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Two days later, Harry was still at Bobby's house. He had planned to just stop by on his way home, but had gotten sidetracked when Bobby told him that one of the hunters a few towns over thought that he had found a nest of Djinn.

Harry had been thrilled and had immediately called Caleb to find out how far he was Baltic, South Dakota. Unfortunately, Caleb was on a hunt in Nebraska and would not be able to head back for a few days.

Unhappy that Caleb was not close enough to take the hunt and that Bobby needed to stay at the house to answer phones due to a few hunters having called in with warnings of possible incoming calls to verify their credentials, Harry had to rely on a hunter he did not know to kill the Djinn and then bring him the bodies, which he had to first talk to hunter into doing. Eventually, Harry offered the man one hundred dollars for each body and the deal was made. Now Harry just had to hope that the man lived through the hunt.

After making the deal Harry gave advice on killing the Djinn based on his notes from previous readings. After insisting that the hunter, named Martin, stop by a butcher's shop and purchase lamb's blood, Harry then had to insist that Martin coat the blade of a silver knife with the blood before going after the Djinn.

Normally hunters had no problem with coating their blades with various substances, but apparently, this had been Martin's grandfather's knife and it was 'special.' Harry thought that the man was being unnecessarily dramatic about the whole thing. Harry had rolled his eyes and told the man to either coat the knife or buy a new one and coat that. He had then turned to Bobby who was sitting in his favorite arm chair reading and asked. "Honestly, are all hunters this bloody finicky? It's not like it is not going to get Djinn guts all over it anyway."

Hearing Harry's complaints as he had not bothered to cover the mouthpiece of the phone, Martin decided that he would just coat the knife he had and get on with it, which had Harry thanking whatever deity was listening for small mercies. With Martin now in the know on how to kill Djinn and on what their powers and abilities were, Martin went off to finish his hunt, and Harry went to find a seat to wait on his Djinn.

So there he was two days later, waiting for Martin to arrive with his Djinn now that he finished clearing the nest (Harry wasn't sure but he did not think three counted as a nest…but whatever) while helping Bobby with the few odd calls and reading up on various creatures in Bobby's living room. His attention was pulled away from his book for a moment when he heard someone pulling up outside. He looked up when he saw Bobby heading towards the door to greet his visitors with some Holy Water and Silver. Martin would probably be at least another few hours so Harry didn't bother getting up.

Harry just went back to his reading…he had stumbled across a rare book on a creature that was basically a overgrown spider that could talk when it got big enough. Who knew that the No-Maj had come across an Acromantula? He picked up a pen and started adding notes and corrections to the margins of the book.

He jumped a little when he was startled by someone calling his name.


Harry looked up and found himself under the scrutiny of three Winchesters. Sam, the one that had called his name, looked excited to see him again. He was practically beaming at him with a goofy smile on his face. Dean was looking at Harry with an odd expression that was a mix of a little bit of thankful with a whole lot of mistrust. John, his father, was looking at him like a bug he wanted to stomp on. There was definitely no trust in his eyes as he gazed at Harry.

"What is he doing here? You are inviting witches into your house now Bobby?" John glared at Harry, who was fairly sure that John would have shot him already if he had been holding a gun. As it was, it was probably a good thing that there were no guns in reaching distance from the oldest Winchester. "Sam told us about how he used magic on my boy." Magic was spat out a way that was much like the Dursleys had done in the past.

"Well aren't you a barrel of sunshine." Harry smirked as he watched John from his spot on the couch. "And an ignorant one at that. I am a wizard…not a witch. You might need to get your eyes checked if you can't tell that I am male." Harry looked down at his book as he made another note, thereby dismissing John.

"Watch your mouth, John. You are lucky I even let your sorry ass in my house. The boy was born with magic, you idjit, and is the reason that Dean is even alive. It wouldn't kill you to be a little grateful."

"Natural born magical are a myth. He must have sold his soul just like every other witch I have come across and killed. Nothing good can come from using magic. they are all evil." John was looking a bit red in the face as he started in on his rant.

Sam pulled at Dean's arm until the shorter brother allowed himself to be pushed into a chair that was out of the way of his father and Bobby, who was starting to look hot under the collar, while he kept a wary eye on his father and the man that had healed him…with magic.

Sam claimed the other end of the couch while craning his neck a little to see what Harry was doing with the book in his hands. His eyes widened when he saw that Harry was writing in what appeared to be a very old and rare book.

John didn't seem to notice his children sitting down or how close Sam was to the boy with magic as he was so focused on yelling at Bobby. "Dean would have been better off if the boy had never touched him with his magic. Dean will have that taint on him for who knows how long. I could have handled everything just fine and Dean would be better without having been messed with with magic."

Harry snorted and looked up from his book again. John snapped his head towards Harry at the sound with a look of fury on his face.

"What?" He barked.

"I just think it is hilarious how hypercritical you are."

If John had not been leaning on a cane right then, he probably would have lunged at Harry. It was a good thing that they had no weapons…probably why they came to Bobby's too now that he was thinking about it. All their stuff was still in the trunk of the Impala.

Harry continued to speak as though John was not glaring at him as though he could cause him to burst into flames. "Your plan to save Dean involved summoning a demon and making a deal, which would have been for your soul…something I have not done ever as I am not that stupid. On top of that…to summon a demon you would have had to use a spell…or as I like to call it…magic." Harry's smirk widened as John's eye started to twitch.

Dean and Sam were now looking at their dad with wide eyes, neither having known that he had planned on summoning a demon to the hospital.

"That is completely different."

"Whatever makes you sleep better at night, Mr. Winchester. You should be more careful with classifying people as evil though if you are going to be hunting. It would be a shame for your bigotry against anything outside of your view of normal to turn you into a murderer." Harry held John's gaze unflinchingly as the room descended into silence.

Eventually, Bobby got tired of looking between Harry and his clueless father. He just could not understand how John could glare at the boy and not see that his own expression was being mirrored back at him. Neither Sam or Dean seemed to pick up on the similarities either. He was surrounded by idjits.

"Enough, John, I don't care what you think you know, but you need to get your head out of your ass. The boy was born with magic just like his mum was and just like a whole lot of people are. Not everything out there is evil…we just kill the things that are, and Harry is not evil. I would have killed him myself if he was and I am a lot more careful in checking people than you are. I wont have you being rude to the boy while you are in my house." Bobby glared at the boys' father until the phone labeled FBI rang in the kitchen. "Just sit down and shut up if you cant be nice." Bobby looked at everyone in an effort to make sure that they behave before heading to the kitchen to pick up the phone.

Harry was already making another note in the book with the section on Acromantula when John found a seat where he could keep an eye on Harry and when Sam finally got tired of watching him writing in a book.

"What are you writing in there. It has to be an old book from the looks of it." Sam Looked like he wanted to rip the book out of Harry's hands, which made Dean snort in amusement.

"Hn. Updating this section on Acromantula. The author didn't know what they were and only had a vague description of them.

"What the hell is an Acro…Acromantula?" Dean asked in confusion.

Harry glanced up at his older brother before replying. He wasn't sure how he felt about sitting in the same room as his family…even if they did not know of their relationship. Hurry up Martin.

"Acromantula is a species of giant spiders that can be found in the rain forest of Southeast Asia deep in the jungles or up until recently, in Scotland. It is thought that they were bred by wizards as guards for treasures or dwellings but no one is sure. They could be naturally occurring, but it is a bit horrifying to think that something like that would naturally evolve. They can speak when they get to a certain size, and they like to eat people…" Dean had paled while Sam and John were looking at Harry incredulously. "They are really hairy and can grow up to the size of a carthorse with a leg span of fifteen-ish feet. They have fangs with a toxic venom that is worth a fair bit…as is their silk and other parts. They fear Basilisks and are a pain to kill though it is not impossible."

Harry was so used to answering questions about the magical world for Bobby and Caleb that he didn't even think to censor himself. Harry continued writing as the three other men just stared at him with varying expressions of disbelief.

"You are joking right?" Dean asked after clearing his throat.

"No. Why?" Harry looked up at Dean and blinked. Dean just blinked back.

Sam was the one that broke the blinking contest. "What he means is that you must be exaggerating a little bit, right? Spiders just don't get that big naturally."

"And that is why there is some question as to whether or not they had any help during the breading process to make them bigger…kind of like breeding dogs until they are tiny except in reverse and without the cuteness." Harry explained slowly. "So…no, not exaggerating on their size or how bloody annoying they are to exterminate." Harry tilted his head to the side and raised one brow at Sam. "You travel around America killing monsters and you think big hairy spiders are odd?"

"As big as a carthorse? Yes…yes I do, It is hard to picture." Sam exclaimed while trying not to shudder at the thought of a spider that size. Seeing Harry turn his attention back to his book and notations as though he did not care as to wither or not Sam believed him, Sam explained his doubt a little more. "Plus, you said that they could be found in the jungles of Asia or Scotland…and those are not alike habitat wise."

"Scotland was not their natural habitat." Harry sighed as he looked up at Sam. "They were introduced to the area by someone that loved big creatures and had no concept of dangerous animals." Harry marked his place in the book and leaned down to pull up the leg of his pants so that he could show the other boy his scar from forth year where he had been bitten by the Acromantula in the maze. He traced the scar with his finger as he spoke, ignoring John as even he leaned forward for a look. "This is from a juvenile, it was not even half as Aragog so it had, maybe a five foot leg span?" Harry mused as he thought back.

Sam leaned forward to get a closer look at the scar while Dean whistled. "What is an Aragog?" Sam asked as Harry pulled down his pants leg.

"Aragog was the…patriarch of the colony…the oldest Acromantula in Scotland." He shrugged and picked up the book again before looking over his notes to see if he missed anything.

John apparently could not take not knowing something as he finally asked a question as Bobby walked back into the room and claimed a seat for himself.

"Why were you dealing with Acromantulas anyways. You are too scrawny to be a hunter." There was still a lot of underlying distrust in his voice as he spoke, as though he could not imagine someone with magic as a hunter, though it seemed that the idea itself was enough to tone down the disgust just a tiny bit.

Bobby looked up at the question as he looked through the books on the table beside his chair. "That was when you were in that tournament when you were fourteen, right?" He had, like Harry, gotten so used to asking questions about Harry's life in the wizarding world that he gave no thought to the others in the room. It helped that he wanted Harry to share his life with the other Winchesters as soon as possible…he had no problem accidentally asking questions to get the ball rolling if that is what it took to build some trust.

Harry glared at Bobby for a moment for bringing up the tournament at all. "Yes, it was."

"What kind of tournament would have spiders that big? Isn't that kind of dangerous?" Dean was back to looking at Harry incredulously, as were Sam and John.

"Of course it was dangerous, that is why I have a scar on my leg." Harry smirked at the glare Dean was giving him at his snarky answer.

John was now idly flipping through a random book that had been near his own seat, still uncomfortable with Harry in the room. "What did your parents think about you participating in something like that?" John figured that the boy was lying anyway as no one in their right mind would use monsters in a tournament that had fourteen year old's in it, much less a huge spider with poison fangs.

"They were murdered when I was a baby." Harry said in a flat tone.

Suddenly all three other Winchesters were staring hard at Harry. Each wondering if the demon that had come for Sam had come for Harry too. They had not heard of the demon attacking others. John leaned forward with his attention fixed on the smaller man on the couch.

"What happened to them? Was it a demon?"

Harry raised his brow when he looked up from the next section of the book he had been looking at. He quickly realized what had put the pensive expressions on their faces. He had done a lot of research on the matter thanks to the information he got from Caleb and Bobby. Feeling a bit bad he tried to put them at ease. "My parents were killed by a madman, not a demon."

John couldn't let it go. "How do you know? Was there a fire? Did they catch the man that, did it?"

Harry raised his hand to prevent the man from continuing with the questions. Bobby was now looking at him with an expression of worry on his face…well as much worry as Bobby could show with his gruff exterior. Harry hated talking about loosing his parents or godfather.

"I know because I remember the night they were killed and because the man that killed my mum and adopted father was not after them, he wanted to kill me. Because he failed…he kept coming after me…until I killed him. He was not a demon, he was an wizard who feared death so much that he made himself insane."

John just blinked at Harry with a hard expression on his face. "Are you sure?" He finally asked.

"I am positive."

Dean and John both sighed at the lack of new information on the demon they were hunting while Sam just looked at Harry with puppy dog eyes highlighting his sympathetic expression. Harry tried to ignore the looks of sympathy he was giving him.

"Sorry about all the questions, it is just extremely hard to find any information on the thing that killed Jess and mom. We have been looking for a long time. Sorry to bring up bad memories."

"Yeah, sorry man." Dean muttered while leaning his head back on the back of the chair. "It's just hard to resist finding out information on the Yellow Eyed Demon. He is hard to pin down."

"Well, the fact that you go around calling him 'Yellow Eyed Demon' can't be doing you any favors. No one is going to know who you are talking about unless they have seen him for themselves or know about him."

Dean lifted his head and stared at Harry like he was the stupidest person on the planet while John snorted.

"If we had something else to call him we would. Like Dean said, no one has any information on him."

"Well, maybe you should research the name Azazel instead of his eye color." Harry turned the page of his book casually and tried to ignore the looks he was getting from his family. He had done more than a little research on the demon his family was after over the years after Bobby and Caleb told him about what the other Winchesters were hunting. He spent about the same amount of time researching different Demons and their origins and powers than he did supernatural and magical creatures.

"Azazel?" John said quietly. "That is his name? How would you know that?" There was nothing but desperation in his voice as he looked at Harry now. Not one bit of disgust would keep him from his mission to avenge his wife.

Harry looked up at his father for a moment before he explained. "When I came to America I found out about demons, and I will admit that it kind of freaked me out a little. So as soon as I could I did a bit of research into demonology. Azazel is one of a few with eyes that are not black or red, and the only one with yellow eyes."

"What else do you know about him?" John was leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. Sam and Dean were also listening intently.

Harry looked over at Bobby before answering. While Harry knew he was listening, he looked like he was immersed in the book he was holding.

"Well, first of all, he is not really a demon, so exercising him wont work."

Harry was going to continue when John abruptly interrupted him. "What do you mean he is not really a demon?" Even Bobby was looking at him now as Harry had not told him much about his research.

"He is not a demon. Demons are humans-at least the souls of humans-that have gone to Hell, where their souls have been so corrupted that they have no humanity left. Once the humanity is gone, they are given a place among the ranks of Demons. Most would have black eyes, with red being a color given to those with more power and more rank, like a cross-roads demon."

"Azazel never had a human life much less a human soul. He is a Fallen and his power is pretty much just corrupted Grace."

"What do you mean he is a Fallen?" Dean was not the only one looking at him in confusion, though Bobby looked more astonished than anything.

"I mean he is a Fallen Angel, as in he followed Lucifer when he fell."

"Angels don't exist man." Harry was now the one looking at Dean like he was stupid.

Harry leaned over so that he was closer to Sam. "How many times does he get hit in the head when you guys are hunting?" Sam snorted at the not so quiet question while Dean just glared. Harry could tell that Bobby was amused though he couldn't tell about John.

"Angels do exist, though their interactions on Earth few and far between, or just not well documented. I think it is more that they do not bother coming to Earth much but that is just my opinion. Azazel fell about the same time as another angel named Shemhazai. Apparently before Noah and the Ark, Azazel and the other Angel came to Earth and started having relations with human women. Azazel was pretty active in trying to corrupt the humans. While Shemhazai eventually repented, Azazel did not. Apparently, Michael was given the duty of punishing Azazel and the other fallen angels and as Lucifer was locked into his cage, a third of the angels that followed Lucifer were cast out of Heaven to become the Fallen. I don't know how many are left as there are some documents that talk about in fighting, but Azazel was called a Prince of Hell at one point."

" He shows up every once and a while in obscure writing talking about his new plans for setting Lucifer free from his cage. It appears he is currently the only Prince working towards this goal though. His methods normally end up involving children that he link to himself though a blood ritual so that he can manipulate them into helping him start the Apocalypse. He always fails though."

"What? He used a blood ritual on me?" Sam choked out while the other three men just stared at Harry incredulously.

Harry looked around the room before turning to Sam. He had already suspected that Sam had been targeted by Azazel so he had focused his research a little. "Evil bad guys tend to monologue every once and a while and I have a book with one documented in it. He spelled out his whole plan and apparently he doesn't change it when it fails. Just ignore any visions or odd compulsions you might have and you should be fine. Visions and compulsions sent by evil gits that want to destroy the world never work out in your favor." Harry flipped another page in his book.

"He did a blood ritual to control Sam?" Dean looked horrified, though Harry noticed that John didn't seem surprised. Harry cut a glance over at Bobby and saw that he had noticed too.

"Yeah, Sam should have some kind of mental link…a very faint one that will link him to Azazel so that he could track and manipulate him with visions or thoughts. Sam might develop some sort of 'Power' if he is still using the same plan as before, but Sam should be ok. If he tries to mess with his head he will have a big headache, but that is about all."

"How do you know that?" John asked, his voice sounding even more gruff.

Harry looked at the older man carefully and was surprised at the amount of worry he could see that was being directed at his son. Harry would not have said anything if he had not suspected that John knew something was up with Sam already. He was fairly sure that was why he kept distancing himself from Sam.

"I was linked to the mad man that was after me for a while in this way. It sucks, but it is nothing that can't be survived. It would be great if the blood could be purged from his system, but I am not sure that it can be done. It is possible though, I haven't really looked into it."

Harry stared blankly at his book as he thought of researching purging a blood connection that had been created by a ritual. He didn't think there would be anything in the Men of Letter's archive, but there could be something in one of the Black Family books.

"You think you can get the demon blood out?" Sam leaned forward and looked at the smaller man.

"Fallen Angel blood, it is going to have different properties." Harry said absently. "I might be able to find something, I will have to look when I get home." Harry looked up and found himself the subject of four different stares. "What?"

"Are you serious? You can get the blood out of Sam and break the link?" John asked while looking at Harry intently. It looked like he was willing to completely overlook his dislike and distrust of the smaller man if it meant helping his son.

"Well, I can't promise anything. I have no idea if it is possible or not, but I do have a few books that might help." He pulled out his phone when it beeped at him. It was a text from Martin letting him know that he was still cleaning up everything after the hunt and would be by no later than eight that night. "I can look into it after I get home tonight…I can probably start researching it by no later than tomorrow." Harry looked over at Bobby. "Martin should be here by eight, so I am going to make some food…you alright with Chicken Alfredo?"

By the time Bobby agreed, Harry had already made his way into the kitchen, giving the other Winchesters no chance to protest the end of the conversation.