AJ and the Dragon

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Chapter 18

Castle Battle

The villagers finally managed to push open the castle doors. Inside, in the dark foyer, where it leads up to the main staircase, there was random furniture and household objects stationed throughout. Everyone carefully entered the foyer, eyeing the objects suspiciously. No one even noticed the nine pairs of eyes; eight of them draconic, watching from up on the ceiling.

When it was shown that everyone had entered the castle, there was a loud snap of fingers echoing through the halls. The lights flicked back on, and the furniture became alive and started fighting the villagers.

Coat stands began walking and punching, drawers pushed open at will, silverware was flying through the air, and chests hopped after possible prey to keep inside.

Discord, Rainbow Dash, Soarin', Pinkie Pie, and Cheese Sandwich were trying to contain their bubbling laughter at the battle scene below them. Twilight turned to the Lord of Chaos with an unamused glare.

"Are you sure that no one will get hurt?" She asked.

Discord only nudged her playfully. "Now, Twilight, though I am the Lord of Chaos, since when have I broken my word?"

"Do you really want me to answer that question?" She said with the still unconvinced look on her face.

"Word or not, this is going to be good." Rainbow snickered at the scene happening below them. "When do you think we could join in?"

"Don't even think about it." Twilight said.

But Discord smirked at her. "If you think you're fast enough." He answered.

Dash returned the grin. "Oh, I know I'm fast." She turned over to Soarin' and Scootaloo. "What about you two?"

Their answer was two challenging smirks and confidently opening their wings.

Back in Ponyville, the Apple Family were still trapped in their barn. Applejack was the only one who was trying as best as she could to push open the doors. She kept chanting aloud the one thing that kept up her determination to even kick them down if possible. "I have to get back there."

Apple Bloom looked out of one of the windows and saw three shadowy figures in front of the barn. One was about Applejack's height, maybe a couple of inches taller, while the other two were around her own. The two smaller figures then began conjuring up magic in their hands. One was a pale turquoise while the other was a light orange. Her eyes widened when she saw the magic blasting towards the doors.

"Take cover!" She shouted, running towards the back of the barn. Granny Smith followed her, while Big Mac grabbed AJ and joined their family.

The blasts hit the doors, breaking them into splinters. Once the dust cleared up, the Apple Family saw Snips, Snails, and Flash Sentry in the open doorway.

"Are you all okay?" The guard asked.

Applejack ran over to him, giving him a quick and thankful hug, following by a pat on the shoulder. "I owe ya big time, Flash."

He smiled. "Come on." He said. "We don't have much time."

AJ nodded in agreement, and the two ran into the Everfree Forest. Storm clouds were beginning to fill the sky, hiding Luna's moon and the stars.

Snips and Snails looked apologetically at the other three members of the Apple Family. "Uh, sorry about the doors." Snips said, rubbing the back of his head.

Apple Bloom just smiled at her school mates, then looked back at the broken barn doors. "I think this time, we'll let it slide." She assured them.

In the castle, the battle was still raging, and now, Rainbow, Soarin', and Scootaloo were swooping down from the ceiling in their signature trails, bonking some villagers up the head, whooping battle cries.

Eventually, Rarity, Fancy Pants, and Sweetie Belle began using their own magic to drop some objects down on them. Sweetie Belle laughed with glee as tea pots and random apples from the enchanted apple trees fell on them.

Pinkie and Cheese soon started spraying silly string to tangle up them. "Now, this is what I call a surprise!" Pinkie said.

"You said it!" Cheese agreed.

The only ones who was still not amused by this chaotic battle was Twilight and Fluttershy. They turned over to Discord, who was guffawing away, clutching his sides.

"Discord!" Twilight shouted at him, making him snap up to attention. The Lord of Chaos looked at the two girls, who were still not amused by the scene below them.

"I think they've had quite enough." Fluttershy said.

"Oh, come now." He said, making pleading eyes to the shy pegasus girl. "Just a few more minutes?"

His answer was two unfazed, annoyed glares; one teal and the other violet. He groaned. "Oh, fine!" He snapped his fingers, and all of the enchanted objects went still, confusing the villagers.

The other pegasi landed on the ground, while Discord teleported himself and the others that were spectating from the ceiling revealing themselves to the Ponyville townsfolk. Immediately when Twilight made herself known, they all began asking her questions.

"Princess Twilight, are you all right?"

"Did you stop the Dragon?"

"Why are you looking like a dragon?"

"One at a time, please!" She shouted, her authoritative voice echoing through the foyer; a flash of lightning choosing that moment to crack across the gray sky outside. "Yes, you may have heard of the Dragon that lives here and has kept us all prisoner here, but that is no longer the case."

"Exactly what I was trying to tell y'all!" A familiar voice rang out through the battle-zone foyer. Everyone turned to the entrance and saw Applejack and Flash Sentry over in the doorway, panting from their running.

"Applejack!" Her friends shouted happily. Pinkie came over to the cowgirl and began squeezing her tightly.

"You really came back!" She cried, a cascade of overjoyed tears pouring out from her eyes.

"I promised y'all, didn't I?" AJ asked, hugging her just as tight.

Rainbow Dash zoomed over to them and managed to pry Pinkie off her. "Geez, Pinkie! Give her some air!" She then turned to the cowgirl. "Glad you're back, AJ." The two shared a fist bump.

Applejack looked over the Ponyville folk. "Now, the Dragon wouldn't hurt anyone." She said. "There is a barrier that is keeping my friends here. But, I will find a way to bring it down." The townsfolk looked at each other, realizing their mistake.

Twilight then saw the guard and went over to him, not believing her eyes. Flash smiled, seeing that his princess was all right, and she was just as beautiful as ever; cursed or not.

He bowed to her. "Princess Twilight."

She curtsied. "Sir Sentry." They then both rised. "It's so good to see you again." Twilight enveloped Flash in a hug, for once not caring about protocol or that there were people gawking at them in surprise. Flash didn't, either, as he returned the hug tightly.

Their friends smiled at the touching reunion. But then, Rainbow and Soarin' both noticed that something seemed off.

"Hey, AJ." Dash pointed out to her. "I don't see that jerk hunter, Brandy."

"He was leading the group here, but now, he's gone." Soarin' added.

Applejack wondered where that lowdown varmint went. Suddenly, her breath hitched. "Oh, no." She immediately started running again, up to the west wing, praying that she wasn't too late.

Her friends were surprised to her sudden panic, but then quickly realized why and they followed her up the stairs.

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