Chapter I
*Kagome's POV*
I looked up from my sleeping back at the sleeping hanyou in the tree. He looked so peaceful, so content sleeping like that.
His ears twitched, and I couldn't help but to giggle. He's kawaii...wait, what am I saying?!
Anyways, we, Sango and I that is, had planned on waiting for the guys to go to sleep so we could go bathe without being a bother to any of them.
And I was going to carry out that plan.
I quietly walked over to Sango and nudged her slightly.
"Come on Sango, the dogs are asleep." I giggled.
"Inuyasha and Miroku are asleep.
"Oh..." she yawned getting up from her comfy position.
"Come on Sango, let's go before they wake up!" I exclaimed quietly, dragging my tired friend along.
"Fine fine, whatever...." she said sleepily.
"The hotsprings oughta warm ya up."
Sango and I quickly undressed and went into the hotspring. Ooh, the feel of warm water against our
dirty skin, the fact that we were, dare I say, becoming clean! This was wonderful!
I quickly submerged my body beneath the waters to stop my shivers from the early morning air, Sango
did the same.
"Hey, Sango?" I called over to my friend who was now wide awake.
"How are things going between you and Miroku?"
Sango blushed.
"Um, fffine...."
"What's wrong Sango?"
Oh, nothing." she her blush became more intense.
"Uh huh....sure..." I said raising an eyebrow. Sango splashed water on me, which I HAD to return the favor!
We were having fun...that is, until the guys came along.
"K-kagome!?" Inuyasha asked, eyes bulging out of his head. I quickly ducked beneath the warm waters of the hotspring.
"Sango?" Miroku grinned his lechurous grin. I believe we ALL knew EXACTLY what was crossing his mind.
Sango quickly did as I had done.
"GO AWAY!" we screamed, splashing water at them.
Inuyasha's face was now crimson, the same as his haori. He seemed to embarassed to stay, so he grabbed the monk by his sleeve and pulled him along.
"Hey what's the rush!?" he exclaimed.
"Let them bathe in peace."
"Nani?'re no fun!"
Sango and I just looked at eachother for a few minutes, and then we continued our water fight.
~Inuyasha's POV~
I was sleeping when suddenly I heard something. It was the splashing of water from the nearby hotspring. I looked below me, down to where Kagome usually lay, and she was gone, so obviously she
had taken Sango with her. The wench would usually never go alone, especially at night with Naroku and Sesshomoru still out there. Not to mention Kikyou who is out to kill her, and all other youkai.
I then heard something, mixed with the water splashing, I couldn't make it out. It was either laughter or burst of screams. I wasn't taking any chances on them being in trouble so I woke the monk and quickly
ran towards the noise and their scents.

When I got there, they were in anything but danger.

They were-bathing?

All I could do for a few moments until my brain told me it was time to go was to stare at Kagome.
Her perfect form, peach-colored skin, raven hair, and saphire eyes. She was beautiful!
"K-kagome!?" I asked. Kagome quickly ducked beneath the water.
"Sango?" Miroku grinned his lechurous grin. That wretched grin of his...Feh.
Sango quickly did as Kagome did.
"GO AWAY!" they shouted, spraying water at us.
I could tell I was blushing, but I ignored it. I quickly grabbed the lech and headed back to camp.
"Hey what's the rush!?" he exclaimed.
"Let them bathe in peace."
"Nani?'re no fun!"
Crap! I can't believe what I saw! My heart was still racing from the whole thing. Best thing I could
think of now was go to bed and hope it was all just a dream. (yeah right)
To be continued