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Now then, this will be set during the Clone Wars series. Around season 5, but before Ahsoka leaves the Order. Will there be a sequel involving Kong? Well, that will have to be saved for another time, but it might happen.

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Long ago on a planet far, far away…

Back when the galaxy was still young. Back when the planets were still forming and were not yet ready to breed life. There was a planet that was full of radiation. A planet that was deemed uninhabitable for any life to survive, but not for this planet.

The planet was teeming with life. However, these lifeforms were no ordinary creatures. They were monsters. Monsters that fed on the radiation that the planet gave off.

There were monsters that lived beneath the ground, the water, and the sky. Monsters that fought one another for dominance. There were some that were considered peaceful and even were guardians of the planet. Some, were kings that ruled their land and fought to survive in this savage world.

However, as time passed on the planet's radiation began to die down. The monsters, began to die out and soon many went into dormant.

Thousands of years passed and the planet soon became suitable for all life. The planet became home to all form of different species that lived in peace. The planet provided materials needed to help make their civilization become advanced. Using the tools to create even medicine that can cure any diseases and provide clean energy without pollution.

It was a perfect world that made other species wish to live on this world. That was, until the people of the planet uncovered something that they should have kept buried and not disturb.

Star Wars: Gojira

Unknown planet

A large cargo ship is seen heading towards a dark clouded planet that is said to be off-limit to all life. No ships are allowed to go to the planet due to an epidemic that broke out across the planet. The clouds covering parts of the planet are also filled with an electric reaction that causes ships to lose power. This will cause any ship to become stranded or worse crash.

However, this particular ship is equipped with its own protective gear to keep the ship from losing power. The ship makes its way towards the planet as it begins descending towards the clouds. As it flies in the clouds are seen firing off lightning near the ship. Thankfully for the occupants inside they are protected.

The ship flies passed the clouds and heads towards what appears to be a ruined city. The ship flies over to what appears to be an abandoned airfield. It flies down and begins lowering the landing platform. Eight black armored men are seen making their way down, while a ninth man appears wearing a different sort of armor.

It was black, but the armor for it looked less bulky and didn't have a weapon on hand like the other men. The men begin inspecting the area, while the ninth one looks around at the destroyed city. A drone floats down from the ship and approaches the ninth man. It begins speaking to him letting him know he is receiving a message.

"Put it through," he replied as a hologram of a cloaked figure appeared.

"Captain Cyrus, have you and your men arrived to the planet?" the cloaked figure asked.

"Yes sir," Captain Cyrus replied. "The new equipment worked perfectly and the suits are protecting us from any signs of diseases."

"Excellent. Have the drone scan the area to make sure it is habitable," said the cloaked figure.

"Understood sir," Captain Cyrus replied as the hologram disappeared. "Men! Have this area secured. Once we get the data we need we will begin using this planet as a base of command for the Republic."

"Yes sir!" the eight men replied as they continue inspecting the area.

They soon begin placing what appears to be metal rods into the ground to try analyzing the area. One of them heads towards a nearby platform to place the rod in it, when the ground around it begins crackling. Soon the ground beneath the soldier breaks apart and he falls through it. His scream gets the attention of the other men as they rush to his aid and find he has fallen into a large hole.

"Hex! You down there?!" one of the soldiers called out the name of the soldier.

"Yeah, I'm down here. I think I broke my leg though!" Hex shouted out through the hole. "Get me out of here!"

"Just hold on. We'll get some help!" one of the soldiers replied as they leave to gain a tool to get down to him.

However, as they go to report this to the captain, they hear loud scream that came from Hex. They rush back over until the scream stopped and the ground around the hole begins crumbling away. The men hear a loud noise coming from the hole as they all armed themselves. Captain Cyrus sees this and begins running into the ship as he tries to get it started.

Suddenly a large shadowy figure is seen coming from the ground as the men begin opening fire. The shots seems to have angered the figure as it lets out a loud roar. Inside the ship Cyrus is ordering his pilots to take off the ship. However, before the ship can even take off a glow could be seen coming from what appeared to be the arms of the figure.

It came down sending a shockwave that knocked the men off of their feet. The wave also knocked out the power of the ship as it shuts down everything. This made Cyrus nervous as he yells at his men to get the power back up. Panic begins to ensue as the eight men try to run back to the ship, but soon the ground beneath them begins to crumble.

The shockwave caused the ground beneath them causes the ground to become unstable and as they run the ground breaks away. Causing each one to fall. One by one before the last one jumps to the platform. However, the ship begins to fall through the ground, but didn't break all the way in.

Cyrus begins to panic as he continues yelling at the pilots and demands them to get them out. Suddenly they see something blocking their view. He looks up and sees the figure standing over them. It lets out a loud roar before it attacks them causing the men to all scream as the ground finally gives away.

With the figure attacking the ship and the screams of the men echoing around the ruined city, before it soon became silent once more.

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What is this thing that attacked those men? What were they doing there? Who send them? And what will happen next time?

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