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Marinette was worried.

For the entire class, Alya had barely said more than two words to her. She hadn't said anything when Juleka and Adrien had kissed at the doorway (Marinette avoided looking in their direction.) She hadn't said anything when Chloe had made yet another nasty comment to Marinette. She remained quiet when Mrs Bustier called the register and Marinette had to answer for her. She had even remained quiet as they had walked to the library to do their homework and Marinette was beginning to think that Hawkmoth, Ladybug and Chat Noir could show up and do a tap dancing routine and she wouldn't notice. (Okay, Marinette was spending far too much time with Chat Noir of late. Stupid insomnia.)

"She kissed me," Alya said as they picked up their schoolbags to go home, her voice distant. "She kissed me. I can't believe she kissed me."

"Who?" Marinette asked, her curiosity peaked. "Who kissed you? Is this why you've spent the entire afternoon in a daze? Who is she?"

Alya continued to stare into the distance as though she hadn't heard her friend for a few moments and she licked her lips.

"I can still taste her lipstick," she said as she raised her hand to her mouth. "I had…I didn't…wow," she paused for a moment and looked at her friend. "I had no idea she felt like that. Or even…wow"

"I'm guessing that it was a good kiss?" Marinette asked in a teasing voice as she smirked. If nothing else, it made a good distraction from her own embarrassingly poor love life. "So come on, spill!"

"Well…Rose kissed me. When we came back from lunch, she…waited for me on the stairs…and she turned around and asked to talk to me…and then she kissed me and ran away. I just…I can't…Rose of all people! Quiet, pink, girly Rose actually likes me. As in, like, likes me."

Marinette raised an eyebrow.

"So…have the two of you set a date?" she asked mischievously, a smirk playing on her lips and Alya looked at her with confusion.

"Date?" she asked puzzled and Marinette's smirk widened.

"For your wedding of course," she said with a smile and Alya blushed.

"I don't…I don't…shut up you!" Alya said slapping Marinette's arm as her friend began to cackle.

And judging by the way that Alya looked at Rose as she left the school, it wasn't entirely one sided.

AN: Okay, it's a little one sided and I prefer Juleka/Rose, but this just wanted me to write it.