The cries were the worst. Actually crying of any kind is torturous to witness, be that from grief, sad music, nostalgia. What Laurentia Galindo was listening to was completely different however. It was a wail of agonizing pain. It shook her to the core as it resonated from the room down the corridor. It ebbed and flowed as Dr. Harrison slowly performed the surgery, it seemed to take a lifetime, though Laurentia supposed it had only been a matter of hours. The groans stopped for a moment with ragged breathing taking its place. Silence ensued. Laurentia stopped too, her heartbeat beating a tattoo in time with the clock on the mantle piece. Muffled footsteps came from the room towards them, and Laurentia braced herself for the worst, closing her eyes and offering one final prayer.

"It was a difficult surgery my lady, though I believe Mr. Carter will recover." The words were distant, only just being heard above the chaotic thoughts that ravaged her brain. Lady Ludlow muttered a reply, but that did not matter. He was alive. The thought was euphoric, Laurentia breathed easily for the first time since she saw the cart. "Someone will need to be made available for Mr. Carter's care".

"I will." She heard herself exclaim. Dr. Harrison and Lady Ludlow both turned to her, eyebrows raised. "It is the least I can do, I was after all his assistant in the office, why not assist him in this too?" Laurentia hurried to explain. Lady Ludlow inclined her head, "if you think that is best, then I do not see a reason why not my dear."

"Thank you Lady Ludlow, I do."

"Well it is settled then. I will keep Mr. Carter here over night to monitor his condition and in the morning I will have him sent to Hanbury Hall to convalesce."