a rule declaring that you my child must wed

before the end of the first month of your twelfth birthday and take over the throne as

Queen of Egypt" My father says with sadness and sorrow in his voice I stand there in

shock unable to speak or even think clearly!/div