AJ and the Dragon

A/N: Alright, this is my first My Little Pony story. And, since I love Beauty and the Beast AUs, I decided to give this idea a try.

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Throughout Equestria, there were rumors of a prince living in the Everfree Forest, who had captured some girls to become his servants in his castle. This act of cruelty got the attention of Princess Celestia, one of the rulers of Equestria.

So, she sent her faithful student, the Princess of Friendship, to go and study the prince. She agreed, for the girls that were captured were her closest friends and their younger sisters.

When the princess arrived, she was surprised that such a cruel prince was so handsome. With his wild green hair, matching draconic eyes, his purple skin, strong and lean body, and his regal manner. But that did nothing to stir her from her mission.

During the next couple of weeks, the prince and princess grew very close, especially during their time together in his magnificent library. But also, behind his back, the princess and her friends concocted a plan to escape from the castle. But the prince soon found out. Feeling betrayed, he lashed out at the princess and her friends.

It was that harsh act towards them that made the princess realize just how cold hearted her so-called friend really was. She came up with a plan that was extremely risky, but it would seem like the only way to get through to him. She told Princess Celestia about it before she went with her plan.

The Princess of Friendship disguised herself as a beggar, and pretended to ask the prince for shelter for the night. Repulsed by her poor and dirty appearance, the prince turned her away. But, the disguised princess warned him not to be fooled by how people look, for true beauty lies within.

The prince scoffed, and dismissed her again. With that, the princess revealed herself. Feeling regretful that he yelled at his first friend, the prince tried to apologize to her. But, she already knew that there was no true love in his heart. With a heavy heart, the princess turned him into a hideous dragon; his skin turned into scales, he became twice his size, his teeth became fangs, his hands into claws, and he grew a long tail, and she also placed a powerful curse on herself and everyone in the castle.

Ashamed of his corrupted form, the dragon hid himself away in his castle, with a magic mirror that the princess conjured up as his only window to the outside world. She also gave him an enchanted Ice Iris, which will remain in bloom until the spring equinox, after Winter Wrap Up.

If he could let true friendship into his heart, and learn to love another, and earn their trust and love in return before winter turns into spring, when the last petal of the Ice Iris falls, then, the curse will be lifted. If not, he will forever remain in his monstrous form.

As the weeks faded into months, the prince fell into sorrow and lost all hope, for who can learn to love a beast like him?

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