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Chapter 1: Reflection of Time

It had been two years. Two long years since he'd entered the dimensional portal to step foot into this world. After he had defeated the evilest Dark Lord in wizarding history, Lord Voldemort, Harry had had enough, and wanted to start over. Few could blame him: he'd lost nearly all of his friends in the war.

In short, after Ron Weasley, the person Harry had viewed as a brother for over six years, left them over a jealous fit over what they should do, Hermione and Harry began investigating alternate ways to defeat Voldemort. It was then that Hermione found a method that could help him. The Phoenix Ashes Ritual, which would grant amazing powers and abilities.

The first thing they had to do was to acquire the ingredients and components for the ritual. Fortunately, most of the pieces were easily obtained without alerting the Death Eaters, or Voldemort, for that matter. They quietly gathered the dragon scale, unicorn horn, Thestral tail hair, and salamander's blood. The hardest part were the phoenix tears, for neither had seen a phoenix since their late Headmaster's funeral.

As if sensing their need and thoughts focused upon him, Fawkes, Dumbledore's beautiful phoenix appeared in a flash of flame – just when they needed him most – and offered his tears to Harry.

The ritual was painful at first. So much power and energy was being poured into him...he wanted the pain to stop…death was surely better than this; for the pain and agony was nothing like he had ever experienced before…he was unaware if he was screaming or shouting or saying anything at all…it was pure torture…

Then, suddenly, it stopped. Harry was on the ground, panting hard as though he had just run a marathon.

They knew at once that it had worked, as Harry could perform wandless magic with ease. He still practiced with a wand of course, but he was more powerful than he had ever dreamed.

Sadly, Fawkes didn't stay, and disappeared, this time for good.

Hermione and Harry continued to hunt for Voldemort's Horcruxes.

Ron came back.

Together they destroyed Slytherin's Locket. Then they ventured deep in Gringotts to steal Hufflepuff's Cup.

They snuck into the school to find Ravenclaw's Diadem, and the Battle of Hogwarts began.

Despite the fact that Hogwarts was built to withstand a siege, Voldemort's forces proved to be too much and were slowly overwhelming the defenders of Hogwarts.

Harry found the Diadem, and it was quickly destroyed by Crabbe's idiotic use of Fiendfyre. A spell the former Slytherin would certainly never be casting again.

That just left the snake, Nagini, and Voldemort himself.

Harry smiled as Neville killed the snake. Voldemort, however, was beside himself. Not only were all of his Horcruxes destroyed, but he'd lost all of his Death Eaters. The Dark Empire he had built was coming undone. He was then beaten by Harry in a duel where he slowly withered away until he became nothing more than ashes in the wind.

However, the price of victory was high. Countless students had died, and Harry had nearly lost all of his friends.

He didn't want to remain in a world where he was surrounded by dead loved ones.

Hermione finally seemed to understand Harry's pain. She helped him with the ritual to send him to another world, after he settled his affairs in the magical world.

Thanks to his word, Draco Malfoy and his family were saved from being sentenced to Azkaban. They made peace with one another as well. Never able to truly be friends, but they parted on better terms than would have been expected from their time in their academic years.

Harry also told the magical world exactly who did what and made sure the right people were released from Azkaban, and those that wronged them were sentenced to Azkaban in their stead.

Hermione insisted that he take all his gold with him, since in a new world – even in a parallel one – money and gold would still run things. Harry heeded her advice, withdrew the entirety of his gold from Gringotts, and devised a way to carry all of it as well as enough food to last him for the time he would evidently need to get straightened out in the new world. In any case, as Hermione had pointed out, all worlds relied on currency and he would need his to survive.

Along with his money, he carried only a few possessions, however: some muggle clothes, robes, food, and a number of books that Hermione, Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick had given him to read and learn from, in case there was magic, and if he ever needed to use magic in his world.

With everything in tow, he finally stepped through the portal…

…looked around…

And blinked.

This isn't so different.

Actually, it wasn't different at all, he realized as he easily recognized his location as London.

Harry stayed silent as he decided his first order of business. He needed to find a computer and look up where he could sell his gold. He wasn't overly picky, but he needed to find an honest dealer or a trustworthy bank. He was extremely thankful that he'd messed around with his cousin's computer a bit when he was younger, and not completely eschewed technology like many Muggle-borns who entered the Wizarding World. As it was, he felt relatively comfortable that he could easily find what he needed without drawing attention to himself.

Walking into the internet café gave him the first indication of something truly different about this world. The computers were not the big, bulky contraptions he remembered, but slim and sharp. Upon logging in, he found they also ran faster, much faster than his cousin's.

With the lightning-fast computers and the internet, it didn't take him long to find the best place to sell his gold. They had five stars from their customers. The only downside was that it would require going to Sweden.

Harry had to use magic to Confund some muggles, but was able to get on a plane to Stockholm. Once there, he staked out the bank and realized at once that it was a high-profile bank, which would surely not appreciate his more casual dress. The first thing he had to do, then, was buy proper and appropriate clothes. Unfortunately, he realized that the entire reason he was here was because he didn't have actual money; ultimately, he transfigured his clothes into nice, tailored ones before walking into the bank.

There didn't appear to be any real tellers, just a pseudo-receptionist at a front desk. The bank employee seemed reluctant to believe Harry would be worth the time of the bank when he approached and said that he had gold to sell. This rapidly changed when he pulled out ten gold bricks, and an appraiser was quickly summoned.

They quickly and efficiently examined and performed tests to determine that the gold was not only real, but its fineness was of almost 995, or 24 karat quality, they agreed on a settlement price. Harry didn't have to snoop around, or do another background check, to know that security here was tight. After settling for about six million dollars, Harry set up an armored car to "retrieve" the rest of his gold. He needed about ten of them, but he was able to get them squared away, though he did have to use magic to Confund them into doing so.

Two weeks later, he had a bank account with over thirty billion dollars in his name.

After that, he decided to travel the world like he'd never been able to in his home universe. He went to Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, and many other places. He never stayed in one place for long, but just enough to enjoy the countries and different cultures.

With a little more than two years of travel under his belt, he was finally looking to settle down and just call a place home.

"Please take your belongings with you as you disembark from the plane," a voice over the loudspeaker said, causing Harry to jolt awake.

Harry looked around and realized the other passengers were already getting up and grabbing their belongings.

Harry yawned as slowly got up and stretched out his legs and arms from their protracted inactivity. He'd slept through most of the eight-hour plane ride.

Harry grabbed his backpack, his only luggage, as he stood in line with everyone else to disembark the plane.

He said nothing as he walked past the lady at his gate's counter and continued following the signs for the exit. He noticed that many of his fellow passengers were heading to their baggage area to collect their belongings. Harry was very grateful he didn't have to wait for his stuff. He had heard stories of how belongings had not arrived, or worse, ended up in another country. How Muggles lived without magic quite frankly astonished him sometimes. He might have, technically, grown up that way, but he'd never experienced Muggle long-distance travel before stepping through that portal.

Harry stepped outside and couldn't help but notice how rainy and wet the east coast of the United States was. Harry got into one of the waiting cabs and set his bag down.

"Where to boss?" the driver asked.

"A hotel in downtown Manhattan," Harry replied calmly. He of course had no reservation for any hotel, but he could easily get one.

"I know just the place," the driver said, and took off into the rain.

Nothing was said as the driver drove him into New York City: The City That Never Sleeps. Harry had never seen himself coming to this city when he was younger…but then again, he also hadn't imagined coming to a new world.

With his mind drifting all over the place, Harry arrived at the Roosevelt Hotel without paying attention to most of the trip. He got out the cab and paid the driver a hundred before walking through the entryway of the imposing building.

Harry said nothing as the doorman opened the door, and walked up to the front desk.

"Hello, I would like to rent a room for a couple of nights," Harry said in a polite voice.

"Do you have a reservation with us?" asked the lady at the front desk.

"I'm afraid I don't," he admitted.

"Are you with anyone or you by yourself?" she asked.

"I'm by myself. It doesn't have to be fancy, just a single room will do," Harry said. The woman nodded and typed in her computer.

"We do have a room available. It will cost you just over two hundred a night," she informed him.

"That's fine. Put me down for two nights," Harry said, and pulled out his credit card to pay for it. The woman swiped his card and it went through without trouble.

"Your room is seven hundred and eighteen. Please do enjoy your stay with us," she said, a graceful smile on her face as she handed him his keycard. Harry took it and walked towards the elevator.

It was then that Harry's ears heard something.

"Sir, he's got room seven hundred and eighteen."

Harry said nothing, but listened hard for any further conversation. He turned back slightly, and caught a glimpse of a beautiful woman wearing a suit walking up to the counter.

"Room seven hundred and twenty-two. Please do enjoy your stay with us," said the lady as she handed the woman a keycard. The woman walked towards him as the elevator dinged, and opened. As Harry entered she began running.

"Wait," she called out as she approached. The doors hadn't begun to shut yet, and so she boarded easily without any action on Harry's part.

"Thanks for waiting," She said as she pressed the seventh-floor button. Harry said nothing. She was a blond, a bit shorter than he was, but had a great beauty about her.

"Is this your first time in New York?" she asked.

"It is," Harry said slowly, not sure what she was after.

"Let me give you some advice: This place tends to be busy all the time."

"I'll take your advice into consideration," he said kindly, mindfully hiding his wariness.

"I'm Kate," she said, introducing herself; however, Harry's Legilimency told him she was lying.

"Harry," was all Harry said, knowing he couldn't think of a better name to use. He had no reason to hide who he was, either.

The elevator dinged once more and they both stepped out. He said nothing more to the woman as he walked towards his room.

"I hope to catch you around," the woman said as she went to her room.

Harry remained silent as he opened his room door and walked inside. The moment he did so, he placed a locking spell on the door to ensure she couldn't come in in the middle of the night. He walked to the window and looked outside. The rain and darkness had made the visibility so low for a normal person that it was almost impossible to see anything, but thanks to his massively ritual-improved eyesight, he could see through darkness as if it was broad daylight; and he could zoom in and out to great distances, much like a hawk or eagle.

This was how he saw, quite easily, the survey team hiding across the street in a room with its lights out, watching him.

As far as Harry knew, he hadn't done anything to grab anyone's attention. As far as he was concerned, he was a tourist looking to settle down.

Harry, not giving any outward indication that he knew of the team's presence, closed the blinds and went to his bag. He removed his suit and stuffed it into his bag. He washed his face, before he turned around and collapsed on the bed. Harry wasn't sure when it happened, but he quickly fell asleep.

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