Beec: Lemme guess… This story has OC children with amnesia that can transform in a world full of bloody fighting with cannibalism and a sex thrown here and there along the way?

That's...that's correct… How-?

Beec: You're just that damn predictable?

ETG: *Gasp* Really?!

Beec: *Facepalms*

But anyways yes, this story will contain all the things Beec mentioned. So if you're not into any of this, please log out now. Otherwise grab a popcorn, find a comfy seat, and enjoy.

Disclaimer: This story is non-canon to the Digimon series. Digimon is owned by Bandai, Namco, and any other company who owns the rights to this franchise. This is merely fandom at work.


This story contains content not suitable for minors under the age of 18+.


Digimon: Days of Ruin

Prologue I

To Battle!

I dream of a blurry ever cloudy dream. I don't know where I am or what I'm put into. All I know is that something was definitely off. I can feel it in my bones. I try to tell out what's going on but all I can ever see is a blur, hence "blurry dream". I want to figure out what's going on but unfortunately I slowly begin to close my eyes as I slowly start to wake up. Please lord,…

Mystery Boy A's POV

My eyes slowly start to open as I lift up with a groan. After rubbing my aching back I stretch my limbs out and make a loud yawn, smacking my lips and scratching my behind afterwards. I blink a few times to try and get the grogginess out of me and look around to see where I was. Suddenly I was feeling quite refreshed now as my eyes and mouth widen in shock over seeing where I landed myself into. The sky was dull grey, the land was dark and barren, and I'm pretty sure I smell of mustiness and decay. This most certainly was not Earth, that is true. "W-W-Where am I?" I say to no one in particular. I stand up and look around some more before wandering off and exploring this seemingly untrended territory.

All the while I feel a cold chill running down my spine as I stroll through the abandoned looking place, almost as if someone...or rather something was watching me… Thinking I heard a noise I quickly turn my head to see what it was. Turns out it was nothing possibly. I continue my path through this deserted wasteland. Suddenly I step into an electric trap, shocking my entire body and causing me to go numb. As I begin to pass out I see a green-almost monstrous-figure walking towards me and staring down. Fuck, I am unconscious again…

When I wake up the next hour I see myself stripped of most of my clothing and reduced to only wearing my underwear...which has a hole showing my anus for some reason… Oh lord, what have I gotten myself into?

"Finally awake, aren'tcha human?" I hear something say in a gruff voice. My eyes widen and I look around in panic to see who said that.

"Wh-Where are you?!" I shout out.

"Right. In. Front. Of. You~," he says in a seductive tone. I turn my head forward only to have my nose boop into something sticky and warm. I look and see to find that my nose has touched a big green human-like dick! "I'm going to rape you," he says blatantly while his cock keeps dripping precum onto my nose. Of course immediately after hearing that I attempted to get up and run the hell away from here...but to no cigar. It would seem that my knees have been shackled to the wooden plank on the floor as well as my hands cuffed behind my back. I stare at his intimidating cock and swallow hard, not looking forward to what's coming to me.

He holds his bone club to my face as if threatening to kill me if I don't do what he says. "Lick it, then suck it real good," the strange monster orders me. I stick my tongue out and begin lapping on his tip, which tasted as bad as it smells. I gagged upon getting a taste of his penis, but knowing full well that he had the huge advantage here I tried to tough it out and continue licking on his shaft, all the while feeling like I would throw up at any time. I open my mouth wide and start sliding a few inches of the nasty length into my mouth, obviously being cautious here and taking note of my limits...but the monster just forces my head down his huge rod by pushing my head forward. I coughed as I was choking on his sizeable green dick. He moves his hips back and forth as he face fucks me for his own benefit. I felt like crying right then and there but I still toughed it out regardless. "Awwwww yeah, you got a pretty mouth human…" he says to me as he continues thrusting his length down my throat. I was starting to feel dizzy from his massive cock violating my cavities, but fortunately after what felt like forever he finally pulls out and I gasp desperately for air.

"Pitiful human…" he insults me. "Can't even take a mere Champion level cock."

"Ch…'Champion'?" I say in curiousity.

But he ignores me and undoes his loincloth. Oh no...this could only mean one thing! "It's raping time!" He forces my head to the ground so that my ass was facing the air, then he walks over behind me and kneels in front of my ass, and finally he rubs my anal ring with his girth and pushes it all the way in. This causes me to let out a squeak so high and extensive that you could swear it was acting like a sort of dog whistle partially. He felt like his insides were being ripped apart (even if they weren't somehow) and burning from the large insertion given by the green monster.

And then he begins pounding my tight little ass, huffing and puffing as he uses me like his personal fuck toy; just going absolutely savage on my anus with his big, meaty monster cock. "P-Please stop…!" I whimper out to him in a desperate plea.

"Hell no! Do you even know who the hell I am?!" he shouts to me.

I just hang my head in shame as I just let him hump on my virgin ass, even though it really hurt and will probably leave me with a sore feeling once this was all over. Suddenly he smacks my ass and I squeak. Yeah...very sore feeling…

"Fffffuck! I'm gonna cum!" he announces.

"A-Already?! T-Th-Then cum on my body! Just...just please, d-d-don't-!" However it was too late for he jams himself balls deep within my ruined asshole and screams before letting loose his filthy, gooey load all over my anal walls. I groan in discomfort as it happens. But then my body starts to have a golden glow, with the surprised monster man quickly pulling out his now limp shaft out of my butt and backing up against a wall. My body lifts up into the air as it begins to change shape. Basically, I was turning into something similar to The Beast from, well, Beauty and the Beast: Large and furry body, a fluffy tail, digitigrade legs, clawed hand and feet, increased muscles, and even a bigger lower jaw. As well as other changes happening to parts of my body. New attire also magically appears on my body while I transformed. It consisted of a large red cape, a jean jacket with a white undershirt, and a blue loincloth which looks like a heavily torn pair of jean shorts.

"...! What the fuck is going on?!" the monster questions out loud. Once my transformation completed, I fall back down to the floor on my new feet. I raise my hands to look down at them, in shock over the monster I had become.

" I…?"

Dun, dun, duuuuuun! Plooooot twiiiiiist! Be sure to stay tuned for Prologue II for moar crazy DigiWorld shenanigans!