Chapter 34. To the Capital, Once Again!

"If you say so, Roswaal-sama."

The pink haired maid bowed her head in acceptance as she heard her order from her Lord, her voice calm and composed like always.

The same thing can't be said about her sister though.

"Roswaal-sama, may Rem say something?"


Everyone's attention immediately shifts to the blue oni. The maid has her face calm and collected much like her sister, however, her eyes shone with skepticism.

"Aaaaand what do you want to aaask Rem?" Roswaal inquired, his eyes twinkling with a mirth.

"Rem wishes to know the reason Roswaal-sama asked for Nee-sama to accompany Aaron-sama and Emilia-sama to the Capital for this event."

That statement made everyone look at the blue maid with a surprise. For Rem to question her Lord's decision was very unusual of her.

"Oho? Are you doubting my decision or Ram's capabilities?"

"No, Rem has no reservations about Roswaal-sama's and Nee-sama's capability, however, as the Head Maid of Mathers' main family, Rem would like to know the reason so she can give her input to make sure the maintenance of this Manor remains stable."

Indeed, after all, unlike their previous visit, they will stay quite a long time in the Capital this time, a month at least or possibly more. And given how Emilia's popularity rose recently and Beatrice will follow Aaron wherever he goes, this manor cannot be left alone only under one person's eyes.

It was a valid concern and issue, however, for those who know what kind of person Rem is, this is definitely not the reason for her to bring up this topic. There's no way Rem who always bowed to her Lord and followed his instructions would question him like this because she, of all people, should know just how reliable the Court Magician is in the first place.

And yet she did…

Her older sister who knew only can stare at her little sister with confused eyes, as if for a moment she didn't recognize who's the person standing by her side right now.

Unlike her, however, Roswaal seems to be very entertained and happy about this particular occurrence judging by his wide smile.

"Hmmm, certaaainly, you are right. Your worry is not misplaaaced. Things will become veeery hectic around here so we caaan't just bring a lot of people to the Capital." He confirmed what she just said. "However, I alreaaady contact others household of my family to handle the security heeere. I also hired more peopleee to watch over the village." He told her while waving one hand in a gesture. "I didn't do this eaaarlier because I was busy handling some unrepentant fellows with them but now that I am doooone, they are free to serve me."

"And when are these people going to come?" Rem inquired.

"Right abouut…"

A knock came from the door, prompting the maids and their Master to turn to it, the latter smirking at the impeccable timing.

"Youuu may eeenter." Roswaal excused.

The door opened as the owner of the manor allowed, and stepped into the room was a familiar blonde haired woman with fang-like teeth that clad in maid uniforms similar like Rem and Ram.

"Frederica-san!" Rem gasped in surprise.

"Hello, Rem, Ram, it's been a while isn't it?" Frederica Baumann asked. Contrary to her sharp fangs and features, her voice is tender and gentle. "You two are fine, I take it?"

"Frederica." Ram greeted stoically. "We are-"

"Rem is fine, Frederica-san, never better, in fact." Rem said genially, her face showing a bright smile.

Frederica blinked at the blue oni's voice and tone. "Well, I am glad you two are doing fine." She eyed Ram who simply closed her eyes before looking at the smiling Rem again. "In any case, I've heard the situation. While Ram is away, I will be here for a while."

"Rem see… if it is Frederica-san then…"

The demihuman is a strong individual. Both of them would be able to deal with any threat that possibly would come unless they are at the level of Archbishop of Sins.

"There are also several knights and mercenaries around the village. This place is well guarded and if anything happens, I will immediately return home. You know how to notiiify meeee, right, Rem?" Roswaal asked with a cheerful voice.

The metia that was given to them for emergency, yes, she recalled its existence. "Yes."

"Gooood. And for further notice, I already sent the lists of the mercenaries and knights to Aaron-sama. We already discussed it together this morning~. Then there will be no further complaints or worry, no?"

Rem made a thoughtful face for a moment before hesitantly nodding. "If Aaron-sama has given his approval then, Rem shall not inquire about it any further."

Through the corner of his eyes, he could see Frederica and Ram stare at Rem in surprise again and it caused his amused smile to broaden. It always brings a cheer to his heart when see something blossoming, especially from someone who he has nurtured.

"Then may Rem be excused? She wishes to speak about something with Aaron-sama first."

"Yoouuu maaay. Ram, you also should go prepare your belongings. We will depart in the next few hours after all~"

"As your order, Roswaal-sama."

As the blue haired maid departed, the older maid turned to Roswaal who had a twinkling gaze.

"It seems things are going quite well here, Roswaal-sama." Frederica commented.

"Of coouuurse. Since the beginning, I have no doubt of Ram's and Rem's capabilities to take care of this manor without your assistance."

"Indeed, Rem looks very happy there, much more than before." Frederica giggled a bit. "On the other hand, you, Ram, look the same. I can sense the condescending and irritating demeanors behind that blank face of yours."

"Ram doesn't know what you are talking about." Ram said blankly. "Like her sister, Ram also shall excuse herself then, she needs to collect her belongings for the journey soon."

"You are excuuused." Roswaal said easily while internally hiding a snort.

As the pink oni bypassed her senior, the demihuman can sense something is amiss about her in an instant.

But before Frederica can act or respond to her thought, Ram already leaves the chamber.

'Strange… was it just me or Ram seems to be…'

"Fredericaaaa, have you had your meeting with thaaat man yet?"

The question of her Lord snapped her from her thoughts and she instinctively gave a polite bow while thinking of the man that he meant.

"You speak of Pendragon-sama?" She asked.


"Ah, indeed. I had the pleasure and honor to introduce myself when I was on my way here."

And boy, what a pleasure. Frederica will say she is far from a defenseless maiden or damsel, and due to her large frame and sharp fangs, she had long abandoned any notion of being princess or being cute but…

Meeting Aaron Pendragon, who is good looking, taller than her, and clad in shining armor, her heart did beat when he smiled at her!

"Your faceee show portrays your inner thoughts quite weeell, Frederica." Roswaal's entertained comment caused the Demihuman to flush.

Is she really that obvious?

"In any case, knoow that, that Man is the most important individual in this manor. Should anything happen, I want you to focus solely on him, his well-being and desire is the main priority, even above me."

Frederica couldn't help but swallow internally to hear that. It's not like she is unaware nor truly surprised, the political insinuation and the wave that Aaron Pendragon brought by his mere existence and let alone living in the Margrave's estate, she already discussed them with Clind and others.

"Roswaal-sama, how many enemies or messes would come to this mansion without you or his presence?" She asked.

The clown dressed Magician's face lost any trace of his playful demeanor at that question. "I already dealt with the heavy force. However, smaller factions still existed like pack of mabeasts that losing their leader." He explained. "They're no threat in direct opposition but a cornered rat is still dangerous on their own, especially if they gather together. You get what I mean, don't you?"


Things would be very hectic it seems until they get back from the Capital.

"The mercenaries and knights that came here and guard the village voluntarily are clean as I already filter them personally, and they will help you without a second thought, so do well cooperate with them."

"By your order."

"You want me to do what?" Aaron asked in a shock.

The half elf's face tinted with a red splotch. "I-I want you to sleep with me from now on!"

The blond placed his cup on the table with a soft "tink" and slowly, leisurely, crossed his arms together and gave her a look. "Please elaborate properly." Because no way Emilia is asking for what he thinks it is! She might have been educated about birds and bees but to immediately skip into that phase?!

He will have a heavy talk with Rem after this if she does.

"Indeed, Betty also thinks that you should explain herself properly, I suppose." Beatrice, who sat in Aaron's lap, commented as well. Did she just make a bad choice of words in her request? Or is she truly wish to make a baby with her Contractor for Betty to spoil in the future?

Meanwhile Emilia struggled to put her thoughts together and internally berate herself. She should phrase her words better!

"I-I need you to be with me at night to keep an eye on me when I sleep!" Emilia breathed out with a small stutter in her sentence. There. Good enough!

Keep an eye on her? "Is there something wrong during the night or when you are asleep?" He asked.

"Ummm… the truth is I… have a control problem with my mana recently."

"A control problem?"

"Before coming into contact with Puck, I already could use magic. However, I cannot control my magic, it just… it just freezes anything indiscriminately." Emilia grimaced as she remembered the time in Elior Forest when she was still alone and accidentally almost killed someone. "This problem has been handled ever since I made a contract with Puck but yesterday it seems to start again."

Well… that was not ominous at all. Right, if he recalled, Puck does act as a sort of limiter as well for her. "And your magic acts when you are asleep?"


Aaron pursed his lips. "Puck was there to stop it though, yes?"

Emilia nodded again. "Yes but it was a temporary solution at best. Puck cannot always be there." She said sadly.

As if being called, the aforementioned spirit popped out from on top of her head. "My contract with Lia limits my activity. The last morning was very close, any later and quarter of this manor will become a popsicle." He explained.

This time Aaron grimaced too. "That bad?" He mumbled.

"That explains the outburst Betty sensed yesterday." Beatrice murmured. "Betty thought that was nothing since it was too fast."

"Well yeah, I have to repress it as soon as I can. Lia's spell worked fast."

Aaron stared down at Beatrice in his lap and pinched her cheek, eliciting a yelp from her. "You should've informed me about that yesterday."

"Owowow! Release Betty! Betty just didn't want to bother Betty's Contractor with a false alarm!"

"And Betty's Contractor wants to remind Betty that she isn't alone anymore and said Contractor is in a group and has tons of enemies hidden in the shadows."

"Betty sensed Bubble's mana, in fact! And he also reassured Betty! That is why Betty didn't say anything!"

"I see. I'm still pinching you though because you're cute."

"Unreasonable! Release Betty now!"

Aaron let out a laugh as he did, letting the small girl rub her puffy red cheeks. He then turned to Emilia, face serious. "In any case, how do I sleep on your side or keep an eye on you when you sleep, would help?"

"Your Magic Resistance." Puck pointed out and the puzzle fell together instantly.

"Ah, so I will become some kind of alarm system." He mused. "Not a bad idea but this is a temporary solution at best."

"Puck and I already have an idea to solve it, I will be undergoing personal training with him to control my power." Emilia told him before she made an expression. "However it is something that we cannot do now since we are about to depart to the Capital and will stay there for a while."

"And in the meantime, I would act as temporary restraint for you." Aaron mumbled, rubbing his chin. "While I have no opposition for such a thing but… sleeping in the same room during our stays at the Capital isn't wise."

People will gossip. Standing on her side is one thing but sleeping together? The backlash of it is already enough to give him a headache.

Emilia obviously thought the same thing too judging by her grimace. "T-True but I have no other ideas how to solve this. Because if an accident occurred when we stayed in the castle…"

There's no need for her to finish that line. It would be a disaster, a huge one given how a foreign Royalty is about to meet them now.

"Beatrice." He looked at his spirit.

"... placing some kind of barrier or seal is doable, I suppose. However the ritual to do so isn't simple. The problem would be how to siphon or connect the circle across the castle, Betty doesn't think the people in there would allow Betty to manage it."

"I will get you permission." Aaron said immediately. "We can tell them that Emi is in her Magic Release period hence we need the room."

"That is a lie." Emilia noted disapprovingly.

"Appah, appa. Just a tiny bit different."

"Aaron, I don't want to lie." Emilia scowled. The idea of lying itself is bad for her.

"This isn't a lie, this is called misleading. Different cases. Besides, it is pretty similar now? We can use this to boost your image as powerful being more in fact since it is unusual for Spirit Contractor to experience Magic Release period, it means you are strong on your own."

If he put it like that… he isn't wrong, and there are a lot of benefits too from it.

"Alright then." She agreed reluctantly.

"Problem solved. However, just in case of an emergency, I believe I will have our room close to one another."

That she can agree wholeheartedly. "Sure." She nodded. "Have you packed your stuff already?"

"I already did last night. Not like I need to bring much anyway. The servants there already tailor me some suits and clothes and everything else when I was there last time." He explained. "They probably already did it for you, the Royal Candidates too, I think." He added.

"Hmm, so maybe I shouldn't pack too much and just bring something truly important." She mumbled. "Maybe I should bring study materials there as well."

How diligent of her to think of that. "In my opinion, there's no need to. You will be busy doing something else during our stay there. You already read about Gusteko's current state, yes?"

"You mean the implications there's a Civil War behind the shadow?"

He narrowed his eyebrows. "You guessed it as well, it seems." Not bad at all. "Since when?"

"I didn't figure it out until just last night after rereading the current political state of Gusteko." Emilia commented with a frown. "Do you think the King will come asking for help?"

Well, one step forward, two steps backward it seems. "Unlikely. Doing so will admit her incompetence in managing her Kingdom." He said. "A King won't ask for help unless it is truly necessary."

"But… that isn't smart. More people could be injured as a result."

Aaron stared at her. The half elf comment is genuine and sincere. "... we will have a talk about public presentations related to leadership after this." He remarked. "Preferably when we arrived in the Capital, as soon as possible."

Naive. So naive. He has almost forgotten. For all her diligence and growth, Emilia isn't a prideful person or understands the concept of pride in general. Mainly because she was always treated unequally and badly due to her half elf status and has accepted them in the past, only recently that she truly decided to be serious and devoted to Kingship.

Hierarchy exists for a reason. Even in chaotic country, there's need in putting a face or false image of power to avoid total annihilation.

Emilia noticed the solemnity in his voice and can't help but to frown further yet she nodded in acceptance. "Alright." She said. "I will pack my things then."

"You do that, I have to do something. Come on, Beako, you will want to see this too."

Emilia stared with a mixture of confusion and curiosity at the sight before her.

"Aaron… what is that?" She asked while pointing her finger.

"That" happens to be some kind of metallic thing with an appearance that reminds her of some kind of a beast. Except its body posture is weird and only has two limbs that look like a wheel.

"This is a golem, sort of, called Motorcycle. It has no sentience whatsoever though and serves as a transportation device much like a carriage." Aaron explained.

"Carriage, he said." Beatrice mumbled while circling the said "motorcycle" and taking a note. "This thing has a complexity that rivals one of Mother's inventions. It is not just a mere carriage, in fact." She commented as she fervently studying the new object with sparkling eyes.

"Well, complexity aside but that is the purpose of its being made, a transportation medium."

"With this amount of structure and arrangement?! What a waste, I suppose!"

"It's not wasteful. I mean, the calculation and setup you see in there also have been applied to others too, not just to build that thing."

"As they should! If they didn't do so, Great Waterfall be cursed! Betty will crossover there and lecture them personally, I suppose!"

"Is it that amazing?" Emilia chimed in with interest.

"It will make Ground Dragon and Liger like second rate transportation in comparison, and it can be individually steered by anyone… as long as you have magical energy of course."

Emilia's mind immediately thinks of how beneficial this is for the Kingdom. "Can this thing be mass produced?"

"If you asked if I knew how to do that then no, but this thing is a common transportation medium in my land, so yes."

So it can be made on a large scale. The problem is he doesn't know how. "Aaron, any chance you think it could be…"

"It is possible given how advanced some metia that I saw but… I think it won't do any good for now. Make this a long term project perhaps."

"True but instead of focusing on the transportation function, can we focus on the other aspects? Beatrice said that the component of it could be used for another thing, mayhaps one of them could be useful for the people?"

Aaron stared at her with an inquisitive gaze for a moment before he chuckled approvingly. "Perhaps. An introduction to advanced electricity and fuel energy could give a huge leap for this kingdom, yes." He said.

Emilia's eyes sparkle a bit at that notion. "How much are we talking about?"

"A lot. With our land being quite fertile, and other natural resources we have, people's lives could be much easier and happier in the next generation."

That is a very promising prospect!

"However, the problem is that I only have one of these things, and I am not keen to have it disassembled." Aaron added while giving a look to his motorcycle.

"Oh." That makes sense. "Can it be done without doing so?"

"I don't know, I would say no but…" He trailed off and turned to Beatrice, who immediately noticed the looks she was given.

Beatrice paused and stared at the note in her hands, then she stared at the "golem" again. "It will take years, I suppose but it is doable. Betty will need to study this diligently."

"And with Roswaal's help?" She asked.

The spirit made an unpleasant face at that question. "That horrible man will only hinder Betty, in fact!"

"Beako." Aaron commented with a frown.

"Unfhhh." The twin tailed spirit wrinkled her nose and puffed her cheeks. "... he will be able to help Betty, I suppose." She admitted reluctantly. "But again, it is unlikely we will be able to completely make a breakthrough out of this thing without disassembling it in a short time." She added.

Well there goes that idea then. Emilia sighed in disappointment. Here she thinks there could be another thing that could benefit her nation.

"It will probably take a solid few years so trying to reap benefit from it now wouldn't be useful since it means Beako and Rose have to focus on it, not to mention I plan to use this thing anyway, not having it as a statue or trophy in a room." Aaron stated, shutting down that idea further. "I will give you a B for the effort and being decisive about improving Lugnica's situation when you are faced with a new factor." He said mirthfully

"Thank… you?" B isn't that bad, yes? "And of course I am thinking of how Lugnica will benefit from this. I will be the King of this country after all." She explained easily.

Aaron let out a bark of laughter. "That confidence of yours. You really have grown, don't you?" He remarked.

"Of course I do!" She puffed her chests proudly and placed fists to her hips. "I am a grown up woman after all!" She declared.

Aaron threw his head away and snorted.

Rude! She is a grown up now! She even has a bigger body than mother Fortuna!

Wait a minute.

"You want to use this... motorcycle?" She asked with a small pause to pronounce the name correctly.

"Yes." Aaron nodded. "I am using it to go to the Capital after this soon, Beako will come with me."

"Huh? You aren't riding with us?"

"No. I want to test drive this thing. It has been a while since I used it after all. Fret not, I will be on your side during the entire journey. However, I will stop at the entrance since I want to look around the town for a bit."

"I see." She nodded in understanding before frowning. "Do you think that is wise though? I mean, you are one of the huuuge figures of Lugnica, and the Capital right now is probably filled with people from other nations."

"Normally I would but there are few matters I need to check on individually to make sure things are fine, and Beako here will be able to shroud my presence through Magic, yes?"

"Being stealthy isn't Betty's strong forte but as the Great Spirit of Yin who specializes in Shadow as well, it's not so hard, I suppose." Beatrice commented confidently.

Given what she has seen about Beatrice and Puck's confidence in her ability, perhaps things would be fine.

Well, this isn't an entirely bad thing either. She also needs to establish herself in the Capital as well so people won't just see Aaron, the Descendant of their Great Dragon, when they meet her.

It was then a certain pink haired maid made herself known. Coming out from the gate, she approached her smoothly.

"Emilia-sama, Aaron-sama, all your belongings have been packed. We can depart anytime now." Ram informed them.

"Thank you, Ram." Emilia smiled and turned to Aaron who… was staring at Ram with a peculiar expression.

"We will depart soon. Get the carriage ready." Aaron ordered.

"As you wish." Ram bowed to them before reentering the gate.

Watching her leave, Aaron makes a bitter expression before shaking his head. This also caused a small frown adorning her face.

Ever since they returned from the Capital during their first visit together, Ram started to be cold toward Aaron, and Aaron also does the same thing.

Not like they can hide it since they were always bantering whenever they get the chance prior to that but now? Almost a month and never once did they throw barbs at each other.

Emilia honestly doesn't know what to do with this, on one hand, she want to make Ram and Aaron be kind to each other again. They were friends after all but… she knew that she shouldn't try to interfere too much in someone's relationship.

But this is already going long enough! Perhaps…

"Hey, Aaron, is everything alright?" She asked softly.

"Between me and Ram?" Aaron let out a snort. "Sure, everything is alright."


"I have nothing to say to her right now, Emi." Aaron answered in a decisive tone. "What happened between me and Ram… perhaps we would be able to mend the bridge in the future but right now? No." He sighed heavily. "Go to your carriage, Emi. I will meet you here in my own golem. Beako will ride with me, naturally."

Emilia stared at her friend. Her lips thinned. She doesn't approve of this and she has a feeling she should press more but…

'Lia, Aaron doesn't show it but he also doesn't like his current situation with Ram.' Puck commented through their connection. 'However, I senses quite heavy emotions in him. He will act soon, trust him on that.'

Well, if Puck says so then.

"Alright. But if you need any help." She give Aaron a firm look and patting his shoulder. "Just call me, I will gladly help!" She declared.

"I will take note on that." Aaron replied with equal seriousness.

"Alright! See you later then!"

With that, Emilia also entered the gate to get into the carriage.

As soon as the half elf no longer in reach, Beatrice turned to her Contractor. "Betty's Contractor should be more honest to himself." She said pointedly.

Aaron blanched. "It's not as easy as it sounded." He said. "Ram is… well, honestly, while I do care for her but if it isn't for Rem, I would consider her a lost cause."

"That was another lie."

"Not a lie."

"Incomplete information is just the same, in fact."

"Incorrect. Being deceptive and a liar are two different things."

Beatrice felt a tick forming in her forehead. "Isn't the latter worse than the former?!"

"I never claim to be a good person."

The spirit wants to pull her hair, in fact! She almost forgot, her Contractor can be insufferable if he wants to! Eugh!

"That's not what Betty meant! Betty doesn't even care about that!" She snapped

She didn't lie. Good or bad, such trivial matters are beneath her, her Contractor is her Contractor, that's the most important thing.

"Forget it." She puffed her cheeks. "You said we will be going, yes?"

"Yup. You will sit in front of me, naturally. Let's run this baby!"

Emilia, who just sat in the carriage, watched with amazement through the window as the bike sped up, crossing the rough ground so easily and becoming nothing but a blur, followed by Beatrice's loud high pitched squeal and Aaron's laughter.

"Woah, that thing is really fast." Emilia commented. Faster than Ground Dragon with that speed and- "Wait! Hold on! You are supposed to ride on our side! Aaron! Wait! Aaron!" She yelled aloud through the window.

Naturally, he cannot heard her as he is already long gone.

The trip to the Capital wasn't short. It takes hours like before, however…

"We ended up arriving very early." Aaron said impressively as he stood not far from the gate entrance, his bike parked not far from his position. He turned to it with a satisfied smile. "And I was sure I didn't go all out. This thing is really fast."

He pumped so much mana in there, enough to fire a Noble Phantasm in total and give a massive boost at the end, yet this thing didn't show any sign of being winded or will break at all. In fact, it accelerates quite well.

How fast does this thing go? What if he pumps mana as much as firing Excalibur?

In any case, it doesn't matter. He ended up early here, and passing through the gate by himself would caught everyone's attention. And security is very tight given the current state too.

Oh well, it is fortunate he is contracted to a spirit that could expert in Shadow Magic to hide themselves, yes?

"Hey, Beako, you think-"

The Demi Servant trailed off when caught sight of his Spirit now scribbling furiously in a note that she produced out of nowhere.

"It could regulate Betty's Aaron Mana so efficiently, even store it in a sudden large amount, in fact. Given how special his Mana is, a drop probably could empower something for quite some time, yet, this thing absorbed them all and spread it across its entire body systematically! Not a single flaw in the entire flow! I wonder, the metallic composition possibly one of the rarest metal given how durable it is to be able to handle the excess energy that-"

Aaron feels sweat drop from the corner of his head at the sight of the spirit that now seems trapped in another World, busy writing and analyzing his bike.

"Beako, as much as it is cute to see you like this." He commented, causing the blonde spirit to freeze for a second. "But study that stuff later. We are here in the Capital, and I am sure it is quite a while since you've placed foot here."

Beatrice coughed, face red for being caught in her… enthusiastic state. She collected herself and nod. "Indeed. Last time Betty was here, it's around… 300 years ago, I suppose."

Aaron blinked. Three centuries. Holy shit. Yeah, she was trapped in that library for so long, wasn't she?

"Then you will have plenty to catch up. Come on, Beako." He said gently, extending his hand to her.

The small being stared at the offered limb for a second before grasping it. "Hmph. I suppose, holding hand would be effective to make sure won't be separated." She said while puffing her cheeks adorably.

Aaron grinned. His spirit is just so cute! "Indeed." He agreed with her. "Now, can you cast a spell for us to be undetected?"

"Hmmm, easy, I suppose."

The spirit waves her hand and Aaron feels a drain in his mana, one that is quite significant. Then some kind of distortion vibrated around them both before they were gone.

"What kind of spell did you just cast?" He asked.

"Oh? Just some kind of Yin Magic application that bends the space around us. It renders people's perception of the field around us to somewhere else, especially those that are more aware of it."

Aaron blinked. It's some sort of Anti Muggle spell? Except it also functions on magician and judging by the implications, the more someone attuned to magic, the harder they will perceive it.

Isn't that already quite a spell? No wonder it takes a quite of scoop from his pool.

"Unfortunately, Betty can't move while casting this spell, so you have to carry Betty, I suppose." Beatrice said while opening her arms to him, as if expecting him to do so and be honored with it.

"My, my, what a demanding spirit I have." Aaron replied in a teasing tone. "Well, since it is a cute princess who asked for it, I would be happy to oblige." He said as he picked her up in a bridal carry.

"Hmph! Betty's cuteness is beyond even a mere princess, in fact!" Beatrice replied arrogantly yet it was clear from her tone and sparkling eyes she is happy about the whole thing.

"Well… given I haven't met a princess that is cuter than you, I can agree with that."

"And you will never!"

The duo made their way, walking through the guarded gate unnoticed despite the tight security.

Or that was normally what would happen at least.


Aaron blinked. Beatrice, who is in his arms, also blinked.

As soon as they passed the gate, not far away from the entrance, a certain purple haired knight called his name.

"Beako, you said your spell will be undetectable and unseen by others." He called.

"It's supposed to! Not even Roswaal would be able to find nor detect us, in fact!" Beatrice rebuked, her eyes also showing slight panic. "That Knight, something is abnormal about him!" Her butterfly shaped pupils narrowed analytically. "Spirit Contractor? No matter. Even if he is, Betty's spell should still cover us!"

The Finest Knight approached them, however, his eyes are unfocused to their direction, as if despite knowing they're close but he isn't aware of their precise location.

"Pendragon-sama, you didn't move… right?" Julius asked tentatively. "If it is truly you, then please reveal yourself or if you wish to be discreet, move to the nearest alley then reveal your presence. However, if you aren't him and start running away, do know that I will immediately alert the Knights for the intruder."

Well… shit, there goes their chance to run away.

Aaron let out a sigh. "Beako, can you include him in your spell too?"

"If he entered the range, yes."

"Do that then."

The Demiservant approached the man, and as soon as he was in their range, Beatrice did her magic.

The result was instant, the Knight's gaze quickly narrowed on them with more clarity.

He hastily bowed before them. "As I expected, it is truly you, Pendragon-sama."

"Euclius." Aaron grunted while setting Beatrice down. "You detected me, I am surprised."

"Barely, Pendragon-sama. It was just a wild guess to be honest." Julius responded while still keeping his head down.

"Be that may, it is notable. Raise your head."

Julius did slowly. "It's an honor to be in your presence once again, Pendragon-sama." Her gaze turned to Beatrice and he gave a bow as well. "And you're accompanied by a Great Spirit this time. It is an honor as well to meet you, Miss."

"Hmph, as you should." Beatrice harrumphed while crossing her arms. This man… something about him putting her at ease.

"She is my contracted spirit." Aaron told him and the Knight's eyes widened. "Make sure all other Knights are aware of her existence and appearance from now on."

"I will do that immediately."

A Great Spirit that makes a contract with their Great Dragon's descendant. The higher-ups have to be informed as soon as possible to prevent any misunderstanding.

"Speaking of… may I inquire the reason for your subtlety in entering the Capital? I thought you were supposed to come with Emilia-sama?" Julius queried.

"I decided to come first because I want to take my spirit," Aaron noted from the corner of his eyes that Beatrice puffed her chest proudly. How adorable. "To look around the Capital without any interference. She doesn't like being crowded so I can't just come in with the usual method."

Julius makes an understanding expression. "Since your presence will undeniably attract attention." He hummed. "Normally, I would still insist for you to be escorted. However, the concealment method you used was very effective as I cannot see your figure save for a brief blurry image of your figure and a note from my Spirits, and my call was just a shot in the dark."

"The fact you can sense me at all is quite a feat given what my spirit claimed about her spell."

Beatrice crossed her arms, her face twitched when that part got mentioned. "You have Divine Protection related to Spirit, I suppose?" She asked sharply.

"Yes." Julius answered, a bit surprised to be called out like that. "I have a Divine Protection of Gathering Spirits."

As soon as she heard that, Beatrice's tongue clicked in annoyance. "Tsk. So that's how it is. Betty sees."

Aaron gazed at her, it seems the spirit knows the reason why Julius can detect their presence.

Aware of his look, Betty replied with her own. "Betty will tell Aaron later, I suppose."

Well, if she says so. "In any case, how about you, Euclius? Aren't you supposed to be with Anastasia?"

"Under normal circumstances, that would be true. However, due to the recent increases in outsider visits to the Capital, I was tasked specifically by her to prioritize guarding the entrance to ensure unwanted fellows were able to sneak in." Julius explained himself.

"Hoo… given your compatibility with spirits, and people from Gusteko are worshiping them, that is a correct move. As expected of Anastasia." Julius' presence could give a lot of benefit just by being here other than security.

"Milady would be honored to hear that, Pendragon-sama."

There must be other benefits in letting Julius here, not just for PR related stuff. Curious, what's that greedy gal have in her store?

"Where is she now?" Aaron asked.

"Milady already in the Castle, Milord. She is the first of the Royal Candidates that arrived."

"Hmm, interesting. Then-"

A particular carriage that just made its entrance caught his attention and cut off whatever he was going to say since he recognized the style and appearance of the wagon.

Of course he did, how could he not?


"Uwah, Betty's Contractor, what's with that ugly expression?!"

Ignoring Julius' and Beatrice's surprised reaction. He quickly scoop the spirit back in his arms, ignoring her squawk. "Sorry, Euclius, but I have to go now, I don't want to get tangled up with that woman."

Having said his piece, he immediately bolted from the area.

"Be… careful?" Julius replied confusedly before he turned around, curious of what made the Dragon's descendant make such an expression. "Ah." He commented understandingly.

It was another Royal Candidate's wagon, and it belongs to Priscilla Barielle.

He shook his head, the relationship between her and Aaron Pendragon is quite unorthodox. He approached the gate once again and promptly went on alert when a myriad of emotions came from his Spirits.

'It seems… We aren't the only ones who brought a new person into our faction.' He thought.

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Omake: Lending a Hand

"Archbishop of the Seven Deadly Sins of the Witch Cult, Regulus Corneas, charged with Greed."

"Archbishop of the Seven Deadly Sins of the Witch Cult, Lye Batenkaitos, charged with Gluttony."

The two people that came out of nowhere and attacked them have introduced themselves as the Archbishops of Witch Cult.

To Rem, the situation was already very bad, not just their entire army was slaughtered in an instant – even the injured one was not an exception – but the other one that came with them was also nowhere in sight.

Rem is sure they already flee when seeing this, seeking for reinforcement instead of helping them and she can't begrudge them for doing that, you don't just try to face two men that have just slaughtered a big army without preparation after all.

Be that may, she doesn't have that luxury or an option, she has to fight them here, to protect Crusch Karsten and everyone that still survives and is injured.

And so she prepared herself, she will fight, she will fight and hold on.

"Someday a hero shall appear – a hero to destroy you all. However self-serving you are, however much misfortune your self-satisfaction creates, that man, the only hero Rem loves, shall surely bring you what you deserve."

Her hero, Natsuki Subaru, surely will come, and he will kill these cultists! He will save the day, like always!

And so she fought. She fights and fights. Swinging her weapons at the enemy, at the Gluttony but… it didn't do a damn thing!

Her enemy is strong, too strong. The fight was just began and she-

An invisible force knocked her, the strength behind it was real, it cracked the area around her as well, destroying her footing and-

Gluttony was upon her, mouth wide opened, blades crossed, eyes gleaming with hunger.


And something crashed into the Archbishop with a force that would make Earth Dragon and Liger cry in jealousy.

Time seems to stop and Rem's eyes widened in proportion as she watched what looked like a beast made of steel smacked the Archbishop in the face.

Then it resumed and the cultist was blown away, Rem immediately turned her attention to the beast that now skidding in front of her protectively, it was rode by a blond haired man that garbed in an armor and-

"Nee-sama!?" She gasped when noticed there was another person behind him, and it was her sister to boot!

Her sister immediately hopped down from the beast and hastily inspected her.

"Rem, are you okay? Any injuries?" She asked in a concerned voice.

Rem, while surprised, manages to keep her composure, especially in this situation. "Rem is fine, Nee-sama." She answered.

"You are bleeding." Ram pointed to her injuries and bleeding arms and body, apparently whatever the invisible force that knocked her body was strong enough to gouge part of her flesh.

The pink haired oni's eyes gleamed dangerously at that.

"It will heal soon." She assured her. She just needs to take enough mana through her horn and use it to cure herself, it will take some time though.

"Good, then stay here until you are healed, let your sister take over." She said in a voice that promised pain as she turned to the front.

"But Nee-sama! You-"

"Rem." She called and stopped her from speaking. "It will be fine, we have a bigger monster here."

She takes a step forward, standing side by side with the man who is… powerful.

"Hey, hey, calling me a monster like that, isn't that the same as saying pot calling kettle black?"

"And what's wrong with that? Aaron-sama should be proud and happy that Ram compared herself to him."

"Isn't it supposed to be the opposite given our nature?"

"Ha! Ram's awesomeness and greatness cannot be bounded by something that is merely called nature."

"You do realize just how stupid that exclamation, right?"

The man that identified as Aaron who argues with her sister in a lighthearted tone, his very presence exudes power, one that reminded Rem of how her big sister was supposed to be except it was more, the magnitude was much greater.

It was then a particular scent entered her nose and her eyes widened in horror.

"Nee-sama, this man, he is-"

"Rem." Ram cut her again. "Believe in your big sis."

An attack was launched at them, it was an invisible force, it cleaved through the ground as if they were paper against a knife, tearing everything to be destroyed into pieces.

Aaron extended his hand and summoned something invisible as well and then swung it.

A loud wailing noise echoed as both invisible forces met, creating an impact that devastated the area around them. The struggle lasted less than a second as the man in front of her easily sliced whatever attack that nearly hit them.

"Attacks derived from space and time immunity won't work if the object itself is immune from their influences in the very first place" Aaron said with a smug smirk. "And you did that while we were in the middle of conversation, how rude of you, Regulus Corneas." He declared aloud to the Archbishop.

"Rude? Me? Are you not mistaken here? you are the one who-"

"I mean I am here, standing right here, protecting and reuniting this woman who has no manners – and was attacked unjustly – with her sister. I still do it because I love them. My love was so great that I even cast aside my own needs for them, me! But what do I see? Just when I reunite them, they are almost taken away again, how rude! How despicable! How inconceivable! You who did that, you are trampling my right! Violating my right! No, not just my right, but this pink haired menace and blue haired sweetie right! You have done so much wrong to the World by doing that! How greedy, how dirty, how selfish, such injustice and violation! You are really a man who has no shame! And compensation was needed to cleanse that sin of yours!"

The entire battlefield was filled with silence after Aaron finished his rant and ended it by pointing his invisible weapon to Regulus with overwhelming expression.

It was, however, broken by another person, one who let out a snort and held his stomach.

"That… that was… srrkkk… that was pffft… BWAHAHAHAHA!" Lye Batenkaitos laughed while pointing at the man and Regulus. "See that?! That! ~tsu, it was… bwahahaha! Old Man Regu, he is just like you ~tsu!"

The white haired man glared at his small companion, his dark eyes twitching dangerously.

"You damn filth, shut it! Your laughter is bothering my ears! It violates my right to have peace!" He yelled as he waved his hand at him and sent a wave of destruction at the Archbishop.

The cultist in rag hopped, avoiding the attack easily while still cackling.

Aaron who just says it making a face and then visibly shudders. "Uwaah, I feel my brain tremble and become dummier just by saying that. Ram, please knock my head once."

"Gladly." Ram said happily while still putting on a dull face.


"Woman, just once, once!" The man's head almost bobbed from the force of her slap and he gave her a deadpan look. "What's the second for?!"

"For insulting Ram by calling her a pink menace and having no manners." She explained easily.

"It's not like I am wrong though? You are a menace with almost zero manners, yes? Well, my sweet and lovely menace that is."


"You do realize it doesn't hurt at all in the slightest, right?"

"Yes, but Ram is still going to do it because Aaron-sama needs to be reprimanded."

Then much to Rem's shock, her sister stepped forward and planted a kiss on his cheek, prompting the man's cheeks to tinted with a red.

"And that is for saying Aaron-sama loves us and calling Ram lovely and sweet."

"My, my, what a nice present. Hmm, I have something to say about that but we will continue this later, we are about to fight after all, and they seem to be about to finish fooling each other."

Rem… well, Rem now started to be very confused about what was actually going on. Not only did her sister arrive with a man who has the stench of the Witch as well but she is also being affectionate with him!

"Nee-sama, are you okay? What is your relationship with this man?"

""Assistant and her Lord/Lover."" Both of them answered at the same time and they gave a look to each other.

"Now, now, Ram-san, calling us a lover sounds a bit overstretching, no?"

"Is that what Aaron-sama is going to say after kissing and violating Ram? No responsibility at all."

The blue oni immediately glared at the man who made a panicked face.

"Hey! Hey! I never did the latter! And the kiss has consent from both sides as well!"

"Aaron-sama did violate Ram through his eyes. Ram's beautiful and perfect figure is no longer pure."

"Hmph, beautiful? Yes. Perfect? Bah, don't get conceited, woman."

"Yet, you do love to look at Ram, no?"

"... you know, you seems to be getting smugger ever since this relationship of ours started."

"That wasn't a complaint in Ram's ears."

"It is a complaint you pinkie, your definition for complaint clearly needs to be corrected."

"Yet Aaron-sama didn't deny Ram's statement, you do find Ram lovely, yes?"


"So we are lovers then?"

"Not… like I want to deny that, but technically, in this body, we haven't done anything-"

"Ha, did Aaron-sama just pretend to be pure now? After what you did to poor little Petra?"

"For your information, Petra is not little anymore, she was 19 years old at that time. And poor her?! Poor me! I was the one who had his bed sneaked upon almost every night! I blame that damned Clind for teaching her weird things when I am away! Purity of Soul my ass! And did you know that she once hid in my closet with a canvas when I about to chan-"

Another invisible force came and attacked them, interfering with their conversation. Aaron nonchalantly swung his hand again, slicing and deflecting the attack easily.

"Talking and ignoring my existence is not just a violation of my rights but rudeness on another level!" Regulus spat angrily. "I will bring justice and retribution upon you two!"

Aaron opened his mouth, Ram quickly patted his arm lightly.

"While Ram doesn't mind Aaron-sama degrading this trash but please don't use his trashy self as an impression, it gives Ram a brain attack just by listening to it." She deadpanned.

"Yeah, you might be right, I feel stupider just by doing that, in fact." Aaron agreed immediately and raised his weapon. "I will take that trashy man. Ram, handle Gluttony."


"Oi, Mr. My Right is Violated, let's bring this to somewhere else, no?"

"Somewhere else?! What right do you have ask for-"

"Shut up."

A noise of a broken sound barrier echoed, turquoise colored flashing into existence, and an armored hand immediately reached for the Archbishop of Greed.

Aaron was there, eyes narrowed into a glare, body crackling with mana, his palm met the white haired man's chest and then he pushed him away, flinging the man to the forest with a force that sent shockwaves everywhere.

"How about we visit your dear wife?" Aaron asked as he grinned before running forward, chasing Regulus that he just threw, leaving the battlefield to Ram, Rem and the Gluttony.


Rem pushed herself to stand, right now there's a lot inside her mind but she is willing to set that all aside, they have an enemy to face after all.

"I have recovered, together, we shall take him-"

"Rem," Ram cut her again, back now facing her. "You are my precious little sister, I will always consider you as one, no matter which World we reside in, but I am not your big sister." She declared.

She blinked. Not her big sister? What does she mean by that?

"I… I…" Rem was quiet for a moment before she shook her head. "You claim you are not my big sister, and yet the love you have for me, and the words you speak, I know you are my sister, no matter what you just said, I know you are my sissy."

Synesthesia. The connection that solely belongs to them, one that enables them to sense each other's thoughts and emotions under some circumstance. Rem could feel it. Rem could sense the intimate connection between herself and this woman, so there's no way she isn't her big sister, she is one.

"... your big sister now is still in that mansion, unlike you, she is still trapped, trying to rescue a man that has been drowning for 400 years. She is fighting a losing battle, that man, he cannot be saved by her, only someone else could, someone who had drowned in despair and hopelessness like him would be able to pull him out." Her voice filled with nostalgia and sadness for unknown reasons. "That's why, as someone who shares the same story as her, someone who has experienced what she went through, I asked in her place. Help her, save that big sister of yours from her prison."

A sincere plea. This is the first time that Rem heard her sister speak in such a voice, in a weak and also almost pleading tone.

"... there's no need to ask me about that, Nee-sama-who-is-not-Nee-sama." Rem smiled. "Rem will always be happy to help her sissy so, will you tell Rem everything after this?"

The "Nee-sama-who-is-not-Nee-sama" briefly glanced at her, and then her lips curled upward into a smile.

"You are really a blessing to this World, Rem." She declared.

Ram stepped forward, eyes narrowing into a glare, and she took her stance. The Archbishop apparently seems to be satisfied waiting for them to finish their talk.

And why would he? This after all, only will be another gourmet for them, the sweeter the memory, the better the taste for them.

The Archbishop of Gluttony leered at her. "We can sense your anger ~tsu. Your hatred and desire to kill us." He said while salivating.

"Of course, you have tried to harm my adorable sister, such impudent, such insolent. You, who are nothing but a puppet ordered by the strings you called Gospel, a failure replica of the Book that has connection to the End, want to touch my cute little sister? Know your place, worm."

Ram's words delivered with anger and hatred as she glared at the Archbishop before her.

"Hehehe, you… that love, that emotion. You will be a gourmet ~tsu." Lye drooled while licking his lips. "You will sate our appetite, our hunger!"

"Hmph, sate your appetite? Ram is too much for you, trash."

The wind roared.

Power, pure unadulterated force poured out from her entire body. The World shakes under her presence, under her might. Light coalescing around her, shrouding her like a blanket, her pink eyes humming with a mana, all the force she gathered, all of them flowed into one direction.

Into an organ that jutted out from her forehead.

A horn, symbol of power and what represents a source of strength for the Oni, a race that was once considered to be the mightiest among the numerous humanoid races that existed in the world.

And here she stood, the one that hailed as Oni God, the strongest of them all.

Ignoring Rem's gasp of shock, Ram started to float in the air, a hurricane began to manifest around her, ravaging everything they touched, and at the same time a protective dome of wind formed around the blue haired oni as well, shielding her and the woman she protected from any harm of the Wind.

The God of Oni glared down to her enemy, eyes cold and merciless, and she spoke, her words echoing across the land and tinted with indisputable power.

"Sin Archbishop of Gluttony, My Name is Ram, Big Sister of Rem, Advisor of Aaron Pendragon – the Descendant of the Great Dragon, and the Second Oni God. Etch My Name Into Your Mind, for Mine Shall be the Last One You Ever Heard."