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Harry Potter was good at keeping secrets. He had learned very early on while he was still living with the Dursleys that keeping things to yourself made things much easier in the long run.

He never told the Dursleys that he had taken money from their house; the money he had found while doing laundry, cleaning the couch and chairs in the living room, or cleaning their rooms. Harry always thought that if you couldn't keep up with it, then it was fair game. That secret had allowed him to buy prepackaged sandwiches at the gas station between the Dursleys and his school. He probably would have starved if he had not horded a few things into his cupboard. Thank goodness for bottled water.

He never told anyone in the wizarding world that he could match Hermione grade for grade if he wanted to. He had spent so long making sure that he never surpassed Dudley, that it was easy to do once he was at Hogwarts, and Harry could tell that Hermione would not have been pleased if someone did better than she did. As it was, she had been upset that he had done better on the DADA OWL than she did, and he had taught the subject. He couldn't help that he liked reading and had a good memory...he could help that people knew it though.

He never told Molly Weasley that her cooking was a more than a bit greasy. Food had been hard to come by when he was younger, so he was not likely to tell someone giving him free food that it could have been better, but it really could have been. Lard does not equal love after all. He also never told her that she was a nosy harridan who needed to keep her nose in her own business…but that was just good survival instincts. He may not have wanted to make her mad, but he had very little respect for her once she had dismissed the fact he had been locked into his room after first year. It was just better to ignore her and eat the free food.

He never told anyone that Dumbledore was an old fart that also needed to keep his nose to himself. Harry had kept track of all the times that Dumbledore had set him up and kept information from him with the intent to get even once he was out of Hogwarts, but Dumbledore had died before he got the chance to tell him off while he was living. He had felt slightly bad about having dreams after Dumbledore's death of Harry smacking him on top of the head with various object. Rusty metal pipe, four by four, mace from one of the suits of armor in the castel...rubber chicken. (Hey...it was a dream and it caused the old man pain.)

He never told Severus Snape that he knew he loved his mother and was trying to keep him safe. Honestly, the man was so obvious that the memories were redundant. He appreciated them, but the only new information Harry gleaned from them was that a) Snape had been in the house after his mother was killed…and didn't pick him up. That had upset him a bit to be honest, yes the man was distraught, but who ignores a baby with blood on its head? and b) He was a Horcrux. Goody.

He never told anyone that when he died, he did not have some kind of heart to heart with the headmaster…he finally told the old man off. He had come back to life feeling much better…emotionally anyway. He still really hurt from people cursing him, but he would take what he could get.

He never told anyone that Ginny kind of creeped him out. She kept telling people that they were meant to be because she looked like his mother. He had seen pictures of his mother and the only similarity was that they had red hair…he could have dealt with that…it was the fact that she kept on about being just like his mother that was the last straw. He really did not need to think about his girlfriend and his mother at the same time thank you very much.

He never told anyone that he was probably gay...or at least bi. It is not that he didn't think that girls were great and pretty. It was just that they seemed to need taking care of. He had bloody well died for everyone... and he wanted someone to take care of him. If the bloody Dark Lord came back again, let someone else take care of it. If Harry thought that needed to be a more masculine man than him, then so be it. He had taken to rating men he found by how strong they looked...you know...whither or not they could save the day and such. He blamed it on the romance books that his aunt used to buy and then hide around the house. He didn't really see girls that way, and Ginny made him think that they were all a bit strange anyway.

He never told anyone that he would never forgive Ron for constantly baling on him. Sure he came back…but Harry always felt that he only came back if it was in his best interest to do so. It was just too much effort to explain to others why they were not talking anymore. Everyone thought that the Golden Trio must stick together because their friendship had been born in the stars and blessed with Unicorn poop or something. Honestly, Harry really didn't care. They went their own ways for the most part after the final battle anyway.

He never told anyone what Sirius had told him as they had stood by the Black Family Tapestry in number twelve Grimmauld Place. It was probably his biggest and most important secret out of all of them.

"Harry, I want to tell you something about your parents, and I don't know if I will have another chance with no one around." Sirius had looked at Harry completely serious for once.

"Alright. What is it?" Harry watched as Sirius fidgeted before closing the door and moving the two of them over to a dusty couch.

"Your parents got married in October of 1979. The war was picking up and they wanted to get away for a while, so they went to America for their honeymoon. They were gone for about two months before they came home." Sirius was holding onto one of Harry's hands. "While they were in America, they got into a big fight. They did that quite a bit actually. They would have a huge blow up and then they would make up and things would go on."

Harry had an awful feeling in the bottom of his stomach. This really did not sound like a happy story.

"During the fight, Lily left James at the Hotel and didn't come back all night. James said that she came in a bit after noon the next day, crying. She had met a man that had gotten into a fight with his wife, and they got very drunk and slept together." Sirius rushed on when Harry was about to speak. "James loved Lily and Lily loved James…he forgave her Harry. When they got home, things pretty much continued as they always had, and then Lily found out she was pregnant."

"Harry, let me finish." Sirius squeezed the hand he was holding. "James never stopped loving your mum, nor did he ever think of you as anything other than his son. They were able to brew a paternity potion due to Lily being so good in the subject, and they knew from the beginning that James was not your biological father." Harry was staring at his godfather slack jawed.

"He did go back to America and track down the other man as soon as he found out. He had always been overly noble and thought that the man deserved to know about you. I wish I could tell you that the man was over joyed, but he was a bit of an arse. Lily got pregnant in November, so by the time James went back to tell the man, she was only about three months along. James found out he had a son that was just turning one. The arse asked that James leave him alone as he did not want to mess things up with his family…he…Harry, he was an arse."

"So he didn't want me at all."

"I think that he was an arse first and foremost, but some of it could have been that he was scared about what his family would think." Sirius's insistence on calling his birth father an arse made things a little bit easier for Harry to take in. Not by much, but a bit. "James came home and immediately asked that Lily allow him to give you his name. You were his in every way but blood. Never doubt that."

Harry nodded even as he tried to keep his eyes from shedding tears.

"James and Lily went to the Goblins as soon as they left the hospital. James formally adopted you and the Goblins ran a bloodline test to see if there were any existing inheritances. I don't know what it was, but there was an inheritance due to your birth father. Because of that and everything that was going on here with Dumbledore and the war, he placed a conditional blood glamour linked to your inheritance on you so that you would look like his son. That is why you look just like him. It can be reversed though, if you ever want to. You would just have to go see the Goblins to find out the requirements."

"I have an inheritance at Gringotts besides my trust vault?"

Sirius blinked at Harry for a moment before asking. "Your trust vault? Harry, of course you do, did Dumbledore never tell you about your family vault?" When Harry shook his head, Sirius grumbled under his breath about tying Dumbledore's beard to Snape's hair with a permanent sticking charm on the knot. "Harry, you also have a family vault that you can access after you turn seventeen. The Potter's did not have a large family vault, but there should be a good amount of heirlooms there as well as books and pictures, jewelry and such. Not to mention that you are my heir and you will inherit everything from me…including the Black family vault."

Harry just gapped at his godfather before he was pulled into a tight hug.

"Oh pup, I wish I could have told all of this to you earlier and not all at once. Are you alright?"

"Yeah." Harry just basked in the warmth of the hug for a while.

Oh yeah, Harry never told anyone what Sirius had said. Now that Voldemort was defeated and everyone was moving on with their lives, Harry was spending a lot of time sitting in the sitting room on that same dusty couch, thinking about what Sirius had said. He rarely bothered going out as he was constantly mobbed by wizards and witches wanting to wish him well and then tell him how to live his live. It was exhausting.

"Maybe it is time to ask about that inheritance." Harry muttered before moving towards the fireplace.

Harry quickly made his way through Diagon Alley, with his head down and his cloak making it hard for people to tell who he was. He made it into Gringotts without any trouble and quickly found himself in the Office of Inheritance after a quick inquiry at a free teller.

"What can we do for your today, Mr. Potter?" Goblins never seemed happy in his opinion, and this one just looked downright cranky.

"My godfather told me that I had a conditional blood glamour linked to an inheritance as well as being his heir and my fath…adopted father's as wel."

The Goblin just stared at him for a moment before grabbing a large black stone set into a silver stand and placing it on his desk. "Very well. Place your palm over the stone, and your inheritances will show on this parchment. You cannot fool the stone, so whatever shows up on the parchment is your inheritance."

Harry nodded that he understood before he placed his palm over the odd looking stone. He could fell the stone warm up as he stood there. On the desk he could see the parchment filling with writing, though he could not read it upside down. It took about five minutes for the stone to cool and the Goblin to address him about his inheritance.

"You have inherited four vaults: Your Trust Vault, of which you already have access. The Potter Family Vault, The Black Family Vault, and the Men Of Letters Vault which is located in America. There is a note here about the conditional inheritance…one that would only show if you came to this department and used the stone. The conditional inheritance involves the Men of Letters Vault, which you inherited because you are the only magical descendant of a registered member. It looks like this vault has been dormant for some time now. The inheritance itself is not what is conditional, the glamour he placed on you is. It appears that in order to remove the glamour, you must complete the directions for a spell located in your family vault."

There was a pinging noise that came from his desk; the Goblin reached into a drawer and pulled out three keys, one of which looked like iron instead of gold. "These are the keys to the Black and Potter family vaults. The iron key is for the vault in America. A Goblin will now escort you to your vaults." Without further ado, another Goblin came out of nowhere to escort Harry away, the Goblin behind the desk already having dismissed him from his mind.

Harry thought about the mysterious Men of Letters vault that he had inherited. He could tell by the name that it was an organization, but it wasn't any that he had ever heard of before. He had come to no conclusions by the time the short cart ride was over. The Goblin assigned to lead him to his vaults simply took one of his new keys and announced 'Potter Vault' once the door had opened and the key had been returned.

Looking around the space, Harry thought it would compare to his bedroom at Privet Drive. Though the space was small, the space was clearly used in order to get the most out of it. In the center of the room were large round barrels, each holding Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts. Harry could appreciate the method of keeping spare coins rolling around randomly.

Along the walls were trunks of all sizes, each with a piece of parchment detailing what was inside. One was labeled 'shrunken furniture' another was labeled books on Transfiguration, Charms, Conjuration, Enchantments, Animagus and Alchemy. Each subject was on its own line and looked like they had been added over time as the hand writing was different on the same label.

There was a trunk for Potions, DADA, Dark Arts, Rituals and Mind Magics. Harry raised his brow at the Dark Arts but shrugged his shoulders. There were trunks stacked everywhere, his ancestors wands and personal affects in one, each person's stuff further packed into individual boxes that had been placed in the trunk; Children's clothing; children's books; children's toys. Harry just walked the perimeter of the room and read the labels.

He was back at the front of the room when he saw the last trunk. It was labeled as holding the personal effects of James and Lily Potter, and on top of that trunk was a small box labeled 'for Harry Potter.'

He looked around the vault again before turning his attention to the Goblin standing at the door and staring at him with his large green eyes. "I heard from a friend of mine that Gringotts works with muggle banks and can make transfers of money from one to the other. Is that true?"

The Goblin's expression did not change. "It is. Gringotts works with banks worldwide."

Harry nodded. "And Gringotts can provide muggle paperwork such as passports, birth certificates, Driver's license, and such."

"Gringotts can provide this service." The Goblin gave a small nod towards Harry.

"Hn. Alright." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his 'bag of holding' (He had based it off of Hermione's beaded bag-it was a messenger style bag with an undetectable extension charm on each pocket; He had heard about 'bags of holding' and thought it a much better name) and proceeded to shrink and place all the trunks within the bag. The trunk containing Lily and James's things went into the front pocket with the little box labeled for him.

Leaving nothing but the barrels of coins in the middle of the room, Harry made his way out of the vault and back into the cart. The Goblin gave him a long glance before he set off to the Black family vault. There arrival was much the same, but stepping into the Black vault was a lot different than the Potter vault. For one thing, it was bigger. The room was about the size of the master bedroom back at Grimmauld Place, if not a few feet larger. On top of that, the vault was very messy. There were coins everywhere and items randomly strewn around.

Looking around at the mess, he turned to the Goblin with wide eyes. "Is there a way to see if there are any dark objects in the vault…something dangerous?"

The Goblin said nothing as he raised his hand and pointed a long finger into the vault. He whispered something in Gobbledegook and a few items began to glow red. "Those items register for dangerous magic, would you like Gringotts to handle them?" When Harry nodded, the items simply disappeared along with a small chunk of coins. "Gringotts will notify you when they have been stripped of dangerous magic. The fee for the service has been deducted."

Harry nodded again before sitting his bag on the floor and opening it so that an empty compartment was gaping open. Standing above his bag, he whispered a packing spell he had learned out of desperation during his fifth year. Trying to pack after living in a room full of messy boys all year made it very difficult to find all of his things. Harry watched with his wand still holding the spell steady as everything except for the coins was moved neatly into his bag. Fifteen minutes later, the Black family vault looked just like the Potter vault…with the exception that the coins were everywhere instead of contained neatly in barrels.

Harry simply left the vault and returned to the cart for the ride back to the surface. As soon as he was back at the ground floor, he pulled his hood up to cover his face and swiftly made his way through the alley and back to his home. Sitting back on the dusty couch in the drawing room, Harry gave a sigh of relief, happy that he had not been mobbed on this trip.

Opening the front compartment on his bag, he pulled out the trunk with his mum and dad's things, and the small box with his name on it. It took him a few minutes of indecision, but he finally decided that he would open the box first. If there were instructions on his glamour, then his best guess was that it was in that box.

When he finally got the box open, he was surprised to find his parents wands as well as a letter. Pulling the two wands out and holding them in his hands, he remembered Ollivander telling him about them. It was one of the first times that someone had told him about his parents. His mother's was Willow, ten and a quarter inches, Swishy, and was nice for charms work. His father's was an eleven inch Mahogany wand…he couldn't remember if he had been told a core…which was Pliable and excellent for Transfiguration.

Harry smiled at the wands as he placed them back into the box for safe keeping. The letter was in a plain unmarked envelope with the back not even sealed. It was obvious that James had felt his vault secure enough to leave the envelope that way…he might not have felt that way after Harry had broken in and then out with a dragon though.

Doing his best to clear his mind and keep his emotions undercontrol, Harry removed the parchment from the envelope and looked at his father's handwriting for the first time.

Dear Harry,

I hope that you never have to read this letter and I was able to tell you everything myself. With the way things are going though, I want to err on the side of caution. I have told your godfather most of this as well in the hopes that this letter does not come as a shock to you. Hopefully he was there for you if I was not able to be.

The first thing I want you to understand is that you are my son. Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is a bald face liar, an idiot, or both. You are my son and nothing will ever change that. I love you and I always will. If you turn out to be a Hufflepuff, a Slytherin or Ravenclaw, I will love you. If you have no magic what so ever and end up working in one of those muggle places that try and give you chips with everything, I will love you. If you decide that you are the next Dark Lord, I will love you...I will expect lots of gifts...but I will love you. Never doubt that. You will always be my son.

You are my son Harry, but not by blood. When we were newly married, your mother and I had a fight and she ended up drinking with an arse-hole of a man in America. As adorable as you are when you blow spit bubbles at me…the man who made you possible was an arse and I will not apologize for saying it. I did go to America to let him know about you, but he already had a family and did not want to mess that up. That is his loss and shows that he is an idiot as well as being an arse.

I may have given him some unwanted advice and told him that if he did not want to mess it up then he should try and keep his dick in his pants and out of the pants of other men's wives. Needless to say…it was not a great meeting, and he probably dislikes me as much as I dislike him.

I didn't give him much thought after that to be honest. We didn't need him and I truly loved you as though you were of my blood. As soon as you were born, we took you to Gringotts and had you tested for additional inheritances (You are my heir and Sirius is thinking of making you his too.) Lily and I were surprised to find that there was a vault in America for something called Men of Letters. As of right now, you are the only magical child of your birth father that has the magical core required to access magical streets and therefore Gringotts, and apparently he is the last surviving child of a member of the group. Even if he has another child that is magical, you are the eldest now and that vault is yours to inherit.

This inheritance provided an opportunity. I was always going to place glamour on you so that you would look like me. Your birth father honestly doesn't look too different, just more…caveman with darker hair. He probably drags his knuckles on the ground when he walks, but I digress. Because of this inheritance being something that no one would ever suspect, I was able to anchor your glamour so that it was conditional. It will remain until you remove it with the following spell.

It is a Scots Gaelic spell that simply translates to I claim my Heritage. You might want to practice the words a bit beforehand so that it is clear. Hold your wand pointed up with the tip at eye level and speak clearly: Tha mi a 'tagradh mo dualchas: Winchester.

Oh. I suppose I should give you information on the arse-hole too. His name is John Winchester and his son is Dean. He is not much older than you. About a year and a half I think. His wife's name was Mary if I remember correctly. He was living in Lawrence, Kansas (that is a state in the middle of America) when I went to talk to him. Anyway…enough about him.

Once you do the spell, the glamour will fall and you will look more of a mix of him and Lily. You were a beautiful child, so I have no doubts that you will grow up to be a hansom boy, even if you do remove the glamour. (The arse-hole was not bad looking remember…just a more caveman and darker haired me…without glasses…and less cool.) So you don't have to worry about looking like a troll.

If you do this, then you can hyphenate your last name going double-barreled or even triple-barreled, while it is not all that common to have three last names, you certainly can…even without hyphens, though they make things less confusing. I don't want you to think that you have to keep the Potter name if you do not want to, but I would be honored if you do keep it. Sirius is so flamboyantly gay that I doubt he will ever have children, so it is possible for you to become Potter-Black, and even Potter-Black-Winchester.

If you do go with a triple-barreled name, you would only have to use the whole thing for legal purposes. You could then use the individual names for their own purposes.

Son, I want you to know, that right now things are not looking good here in Britain. I worry that we should have moved to America already, but your mother does not want to leave England. We have been in hiding now for a bit over a year, and a part of me thinks that this war will never be over.

This feeling I have that everything will not be well is one of the reasons that I made the glamour conditional instead of permanent. Dumbledore has told us that Voldemort (why is it so hard just to write the name? NEVER FEAR THE NAME OF THE GREAT ARSE!...unless it is taboo…which it is right now…Actually, don't say it just in case) anyway, Dumbledore has told us that he is after you due to some prophecy that Trelawney made. Son, I have met the woman and she is nothing but a drunk.

I don't know what it says, but Dumbledore seems to believe it and now Voldemort does too.

If you are alone when you get this and you are in danger, let the glamour fall and disappear. There should be enough in your trust and the family vaults to take care of you and the Goblins can help you disappear into the muggle world. I don't care if Britain burns make sure that you are alright.

I know that this is a lot to take in son, and I really hope that I can tell you this and burn this letter. But just in case, please never forget, you are mine and I love you. I will see you on the other side after you are old and grey and not before.

I love you


Harry read the letter over and over for hours with tears slipping down his cheeks. The letter had been so much more than he expected and he honestly could not think of a single time in his life that he had ever felt so loved, though his time with Sirius came close. His dad would have loved him even if he left Britain to rot. No one had ever said anything like that to him before.

Wiping his tears away, he stood and made his way to his bedroom. He needed a good night's sleep and to spend some time thinking. It looked like he might have a way to disappear from wizarding Britain after all.