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It is difficult to fathom how such an advanced people could be so foolish.

How could a species that has traveled the stars at unfathomable speeds; cured countless diseases; stopped their planet from succumbing to a changing climate; fought wars and made alliances with alien species; and created life-sustaining structures in the void of space where no one could survive before, leave only one lock and two guards to protect them against one of their most dangerous enemies?

Hubris. Nothing more.

Yet, as proud as these people were, they were also mortally afraid.

Fear is an astounding motivator. It builds walls. It kills. It makes people make cataclysmic decisions while crying "Safety!" Combined with hubris, fear can cannibalize an empire.

Which was why Khan was unsurprised, if somewhat disappointed in the human species, when he awoke once more in a Starfleet medbay. They seemed cautious enough at that point. He was restrained, and surrounded by guards.

They asked him many questions. The doctors asked about his health. How could he heal so rapidly? Could all Augments do what he can do? Khan was certain they knew those answers already, but were simply fascinated. He answered politely as the took samples of his blood.

The Starfleet admiral in charge of the facility asked about the Vengence. How long did Admiral Marcus force him to work on the torpedoes? Did Khan tell the Klingons about the ship or the weapons when he was on their homeworld? Khan answered as cryptically as he could.

The most interesting interrogator was an archaeologist. He asked about Khan's life before his exile. He answered him honestly. It was amusing to see the man's face turn green. Humans are capable of so much more than most of these self-righteous intellectuals are willing to do.

It was after the interrogation that their stupidity reached its peak. They took him to a cell. Not a force-field enclosed room where he could not touch the walls without pain, but a cage. The restraints were removed. They said it would be inhumane to leave them on.

They left him there. One door. One lock. Two guards.

There wasn't much blood. He could also be humane. Necks snap quietly enough to avoid alarms, and phasers cauterize as they kill.

He swept through facility like a spectre, and left nothing but death behind him before reaching the medbay. One of the doctors sounded the alarm. None of the doctors survived.

The admiral tried to ambush Khan as he turned a corner. The surprised look on the commander's face as a knife appeared in his chest was poetry.

The archaeologist tried to barricade his door. He failed. As the man cowered in the corner, begging for his life, Khan asked him three questions:

How long had he been asleep?

Where was his crew?

Where was the Enterprise?

The archaeologist thought the answers would save him. He was wrong.

They never should have woken him. Not once, and definitely not a second time. They would pay for their mistakes.