A/N: Another fanfic for Femslash February, this time revolving around Stormer and Kimber from IDW's Jem and the Holograms comics. This is also a song fic, which I honestly never thought I would write, but after hearing the song "I'm Okay" from the original Jem and the Holograms animated series I decided to give it a try. The lyrics are the lines in italics. Enjoy!

Sometimes I go through so much in my mind

I know that I'm quiet, but my thoughts are loud. There are songs that are always playing in my mind; the songs that I want to belt out and the ones that are so personal that I could never write them down. I told myself that no one would want to hear my songs, that there are exceptionally better artists out there; what could I possibly add?

Sometimes the space that I need is no place I can find

I told myself, when I joined The Misfits, that would stop being stepped on; to raise my voice and share my songs. Pizzazz assured me that things would be different, that people would care about my music. But, sometimes, when I listen to her schemes of revenge, I wonder if I really belong with this group or if I am just being dragged along.

But I'm Okay! (I'm Okay!)

I have faith in myself

But then I remember, that I am strong. That for once I stepped forward, and took a chance and I found you, Kimber. You help me think of new songs every time me meet (yes, even when you're wearing a shark costume), and make me feel like I could belt out louder than ever before. So I'm writing this song just for you. I hope that it reaches you, and inspires you, like you have inspired me.

I'm Okay! (I'm Okay!)

I'm gonna make it through the day

I'm Okay!