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Note: Takes place during Green with Evil after Jason disappears & Kim asked Tommy.


"..And let me guess, you're worried? After all that is what you do best isn't it?" He said in a sarcastic, babying tone that made me want to slap him.

"I'll have you know I do other things much better than that!" I shot back in frustration.

"Like what? Panicking?" Tommy began to laugh. I clenched my teeth slightly. Ok, so he was cute but why was he acting like such a jerk?!

"No, as a matter of fact gymnastic and marial arts." I replied simply. Let's see what he thinks about that. His face suddenly lost the amused look and grew serious. Creepy.

"Sure Kimberly, I'll bet you can beat up five year olds." He turned to leave. As he was a few steps out the door something took hold of me, I don't know what.

"I could take you on!" I called after him confidently before I even realized it. That got him though, Tommy had been frozen in his steps. Ha! Now what on Earth was I thinking?! This is the guy who tied with Jason. Jason is one of the best fighters ever, the Red Ranger. How was _I_ supposed to beat him? Too late now Kimmy, he's coming back and boy does he look angry.

"You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. If the five of you couldn't defeat me, what makes you think that just you, the little Pink Ranger, can? There's no way." Tommy laughed at the thought. "You're all weak and will be destroyed."

I gasped, I know I did, when he said I was the Pink Ranger. HE'S the Green Ranger, like the EVIL Green Ranger. Well that's just great... I find a guy I like, who's really nice, and he's under an evil spell trying to kill me and my friends.

"You did NOT just threaten my friends. I don't care if you insult me and blow me off," I laugh mentally, of course I care! "But you leave them alone. Let's go, name a time and place." My voice has dropped to a harsh, menacing whisper. Who is speaking for me here? This can't possibly be me. I mean, I knew I was more than a valley girl but this.. this is soo Trini really. I was never really one to intimidate people.

He smirked at my outburst. HE SMIRKED! Of all the insulting, no good... I'm serious!

"Ok Kimmy, but what do I get out of this fight besides the satisfaction of watching you bleed on the ground?" Tommy asked in a arrogant tone. He is so asking for it.

"You like me don't you? If I wasn't a ranger that is."

He nods slightly with an intrigued look on his face.

Kim? Where are you going with this? I ask myself this but I don't listen, before I stop myself I think I've made the biggest mistake of my life. I hope so actually because if I ever make a bigger mistake than this then who knows what'll happen.

"Then you get me. I'll be your girlfriend and I'll fight with you against the others. An evil Pink Ranger on your side."

Oh that got him though. I can tell by his eyes. Whoa! His eyes which just flashed green. That can't be good. Duh Kim, EVIL Green Ranger? You still haven't got this yet have you? I guess it is pretty unreal but you accepted unreal with the power.

"My empress would be happy with another addition to her team. And it would save me from having to kill you." Tommy's hand reachs out and brushs my cheek. "That would be such a waste of beauty and talent. You're on Kimberly. Meet me in the park in one hour... you'll love the dark side." He whispers the last part as he leans in to kiss me. It's a rough kiss and it certainly shows that he likes the control. I clench my eyes tight since I can't pull away. He wasn't so agressive before! He actually seemed kind of shy, it was cute.

Oh boy, like how am I suppose to explain this to the others? Stupid valley girl accent, 'like' this and 'like' that, just stop it! Hmm...that took my mind off the fact that my world is crashing down around me for a few seconds. Nope, it's back again. Darn it.


"You WHAT?!!" Rita screeched as she spun around. I had just explained my deal with the Pink Ranger, I hope she is satisfied.

"If I beat Kimberly in combat then she has agreed to join your side, my Queen." Humph, my queen indeed. I may be forced to obey her but once this Ranger business is over and Kim is mine, she and I will crush Rita and her empire to take Earth for our own.

"That's excellent!" The old witch cackled again. "All you have to do is take down Kimmy and we'll be able to get rid of those other power-pests once and for all!"

"You highness is pleased I hope?" This servant bit is getting so old. Sure her spell gave me power and made me more assertive. Gods know I needed that since I was so much more the strong, silent, shy type. I can see why she was put in a dumpster for so long.

"Yes yes, you've done well my evil ranger. Now go rest in your quarters so you'll be at full strength with that brat." She shooes me away with one hand and goes back to gloating to her other henchmen. Whatever, I just want Kim and the Earth, she can destroy the other four if she wants...actually she'll have ME destroy them. Fun.


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