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Chapter 18

Nefertiri's POV

"I would love to have dinner with you!" I say excitedly. I look at Imhotep and he looks nervous and like he's going to be sick. "Are you alright my love? You look a little pale." I say. "Uh yeah I'm fine" he says I'm still not convinced.

We get to the dining room and he turns to me and says " I love you so much you know this but I'm afraid I've made a horrible mistake the worst thing I've ever done." He says

Now I'm Starting to get very worried. "What has happened?" I ask. "When I was out fighting in the war for all those months I got lonely and I ...

"Hello my sexy man" a voice says as she walks in the room smirking and acting arrogant "do you wish to finish what we started the other night?" She says as she walks up to Imhotep and starts kissing his neck. "What are you doing!?" I yell.

"Why I'm just showing love to my man. He doesn't want you anymore you can't please him like I can." The girl says. I turn to Imhotep with tears in my eyes. "Is this true?" I half yell half whisper at him." Tell me you didn't break our wedding vows TELL ME!" I look to him half pleading him to tell me that it isn't true.

"It's true" he says brokenly, he pushes the girl away from him. "I didn't mean it." He says. I turn and run out of the room he starts chasing after me. I grab a sword this time for real I wish this was a dream but this time I know it isn't. I grab it and put it directly above my heart. Imhotep is there looking at me. "Please No! DO NOT DO THIS! I love you so much. "Take care of our son." I say as we're now both crying. "I loved you so much. More than life itself and this is how you repay me!" I scream at him. " I truly hope death is the beginning!" I say them jam the sword threw my heart."NOOOOOOO!" I hear as I take my final breaths Imhotep runs to me and drops to his knees. "Please don't leave me." He repeats crying. "Goodbye my love." I whisper with blood running out of my mouth.