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Chapter 1 – Mess Up

He had messed up.

As in undoubtedly, unquestionably messed up. Well, this current mess up was not, in fact, one of his biggest mess ups he had ever made, but it still adds to the still growing list of stupid mistakes he had done in his lifetime.

"No. No. No. Hermione is going to kill me." Harry fidgeted impatiently for the telephone box to open up again.

"Come on!" He hissed.

Harry pride himself in working under stress very well. As in taking out criminals for a living without a sweat, supporting his kids and keeping them mostly out of trouble (usually Ginny got a better handle on that, particularly involving James related problems). Although, he was bit panicked considering, of all days, the man had to showed up on a Monday, and Harry had practically gave the muggle the passcode into the Ministry and worst, was even tricked by the man. What kind of Head of the DMLE was he?!

No. It's not that big of a deal. It's still early in the morning so the Ministry isn't full yet, and is usually full by eight thirty. It's–

He looked at his pocket watch.

–seven thirty. I could get the muggle out before he sees too much and Obliviate him all before Hermione or anyone founds out. I can do this. I can do this.

There was a click and Harry nearly took the telephone booth door off it's hinges trying to get in and then punched in the very same numbers he had stupidly gave to the muggle.


When the door opened again, Harry saw the familiar enchanted ceiling that was the impressive height of a tower which extends upward and upward. The glossy obsidian like marble stretch across the floor meeting similar materials on the walls. The atrium was already starting to fill in with familiar early Ministry workers passing each other. Most of them wore faces with the intent of getting to their office or focused on their daily morning routines. Others greeted Harry cheerily, but the wizard returned his own greetings distractedly as his green eyes still flitted around. Harry did a quick survey of the surrounding area for the tall, curly haired man.

Finally, he spotted the man who had cause Harry's first headache of the day. (And It was going so well). The muggle was observing the wizards and witches that walked passed by with furrowed eyebrows while tapping his chin. Harry narrowed his own eyes and made his way towards the muggle as other workers walked around him.

"Hey, you. Sir, you can't just get to rushing off into some place when someone tells you not to."

The man seemed to not have heard him. Ignoring me would be the better word to describe the way he is acting. He didn't know why the silence of the other man irritated him so much. Harry thought that the conversation earlier rubbed him the wrong way, he was wrong. The frustrated wizard was about to open his mouth again but didn't get the chance to when he was cut off before he could say anything.

"This isn't a average organization, it's more of a governing body. An old one. The architecture here is aged and the pillars are old fashioned or out of time, thus revealed this building was already built years ago. I can't tell exactly when, but it was possibly established in the early 1700s. And judging that the disguised entrance to get here was through a telephone booth which is really a lift if entered with correct passcode, adding the audio speaker voice calling this place a 'Ministry', it suggests that this the type of government run by multiple departments, but in secret."

"Wha– How–" Widen eyes, Harry felt his heart drop to his feet.

"This isn't even a normal governing entity, that much I can tell, but what makes this place unique? Something about the 'Ministry of Magic' should be a clue. I presume this isn't a cult since this is too well organized, a hidden society perhaps?" The man tilted his head up.

How in Merlin would he knew that?! Unless, this may one of Ron's stupid pranks and this man really isn't a random muggle. Letting out a sigh, Harry let his shoulders relax a little.

The man muttered, "High projected ceiling. The lift must have traveled lower than I thought."

"I'm sorry, but if Ron put you up to this, tell him, he'd gotten me."

The man paused and decided to finally look directly at Harry. "I don't know anyone with a name 'Ron' you speak of, though it's possibly shortened for Ronald which is the Scottish form of the Scandinavian name Ragnvald, which was derived from the Old Norse Ragnvaldr –"

"Whoever put you up to this."

The man waved his hand in a dismissive way. "I don't play childish pranks and I certainly wasn't put up to anything. I merely had the moment of interest in the why a man in insultingly distasteful attire – "


" – would assume that I would have worked in a secret governing endeavor, then proceeded to tell me the numbers to get in without so much of an identification."

Harry felt his irritation spike, which was saying some since it doesn't happen often considering what his past was like.

"Alright, that's enough. I don't know who you are, but you can't possibly know any of the things you said earlier unless you already know about all this," Harry gestured around, "so I'm guessing that you're just trying to pull a joke on me."

"Oh no. I deduced all the things I just said."

A headache started to form just by listening to this man speak and being in his valiancy. "You –"

A frantic voice called, "Mr. Potter!"

Great, another problem. Never a day of rest for the veterinary savior of the wizarding world, is there?

Taking a deep breath, Harry turned to see his brunette secretary heels clicking quickly towards him, clutching some hastily put together files against her chest, "What is it Miss. Robin?"

After catching her breathe, the younger witch responded, "There was another one break in. This one still had the same exact situation, cryptic message and all, no magical signatures, and the wards were still intact. No tampering."

"Did you sent in the Investigation Team?"

"Already done, sir."

"Whenever they are done, send me a message with their results as soon as they are able." Harry muttered, "This is the fifth one this month." In his head, he tried to put together the correlation of some of the information of each case he had gotten out of these recent break-ins. They all hadn't been matching up besides the similar aftermaths.

Harry was about ask to his secretary if there was any new information or anything different at the scene, when she perked and straighten her posture, "Oh, did you hired a new recruit Mr. Potter?"

"What?" Harry was confused for a moment until he'd recalled the strange man.

"Of course." The man answered.

Harry sputtered, "Wha – wait – N–"

She blushed. "My name is Addie Robin, Mr. Potter's secretary. May I inquire your name, sir?"

The man had a calculating sort of look that he thought only Hermione had, but it was different in a way. If possible, even more scrutinizing. "If you must know, the name is Sherlock Holmes. And before you say anything else, I have no inclination in having any romantic relation with you now, nor in the future. Though a piece of advice, don't try to be so forward and have notions of improbable romances, it doesn't suit you." The man, Sherlock, rolled his eyes then continue observing the workers passing by.

Addie looked both baffled and chest falling at the same time, but decided to respond, "Okay." She cleared her throat and turned her attention back towards Harry, "Will that be all, Mr. Potter?"

Harry was still trying to process the conversation in the form of, Who the hell is this person?! "Just – just send the case files to my office, I'll look over them later." Addie nodded dazedly.

After his secretary basically walked – ran – away from the two men, Harry spun to face the man who was named Sherlock. "You can't just say stuff like that to people. Also, stop playing this ridiculous game, Mr. Holmes. I'm not going to repeat myself, who are you?"

"Apparently, the person who is going to solve your case for you." Sherlock gave a look that seemed to screamed, 'Are you an idiot?'

"What?! No, I– Who exactly are you? First you acted like a muggle–"

"You mention that term earlier, 'muggle' which I am surely not, considering the exact definition of the term in which a person lacks a particular skill and therefore inferior." Sherlock snorted and curled his nose in a way that seem left a bad taste in his mouth. "Although, I unfortunately know a man called Anderson that would definitely be the embodiment of that term."

Sherlock then paused, "May I see your paper?" Without waiting for a response, the other man took Harry's forgotten Daily Prophet from him and gaze at the cover.

Harry closed his eyes to take a much needed breath. Then he frowned at the other man earlier confusing words, deciphering them, and suddenly Harry went stiff with realization.

"You're not suppose to be here."

Though, Harry's words was left in the empty air when he looked back at the spot where the muggle was earlier.

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