Hey guys I decided to make the back in time fic. This story will be about Natsu and Ultear going back in time and they will be the pairing anyways here is the first chapter enjoy! (Also this will be different then the manga and some characters are OOC) ALSO SPOILERS IF YOU HAVENT READ MANGA!

The war of Alvarez was a brutal one. The forces of Fiore are being out matched by Alvarez and they are down in numbers. Many are still fighting and clinging onto hope that they can win still. As the Fiore forces were being overwhelmed the master of Fairy Tail used one of the three ancient spells known as Fairy Law and lowered the forces of Alvarez considerably.

After he used the spell the forces of Fiore cheered and gained the moral to continue on and were pushing back the forces of Alvarez. The only ones who knew why the master of Fairy Tail was missing were the members of the guild that he ran and treated as a family.

All around the battlefield you could hear the screams of Fairy Tail members thanking their master for his sacrifice. For certain members the loss of their master brought out tremendous power. Mainly the dragon slayers.

Around the battle field you could start feeling the tremendous power pooling out from the four dragon slayers. Laxus after seeing his grandfather sacrifice himself started taking out waves of enemy's in a blind rage not even knowing he was in dragon force.

Wendy was crying so hard that she didn't even realize the change in her hair and the wings that grew on her elbows and knees. After she cried for a few minutes she started casting a mass healing spell that brought most members around her to full strength before collapsing. After collapsing Carla took her to the back of the battlefield where they had the high ground so she could rest.

The Iron Dragon Slayer Gajeel was surrounded when he felt what happened. With one tear running down his face he screamed a loud roar as scales and shadows started surrounding his body. After clearing more soldiers, he found a member of the Spriggan 12 and headed straight into the fight.

But the worst of all the dragon slayers was Natsu. Even though that Laxus was blood related to Makarov he still didn't have the same connection as Natsu and Master Makarov. The forces near Natsu were getting pushed back as he started walking towards the thousands of soldiers and members of the Spriggan 12.

As he walked past everyone people were shouting for him to get back and that they were outnumbered. What they didn't realize was the scales under his eyes and on his hands leading up to his forearms.

Natsu walked towards the crowd of soldiers with tears running down his face as he unleashed a blurry of spells and took them all out but the Spriggan 12. Dimaria and Jacob of the Spriggan 12 were injured but not close to finished. Natsu took Jacob out quickly and turned to Dimaria with a glare that froze her even for the slightest moment.

She used her God take over to turn into Chronos the god of time and froze time all around them. "You and all your allies can't move in my time space, but my allies can." Natsu frozen even in dragon force eyes opened widely as he heard slashing and magic being shot and even though time was frozen you could hear the body's dropping after death.

Dimaria smirked as she saw the dragon's slayer twitching slowly in the time space. He can even move in this time space what amazing power. Dimaria thought as she watched the Dragon Slayer struggle against being frozen in her space.

What she wasn't suspecting was the interruption of someone that wasn't her ally. As thousands of balls rained down upon her and doing considerate damage and weakened her magic Natsu broke free and turned to see his savior, Ultear Milkovich. "Ultear your alive?" Natsu asked with big eyes.

"Not necessarily Natsu, when I used Last Ages while you and the dragon slayers were fighting the dragons after the GMG I was frozen in time until I got pulled over here into this woman's time space." Ultear said as she walked over to the dragon slayer in the same clothes she wore when they were on Tenrou.

"Ultear how many are left?" Natsu asked as he looked at Dimaria slowly getting up but having issues. "Not many Natsu her allies did quick work of everyone while they were frozen, I would say that about a third of your forces are left." Ultear said with a sad face.

"With how you are right now can you do Last Ages?" Natsu asked with hope in his eyes. Ultear looked shocked at the question but was surprised he thought of something so smart. "I'm not sure I might not have enough magic power." Ultear said.

"THEN ILL GIVE YOU ALL I HAVE!" Natsu yelled at Ultear with determination in his eyes. Ultear looked frozen in shock at the proclamation. "Natsu if you help me with the spell you could die as well." Ultear said. "I don't care as long as everyone else can continue." Natsu said staring at her with the fire and determination in his eyes.

I forgot how determined he always was to save his friends, that as well as his looks and magic power I wished I knew him sooner in life. Things might have been different. Ultear thought as she looked at Natsu and nodded and got into the form to cast the spell.

"Put your hands on my back and don't hold back." Ultear said as she got ready for the spell. "When was I ever known for holding back?" Natsu said with a smirk as he rested his hands on her back.

As the spell turned up. "Last chance Natsu to turn back even if this works the last time I did this it was only a minute." Ultear said as it was reaching the final stages of preparation. "Even if it's just a minute it's still a chance." Natsu said.

"Alright then, LAST AGES." Ultear yelled as time magic started pouring around them and as Ultear started running low on Magic Natsu started pumping all of his magic into Ultear. Ultear was surprised by the amount of magic that the fire dragon slayer had.

This is way more then the last time I saw him! Is he even human? This might take us back a few years? Ultear thought as the magic from Natsu kept pouring through her and Last Ages was about to finish. The most surprising part of the process was that that there was no pain like last time and she still looked relatively fine and so did Natsu.

As the Magic took its course the spell commenced and made a loud bell noise saying it finished, and when it was finished the spot that our two heroes were at was empty. Natsu and Ultear successfully casted the spell. Except instead of a minute.

They were sent back years into the past.