Prologue- A new dimension.
In which Z has odd visitors.


What did I dream that night?

I floated in a black void, without shape or form. I looked around, the only sound my own breaths…

"Bonjour! Welcome to the world of Pokemon."

Voices? I'm too high for my liking…

Paintings floated past my face. I remembered them… My past.

"In this world, humans and Pokemon coexist in harmony."

A painting of a woman, holding a baby in her arms. I smiled, looking upon it.

"We find ourselves working with these amazing creatures to accomplish many great things."

A picture of a 7-year old me, happily holding up a trophy for the Unovan Gogoat racing tourney. A tear fell from my eye.

"But some have used them for less than that… Some use them as simple guns, weapons."

The dark void suddenly became filled with flames. I yelped as flames licked my intangible body.

An awfully long time ago…

The world was at war.

But in this war, some found peace.

A man… And his Pokemon.

The two shared an amazing bond, a bond beyond time itself. They were inseparable.

However… The Pokemon… went to war.

For many days and nights, the man was alone. He never saw his beloved friend for a long time…

One day… A small black box.

His sadness, his grief was unending. He sought to bring his friend back, whatever it took. He built a superweapon, a powerful weapon to harvest the souls of hundreds of others in exchange for his friend's own.

He fired the superweapon.

But his friend never returned.

That man, by the light of the weapon, was cursed. Cursed to live forever and see his friends and family pass.

Generation after generation passed.





The letter remained in my head for so long. I looked down, remembering. That… that was my name, wasn't it? My nickname I called myself. Trainer Z.

My hands and body faded into existence. I looked up slowly.

A man with the oddest hair and a white lab coat stood before me. I slowly began, "W…Who are you?" "My name is Professor Sycamore." he introduced himself, "You are Z. Trainer Z."

Several other paintings, each in gold-rimmed frames, appeared. One was of a girl wearing a black top and red skirt, while the other was of a boy wearing a blue jacket and red hat. Sycamore turned to me, "Who are you? Are you a boy or a girl?"

I smiled. If this was a dream, then...

I willed my own clothes into existence. A jacket, similar to the boy in the painting's, appeared on me, then flashed from blue to red. I felt a pair of dark blue jeans appearing over my boxers, before a pair of red sneakers flashed into existence.

A red cap with a red logo floated onto my head.

I smiled, "I am Z. I am a boy."

Sycamore smiled, "...Z... The world needs your help... Do you not feel it? The twilight falls upon Kalos."

Suddenly, a black ring appeared over my left wrist.

"Stand tall, Z!"

Suddenly, I was falling. I yelped, as the wind blasted into my face. Then I looked down.

The entire of Kalos was before me. All of a sudden, in a burst of white feathers, I flew above the city. Glowing wings appeared upon my back.

"A new beginner..."

A silhouette of... someone. She looked essentially like me, except her jacket's sleeves were short, and she wore gloves. She slowly looked up, a pair of piercing dark brown eyes staring into me with determination.

I couldn't help but smile, and reach out to her...

"Be prepared, Z!"

The scene changed. I looked up. Confetti rained down upon me. The boy and girl from earlier stood beside me, wearing a medal. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was an Honor of Kalos medal; one of the highest awards and honors one in Kalos could get.

One was pinned upon my own sleeve.

"Behind you!"

I spun, as a giant black tentacle of pure shadow rose out of the ground. I pissed myself, "HOLY SHIT! WHAT IS-"

The tentacle grabbed me. I screamed, as the shadow overtook me...

"Shall we begin?"


"Wake up."

A horrible stabbing sensation… My head!

Trainer Ed presents...

Flare Hunter Z


I sat bolt upright, sweating all over. I felt my forehead, realizing quickly there was a small bruise on it.

A tuft of my brown hair fell over it, hiding the bruise. I looked over to the end of the bed. A small orange bird sat on a bedpost, chirping its song. A Fletchling, I soon realized. The pieces came together.

I rolled out of bed, "Damn bird… What the hell is its problem?"

The name's Z. My real name is Edward, but I like to call myself Z. I used to be a Gogoat herder back in Unova, but I moved to Kalos when I heard that Team Plasma was planning something. Now, I live in Kalos, where dreams are made!

Or so they say.

Thing is, I've only been here for 5 weeks, and I haven't left the general vicinity of Vaniville Town, where I moved to. I made a couple of trips to a nearby town, sure, but I haven't quite gotten used to Kalos, as a whole.

And don't get me started on town names either! It's like speaking another language...

A knock on the door. I headed for the front door, to come face-to-face with an odd sight; A man, no, a giant, standing at my door, clad in torn cloth and carrying a worn leather satchel.

Truly, this has been quite the oddest day. Like, ever.

He smiled a kindly smile, "Hello there, young one." I gulped, edging back, "Uh... Hi?" Okay, so this guy's friendly. Maybe he won't brutally murder me.

"Ah, intimidated by my size, aren't you? Don't be. I am merely an adventurer like you." Well, intimidated, that's a given. But adventurer? Please.

I steeled my courage, "An adventurer? Well, I guess you must've travelled far to come here." He smiled that kindly smile again, "Far? More like long. Long... Both in space, and in time..." I rolled my eyes.

He walked in, ducking under the doorframe to enter my house. He placed his bag by the door, "The gears of fate are turning, young one. Soon, I fear they shall find me." Deciding to humor him, I asked him, "Who?"

He looked into my eyes, "Beware... Flare and... Lysandre."

Wait, Lysandre? That's a tech company, isn't it? Bloody luddite!

"Odd this may sound, doesn't it?" the man chuckled, "But I have lived for... an awfully long time, I shall say. And nothing good has come from that man, nothing good from that name..." I nodded slowly, "Hmm... Well, this is... I don't know. Hell, I've only just moved here. But... If you are quite sure... I guess I'll keep an eye out?"

The old man smiled, "An eye? Better keep both eyes upon him. There is no telling what terrible act he has in store for my country..."

"Excuse me? Your country? Who d'ya think you are, the King of Kalos?" I chuckled, sipping my tea. The man smiled, "Young one, you have guessed correct! I am, indeed, the everlasting king."

I spat out my tea, "WHA-?! But...That's crazy! Kalos hasn't had a king for centuries! We all rely on a democracy now... Don't we?! Oh legendaries, are you... some sort of mafia leader?!"

"No... It is quite the legend. Perhaps you've heard of it." he sighed, "I was separated from an old friend an awfully long time ago..." "So you built a superweapon, fired it, and attempted to bring her back." I gasped, remembering my dream, "And... 'By the light of the weapon, he was cursed. Cursed to live forever, to see his family and friends pass.'"

"But why? Why are you telling me this?"

The man chuckled, "Because I believe that only you can stop him! I can see it in your eyes... What is your name, hero?"

"...Z. And yours?"

"A.Z. Or I suppose King Aaron, if you want my true name." he rose, drawing a massive broadsword, "They are coming. Z. I dub thee, under the Order of the Legendary..."

"Sir Z of Kalos."

He rested the blade on each of my shoulders. I stared, "...What the hell? So... I'm an unofficial knight? ...Okay?"

"Yes... Take this, Z." the giant reached behind his back, drawing an iron sword with the weirdest shape I had ever seen. It was triangular, glowing brightly in a neon green color. Whenever it was swung, it left a shining green trail behind tapped an ancient mechanism on the sword, and the glowing blade vanished in a flash of green, becoming a simple hilt, "This... this sword belonged to a legendary hero in my time... I believe it is deserving that the last knight of Kalos should wield it in battle!"The sword was handed to me by the ancient King. I drew it from his hands, locating a small switch on the hilt.

"He looked very much like you, Sir Z. I cannot remember his name..."

The sword activated. It felt natural in my hands. I swung it around slowly, tracing paths in the air.

"But he was much like you."

I deactivated the sword, sheathing it, "How can I trust you?"

"You shall find out soon the truth of these words..." A.Z smiled, "Now... I have not much longer to stay. They have found me."

My front door was suddenly rammed. I stood up, quickly sheathing my blade, "A.Z! Escape out the back. I'll handle them." He nodded, "Z. From now on, you are sworn to protect those who can't protect themselves! And one final fact I shall reveal to you..."

"Your blade. It was named... Zygarde's Sabre."

With that, he left the house.

I looked down at my new blade...

The door smashed open. A group of men in red business suits stepped inside. They wore the weirdest uniform I had ever seen.

Forget the red business suits, they were red all over! Red sunglasses, red pants, red shoes, heck, they even dyed their hair red. I glared at them, "What d'ya want?! You can't just barge into someone's house!" The men looked shocked, "Wha- Sir! There's someone living here!"

A towering man marched towards me. Unlike the other men, he wore a black suit with a stylized red F on his breast pocket. He looked down at me, firey red beard blowing in the soft winds.

I had seen him so many times in magazines and the news. But in reality... he was a giant!

"Lysandre...!"I breathed. So, it wasn't the company after A.Z...

But the man himself!

He regarded me with scorn, "This is not the house. This little runt can't be the target. All Flares... Move out! Search this whole town!" I growled, "And while you're at it, whatever or whoever your target is... He ain't here! GET OUTTA MAH TOWN!"

A grunt walked forwards, scoffing, "So? Who cares? We're Team Flare! The most stylish, powerful and-"


He was shocked to see a shotgun leveled at his face, with me flicking off the safety catch. I growled again, "You may be more stylish and powerful, but don't forget that my shotgun shells are harder than your face.GET OUTTA MAH HOUSE, OUTTA MAH TOWN, AND OUTTA MY LIFE!"

Lysandre stepped before me, "I apologize for their incompetency. Take this, and breathe not a word of this incident to anybody."

He handed me a pair of Holo Casters out of his pocket. One was red, the other cyan.

"Take these, and we shall be leaving you. Adieu."

I spat on the back of his coat, "Sayonara."

In a single second, he shot me a glare, one just like a bitter rival's. I shot him a glare back.

Something about that man rubs me up the wrong way...

I looked at the two devices in my hand. The Holo Caster... From what I read, it functioned like the X-comms back home, but with holograms. That, and they recorded every message made or transmitted to each device.

However... That's no good.

If someone got their hands on my device, they could logically gather information on me. It had to be disabled before use. Luckily, there was a Unovan website that can teach me how to do so...

I groaned, pulling out my laptop and going onto Poogle. It would be a long day.

With that, it began.

An adventure into the world of Pokemon, where I would battle enemy after enemy. However, as I travelled, I would meet new allies, new goals, new stories...

Journey start.