I Am The Dark Magician Girl

By: Anime2000

Well, I've decided to redo my author's notes, just to be on the safe side(abiding by rules). For those who have read this before I made these changes, DMG will still drop by once in a while to comment. Though, it won't be as frequent anymore, I'm afraid... This first chapter is kinda sad. It's my first attempt on romance and angst! I was in a depressive mood when I wrote this, but come on guys! Please give it a chance!

Hm. I'm not sure if I had told anyone this earlier, but this fic was supposed to be One-shot. But since so many people wanted an update, I decided to forget that idea. Then I had one idea after another. Now, I know where this is going and I'm a much better author. So, now I'm going to alter this fic a little. The story's the same, but I had to rewrite this a little.

I ran down through the town, looking for someone. I wish I knew where he was. But, he never told me. Then, I saw him. A spellcaster. The Dark Magician. My master and I was his apprentice.

I am the Dark Magician Girl.

"Master!" I called to him. He didn't reply. Didn't he hear me? I tried again. "Master!" Still nothing. I ran, trying to catch up with him. He was too fast and he was miles ahead of me. Well, not miles, but...he was fast, okay? He was walking too! I ran faster, hoping to catch up.

"Master!" I tripped and grabbed the nearest thing to keep me from falling.

It was my master's arm.

My face reddened. I can be so clumsy at times! "I...uh, practiced my attack and I think it's pretty good," I said. My teacher just looked at me. He gave me a small smile. It was cold, but I treasured them. He never talked to me. He always seemed so distant. I let go and got up. He was always this bitter. Why? The other monsters said it was my fault. He was always cheery and jovial before he met me. Many monsters said that he didn't want the responsibility of being my teacher. Others said that I was just plain annoying. Some even said that he was in LOVE with me! ME! Well, whatever the reason was, I wish he would be happy again.

He walked away. I just stood there with these thoughts in my mind. Does he really hate me? I felt so sad all of the sudden. As if all my sorrows were cascading down in tears. I looked down and squeezed my eyes shut. I didn't want to start crying! Not in front of him! I work so hard to make my master proud of me. I'd do anything to make him like me if he hated me. Unwanted tears flowed down my cheeks. I hope he doesn't notice. I stifled a sob, but he heard me anyway. He reached out to me, but I cringed and took a step back. Did he want to hit me? I opened my eyes a bit, letting more tears come out. His emotionless mask wasn't there anymore. He looked so sad. Was it my fault?

He sighed and walked away. This was so embarrassing. I wish I could stop and run up to him and say I was sorry. But, here I was. My feet felt like they were planted to the ground. There was pain in my heart. As if something broke. It hurt. I sobbed again, not bothering to subdue it. The only phrase in my mind was 'He hates me'.

I stayed like that for a few more minutes, feeling dumb and hurt. I sniffled a few more times when my heart stopped aching. I sighed not noticing a few monsters running past me. I turned to walk home when I realized more monsters were pushing past me. "Ow!" I cried when someone pushed me down in his or her hurry to get past me. I looked up to see the Magician of Black Chaos. "What was that for?" I asked.

"Yugi and this guy who claims to be the master of all Dark Magicians are Dueling!" he said in a hurry. "They bet their Dark Magicians! I gotta see if he needs my help!"

My master?! I've got to help too!

He seemed to have read my mind. Like the Millennium Eye did so many thousands of years ago. "And you don't need to go!" he said running off. "What would Yugi do with a monster as weak as you?!" he yelled. He was running home. Monsters who were watching the Duel were very vulnerable for attack.

What he said was MEAN! I wasn't weak! I was stronger than many monsters because of my master's training. Ignoring what he had said, I concentrated on the Duel. Every Duel Monster could see the Duel where their Duelist was in. Hm. The Duel seemed to have gone on for quite some time and...my master was TIED to a cross! There was another Dark Magician. Red. He didn't look much like my master. Yugi's opponent used a magic card to take his soul and shoot it at Yugi! Geez, how barbaric! Yugi would never do that to one of us!

Wait! Yugi doesn't have a lot of Lifepoints left! He'll lose! I'll never see my teacher again! Master looked worried. He must feel so helpless. I feel the same too-What?! His soul was LEAVING! His face relaxed as his soul drained from him. A ghostly form left him and flowed in front of the spirit of the red Dark Magician(I'll call him Black Magician). My master couldn't hold on much longer! If Yugi lost, then I'll lose my master forever! And I'll lose my Duelist as well! Yugi will be sent to some unknown place in the Shadow Realm! I knew that every monster in his deck was thinking the same thing. They'll do anything to help.

Master is still holding on! Even though it's impossible, I hope he can still beat the Black Magician's soul. "D-Dark Magician Girl!" he called out. His soul could not talk, but he sent the message loud and clear to me. I don't know how, but he just did! This was the first time he had ever talked to me! "I...I'm sorry to have caused you pain," he said. But, it was obvious that he was in pain right now. "Y-you were so promising when I met you, I wanted to be a good role model and train you. You're an excellent student! I-I wish I could've told you this before, but I-" he stopped.

He was sent to the Graveyard. I couldn't contact him there. He said all that because he knew, if Yugi lost, then we'd never see each other again. "NO!" I screamed. I dropped to my knees. "Master..." I whispered. I wished he could have finished his sentence. I want to see him again! The ache in my chest started again. This time, it was worse. The fact that I may never see him again shot through me like the Living Arrow. "No..." I sobbed and pounded on the ground with my right hand, clenched in a fist.

The Mystical Elf who walked by me looked at me sadly. "Dark Magician Girl..." she said, her eyes full of concern.

I stopped. I didn't want to be pitied. At all. I sighed and concentrated on the Duel. Yugi was doing badly. His two monsters that were on the field were destroyed. Their screams chilled me. The opponent who Yugi was Dueling, Arkana, from what I know, used a magic card. To my dismay, it summoned another Black Magician from his deck. Then, Arkana used another card to destroy the hidden Trap cards Yugi had placed on the field. This is getting bad. Oh no! He just ordered his Black Magician to attack! I WISH there was something I could do!

A ghastly shape formed in front of me. It was a skeleton. Wearing a cape of darkness. I was afraid. I looked at the Mystical Elf. Expecting her to walk through, but she smiled at me and gracefully made gentle pushing motions with her hand. "Go on, Dark Magician Girl. You can win this. After all, why would our Duelist summon you if you couldn't? You're the only hope he has."

I looked at the skeleton. Black Magic Curtain if I remembered correctly. This was one of the first things my master taught me. I looked at the swirling darkness inside. I saw me...only it was when I just started learning magic. Memories flowed like a river in my mind. I stepped in to the darkness, surrendering all my strength to get to the other side. All my color was drained away. Darkness swallowed me like a hungry dragon. I knew that I had to win or at least help!

I did it! I felt so weak when I made it to the Duel, but my strength returned quickly as well as my color. I smiled cheerfully and twirled around. This was my first Duel. I had to make a good impression! The first thing I saw was the Black Magician coming at me with full force. I could feel his aura. His power was immense! I didn't know if I could beat him. Then, I remembered my master. I felt power surge through me. I raised my wand and lowered it blocking and destroying the Black Magician's attack. I hope. An explosion was made and I was blinded. I thought I was doomed.

Arkana gasped. I opened my eyes and saw that his were concentrated on his Black Magician. He was slowly bursting in to small particles. I smiled. I defeated him! But how...?

"But how?" Arkana asked, dazed. "My Dark Magician has five hundred more attack points than her!"

Yugi explained that for each and every Dark Magician in either player's Graveyard, my attack power increased. No wonder I defeated him! I had more power than I thought I had! Yes!

I felt two presences. Without looking back, I knew that it was my master and Arkana's first Black Magician. The Black Magician glared at Arkana. He must despise him for not treating him with ANY respect. Hmph! Master of Magicians, eh?! Yugi would never treat my master that way! He'd never treat any of his cards that way! My master on the other hand looked at me. He smiled, for the first time, kindly at me. Eee! He looks so proud of me! I felt that nothing could beat me. And that was pretty true right now!

Before Master and the Black Magician disappeared, my Master whispered something to me. No one heard...except me. My heart skipped a beat when he said it. I almost missed Yugi's command. Almost, but not quite!

I rushed at Arkana, raised my wand and lowered it again, using the same spell. A wave of dark light hit Arkana, taking his Lifepoints down to nothing! I twirled, finishing off my attack as gracefully as I could.

Arkana screamed. I watched the energy disk get closer to him. I almost felt sorry for the guy. Maybe I'll see him in the Shadow Realm.......... Even if it's one in a million.

I started to disappear. The Duel was over so I wasn't needed anymore. I closed my eyes as I disappeared. I smiled. My heart wasn't hurting anymore. It was replaced by a happy joyful feeling. It was what my master whispered to me.

"Well done," he had said. "Well done, my love."

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