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Natsu and Gildarts are still in the stare down after the quick exchange between the two. The guild is in high tension watching one of there newer members square off against what they thought as their unbeatable ace. Master Makarov was crying in the corner about all the money that is going to be lost. Ultear decided to speak up for the master so she wouldn't have to fix as much.

"Okay boys how about we take this somewhere where theres no buildings and costs for repairs." Ultear said getting between the two shocking everyone else at her bravery. Both Natsu and Gildarts nodded as an agreement and backed down as they followed the time mage outside. Everyone in the guild was shocked till the little brunette known as Cana spoke up.

"Place your bets for Fairy Tails ace Gildarts versus the up and newcomer Natsu!" She yelled as she drew up the betting pool on a chalk board that appeared out of no where. The guild exploded in the bet taking. Many were voting for Gildarts but a lot of the younger crowd believed in their new guild mate. The master snapped out of his mindset and quickly dropped jewels down for Gildarts then rushed to catch up to the two combatants.

Out in the Woods somewhere

Natsu, Gildarts and Ultear arrived in a clearing about ten miles away from Magnolia for good measure. On the way Makarov caught up to them and noticed the awkward silence and decided not to speak as well. Natsu and Gildarts separated so they were across from each other in the field. "You don't know how long I have wanted to do this old man." Natsu said lighting his fists ablaze. "I just met you today." Gildarts said in a confused tone.

"You can understand later after I'm done kicking our ass." Natsu said loosening up his body by jumping around. "Well I may not know much about you but I wont turn away from a good fight." Gildarts said as he leaked out his magic pressure. Ultear noticed both fighters were ready and walked out towards them and was in hearing range for both.

"This is a friendly fight. No killing blows and try to have fun." Ultear said loudly. She looked at both fighters and they both nodded back to her with a smirk on both of their faces. "Then. Begin!" Ultear said as she retreated and stood next to the master.

As both fighters, her Ultear yell begin they charged at each other with there respected magi charged fists. At the meeting of Crash and Fire Dragon Slayer charged fists contact sent shockwaves across the field. The men with the fists were smirking as they continued to match punch after punch sending multiple shockwaves around the area. If someone didn't know any better an earthquake was happening from the two mages fighting.

Natsu decided to get some distance and jumped back while shouting a Fire Dragons Slayer Roar that Gildarts negated mostly with his magic but it was such a strong roar that it continued but was still weakened when it hit its target. Gildarts emerged from the dust of the spell hitting him with a bigger smile on his face. The man hasn't had a challenge this hard in years.

The two continued to trade blows both keeping up with each other and slowly decimating the landscape around them. There were craters and leftover rubble from boulders that used to be in the area now pulverized by the two fighters. As they charged each other again Natsu got by Gildarts and hit him right in the face launching him back far away. Gildarts crashed against multiple trees and left a big crater where he landed.

Master Makarov was amazed that Natsu could push back Gildarts this much. He has never seen Gildarts fight this hard before. He was always the one person he knew that could never lose. He even considered Gildarts to be stronger then the Ten Wizard Saints. If it wasn't for his destructive tendencies Gildarts would be one of the Gods of Ishgar by now. Although he has only met one of the strong four he knew Gildarts could've taken him easily.

Gildarts staggered as he got out of the crater he formed when he crashed. He looked the most excited he has ever been in his life. Natsu on the other hand looked worn and tired. He was nearing his limit and both of them knew it. Deciding to charge up one last spell to try and finish this off. Gildarts got prepared to try and counter the attack to the best of his ability. Natsu whipped his arms in a circular motion and yelled Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Crimson Lotus Exploding Flame Blade.

As the spiral of intense fire shot out towards Gildarts he yelled crash to try and nullify the attack so maybe he could outlast the fire dragon slayer. As the two spells hit each other the secret art Natsu used slowly over powered the crash magic and continued and crashed into Gildarts. Natsu and Gildarts both collapsed after the spell went off and knocked Gildarts unconscious while Natsu got knocked out by magical exhaustion.

Ultear rushed over to her lover while the old guild master ran over to the ace of his guild. Both seemed to be in stable condition and both of them sighed in relief to see that they were alright. Ultear heftily picked up Natsu as Makarov used his giant magic to pick up Gildarts. Both of them agreed Natsu won since he only went unconscious because of magical exhaustion. They made their way back to the guild and when they arrived everyone was shocked to see both of the fighters knocked out.

After Ultear and the master put the two in the infirmary to rest everyone waited on baited breath to see who won the fight. Many were riding on bets that the fire dragon slayer somehow won the battle. While others trusted in the ace they have known for years. Master Makarov slowly approached the railing and everyone was silent ready for the announcement of the fight.

"The winner of the fight between Gildarts and Natsu was." Everyone waited for the final words of the master as if there life's depended on it. (Sorry I think they take betting seriously since they do it so often Xd.)

"The winner is Natsu Dragneel!" Makarov yelled and you could hear the sounds of cheers but also the sounds of gasps and could see the looks of shocked faces among many guild members that their ace lost to the fire dragon slayer.

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