New York City, 2014, Spring
Shadows move across the rooftops, shuffling in the darkness. They advance across the city, the inhabitants unaware what lies above.
"Over there." a voice whispers among the shadows.
In an alley below a mugging had taken place, the thief running from the scene. The shadows swing down, taking the mugger out. The victim runs over to the mugger's unconscious body and takes back their belongings. The victim looks around, but the shadows are gone.

April O'Neil was a twenty-three year old reporter for Channel Six News who was recently assigned to the field. She had grown up a perfectly normal girl who had made high grades in school. Until she was twenty she lived with her father Kirby and younger sister Robyn. Her sister had gone off to college while her father had moved moved out to live in their country house in Northampton. April had decided to stay in New York City to pursue her dream career of being a reporter. Just last year she had applied to the local stations and waited for their responses. Channel Six had replied to her and gave her the job.
Outside the news studio, April rushed over to the news van, her long, red hair blowing in the slight wind. By the van, checking the equipment stood her cameraman Vernon. One year her senior, Vernon stood in contrast to April in her yellow Channel Six jacket. He wore a black jacket bearing the station's logo with a white undershirt, blue jeans, and short black hair.
"So how long you've been waiting?" April piped up to her cameraman.
"Not long." Vernon replied, "In fact, I got here just shortly. New York traffic."
"I've told you before you should take the subway. It's much quicker."
"And I've told you I like the look of the city." Vernon spat back.
"Come on, don't you see enough of the city during jobs hours?" April responded.
"Let's go," Vernon spoke up, "we have a job to do."

The Channel Six news van speeds down a mostly deserted road on the outskirts of the city. The few street lights dimly light the dark night outside. In the not too far distance, the city lights illuminated their destination.
"Man, I can't believe that took all day!" exclaimed April.
Vernon spoke, "Well at least you'll remember-"
"Stop! Pull over!" April interrupted.
Vernon pulled the van to the side of the road. Looking over to her left, April pointed out a group of people over in the distance. Over on the other side of the road laid a simple lumberyard, but an all-black van was parked next to two black trucks. Outside of the vehicles, seven men stood near boxes and crates. Six of the men were wearing what they identified as ninja garb. Each of those men wore black full-body suits with a black full-face mask, a red belt, and red headband. On each of their left breast, they had a red root inside a white circle. In front of the men stood a South American man in black jeans, white t-shirt, and an open black, leather jacket. The doors of the black van opened up along with the back and two men and a woman stepped out. One man was African-American in an opened black jacket with a yellow star and no undershirt with purple shades and a purple mohawk. The other man was a blonde-haired Caucasian in a black tee and grey camo pants. Lastly the woman was an Asian who appeared a few years younger than April. Despite this, she carried an aura around her that seemed to denote she was in charge of all these older men. She was dressed in black jeans with metal knee covers, a short-sleeve black leather jacket unzipped enough to show a good amount of cleavage from her well-developed figure, and fingerless black gloves. Upon her upper left arm she had what was maybe a red dragon foot tattoo. Finally she had shoulder-length black hair with the front left having a part dyed red and a part on the front right dyed blue.
April and Vernon both figured out what was going on. Since last summer, there were rumors and stories about a group of people, some even said ninjas. who were dealing weapons and stealing tech from companies.
"Come on. Grab the camera and let's go." April said to Vernon. Both of them exited the van, Vernon grabbing the news camera. As quietly as they could move, they came to a stand-still behind the lumber piles between their van and the people.
"Looks like the shipment's all in order, Xever. Come, you guys, load it up." the girl spoke.
"Yes, Mistress Karai." one of the ninja men said.
As the six guys started to load up the crates, a set of hands comes behind April and grabs struggles and struggles but can't get loose. April looks to her sides and notices Vernon was grabbed by another man. A third person steps out of the shadows and leads the pair into the middle of the deal, which had finished up.
"We found these two sneaking around the lumber." the third man spoke to the woman.
The pair of ninja forced April and Vernon onto their knees. The woman named Karai proceeded in front of the pair and spoke to the third man.
"We're finished loading up the shipment. Get rid of these two." She turned towards the van and spoke up, "Xever, Bebop, Rocksteady, move out."
Karai, the two men she arrived with, and the other man in plain clothing hopped in the van and drove away. April and Vernon were knelt there, the nine men in garb around them. The third man from the shadows approached Vernon.
"She said to deal with them, so let's get started."
At that instant the man grabbed Vernon by his head. The next thing April heard was a sickening snap followed by a thud. She reluctantly looked to her right to see Vernon lying on the ground, his neck snapped.
"Let's finish this and get back to headquarters, guys." the man spoke up. He walked the few steps and faced April. "Don't worry, this will be over quickly." the man said in reply to the look of terror etched across April's face.
This is it. This is the end. April thought to herself. She closed her eyes, waiting for her end to come. What happened nexts registered slowly in her mind: she hears noises, almost like a fight broke out. No, this is a fight. April thought. Opening her eyes, she saw something that would change her life.

Having just arrived, Leonardo silently curse himself at arriving late to save one of the two humans in trouble. Leo knew he couldn't put himself down for too long as one of them still needed help. He looked at his three brothers Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo and entered into a fight with the nine men in ninja garb. The four brothers, having been trained in ninjutsu from a young age, made quick work of the enemy.
"Don't worry, you're safe." Donatello, known as Donnie for short, said.
"Y-y-you're…" muttered April.
"Awesome. I know." Michelangelo, or Mikey, said.
Raphael, shortened Raph, spoke up, "No, moron, she means-"
"Giant, talking turtles. What, how, why?" April stammered out. She looked at the three of them in front of her. The ninjas now passed out, Leo walked past the lumber and into her view
Observing all four now, April saw what made each different. One, possibly the leader, wore a blue mask and had two swords. Another had a purple mask and a giant stick. The last two wore red and orange and had what looked like two three-bladed knives and nunchaku respectively.
"Here, come with us." one said, "We'll explain everything."

About fifteen minutes later, April was standing with the four turtles in the sewer. The four had lead her here after Donatello had offered to have everything explained. Yet here April was, standing in gross water, not yet a single question answered.
"So, when do I get all my questions answered?" asked April.
"Soon." Michelangelo replied, "But first we got to bring you to our sweet pad."
The five of them walked along the sewer for about another minute when they reached their destination. The home of the turtles was an old, abandoned, closed-off subway station. As the five sat down to give explanations, a figure came from the shadows. April noticed the figure, to her shocked it was a humanoid rat.
"Master Splinter!" the turtles spoke.
"So what have you brought here?" Splinter asked.

In another part of New York City, the black van arrived at its destination. The four people inside hopped out and three stood awaiting orders from the woman named Karai.
"Bebop and Rocksteady, unload the cargo and put it where it belongs. Remember, you better not screw up this time or else." the woman spoke up.
"Yes, ma'am." the two replied and headed off to do their job.
Karai spoke up, "Xever, come with me. The report is needed for tonights activities."
The two of them proceeded to an elevator and hit the button for the top floor. The elevator rose until it reached its destination and opened with a ding. The pair stepped out and were greeted by a bearded man with brown hair. He wore a grey long-sleeve shirt and black pants.
"Bradford." Karai nodded.
"The master is waiting." Chris Bradford replied.
The three entered and stood before a man upon a black throne. The man before them was of Asian descent. He wore black under armour and metal armour on his torso, shoulders, elbows and knees. He had a purple sash around his waist and metal claws on each hand. A spiked kabuto adorned his head.
"Welcome back." the man who was known as the Shredder said, "What do you have to report."