I Am The Dark Magician Girl

By Anime2000

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'Shh! Shut up, Skull!'

'There's no one here but us, dummy!'

"Both of you shut up!" They paid no attention me. I sighed and prepared for another daily dose of Skull and Graceful's quarrels. Three days have passed since I received them. I've thought up a couple of combos to use them in. I can't wait to try them out again. Although, hopefully, this time, if won't be so painful...

What exactly was I looking for again? Oh yeah! I ran my index finger across the spines of several books that were lined up next to each other on the shelf. I want a book about the gods, Ra, Obelisk, and Slifer. If it's not here, I'll try the Royal Magical Library.

'What's up?' Graceful asked, noticing the frown appearing on my face.

"I was hoping to find a book in our library... But I can't..."

Skull pushed Graceful out of the way to get a closer look at the spellbooks. 'No wonder! Hmph, your 'library' is tiny compared to the Dark Sage's.' Funny, didn't I think that a few days ago? 'Psh. "Book of Secret Arts"... "Magic Formula"... "Hidden Book of Spell"... What kinda loser actually reads these?' I fought a strong urge to whack him with my wand. But I was fighting a losing battle.

'Ow! What was that for?' Skull demanded from his, now, current spot on the floor.

Graceful giggled. 'Does she need to answer?'

The little imp jumped to his feet and kicked a stack of books. "Whoa, Skull!" The pile wobbled dangerously but didn't fall over. He blinked and pulled one from the bottom. A strange feeling ran down my spine, but I decided to ignore it. The stack toppled over and buried Skull. "Skuh... Skull?" I nudged away some books with my foot. Whew! There he is!

Graceful flew down and poked him. 'You still alive?' Skull muttered some unintelligible words, but I think he's okay. I kneeled down and started picking up the books.

"Why'd you do that?" I asked, more curious than angry. He presented his prize for surviving the deadly avalanche of words. It was thin –barely more than... twenty pages?

'It looked interesting,' Skull said in his defense. 'And I think it's... puh... pap...'

'Papyrus?' Graceful suggested. Skull shot him a glare.

'Anyways, can you read it?' Skull hand the book to me. I opened it and flipped through the pages. It was in a different, and most likely dead, language. The strange symbols seemed kinda familiar. I squinted at the slightly sloppy handwriting as the words began to make sense........... it's mine.

"Ah... no," I lied, shaking my head and placing it between two thick books on a shelf. I whirled around and shrugged. "Heh, not at all!"

'Mm... are you okay?' Graceful asked looking at me as if I had gone crazy.

I laughed. Wait, that sounded way too suspicious to be casual. Grinning, I said, or tried to, lightheartedly, "Oh, yeah. I, ah, I'm fine—Oh man!" My companions noticed my sudden change in expression and gave me inquisitive looks. I slapped my forehead. "I just realized that... A Duel was going on! At first, I thought it was nothing, but... Oh Ra..." I groaned, although extremely relieved that I hadn't been summoned yet.

'Tell us what's happening!' exclaimed Skull and Graceful in unison, both acting as if they've never been in a Duel before.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the battle between Yami and Noa. "'Kay," I mumbled, watching Kuriboh get destroyed. Poor Kuriboh! "Um, Yami just played a trap card and he's got more Lifepoints now..." I said in a rush, not wanting to miss the action either. "That's the Deck Master's ability? And whoa! So many Lifepoints! It'll take Yami forever to get them down to zero!"

'Hello, explanation!?' Skull snapped, breaking my concentration.

"I'm sorry!" I muttered and started pacing around. "Okay, he just played Alpha..." Noa placed a rabbit on the field. The rocket that it was clinging on to zoomed around Yami and—"Wah! A direct attack!" I wailed, confusing Skull and Graceful even more.

"All right, Noa," said Yami after recovering from that attack. "First, I'll set one card facedown on the field. Next, I'll sacrifice Alpha, the Magnet Warrior to summon the Dark Magician Girl!"

I smiled and looked at Skull and Graceful. "I'll see ya in a little while!"

When I was on the field, I felt a stronger magic pulse through my veins. "And since I have a Dark Magician in my Graveyard, she gains an additional 300 attack points!" Eh? You mean Master was already summoned and destroyed? Whoa, how much have I missed?

Well, not my attack, anyways. "Go, Dark Magician Girl! Attack his Lifepoints directly!" I flew towards our opponent and did a kinda flashy twirl before I executed my Dark Burning Attack.

Noa didn't even flinch! He smirked. "Is that your best shot?" he taunted as I returned to Yami's side of the field. "If you wanna save Joey's sister, you'll have to do better than that. So why don't you try again?"

I frowned. Gr, what do you mean 'Is that your best shot?'!? Hey, don't tempt me! "I can't," said Yami stiffly. "I have to end my turn."

Noa laughed. "Very well, then! Time to lose another friend! Good bye, Serenity!" Shrieks came from behind us. I didn't turn around. Whatever it was, I didn't want to see it...

Yami looked at Joey painfully and said, "Joey, I'm so sorry."

"If you really cared, you wouldn't have let that happened," said Noa mockingly. That little jerk! How can he do that to them? Whatever it might've been! "Now, to bring back an old friend. You remember Inaba White Rabbit, don't you?" Ah! It's that little bunny that attacked Yami directly!

Yami grinned confidently. "Yes, and I'm glad to see him!" He declared, activating a trap. "Dark Renewal!" Hm... Now where have I seen that before? "Once you summon a monster, Dark Renewal allows me to bring a Spellcaster back from my Graveyard!" HEY!!! Does this mean...? Yami sacrificed the bunny and Big Shield Gardna who was on my right.

And out of the crimson coffin, leapt (literally ) my teacher, the Dark Magician! Wow, what an entrance! He landed right beside me. I tapped my wand against my helmet and gave him a silly smile when he looked at me. I'd trade 300 attack points for my master any day!

"Now, I have the power of two Dark Magicians on my field, and it looks like you've got no monsters left!"

Noa growled. "I'll play a card facedown and end my turn for now!"

"You have nothing to defend you! So you've left your Lifepoints wide open!" Let's not get too cocky here, Yami. You can't forget about his trap! "It's about time I turned this Duel around, Noa!" Of course, I couldn't talk to him. He drew a card and his face brightened. "Prepare to release me and my friends from your twisted game."

I glanced at Master nervously before facing Noa again. Does that mean using one of us, or both, as a tribute? I thought about the Duel against Bakura with Slifer, the Sky Dragon. Hmm.

"Dark Magic Ritual! This magic card allows me to summon a dark magical creature once I make a sacrifice!" Oh, no. He can't possibly be serious. I stared at the ritual site before us. Yup, looks like...

"The Magician of Black Chaos!" Yami cried after sacrificing Valkyrion. The Magician of Black Chaos twirled his staff magnificently... Wow, his entrance was better than mine and Master's. Looks like the two full-fledged mages outdid my summoning. I let out a small sigh, but no one seemed to notice. Good. "When added together, Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, and the Magician of Black Chaos have over 7000 attack points!"

Okay, I raised my wand in the air and the other two magicians stacked theirs on mine. The Magician of Black Chaos looked at me then at Master quizzically, as if asking what I was doing here, before concentrating back on the Triple Dark Magic Attack.

I didn't know whether to be insulted or not, so I just decided to focus my magic on the attack and ignore that look. A huge stream of black, pink, and blue magic lashed out of two staffs... and one wand. I grimaced as the backlash jolted through my body, but I kept standing. It seemed to affect him and Master, so I wasn't alone.

"The combined strength of my magicians will render you weak!" Yami yelled at Noa.

The panicky expression on Noa's face was exchanged with a smug one. I hate it when that happens. "Or so you think! Activate trap card, Chaos Barrier Field!" What did I say, what did I say? Trap, trap, trap!! ......... Um, I don't think I recognize that one. "My points are still safe. However, yours are in a great deal of danger. So watch as my trap card takes effect, pitting your strongest and weakest monster against each other!"

Strongest—Magician of Black Chaos. Weakest—me. Eep.

One second, I was on Yami's side of the field. The next, I was on Noa's side! My eyes widened when I saw a jet of black energy coming towards me. "Now Dark Magician Girl, feel the wrath of your friend, Magician of Black Chaos!" I'm pretty sure I had a surprised and terrified look on my face. But I swear; it must've been nothing compared to the Magician of Black Chaos' expression. Hmph, I didn't even get the chance to defend myself!

The third second, I wasn't on the field anymore.

Still suffering from that attack, I staggered back a few steps before completely regaining my balance. Although, I had some help from a nearby tree. I let out a breath that I had been unconsciously holding. My body still ached from that gust of magic. Twirling my wand a little, I started to walk. To where, only Ra knows... Maybe Obelisk or Slifer, but just me and my thoughts.

The Magician of Black Chaos' attack was really strong! I was destroyed the second it touched me! Wow.

Giggling childishly, I tossed my wand in the air and caught it. I'd love to be that powerful! The only time I was even close was when I was Dueling Arkana. Of course, even then, there were two Dark Magicians supporting me. Black Magician and Master... Blushing, I threw my wand in the air again. But I hope I'll get there some day. And who knows; maybe...

Kuriboh jumped on me from behind. I gasped as I was rudely yanked out of my daydream. The visor attached to my helmet slid over my eyes. My wand fell on my head with a thud. "Ow! Nn, Kuriboh!" I scolded, pushing my helmet back to its rightful position. It pointed in front of me and then hid behind me, whimpering.

Not too far away from me, the Reaper of Cards floated a couple yards above the ground. It seem as if he was bigger than me. I kicked my wand up from the ground, caught it—Ha, didn't think I'd be able to do that!— and aimed at him. "Leave Kuriboh alone, jerk!" He looked nervous.

"But I don't think a fight will be necessary. Will it?" Master had stepped in between us, facing my opponent. There was a hint of amusement in his usually calm voice. I lowered my wand. The Reaper of Cards looked scared now.

"Tch, picking on poor defenseless hairballs and girls? That's low," the Magician of Black Chaos said, walking towards us and stopped behind the scythe-wielding Duel Monster. He looked a little sick, but still intimidating. My cheeks burned from the degrading comment, but I managed not to say anything. This was too much for the Reaper of Cards. He let out a defeated shriek and sped away from the three dark Spellcasters.

"Um," I said as Kuriboh risked a peep out of its hiding place. It chirped happily to see that its pursuer was gone. "So, you got here pretty quickly, huh?"

Master looked slightly embarrassed and the Magician of Black Chaos gave me an incredulous glare. I covered my mouth with a hand, but it was too late. Basically, I just said, 'So, you got defeated pretty quickly, huh?' "Er, what I meant was..." I tried to correct my mistake. "So, uh, how are you?" I regretted that the moment I said it to the Magician of Black Chaos. I was better off not saying anything at all.

"Aside from getting punched in the gut by a pyromaniac and having my pride completely crushed," he growled and held his thumb and index finger an inch away from each other, "I'm about this close to attacking you again. This time, on purpose!"

Grinning nervously, I took a step back. "Ah, I didn't mean anything by—"Before anyone could do anything, Kuriboh launched itself at the chaos mage and sank its teeth in his shoulder. My jaw dropped in horror and astonishment. "Kuri...boh..."

"OW!" The Magician of Black Chaos ripped the little beast off of him and snarled, "The only reason I'm not tearing you apart right now's because you helped me out at Duelist Kingdom!" Kuriboh responded by exploding.

Master and I both burst out laughing. "You'll do just about anything for attention, won't you?" I giggled even harder at Master's comment and pried the ash-covered 'hairball' from of the bewildered magician's hands. "'The wisest of sages know never to scorn the little Kuriboh.'"

"Let's get out of here so I can send you three back to your graves," snapped the Magician of Black Chaos, dusting the cinders off his battle gear.

"You'll get a chance to Duel us during the tournament," Master replied, now his normally serious self. I sighed. Good things always come to an end.

Waaaaait. "Tournament?" I asked, brushing the ashes off of Kuriboh. It squeaked disapprovingly at first before staying still.

"Shadow Realm Games," they both said at once.


"Then they should change its name this year," the chaos magician said, more to Master than me. "I mean, if we're Dueling each other. Too bad; I was hoping it'd be more like last time."

"Yes, if I remember correctly, you were paired up with the Performance of Sword for the race across the Shadow Realm."

I folded my arms across my chest and Kuriboh had made itself comfortable on my head. "Yeah," chuckled the Magician of Black Chaos. Then, he added mischievously, "Think she likes me?"

"No, she's more sophisticated than that," Master said simply. Then he turned his attention back to me, ignoring the face the other mage made at him. "But anyways, the tournament's different every year."

"So do you think I can... still join?" I asked, a little more hopefully than I had anticipated.

"Look, DMG... aka Dark Magician Girl," said ritual magician as he noticed Master glaring at him. "You've gotten better; I'll give you that much... But..." He glanced at Master and then back at me as he carefully chose his words. "...I doubt it."

"Oh?" asked Master, raising an eyebrow. "Is that so? I haven't trained her well enough? I'm incompetent?"

"No, just her." Hey...... "She probably won't make it past the third round."

"She'll get past the semifinals," Master stated decisively.

"Is that a bet?" challenged the Magician of Black Chaos, smirk appearing on his face.

Master had a similar smile on his face. "Exactly."

How dramatic. I tapped Master on the arm. "Do I get a say in this?"

He blinked and then apologized, "Sorry, I—"

I shrugged and then said, "I'll get there! No prob!"

The Magician of Black Chaos snorted tossed a small container at me. Not expecting that, I juggled it for a couple of seconds before getting a good grip on it. I looked at him curiously. "Keep it," he told me, pointing at the bottle that I had clasped in my hand. "If you wanna beat ANYONE, you'll need all the help you can get."

The bottle grew warm. Through the clear glass, I could see little fire spirits floating, some serenely, others darting wildly around in their little glass prison. "Tremendous Fire," explained Master, taking it from my hands and studying it. "Inflicts 1000 points of direct damage to your opponent's Lifepoints and 500 will be subtracted from yours."

"So basically..." the level eight magician was already walking away. "I have no use for it. Thought I should give it to some weak monster instead." Without stopping, he turned his head a little to look back at us and grinned. "So, it's perfect for a clumsy mage like you, DMG." With a snap of a finger, he vanished in crack and a wisp of black smoke.


Master nodded and turned to walk home. "Coming?"

"Ah, Master? Isn't Yami still Dueling? What if he wants to revive one of us?"

"He probably won't. He has three Blue Eyes White Dragons, one in the Graveyard and two waiting to be drawn. I'm sure that our Duelist will think of something. He is the King of Games."

King of Games... I wonder if Master remembers what happened a few millennia ago. I do; it was hard sorting through all those memories and placing them in the right order, but now I remember just about everything back in Egypt. Including my given name. "Ah, Master? What do you know about Egypt?"

"Egypt?" asked Master, sounding a little surprised. I'm not sure whether it was from my question or from Kuriboh springing from my helmet and landing on him. "What about it?"

"Eh... just curious...A—about the origins of Duel Monsters, you know?" I was now doodling pictures in the air with my wand now.

"Oh really? I think you already know more than I had expected from you..."

I blinked. Eh? What's that supposed to mean? "Master, wait for me!" I exclaimed, running after him. He slowed down enough for me to catch up. "What'd you mean by that?"

"You'll figure it out."

My brows met in confusion. "Hmph." That caused more questions than it answered. Now that I think about it, I know just about nothing about him. He's so mysterious except for the few moments when he seems closer. An enigma. I couldn't help but look at him admiringly. That's who he was. The Dark Magician. Calm. Cool. Dark. We're so different, but we're also alike in some ways. A small laugh escaped from me as I remembered the Magician of Black Chaos' words. Clumsy? No, that's not him. That's me, his apprentice.

I am the Dark Magician Girl.

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