Having returned to the lair after stepping out for a while, April and Casey were dumbstruck by what they saw. The once peaceful home of their turtle comrades had become a site of ruins. Holes were evident were invaders had come and left, rumble around from destruction, furniture and accessories scattered.

"What the hell happened here?" Casey aid, breaking the silence.

"Whatever the case, we have to find where the guys went." said April.


Upon arriving back at Foot HQ, Shredder and his companions walked the halls in slight victory. While the mission was somewhat successful, Oroku Saki couldn't get the revelation he'd learned out of his mind. His mortal enemy had survived and was raising students who had tampered with his plans.

"I'll be in my private quarters; nobody disturb me." he spoke to his underlings. As he started to head down the hall, a voice rang out.

"Wait, Master Shredder!" Baxter shouted, running down the halls. As he stood in front of his master, a hand reached out and grabbed him by his collar.

"Stockman, I'm not in a pleasant mode now. What exactly do you believe is important enough to disturb me?"

"M-my benefactor, Mas-master. The mutagenic agent you requested more of has arrived." Stockman blurted out, the fear in his voice evident. "Your experiments can commence."

Shoving his lead scientist to the side, Shredder took a few steps and stopped. Turning his head slightly, he spoke.

"Prep the equipment. Take Bradford and Xever and begin."

"Y-yes sir." Baxter proclaimed.

Behind the pair, both Bradford and Xever stood shocked by their leader's declaration. Knowing better than to question him, the two proceeded forth with Baxter towards the lab, unsure of the situation.


Checking the possible exits of the lair, April and Casey had split up to check the sewers faster. As April traversed the sewers, she noticed a substance that stuck out. She bent down, swiping her fingering in the red liquid.

"This seems like...blood." she said, testing it in her fingers. "Whoevers around her had to have been wounded, so they'll be on guard." As she walked further into the underbelly of the city, she saw a shadow pass by.

"Hello, guys?" April said. She walked a few steps and called out, "Guys, its me, April. If you're there, just tell me."

"April," she heard a voice call out, 'who's all with you." The voice sounded like it was in a bit of pain, but the voice was definitely Leonardo's.

"I'm by myself, but Casey's also combing the sewers for you. We came back and saw the wreckage."

At this point, a shadowy figure stepped out. To April surprise, the one before her wasn't Leo, but Raphael.

"Raph?" April questioned. Looking him over, he looked bruised and scratched, but not bleeding.

"Here, this way." he spoke, guiding her to an alcove. Inside Leo sat leaning on the wall, his sides bandaged up.

"The Foot found our location and attacked us." Raph began explaining to her. He told of their assault and their separation. He said how he'd come upon Leo when he went to met up with his brothers and how they needed to heal their wounds.

"Okay, here's my plan." April began, "We'll meet up with the others and sneak up to the surface. Until you recover and find another place to live, you'll be able to stay at my place."

"April, are you sure." Leo asked.

"Of course. Since you guys become knowledge to the Foot, they haven't come to my place, plus with my father and sister not being her, nobody would find you."

Raph approached Leo and gave him leverage to stand. With a nod of solidarity, the three left their hiding hole and proceeded to find the others.


Returning to their home after April and Casey had left, Donnie observed the place, trying to figure out how the Foot had found their location. Looking around, he'd come up empty. Entering his lab area, he noticed the M.O.U.S.E.R. remnant on the floor. The additional damage the assault had given it revealed circuits he hadn't discovered before.

"Wait, this is…" he said picking up the robotic carcass. "No, it can't be. They pinpointed the signal delivered from this. I'm the one who should've spotted this. It's all my fault."

"No, my son, it is not." Splinter said, stepping into the ruins. "Everyone makes mistakes."

"Father!" Donnie said, turning around. The wound the Shredder had caused had been wrapped, but the bleeding hadn't stopped. "You need to take it easy."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine, I'm more worried about your brothers.

"I have a feeling they're fine."


"Hello! Hello!" Casey shouted into the darkness.

"Hey there hockey dude." a voice shouted back.

Michelangelo came towards Casey, the weariness evident on him.

"C'mon, my name's Casey, not 'hockey dude'." Casey corrected him.

"Fine, whatever floats your boat."


One Week Later

"Guys!" Donnie shouted. "It's been a struggle, but I've got past all the firewall. We've got the location of Foot Headquarters.

"Booyah, now we can hit them like they hit us." Mikey shouted back.

With a week passing, the turtles had settled into April's apartment. During this stay, Donnie had retrieved the M.O.U.S.E.R. remnant that had alerted their enemies of their base. Taking out the tracking equipment and disabling it, he had begun the process of backtracking the feed.

"With our injuries healed and their location known, we'll be able to beat them back this time" Leo proclaimed. "Okay guys, let's move out.


Observing his elite members in the training room, Shredder spoke to Stockman.

"Lord Shredder, it seems the turtles have our location. I'm sorry I allowed such a mistake to occur." Baxter shriveled.

"It matters not." Shredder spoke. "Let them come, we've got the upper hand here. Unlike those idiots, it seems when capable men are mutated, their strength enhanced great. Karai."

Stepping forward from the doorway, Karai bowed before her father.

"Yes, Father."

"Alert our men, we're about to have company."

"Of course." Karai said, leaving to complete her task.
"Now let's see what these two can do." Shredder said, staring intently at his mutated elite.