Avengers Battleground

Author Notes: Sorry for the long wait. Been getting ready to enter the U.S. Navy. So I don't have much time to write. I hope everyone enjoys the chapter!

Chapter 48: A Lesson in the Past

Harry looks ahead as the Quantum Realm was just moving fast before he finds himself standing in a ruin alleyway with Team One.

Captain America quickly steps forward and surveys the situation.

"Alright, the battle is about to begin," said Steve. "Tony, you sure we'll be invisible to your towers sensors and to J.A.R.V.I.S.?"

"Positive," said Tony. Everyone's nano-Pym suit changed into NYPD Swat Officers. Nebula being an alien during an Alien invasion, wouldn't bold well for her even if she could defend herself and overpower many humans.

"Remember the primary rule," said Harry. "we can only see, not be seen and not intervene."

"Is the package secure?" asks Steve.

"Got it right here," Hope said, revealing the chest that had Thanos's gauntlet.

"Then we best make way, the longer we stay, the greater the chance we'll create a time paradox," said Harry.

"Stark, take us to the best way to Doctor Strange," said Steve.

"FRIDAY," said Stark. "map us a route to Blecker Street with a minimum population."

"Route should appear on your display," F.R.I.D.A.Y. reported.

They quickly take off headings towards Doctor Strange residence.

They ran into a few people and only ushered them to get up and leave. Thankfully, no one saw who they were, and they quickly made their way towards Blecker Street. They saw numerous Chitauri chariots were getting blasted around the area.

"Hard to imagine we didn't catch this the first time," said Natasha.

"Well, it was a big battle," said Cap.

Nebula walks towards the front and tries to yank the doors open only for them not to budge.

"They won't open," said Nebula.

"Most likely, you have to be a member of the Mystic Arts to enter," said Harry. "it's a basic spell, but very useful to prevent any unwanted entries and to keep thieves out."

"I'll stay behind," said Nebula. "I don't think I'll be a good company in this place."

Tony activates his Iron Man suit as Steve grabs his hand and shoots up. Romanoff promptly jumps on Harry's back as Clint holds her hand, and quickly they jump up on the roof, and their gear shifted into their Avengers uniform.

Everyone lands on the roof and looks around. Spotting the door, they quickly made their way towards the door to the building inside.

"I'd be careful going that way," said a female voice. "We just had the floors wax."

They turn to see the Ancient One wearing a yellow robe like Doctor Strange's robes. She casually approaches them. She was bald with blue eyes. A scar on her head, was visible as she watches the group.

"Don't you have a city to save?" said the Ancient One.

"Yeah, they got it covered," said Stark.

"We're looking for Doctor Strange," said Cap.

The Ancient One tilts her head in amusement.

"You're about five years too early," said the Ancient One. "Stephen Strange is currently performing surgery about twenty blocks that way. What do you want from him?"

"Actually, we want that," Stark said, pointing to the Ancient One's necklace.

"Ah, I'm afraid not," said the Ancient One.

"We don't want to take it," said Cap. "we want to use it, and we're hoping that Doctor Strange could help us. Maybe you can."

"Help you with what?" said the Ancient One.

"It's a long story," said Harry.

"I have all the time in the world," said the Ancient One.

They look at her before they turn to Hope, who unshrinks the case. Opening the case, she reveals the damage gauntlet Thanos had used to wipe out half the universe.

"We're hoping you can use the time stone to revive all six Infinity Stones," said Natasha.

The Ancient One tilts her head.

"I'm afraid you must explain to me why," said the Ancient One.

"About six years from now," said Harry. "Thanos happens. As you are the wielder of the Time Stone, you understand the flow of Time is unique and dangerous when meddling with improperly. Thanos kicked our ass and used all six Infinity Stones to wipe out half of all life in the Universe. After he did the deed, he used the Stones again, to destroy them. We are hoping with the power of the Time Stone in your possession, you could reverse the damage done to the Stones so we can use them and Snap our own fingers to bring everyone back and stabilize the universe."

"Surely a Sorcerer of your Caliber Harry Potter should be able to revive the Stones," said the Ancient One.

"I already tried," said Harry. "the power to revive the Stones is beyond my capability. I believe only an Infinity Stone can revive the Infinity Stone. The Time Stone, in fact. Thanos used it to revive the Mind Stone, so I don't see why one such as yourself cannot use the Time Stone to revive all six stones."

The Ancient One nods her head in understanding.

"I'm afraid I can't," said the Ancient One.

"I'm sorry," said Stark. "are you not going to help us?"

"That's not what I meant, Mr. Stark," said the Ancient One. "I'm not nearly as skilled as Stephen Strange is with the Time Stone. Restoring the Stones, I can, but I would also be reviving someone else along the way."

"Thanos," said Cap.

"We're not ready for a fight with Thanos," said Natasha. "Not here."

"So, it's pointless," said Scott Lang.

"I didn't say that," said the Ancient One. "I cannot revive the stones, not as they are now. With another stone, I should be able to restore the stones. Using the stone's unique power, I can restore them with another Stone's energy."

"There are two other stones nearby," said Natasha. "We could grab one, use it, put it back, and be gone before anyone realizing what happens."

"That might be trickier than it sounds," said Barton. "the fighting is over, and it looks like they got both the Scepter and the Tesseract."

"And we can't break into S.H.I.E.L.D. without it raising some suspicions," said Hope.

"Where else can we find a Stone?" asks Cap. "Harry?"

"I rather not risk running into myself," said Harry. "I know where I keep the Soul Stone, but I have it too well guarded. Morgan also keeps several powerful enchantments around the Soul Stone to ensure it's not stolen. I feel like a fool for sending it into deep space."

"So, we can't get the stones," said Scott.

"Hold on one second, Scott, I'm trying to think," said Stark.

"We blew our one chance!" said Scott. "This was a one-way trip, and we blew it! We only have enough Pym Particles left to go back, and we can't go back without the Stones."

"Stop repeating yourself!" said Stark.

"Stop repeating yourself, stop repeating yourself!" Scott mock in annoyance. "We can only go back once, and we don't have the stones in the future. We can't use the Pym Particles for another jump because we'll be lost in the past. We might have to break into S.H.I.E.L.D. to get at least one stone."

"Let's not lose our heads," said Cap. "try to think. Is there any way for us to acquire the Stones in this timeline?"

"There isn't," Stark said suddenly as if he had a brain blast of an idea. "There is a way, a way to both get a Stone – and acquire Pym Particles in progress."

"How?" asks Hope.

"We're going to take a little stroll down memory lane," said Stark. "Military Installation, Garden State."

Cap looks at Tony and looks up, trying to consider Tony's solution.

"When were they both there?" asks Cap.

"I only know the date," said Tony. "I don't know why they were there, but I know they were there, and I'm pretty sure I know why there were there."

Cap looks back at Stark Tower to consider their options.

"Guys, what's going on?" asks Scott.

"Looks like we're improvising," said Harry.

"What are we improvising?" Scott continues to ask in confusion.

"Stark, set the time and coordinates," said Cap.

"We can't all go," said Harry. "we don't know how many Pym Particles there are available."

"There should be enough to fuel a tanker," said Stark. "I know for a fact there was a large portion of Pym Particles at this specific time, and it was the largest ever gathered in one place. Even if there isn't, I'm sure your girlfriend can make enough on the spot with the materials present."

"It may be the best chance we're ever going to get," said Cap.

"Romanoff, Barton, Scott, Hope, get ready," said Harry.

"Nebula not coming?" asks Scott.

"A blue alien will raise alarms faster than the Hindenburg Disaster," said Stark.

"I can remain here," said Nebula.

"Stark, you ready," said Cap.

"Your call," said Stark.

"Let's go," said Harry.

They all got sucked back into the Quantum Realm before they reappeared outside the Garden State.

"Isn't this," said Romanoff.

"It is," said Cap.

"What's this place?" asks Scott.

"You were actually born here right," said Tony.

"The idea of me was," said Cap.

"Military Personnel, MP, sneaking in isn't going to be easy," said Barton.

"How do we get in?" asks Romanoff.

"We walk in," Harry said, walking forward as he causally separates the fence enough to enter. The others follow, and their outfits appeared like the soldiers presented at the base.

"You know, still cool when you do that," said Stark.

"I'll say," Romanoff said as she walks forward.

"We get in, grab the Tesseract and the Pym Particles and jump immediately. Stay in coms," said Cap.

"Keep a low profile," said Harry. "remember, see, don't be seen."

Everyone nods their heads as they walk in the base, looking like they belong. Romanoff, being a woman, was dressed more like a secretary than an agent, as a woman during this time was used for trivial matters that men found beneath them.

Barton and Cap walk behind Stark and Harry, looing military escorts as Harry and Stark would walk in front, looking more like legit businessmen.

"So, if you're S.H.I.E.L.D., and running a secret covert intelligent organization, where do you hide?" asks Stark.

"In plain sight," Cap said, nodding his heads towards the building in front of them.

Tony touches his sunglasses and x-rays the building where two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were walking inside while looking over their shoulders.

Tony turns back and looks at the group as they walk forward.

"Cover me," said Harry.

"Right, your little magic trick," said Tony.

Harry walks forward and easily opens the door, bypassing the combination lock.

Cap tries hard not to look around seeing countless S.H.I.E.L.D. agents working behind the desk. He could very well and quickly get spotted in a heartbeat as his face was on the wall.

'In Memory of Captain Steve Rogers'

Cap walks with his cap lowered on his face knowing he should have kept his beard. His face was too arguably recognizable as he was the greatest American Hero.

They walk to the elevator, and no one stops them.

Inside, a black woman looks up at them and tries to get a good look at the individuals as everyone tries to shield Steve from being recognized.

"Are you new?" asks the woman.

"Mr. Davis is a consultant for S.H.I.E.L.D.," Romanoff said quickly before Stark said anything. "He's been called here for some technical support."

"I see," said the woman.

Stark looks at Romanoff, and she ignores him, knowing their cover had to remain intact. It wasn't the best lie, but it was still a convincing lie.

The floor dings as Cap and Barton get off and walk off without saying a word. Hope and Scott were riding Barton's shoulder.

Harry and Tony stood there and look at one another before they continue downwards deeper in the basement.

They got off the elevator and quickly made their way into the basement and look around to see a very modern seventy vibe government basement.

Tony looks around and looks at Harry.

"Found it," said Tony.

Tony's watch moves like water around his hand, ready to cut the still vault in two. Harry places his hand on Tony and simply waves his hand, and the vault door opens instantly. Tony gives Harry a look.

"Always stealing the thunder," said Tony.

Harry shrugs as Tony reaches up and grabs the Tesseract glowing inside the vault.

Romanoff unshrinks a suitcase and opens it up as Tony places the Tesseract inside.

"Arnin!" shouted a voice causing Tony to suddenly look uncomfortable. "Arnin, are you down here?"

A figure appears by the entrance, and Harry could see an older version of Tony Stark standing there. Harry quickly flicks his fingers, causing the vault to seal itself shut again without making a sound before the person could see they had broken into the vault.

"I'm sorry, I don't know you three," said Howard Stark.

"Davis," Tony said quickly. "Anthony Davis."

Howard didn't look convinced, and Harry knew Howard Stark most likely knew the names of every person working down here.

"You are?" Howard Stark asks Natasha.

"Natalia Rushman," said Natasha. "I'm Mr. Davis assistant."

Howard nodded his head and stood there.

"Were you called in?" asks Howard.

"Yes," said Tony. "from M.I.T."

"Good school," said Howard.

They followed Howard, who was kind enough to lead them out. Thankful, being led by one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top leaders, they didn't get stopped by security.

"Flowers and sauerkraut, you got a big date tonight?" Tony asks as they step into the elevator.

"Aw," said Howard. "No, my – my wife is expecting. I've been – spending too much time in the office."

Howard holds up the flowers as this was a blatant attempt for him to make up with his wife. Something he's clearly done before.

Tony looks lost in thought as if he was just registering what he had heard.

"Congratulations," said Tony.

Harry and Romanoff look at Tony, trying hard not to laugh, knowing they just heard Tony was congratulating himself on close to being born.

"Thanks, can you hold this for a second," said Howard.

Tony grabs the flowers as Howard begins to realign his tie.

"Yeah, sure," said Tony. "How far along is she?"

"Uh, I don't know," Howard said as he moves his hand back and forth around his stomach and trying to guess the amount of time his wife has been pregnant. "She's at the point where she can't stand the sound of my chewing. I'll most likely be eating dinner in the pantry again tonight."

Tony couldn't help but have a smile on his face.

"I have a little girl," Tony said, unable to hide this fact from his father.

"A girl would be nice unless she turns out exactly like me," said Howard.

Tony gives Howard a sharp look.

"What'd be so awful about that?" asks Tony.

"Let's just say, that the greater good has rarely outweighed my own self-interest," said Howard. "That's why I wish Cap were here. He is the very symbol this country needs. A man who puts others before his own happiness. I always ask myself if the decisions I'm making would Cap support them. I pray I'm making him proud."

"You and Cap were close?" asks Tony.

"I worked with him throughout the European Theater in World War II. During that time, we grew closer, and I grew to respect him more than anyone else. Not even Roosevelt could hold a candle next to Cap in terms of doing the right thing. I would say he was my best friend, but that right belongs to Sergeant Barnes. Still, I respect Cap a lot, and I want my child to be like Captain America instead of like me," said Howard.

Tony looked down and started to process this information. Harry knew all his answers on his dad, and his intentions were beginning to become apparent.

"So, where are you at with names?" Tony asks as they walk outside.

"Well, if it's a boy, my wife likes Elmonzo," said Howard.

Harry and Natasha were again trying to hide their laughter as they could barely imagine Tony being called 'Elmonzo.'

Once they got back, they were going to start calling him 'Elmonzo Stank.' Rhodey would be killing himself once he learned of potential names Tony would have been named when he was born.

"Yeah, to be honest, I don't think that will work," said Tony. "can you imagine your son being called 'Elmonzo'? I don't believe he will make many friends or even want to show his face in public."

"Can I ask you something," Howard said to Tony.

"Of course," said Tony.

"When your daughter was born, did you feel qualify," asks Howard.

"To be honest, no," said Tony. "I don't think I was qualified, still don't. I work too much and tend to put my own interests over others. My friend and I got into a fight over some government documents, and he punches my lights out. After my daughter was born, I really didn't feel qualified to be a father. It was hard, but my wife made it work."

"Really? How did she manage that?" asks Howard.

"She made me take baby steps," said Tony. "Have a long-term plan, absolutely. What's important is here and now. I had to work with my daughter day by day and learn each day to teach her, educate her, and hope she didn't turn out like me."

"Did it work?" asks Howard.

"I can't say," said Tony. "She's a good kid, but no matter how great the parent is, she still needs to find her own two feet. Though I can say, she loves driving me insane. She finds ways into my projects and puts her personal taste into them. In the end, I think I did a good job. She has her own identity, and she's a good kid. Its why I know she'll make good decisions."

"What did your parents have to say on how you raised your daughter?" asks Howard.

Tony looked uncomfortable.

"They," Tony said, slowly trying to say what happened. "They passed away a long time ago. Died in a car accident."

"Sorry to hear that," said Howard.

"My mom was also the gentle one," said Tony. "My dad was hard on me, a lot. Resented him for years before I made my peace. I only wish I had made my peace when they were still alive. I thought his happiest day was when he shipped me off to boarding school, but I realized he was only trying to make me realize my potential. As I was raising my daughter, I understood one final lesson my father was trying to teach me."

"Yeah, what's that?" asks Howard.

"No amount of moment can ever replace a moment of time," said Tony.

Howard took this in and nods his head. "Sounds like a smart man," said Howard.

"He did his best," said Tony.

"I tell you, my kid's not even here yet," said Howard. "and there's nothing I wouldn't do for him."

Harry looks and could see Steve looking at them as Natasha motions the briefcase in her hands. Steve nods his head as Barton looks around, keeping a sharp eye for any signs of Military Personal or trouble heading their way.

Harry already knew the woman in the elevator was already suspicious of their appearance. Hence, they had to be on the alert.

They walked over to Cap and quickly duck behind the building.

"Return to New York in 2012," said Cap.

"Three, two, one," Tony said as they all shrink and return to 2012.

They reappear back in front of the Ancient One, where they hold the Tesseract before her.

"Very well, give me a second," said the Ancient One. She wields some hand signs as the green glow of time stone appears. The green pentagon appears as the tesseract begins to pulse before Thanos gauntlet begins to glow as all six infinite stones reappear in the gauntlet. "I'll send the Tesseract back to when it was taken, for you – I fear your journey isn't over."

"We won't fail," said Harry. "for both our futures."

The Ancient One takes Harry by his hands and holds him.

"You nearly lost yourself to the darkness," said the Ancient One. "Your pain is everlasting, so you only know how to endure that pain to move forward. There will come a time when you must find peace to truly understanding its meaning. Be warned, your heroism is noble for there are few people like you in this world. That is what makes you dangerous, both your enemies and your allies."

Harry nods his head in understanding. The Sokovia Accords sent him to a dark place. One, he did not want to return. The United Nations involvement caused him to become darker and more sinister than he thought possible. Dumbledore had been right, even if he was qualified, there was that darkness deep inside of him that would hold deep resentment after what Fudge did to him in his fifth year at Hogwarts.

"I'll be careful," said Harry.

"Alright, we're returning in three – two – one," Stark said before they all shrunk back and enter the Quantum Realm.

They reappear back in the Hanger on the platform for the Quantum Tunnel.

Professor Hulk looks at them as Hope unshrinks the gauntlet revealing the six infinity stones.

Everyone cheered with smiles on their faces.

"Stark," said Harry. "we have some amounts of Vibranium, don't we?"

"Yes," said Tony. "Wakanda has been kind enough to send us small amounts."

"Build a gauntlet that is capable of handling the energy surge of all six infinity stones," said Harry.

"Understood," said Tony.

Tony went back to his old data when he fought Thanos on Titan, where he used the power of four of the Infinity Stones. Added to the fact they had data on Vision and how he used the Time Stone, as well as the data on his creation.

Tony made the gauntlet, and in typical Tony-fashion, had the Gauntlet painted hot red rod like his Iron Man outfit.

"Alright, the energy levels are holding," said Professor Hulk.

"Now we got to figure out who's going to put the damn thing on and snap everyone back," said Tony.

"I'll do it," Thor said, walking forward.

"Wait a minute," everyone said at once, stopping Thor from reaching the gauntlet.

"We need a minute to think about this," said Tony.

"We haven't decided who's going to put that on yet," said Cap.

"I'm sorry, are we going to be sitting around waiting for the right opportunity?" Thor said in disbelief.

"Someone got to be able to handle the surge of that power, or it will kill them and mission fail," said Tony.

"Look, sitting here, staring at the thing is not going to bring everybody back," said Thor. "I'm the strongest Avenger, okay? So, this responsibility falls upon me. It's my duty."

"It's not about that," said Tony.

"Thor," said Cap. "I know you mean well, but right now, you're in no shape to handle this kind of power."

"Just let me do it," Thor said in a soft voice that sounded like he was pleading. "Just let me do something good, something right."

"Look," said Tony. "It's just not that fact that glove is channeling enough energy to light up an entire solar system, I'm telling you, you are in no condition."

"What do you think is coursing through my veins right now?" Thor asks Tony.

"Cheez Whiz?" said Rhodey.

Thor looks at Rhodey, before looking back at Tony.

"Lightning," said Thor.

"Lightning won't help you, pal," said Professor Hulk. "It's got to be me. You saw what those stones did to Thanos, they almost killed him. None of you could survive."

"How do we know you will," said Cap.

"We don't," said Professor Hulk. "but if I'm guessing right, the radiation would most likely be gamma. It's almost as if I was made for this moment."

"That may be true," Harry said, stepping forward. "but too much gamma radiation, and you'll self-destruct worse than a million nuclear warheads going off simultaneously. I must be the one."

"What makes you think you can wield the stones and not die like Thanos?" Professor Hulk asks Harry.

"Same as your evaluations," said Harry. "but all my life I've learned to channel, control, and harness energy. All that energy, all that power – it's like I was born to do this and save the world again."

Everyone looks at each other.

"Alright, we'll give Harry a shot," said Tony. "If it becomes too much, take it off and give Bruce a try."

Harry nods his head as he picks up the gauntlet as everyone prepares for any catastrophe.

"FRIDAY does me a favor and activate Barn House Protocol," said Tony.

"Yes, boss," said FRIDAY

Avengers Compounds slowly enters its lockdown phase as Harry looks at Harry, who nods his head as he places the gauntlet on his hands.

Harry drops to his knees as the surge of power starting pulsing through his body. It was strange, as Harry's body was getting torn apart by the stones, but also rapidly healing itself at the same time.

"Take it off, take it off," shouted Thor.

"No, wait," said Cap. "Harry, speak to me, are you alright."

Harry starts to breathe slowly as he allowed himself to remember all the primary spell mastery he had to master over the years.

Harry stood up as the surge of energy ended.

"I'm okay, I have control of the stones," said Harry.

Harry flexes his right hand with the gauntlet and looks carefully at the gauntlet.

"Okay, now remember all you're doing is bringing everyone back from ten years ago," said Tony. "Don't undo anything in the last ten years."

Harry nods his head, knowing any changes within the past ten years would bring untold consequences.

Harry brought up his fingers and was about to snap his fingers when he paused.

"What are you doing?" said Cap.

"I got a strange idea," Harry said, turning to Thor. Harry raises his hand up to Thor as Thor looks mildly confused at what Harry was doing.

The Time Stone glows as Thor begins to return to how he appeared when he arrived in Wakanda. Thor looks at himself and smiles. Harry then activates the Mind Stone and heals Thor's mind from his PTSD, making him the God of Thunder they all knew him as, and no longer going to waste his life drinking beer.

"Get Vision here," said Harry.

Tony suddenly became aware of what Harry was implying before Tony nods his head.

Vision's body arrived as Harry uses the Time Stone once more to reverse the damage done to Vision's body. Vision suddenly gasps out loud before he stands upwards, looking starting and bewildered.

"What happened?" Vision asks, looking around.

"It works," said Professor Hulk.

"Everyone will come home," said Harry. He brings his hands up and snaps his fingers.

Everything was silent as they all stood there, unsure of what happened.

Then the building exploded all around, sending everyone flying in different directions.