Avengers: Battleground

Chapter 35: Scars of the Past

It has been three months since the Battle of Sokovia. Harry knew the U.N. was pushing for a document that would control the Avengers, but every enhance and magical person on the planet. Harry knew they wouldn't pass this document without the knowledge that this would force the world into a world war. Harry held an emergency meeting with I.C.S. to hold an emergency conference about their course of action. Unfortunately, I.C.S. couldn't come up with a proper response to deal with this situation without it leading to a war. In the end, Morgan suggested that they should prepare every magical government for war while they also attempt to beseech peace.

Harry knew why the United Nations wanted to control the Avengers. Their success at achieving impossible odds was almost unheard of. Harry, however, remember well what the politicians of the United Nations first thought of the Avengers. It was a team they tried to scrap aside believing it was a waste of time and resources.

Now they were singing a different tone.

However, thanks to the Ancient One and the Sling Ring… Harry was making frequent trips to Asgard to speak to Odin and Thor. Both were in agreement, if the United Nations force a war, Asgard would answer the call. Thor swearing he would swing his hammer on all their heads until they agree to leave the Avengers alone.

That wasn't the only thing Harry was doing.

He was spending a lot of time with Wanda. She was slowly coming to terms with her brother's death yet it still affected her. Apparently, when Wanda showed him his greatest fear and his greatest desire, she bonded with him. The two got pretty close. It was making Vision a little jealous that Harry and Wanda were getting too close for comfort.

Jessica still wanted to spend time with Harry, but she had also accepted that Harry and Wanda were a couple. That didn't stop her from teasing Harry and sharing stories with Wanda about their sex life. Like a pair of teenagers, they would giggle and compare notes.

Harry opens his eyes and stares into the darkness. Harry sits upright and knew things were going to get hectic real fast. Morgan senses his fear and was urging the magical community to prepare themselves for war. If the muggles did indeed seek to control them through international laws, then she told them it was their intent to start a war. It caused Harry to brood and have a dark mood. All he could really do is wait for the United Nations to make the first move.

Meanwhile, the Avengers Facility was now employing former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents and scientist. Doctor Jane Foster and Doctor Erik Selvig were leading a team of Astrophysicist to study the stars and learn more about the alien life out there.

They now had several regeneration cradles, enough to heal the Avengers in case they get severally injured. Yet Harry knew they would need it more than ever. Harry would wait to see how things played out. If Morgan plan worked, the world would agree to any demands Harry demanded to them.

As Morgan explains, politics may use different words now, and their clothing may be different, but the language they spoke was the same. They would only do something if they believed they could win. Once they would lose, and face lost, they would do anything to save face. The scary part was that Harry could easily win the war against the United Nations. Due to the fact, Asgard had his back and their army alone would force the United Nations into submission.

Everyone wants to rule the world. That's what was a common fact. Yet the drums of war was about to echo across the world.

Harry sits upright and sighs. More and more he was getting visions in the future about a war that would ravage the Earth. It was starting to get clearer and stronger with each passing day. Harry knew if the United Nations pass a law that gave them to control empowered people, it would not end well for the world.

However, Harry was more concern about Banner. Harry knew he was still alive. As he doubts anything could truly hurt him. Yet for a strange reason, Harry's tracking charm wasn't working and Hulk no longer appeared on Harry's senses. Harry never told the team. They were already worried sick over the big guy. Stark was deploying all his resources into finding Banner. The only reason why Harry was unable to find Banner was only if he was no longer on the planet. While Harry could no longer sense Banner location, he knew he was alive. He could still feel Banner's lifeforce. It was faint but it was there.

Harry spent most of his days in Avengers Facility. Going over battle plans against the United Nations. Morgan's plan was about to come into action. Just as she suggested Harry had every Auror from around the world on battle alert. Yet Harry was really hoping a war wouldn't break out. He knew the death toll would enter catastrophic levels.

Harry's hope Morgan's bluff would really work.

Though Harry knew if he had to negotiate with world leaders, he would end up killing them instead. Harry's hatred for politicians was rather well known in the magical world and he would make very few exceptions. Right now, only Hermione and Kingsley's were the exceptions, mostly because Hermione has been his friend for years, and Kingsley's help him in the war.

Harry turns to look at Wanda.

Yet they wouldn't see each other for awhile. Cap was going to take Wanda out for some training and a mission. Crossbones has been making a mess where ever he went and he was stealing weapons, supplies, and intelligence. As an Ex-Strike Commander and a Hydra Hitman, he was very dangerous to be left unchecked. He was selling these stuff on the black market and making a fortune.

However, that wasn't what worried Harry.

Going over Strucker's files, Harry learns that Hydra was merely left to Strucker by someone else. Meaning there was another who was running Hydra but left for unknown reasons.

Harry knew one didn't simply leave Hydra. Once you were, you were in for life. Much like the marriage saying 'till death do us part'. Meaning whoever was in charge of Hydra before Strucker's rise, meant they were very dangerous. What surprise Harry as he knew Strucker wouldn't let someone simply walk away from Hydra. Meaning, this person terrified Strucker. Most likely, this person reached out to Crossbones and was hiring them to do this stuff.

Cap wanted to put Crossbones away and find out who was Crossbones source. Harry felt for sure, whoever was the true mastermind behind Hydra, was the one pulling Crossbones strings would remain in the shadows.

Wanda stirs from her slumber as Harry turns to look at her.

It was strange for a brief time in their lives, they were enemies. Mostly because of Wanda's hatred for Tony Stark. Yet Wanda gave up on her hatred of Stark when she realized her own mistake and what she did. She couldn't bring herself to create another Ultron in an attempt to destroy the world. She wanted to make a better world, yet she truly didn't understand how to make a better world. She accepted the Avengers invention because she wanted to do some good. Not to mention, the bond between Harry and Wanda was very strong. It got to point they could sense each other emotions and talk long distance by their mere thoughts.

Yet Wanda's greatest strength was her emotions. It was also her greatest weakness. The stronger her emotions, the stronger her powers became. Yet certain emotions could also weaken her. Needless to say, Harry started to train her in Occlumency so she could better control her emotions. Like himself at the beginning, she had trouble. Yet she was improving. Though it was difficult.

Because most nights they would end up like rabbits in the bed sheets.

It wasn't just Wanda who was in bed with him. Morgan and Jessica were also frequently visiting Harry at night. Mondays and Tuesdays were Morgan's night with Harry. Wednesday and Thursday were Jessica's night with Harry while Fridays and Saturdays were Wanda's nights.

When they weren't with Harry, they would sleep in their own rooms.

Needless to say, Harry was getting exhausted pleasing three women. They had great stamina in bed and they would go at it for a long time. Harry's record so far was six hour. Hard to believe they had such charisma and stamina that literally drain Harry of everything he had.

If Stark knew, which Harry suspect he did know, he would be all over Harry for details.

Harry was grateful that Romanoff wasn't interested in him and more interested in Cap. She would constantly flirt with him and attempt to get on his 'good' side. Cap would always brush her off with a smile.

A light couple of knocks on Harry's bedroom door caused Harry to turn to the door.

"Come in." Harry said.

The door opens revealing Maria Hill.

"You're awake. You got a minute?" Maria Hill asks.

"Yeah, what is it?" Harry said.

"A Hermione Granger has requested to see you." Maria Hill said.

Harry raised an eyebrow. This was very interesting. Harry looks at the time and sees it was just four in the morning. Granted he didn't get the sleep he needed. This would mean it was nine in the morning in London.

Harry was very curious to know why Hermione came to Avengers Facility to see him. Let alone how she got past security… no scratch that... he knew exactly how talented Hermione was with spells and bypassing security.

"Where is she now?" Harry asks.

"In the dining room. She claims to be a friend of yours and a witch…" Maria Hill stated.

"She's both. I'm surprised she would come here to see me. Did she say why she needed to see me?" Harry asks.

"No. She said it was for your ears only." Maria Hill said.

"Give me a minute, I'll be out in a bit." Harry said.

Maria Hill nods her head as she closes the door.

Harry gets up and quickly puts on his robes. Wanda continues to sleep as Harry walks out the room and goes to the dining area.

True to Maria Hill word, Hermione Granger was seated down on the couch in her best robes.

"Hermione, what brings you here?" Harry asked as he sits down.

"Trouble," Hermione said. "Delphi is plotting a take over with the Ministry."

Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Don't you have people looking for her? Why do you need me?" Harry asks.

"I'm hoping you can talk to her. Given how you grew up, and what I've been able to gather of her… I'm hoping you can talk to her out of it." Hermione said.

"What do you mean?" Harry said.

"We recently capture a known Death Eater associate. Euphemia Rowle. An elderly witch who apparently was Delphini guardian. She's a handful and someone who is full of hatred and smite. We had to question her under veritaserum to get answers out of her. She may be a Death Eater supporter, but she's not a very skillful nor powerful witch. During her questioning, we learn she only took in Delphini for two reasons. One was for the gold, that was being secretly handed to her by Lucius Malfoy. The other was out of fear of Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort." Hermione said.

"Bellatrix Lestrange? What does she have to do with this?" Harry asks with a raised eyebrow.

"She's Delphini's mother. Delphini was born around the same time you were." Hermione said.

"Okay, let's stop for a minute. Are we sure this is Voldemort's child? That's she's really the Dark Lord's heir? What is she hoping to accomplish anyway? To finish her father's dream? Also, why didn't Malfoy say anything when he testified on the Death Eaters?" Harry said as there were more questions than answers.

"We're not sure what her goals are. However, we are certain that several Death Eaters are staying near her and training her. We don't know where yet, but she is dangerous. Apparently, she's already broken into Hogwarts and killed a student." Hermione said. "Also, we question Lucius Malfoy and his wife Narcissa, they took oaths of silence and were unable to say anything unless the person knew. They never knew who Delphini was."

"What else can you tell me about her?" Harry asked. He could sense Hermione was holding something back.

Hermione bits her lower lip. It was her way of silently debating to tell Harry information. Harry stood there waiting."I met her. Apparently, she was introduced to me by Amos Diggory as his niece. Before I could catch on who she was, she vanished."

Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Where is she?" Harry asked.

"I don't know. But I really could use your help. Plus, it would be good for you to stop by once in awhile to make some sort of public appearance. It would draw her out." Hermione said.

Harry paused as he thought about this information.

"Today is Halloween isn't it?" Harry said.

"Have you've been so busy that you no longer know the days?" Hermione said in surprise.

"You don't have to say anything. I know where she is." Harry said.

Hermione raised an eyebrow as if she was silently asking Harry to elaborate his meaning.

"Let's go back to London." Harry said. With a soft pop, both Hermione and Harry disapparates.

Harry now being an expert in apparation and now with Thor's powers, the powers of the God of Thunder, Harry was able to travel great distances. All over the world in an instance. Harry also study a new kind of magic. He studied the idea behind an Einstein Rosen Bridge. Manipulating the space-time around him. Harry studied it with magic and the theory of apparation for a wider view. Spatial manipulation it was being called. Harry was getting really good at it. Annoyed Vision a few times when he shifted the space around him.

One time he sent Vision outside when he walk through the wall when Harry and Wanda were making out like a pair of teenagers. It freak Wanda out when Vision enter her room like that, but Vision hard a hard time learning his lesson. He would still do it, but only when Wanda's door was open.

Perhaps Vision desired a partner like Harry had. Almost every Avenger, had someone to be with.

Harry wasn't sure. However he hope this wouldn't create problems in the future.

Harry reappears in Diagon Alley with Hermione. Before Hermione could turn to Harry with a single question, Harry disapparates, disappearing from view. Leaving Hermione baffled by his sudden departure.

Harry reappears in Godric Hollow and walks up to his parent's old house. It was still in a ruined state, and still looking miserable as it ever did.

True to his suspicions, a young woman wearing poor witches robes was standing looking at the house. Her hair was clearly dyed blue with hints of white. She didn't even seem to notice Harry who approaches her silently.

"You know, of all the people who tried to kill me, you might be the most interesting." Harry said causing her to jump in surprise. She turns to look at Harry who stood next to her. "Dephini Black. Daughter of Bellatrix Lestrange and Tom Riddle."

"Voldemort." Delphini said. "My father's name was Lord Voldemort. The rightful ruler of the magical world."

Harry didn't have to see that she was gripping her wand tightly.

"Lord Voldemort is more of an anagram from his own name. I can even prove it to you." Harry said as he brings his finger up and writes in the air.


Harry waves his hand and the letters rearrange himself.

Tom Marvalo Riddle

"You lie. I am the Heir of Slytherin. A great house, a great name. You… are a usurper who should have died at birth." Delphini hissed.

"Have you ever met your father?" Harry asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Many times. He dueled me and bested me quickly. He taught me, hatred would fuel my power. That I existed to serve him. I would have ruled at his side when he restored the magical world into its proper place. But I was weak. I didn't deserve to serve at his side. Even my mother…" Delphini said but trailed off.

"Your parents. Were not good people. They took joy in killing innocent people." Harry remarks coldly.

"That's the iron rule. The strong live. The weak die. Those who are too weak to have power don't deserve to live. My father was cleansing the magical world of weakness." Delphini said.

Harry sighs as he turns his attention to his parent's house.

"That night, change both of our lives. We both lost our parents. However Delphini, I pity you. Because your parents never truly loved you. Not like mine." Harry said.

"Your parents were weak. Love is a weakness. One mustn't have it." Delphini hissed.

"Your father said that to you didn't he. He is well known for believing love is a weakness. Love is more powerful then you could ever realize. It can give you a strength you have never known you had. Even make sacrifices for the person you love to give them a chance at living. Keeping them safe and comfortable. It is also, a very beautiful thing." Harry said.

"You're wrong. The only thing that is powerful is power." Delphini said.

"Then why did it stop your father?" Harry said. Without even looking at her, Delphini was taken back. Confused by his meaning. "Love has always been your father's greatest weakness. He never understood it, nor did he desire it. I know this for a fact, he never loved you. You were a tool to him. He also wouldn't hesitate to kill you if you angered her. I pity you, because we're so similar yet grew up so different."

"Your wrong. My father praised me. I was his heir. His weapon. I was meant to be his queen in his conquest." Delphini protested.

"Do you even know what that means?" Harry said as he turns to her.

"It means I would have bare him a child. A child that would grow powerful for him." Delphini said. "He told me that himself. I was to give him a son."

Harry looks at her with a raised eyebrow.

"You know, most would find it sick to be in that kind of relationship with their own father." Harry said.

"Not I. I know what I am. I was meant to be his slave and his love. Yet you took it away. You killed my father. Took everything from me." Delphini said as she begins to scream at Harry. "Bloodlines are meant to be pure. We would have had a pure bloodline of Slytherin's blood."

Harry looks at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Did you…" Harry asks.

"Of course. It was my duty. Father told me. I was a slave to please his desire. I was meant to give him a son. I had a son… but…." Delphini said.

"You had a miscarriage." Harry said with realization.

"My son would have granted me the right to be at my father's side." Delphini said.

"You really wanted to have your own father's child?" Harry said in surprise.

"We are meant to have pure bloodlines. I was meant to have a son for my father's sake. And yet…" Delphini said as tears came down her face.

"Who hurt you?" Harry asks.

"Rodolphus Lestrange. When he found out I was the child of my mother's affair with our master he… he tortured me. He tortured me." The tears were really starting to come down her face. "I was carrying my master's, my father's child… and he tortured me."

Rodolphus Lestrange. Harry knew he was in a loveless marriage with Bellatrix and Bellatrix didn't love him. Yet by pureblood laws, a wife was meant to be faithful to their spouse. Delphini was the offspring of Bellatrix broken vow. He couldn't kill Delphini as it would anger Voldemort but he did hurt her to take his vengeance upon her. If he tortured her when she was pregnant… unthinkable.

Which would explain why he wasn't at the Battle of Hogwarts and only his brother was present. Which would mean, Voldemort killed him.

"Your fathered killed him didn't he." Harry asks.

Delphini nods her head.

"My father attempted to put another child in me. But then you…" Delphini said.

Harry reaches up and grabs Delphini. Then he embraces her in his arms allowing her to cry in his chest.

"Let it out. Just cry. There is no weakness in crying." Harry said.

Delphini didn't do it at first. Most likely because she had been beaten and tortured for crying.

Then she starts to sob. Her sobs slowly turn into cries as she lets out all the suffering she's endured over the years. Delphini for the first time, allowed herself to truly cry. She was crying in the arms of her sworn enemy.

And yet…

Delphini beats Harry's chest with her hands and continues to cry.

"There is no shame or weakness in crying. I am truly sorry. For you had a tough life and a horrible life. You deserved better. Tell me what you want." Harry asks.

"Just…" Delphini said as this was a first for her. "just hold me." Delphini said as she sobs. She drops her wand and surrenders to her enemy.

Her father would torture her for displeasing him. Her mother would torture her when she failed her. No one loved her. She was unwanted and a slave. And yet…

"What is love?" Delphini asks.

"What you seek, is the love of your parents. You want your parents to be proud of you and appreciate you, to shelter you and accept you. But… you never had that. Your parents only used you. Did your father hurt you…"

"Many times. I always seemed to displease him. When he… he would torture me as he…" Delphini said.

"When he would fuck you. Did you enjoy it?" Harry asks.

Delphini shook her head.

"I'm a slave. I can only be a slave." Delphini said.

"You are a person Delphini, not a slave." Harry said.

Delphini shook her head.

"I only know how to be a slave. I don't know anything about freedom or independence. I also have no desires to be free either. Can I be…" Delphini said as she stops sobbing. "Can I be your slave?"

Harry holds her firmly.

"No." Harry said. "I will not take a slave nor have one to be kept." Harry replies.

Delphini gives a smile.

"Too late." Delphini said as he places her right hand on Harry's chest. A magical circle appeared on Harry's robes. "I Delphini Black, swear upon my magic and life… to serve and please my master… Harry Potter."

Harry pushes her back and looks at her in surprise.

"Why did you do that?" Harry demanded in shock.

"I only know how to be a slave. You are the strongest and most powerful wizard on the planet. I can think of no person better than to give an heir too. I now exist, to serve you. You can use my body, however as you see fit." Delphini said.

Harry shakes his head.

"Slavery is heavily frowned upon. And you can't undo and I can't free you. If people knew, you're a slave then…"

"I don't care. Perhaps I've always had this thing for you. To please you and to serve you… is what I want. Show me… the difference between my father and you." Delphini pleaded.

"Delphini… you don't understand how serious this is." Harry said.

"No, I don't. Nor do I care. All my life, I have been a slave. Its all I know and it's all I understand. I cannot be free. My father taught me. I was meant to serve the most powerful wizard on the planet. I thought that meant him. Now I understand, that means you. I am meant to serve you. All I ask, is you put a child in me. I am currently fertile. You can do so tonight." Delphini said.

Harry knew he was going to get in so much trouble.

"We cannot undo what you have done. Fine, I agree. On a couple of conditions. One, you give up all remaining Death Eaters. You will tell the Ministry their names and their hideouts. Two, you will hand me any books your father has left you. I need to see, why exactly he wanted an heir." Harry said.

"I don't understand. What do you mean?" Delphini asks.

"You don't know your father. Not like I do. I have learned about him and studied him a great deal. So much I wish I could unlearn what I learn. No. Your father isn't the type to simply have children. He would have done so for a reason. I need to find out why. And to see what else he may have done to you." Harry said.

Delphini nods her head. "Yes master."

Harry sighs. "You don't have to call me master." Harry said.

"I am a slave. I have to call you master." Delphini said.

Harry looks at her with a raised eyebrow.

"That really makes you happy doesn't it." Harry asks.

"It the only thing that I know that makes me happy." Delphini said.

"Know this, I will never hurt you then. Are you serious about wanting a child?" Harry asks.

She nods her head.

"Come with me." Harry said as he disapparates, taking Delphini with him.

A week had passed, and all renments of the Death Eaters were rounded up. Whenever they attempted to flee and go into hiding, the Auror's would be waiting for them.

Delphini was pardon for her crime, much to Harry's involvement and promising to take Delphini under his wing. She also gave him the books Voldemort had left behind.

They were dark and sinister. Harry was going over books before he would finish them and give them to Hermione.

Harry was going over one book and it had dark rituals. Harry turns the page and was disgusted what he saw.

Then he paused.

He finally found the ritual that Voldemort may have been interested in.

'Soul Transfer'

Reading the information, Harry saw it was a dark ritual that allowed a witch or wizard, to transfer their mind and essence into the body of another. However, there were requirements. For one, you had to choose the same gender and couldn't swap with another gender. The victim must also be under the age of one for the transfer to work.

Harry reads and wonders if Voldemort knew his Horcruxes were beginning to fail him. That he was looking for another source of immortality. Or was he trying to acquire as many forms of immortality as possible?

It would also explain why Voldemort wanted a son. Not because he wanted to succeed his bloodline. But he was attempting to take his son's life and become immortal. Meaning he would have started over.

Harry gets up and walks to the healer ward where Morgan was examining Delphini.

"Well?" Harry asks as he makes his presence known.

"She is in poor health. It will be a couple of months before her health returns to normal. Other than that, she is fine." Morgan said.

"What of the spell she used. Can it be undone?" Harry asks with an eager tone in his voice.

Morgan shakes her head.

"Life Bonding Oaths aren't so easily broken. They're easy to cast yet almost impossible to break. Had she set conditions in her oath then we could have fulfilled those conditions yet she gave none. She will serve you until her death."

"What else can you tell me about her?" Harry asks.

"Her mind is a program to obey. She's never had independence or freedom. She only knows how to be a slave. It may be possible to erase these commands from her but I don't recommend it." Morgan explains.

"What do you mean?" Harry asks.

"She has been taught at a very young age, to only serve. If I were to break these commands in her brain and try to install new commands, it could destroy her. The mind isn't something one messes around with carelessly. I could cleanse her mind, free her of the programming, but it could also destroy her." Morgan said.

"I don't want her as a slave." Harry said.

"There is a loophole to her bonding. She doesn't have to be a slave to you. She could be your apprentice. Take her as an apprentice." Morgan said.

Harry could feel his brain was ready to explode. Damn Delphini for making things difficult.

"She has so much to learn." Harry mutters.

"Much. Remember her parents beat her to be submissive. She doesn't know how to lead. All she knows is cruelty by their hands." Morgan said. "She's never been loved. Her father only saw her as a servant with a means to an end. She believes strength is power. Show her differently. That power comes in all shapes and sizes."

Harry sighs.

"So we can't free her." Harry finally said.

"Afraid not. She's been living like a slave all her life. It's all she knows. It won't be healthy for her to become free." Morgan said.

"Slavery is highly forbidden. Both in our world and in this world. It's not toleratable." Harry said.

"In our world, there are few exceptions. You did not force her or blackmail her into being your slave. Yet she could be a useful servant. She also desires your child. She's not wrong, you would give her a powerful heir." Morgan said.

"Voldemort did not raise her right. Her mind is broken. There is a good chance she will never function on her own. It's been drilled into her that she has to obey. At her age, it would be unwise to free her mind. It could ruin her. Now she has turned me, her father's greatest enemy. Things can't get more complicated can they?" Harry mutters as he lays down.

"There is more." Morgan said.


"Thor came by. Sif is going to be here to assist you." Morgan said.

Harry turns to Morgan with a raised eyebrow.

"There is another reason why she's here. It's because Asgard is anticipating hostilities. They are preparing to enter a state of warfare with the Earth. Sif has first hand knowledge of our weapons and tactics. She has worked with Director Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D. many times. Does this mean she's confident in Asgard's strength, or is she here to ensure when the battle begins, she'll honor the treaty between the magical world and Asgard?" Harry said out loud.

"Either way, there is no mistaking it. War is coming." Morgan said. "The United Nations is meeting more frequently for the Sokovia Accords, and I.C.S. is also meeting and I have every Auror at battle ready when things get ready to explode."

"You really think it will lead to war?" Harry said.

"It's not a soldier in charge of this. It is politicians. Once the fighting starts, we cannot offer them peace just because they want it. If we offer them peace, they'll attempt to squeeze in control. We need to defeat them. Crush their armies. Once their armies are defeated, then we can push for any demands we desire. Then, they will have no choice but to obey." Morgan said.

"This is a dangerous plan." Harry said as he sits upright. "It's too aggressive."

"Peace talks won't work. For two thousand years, we have attempted to have peace with muggles and it has failed. We need to force them to recognize the rights of the magical world. Unfortunately, the only way for that happen is through the act of war. Once we destroy their army, they will be vulnerable. The world leaders will have no choice but accept our demands. It will be the only way for them to save face." Morgan replies.

"The real question is this… which Avengers will stand with me, and those for the United Nations. I'm sure Rhodey will side with the U.N. Cap and Stark too. Vision is unknown. Sam too, former military, he might side with the government. Romanoff has already blown off the government officials, so she might side with me. I'm sure Wanda will side with me. She isn't overly fond of the United Nations. As will Jessica." Harry said.

"Whatever the case, we need to be ready to act once the United Nations passes the Accords." Morgan said.

Harry knew she was speaking the truth. Harry was never much for divination. Yet, he was sure things weren't going to calm down. If anything things would explode before any type of damage control could be averted.

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