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How will the ending go for our heroes now that they are leaving the planet? Will the truth be exposed? Will the galaxy find out about the monsters? Or will this be kept a secret?

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Chapter XVII

Heiwa II

A day has passed since leaving Heiwa and much has happened since then. After leaving the planet, the Heiwan soldiers took the Jedi, Clones, and senator to Heiwa II. It was much like Heiwa back before the monsters attacked their home. It was a bit smaller, but there were other worlds near the planet where the people of Heiwa could live in.

The survivors were brought back to Heiwa II to be cleaned of any sort of contamination they encountered on the planet, take care of their injuries, and brief the officials of what happened. They informed the Republic that Senator Amidala is alive, but they will need to wait a few days until the tests result finish. They did this more to make sure nothing of what happened on Heiwa gets leaked out.

Padme reassured the emperor and Senator Darrow she won't say what happened on the planet. Obi Wan and Ahsoka both agreed as well since they gave their word they wouldn't say a word about this. Captain Rex agreed in keeping what happened silent after he had his surgery to remove the inhibitor chip. He was told that the chip they removed from Commander Cody was slowly starting to decay.

If this kept going then it would have affected his mind and lead to possible mental breakdown. So, he decided to have the surgery and avoid this from happening.

As for Captain Katsumoto he was given a large ceremony and was buried along with his fallen soldiers. His team in attendance for the funeral, including his brother Dr. Daisuke Serizawa. After the funeral, Shinji handed him his brother's weapon and told him of his final words. The two spoke privately about what happened and what his brother meant about what he was sorry for.

"My brother and I both became distant after our parents passed away. He focused his time on becoming a soldier, while I focused on becoming a scientist," Dr. Serizawa began explaining as he spoke to Shinji in his office. "After the monsters broke out and my brother lost many of his soldiers he got angry. Angry that I'd rather spend my time trying to learn more about these creatures and not help kill them all. It grew to the point that we got into a fight that ended with him wishing I was never his brother and me wishing the same thing…I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who regretted those words."

Shinji nods in response now understanding what Captain Katsumoto said. He's glad to know that his relationship with his brother wasn't anything like that. Even after getting locked up and being seen as a criminal he's glad to know his brother never thought he was a bad guy. And now the two are back together, but he wish that he could say the same for the doctor.

"He was a good man and I'm sure if he was here he would have wanted to tell you in person how he feels," said Shinji as he tries to help cheer Dr. Serizawa up.

Dr. Serizawa nods as he smiles a little. "I believe he would have," the doctor takes a sip of his drink and sets the glass down on the table. "I also have good news. The tests results came in. All of you have been medically cleared. However, the emperor wants to keep the Jedi, senator, and Clones from leaving for another few days."

"To make sure they don't say anything. I know," said Shinji as he understands the protocols. "What about my brother, grandfather, and myself? And the weapon?"

Dr. Serizawa sighed as he goes to his seat and sits down. "You and your family are all cleared. Your grandfather is actually planning to live on one of the research laboratories up north. There the weapon will be safely locked up and secured. As for you…the emperor is wondering if you'd be interested in getting your old job back. Be a spy for Heiwa once more."

Shinji began chuckling as he sat across from the doctor. "Tempting, but no thanks. Now that the old man in the Republic knows I'm alive he'll do everything he can to make sure I am killed off. However, it doesn't mean I'm going to stop exposing him for what he is. But as far as working for the government I did hear of a certain organization you are part of."

Shinji pulls out a disc and passes it over to the doctor. Dr. Serizawa took the disc and placed it into his computer to see what it is. Once he got a bit of what is in the disc he turns towards Shinji who began smiling.

"My brother is also interested in working for this organization. So, how about we make a deal?" Shinji leans over from his seat and gives his proposal. "You let my brother become a pilot, let my grandfather work with you guys to continue his research, and help me gather evidence against the old man. And in exchange I'll help you guys gather whatever information you need on these monsters…deal?"

Dr. Serizawa thinks about this offer. He knew his organization does need some more new fresh blood to join them, especially those who have seen these creatures and gathered so much information about them. Information that can help them learn more about the creatures. More than ever before.

"Let me speak to the emperor about this, but I believe we can make this work," said Dr. Serizawa as he stood up from his seat. "I hope you realize the places we will send you will be more dangerous than your old job as a spy. You sure about this?"

Shinji nods as he stood up from his seat as well. "If it means helping me nail the old man and expose him for the monster that he is then I will do it. So, if you need me to go to the gates of hell I'll do it with a big smile on my face."

Dr. Serizawa smiles as he extended his hand. "Then, we have a deal."

Shinji moves his hand over and shook it. "Good. Now, before you send me to hell…" he took out a chip that is inside a small glass container. "Help me figure out what the old man has placed in the minds of these Clones."


Ahsoka is seen walking with Haruo who is using a crutch to help him walk down the hallway of the hotel they are at. After being tested Senator Darrow offered the Jedi and Padme a place to stay. Their own hotel rooms where they will be able to stay and relax until the tests come back with their results. Once they do then they are free to go home.

Ahsoka got bandaged up after she got cared for her injuries. The bandage contains a special material that works to help heal the wounded from their injuries. She just needs to wear it for the day before she is fully recovered. Haruo is also wearing a similar bandage, except he needs to crutch due to being shot at near the knee.

So, he'll need two to three more days to recover from his injury. He didn't mind though since he has Ahsoka to keep him company.

Obi Wan is busy speaking with the Council about how everything is going. All while Padme is spending time with Senator Darrow. She took her to speak with the emperor so they can discuss about Heiwa. The emperor wanted to hear more about what happened on the planet and about them seeing the God of Heiwa himself, Gojira.

As for the Clones they are still at the hospital recovering. Commander Cody woke up and suffered memory loss. The last thing he remembered was arriving to Heiwa and being attacked by something. But he couldn't remember what it was.

"And Rex is still recovering from his surgery. The doctors say he should be better before we leave," said Ahsoka as she explained what happened to Rex.

"That's good to know," said Haruo who is glad Ahsoka's friend is feeling better. "I take it you spoke to your master as well and let him know what happened?"

Ahsoka sighed as she slowly nods her head. "It was only for a few minutes, but it felt like hours with his constant questions about what happened on the planet. Why aren't we telling the chancellor more on what happened? And why can't I tell him the truth?"

She lets out another sigh and felt bad for lying to her master. "I don't like lying to him, but even if I tell him not to tell the chancellor I know he will. They are close and he trusts him a lot. So much so I can't tell him about what he did. Since I know he won't take it well."

Haruo knew this is true. He overheard Senator Amidala having arguments with Ahsoka's master and it got heated at times. He was told they are good friends, but a part of him had a feeling they were more than friends…nah that couldn't be it. They are just probably good friends.

"I take it my brother told Senator Amidala the truth too?" Haruo asked unaware if his brother told Padme about Palpatine after their encounter with Keisuke and the bounty hunters.

Ahsoka nods in response as the two teenagers stopped in front of a window. "She didn't take it very well, but she didn't try defending him much. I think a part of her feels what he told her is true. However, I think a part of her feels he must have had a reason for the weapon. Not to kill, but maybe for something else."

"I doubt that," said Haruo who doesn't think Palpatine would want to use the weapon for anything but for bad things. "Still, the good news is my grandpa has the core of the weapon safe and sound. And any trace of the weapon was destroyed when the rest of it blew up."

"Do you think Godzilla survived the blast though?" Ahsoka asked recalling how the explosion destroyed much of the city when they left the planet.

Haruo nods in response. "It most likely. The satellite around the planet detected multiple heat signatures after the explosion. Many of them are the same monsters he was studying. And one of them…is Gojira."

Ahsoka is shocked to hear this. Not only did the monsters survived such an explosion, but so did Godzilla. It both amazed her and also left her worried at how strong these monsters are. She's just glad they aren't on the planet anymore.

Haruo leans against the wall as they look out the window. Haruo turns to Ahsoka and smiles. "Ahsoka, I know I said this before, but I'll still say it again…thank you. Thank you for coming to save us. I know you guys came mostly for Senator Amidala, but I appreciate you coming to help save me too."

Ahsoka shook her head and turns to her friend. "I did go to help save Padme, but I wanted to save you too. You're my friend and I wasn't going to leave you behind. I also wanted to thank you for helping us back on Heiwa. Not just for saving Padme, but also when we fought the bounty hunters."

Haruo nods as he begins chuckling a little. "That whole trip was one of the craziest and most dangerous experience I've ever been through. I'm just glad though I got to go through with it with you by my side…I just wish you didn't have to leave soon."

Ahsoka nods in agreement as her expression turned to one of sadness. "Me too. I wish I could stay a little longer and explore this world," she looks out the window to see how beautiful the city looks. "But, I need to get back to do my job. Help free other worlds from the Separatist and help save innocent lives."

Haruo really didn't want her to go and wish he could spend more time with her. But he knew she has a job to do. A job that involves helping free the galaxy from tyranny. All he can do though is hope she'll make it through the war and one day see her again.

Maybe when they do meet again he can ask her out. Okay, sure the rules will still be there, but it doesn't mean he won't try revealing his feelings for her. And hopefully she'll return those feelings too.

"Well, while we wait I can show you around the city. Maybe even visit some nice restaurants too? We have some of the best food in the galaxy," said Haruo offering to take her out…as friends of course.

Ahsoka had a feeling he was trying to ask her out, but she knew he wouldn't do that since he knows she has to follow the rules. Still, it would be nice to spend a little time with her friend. Learn more about his culture and get something to eat. And get to know Haruo a little more.

"I'd like that very much. Shall we get going?" Ahsoka asked.

Haruo nods in response as he offered her hand. "Sure, let's get going then."

As the two teenagers begin to leave, Obi Wan watched the whole thing from the corner of the hallway. He watches the two teenagers walk towards the elevator. He was about to interrupt the two since he didn't want Ahsoka to get too close to Haruo. But after what they both went through he decided to let it go and let them enjoy their time together.

However, he will need to talk to Ahsoka about this so she understands she needs to be careful with getting too close to someone. He knew Anakin has warned her about this, but it was more because of trust issue. Also it didn't help that Anakin had trouble following this rule as well. Considering how close he is to Padme.

"Something on your mind?" Obi Wan turns around to see it was Haruo's grandfather, Kensuke.

Kensuke is seen with a mechanical hand on where his old hand used to be. He is also seen to be using a cane, but it was more for show than really needing it.

"No it was nothing," Obi Wan lied not wanting to tell Kensuke what is wrong. "How are you feeling?"

Kensuke looks down at his mechanical hand and sighed. "I don't like using these artificial limbs, but it has come in handy when I need it to. What about you? How are you feeling?"

Obi Wan wasn't sure how he actually feels. On one hand they should be happy since they completed their mission. On the other hand this mission left him conflicted. He was glad the emperor allowed him to tell the Jedi about what Palpatine did, but made sure not to reveal much about the weapon or the monsters of Heiwa.

He didn't like lying to the Council about this, but Master Yoda understood why this secret has to be kept. Even if he doesn't know the full truth it was enough to reassure them that whatever they suspected about Palpatine before the incident has now been reinforced.

"I suppose I am still feeling unsure if we completed anything on this mission other than rescuing the senator and discovering a terrible secret we can't tell to anyone," said Obi Wan as he leans against the wall. "And how we couldn't get any information out of the bounty hunters since they were all killed."

Kensuke knew he should tell Obi Wan how Boba Fett got off the planet with them thanks to his grandson. But Boba's testimony and the offer Shinji offered was enough to have him work for Heiwa. At least on any special missions and information he can get for them. However, they couldn't tell the Jedi about this and kept this a secret.

"Perhaps, but you did gain a lot of knowledge on this mission," Kensuke explained as he tries to find some good from this mission. "Knowledge that can help make you wiser and learn more about the galaxy. You even got to meet a creature that existed long before the time of the Jedi and gain its respect. That is something that doesn't happen every day."

Obi Wan knew that was true. He did learn much about what happened on Heiwa and the history of these creatures. He even got to meet Godzilla and see he wasn't just a large monster. It was a very intelligent creature that helped save their lives and…well was very strong with the Force.

Obi Wan didn't say this to the others since he wasn't sure if what he sensed was possible, but Godzilla and these creatures of Heiwa. The Force is strong with them. It is strong on the planet, which he didn't think was possible. Yet there it was. He could sense it and feel it flowing through him.

Is it possible the monsters as smart as they are, are aware of this? Are they aware of what the Force is? Is it possible? And if so is it possible Godzilla knew this?

All of these questions flowing through his mind he wasn't sure what to think. He supposed all he can do is wait and once the war is over perhaps he will return to Heiwa to find out the truth.

"Kensuke, I overheard your grandson mentioned the monsters in the city survived the explosion, including Godzilla. Is that true?" Obi Wan asked.

Kensuke nods in response. "Hard to believe huh? Such a powerful explosion that could have wiped us out without leaving a trace and yet they lived. It shows how little we know about these creatures and how much we understand them. That is why we failed to stop them because we thought we were in control."

Kensuke turns away from Obi Wan and looks out the window. "The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control. And not the other way around."

Obi Wan understood this all too well, especially with all the things he has seen and experienced as a Jedi. He knew no matter how much they try they can never control nature. Nature will always find a way to survive. While people who only wish to control and destroy will seize to exist.

"Do you believe one day the galaxy will be ready to learn the truth?" Obi Wan asked.

Kensuke nods in response. "One day, but for now we should leave them alone and let them live in peace. Without our presence and without our involvement. One day we can return to learn more about them. But for now…let them be."


The explosion from the weapon caused the clouds around the planet began to disappear. Allowing sunlight that was able to partially get through managed to finally come through. Engulfing parts of the planet in its warm light. Allowing the creatures and plant life that somehow survived to absorb its radiation.

One of these places where the sun is lightning through is a large island covered with so many plants and mountains. The island is surrounded by a large body of water as large bird like creatures flew over it towards the island. On the island there appears to be different species of monsters that are seen either alone or in herds as they migrate together. Near the monsters there appears to be a hill. It overlooked the island as a creature began walking up the hill.

This creature is revealed to be Godzilla as it looks around the island as he feels the sun's radiation against its body. Godzilla looks up into the sky before looking back down to the creature and let out a loud roar that echoed all around the island.

That's the end! I am so glad I finished this story. I really am. Don't get me wrong.

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Six months later

Ahsoka is seen walking through the streets of Coruscant after she left the Jedi Order. A few days earlier she was accused of murder and being a traitor. She was framed by someone she thought was her friend and was expelled by the Jedi Order. Despite being cleared of the charges and being welcomed back by the Jedi she left.

The Council didn't believe her when she tried to plead her innocence. That she didn't kill anyone and for them to believe her. Despite all the good she did no one came to her aid. All except for her master who ended up saving her from being sent to jail.

Her loyalty, her commitment, and her sacrifice meant nothing to the Jedi. She was mad at them, but what hurt her more is how quickly they lost trust in her. Without a second doubt. They kicked her out of the only home she ever knew.

Her best friend though…someone she thought was her best friend betraying her hurt even more. She explained why she did what she did, but she never did get her answer on why she framed her. Now, that is all done. All she has left are her things that she was given to her by Anakin after she left.

She stayed with Padme for a day and then left once she got her things. She left in the middle of the night so she didn't have to say goodbye to Padme and let it be…emotional. She finds a diner and heads inside. Wanting to get a bite to eat before she finds a ship to buy so she can take off.

She walks in to find she is the only customer inside. It was rather late so she wasn't surprised. She goes to an empty seat and makes her order. Once the droid was gone she lets out a small sigh.

She knew she would have to figure out what to do next. She had to make her decision soon since she knew she wouldn't stay in one place long. She could always go to Shili and maybe live there among her people. But she isn't sure if she is ready to leave Coruscant.

Maybe she could find a place to stay in the city. To do that she would need a lot of money and a job. She wonders if she can get a good job as a former ex-Jedi. Hopefully one that doesn't attract too much attention.

The droid comes back with her drink as she looks down at it. Looking at her own reflection as she tries to decide what she will do next.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?"

She looks up and sees a familiar face, which cause her to smile. "Haruo," she gets up and gives him a big hug. "I can't believe it. What are you doing here?"

Haruo smiled softly as he returned the hug. "I came here with Senator Darrow. She was invited by Padme for some sort of meeting she is having with a few other senators," he breaks the hug and sits down next to her. "I heard what happened. I'm sorry I didn't come by earlier. Had trouble getting any time off from work. Are you okay?"

Ahsoka tried to lie about how she felt, but she couldn't do that. Not after all they went through. "It still hurts, but you know me. I'm a survivor…" this much was true.

With everything she has gone through she always finds ways to survive. Although it doesn't mean she gets out of it unscathed.

"I just wish I had more answers on what happened than more questions. I guess that's all I want more than anything," she said hoping she would at least find out why her best friend did this to her.

Haruo nods in response as he felt bad for her. Moving his hand to hers he grabs it and strokes her hand gently. "I know and I'm sorry for what happened. What are you going to do now?"

Ahsoka stared at his hand and could feel him trying to cheer her up. She didn't mind it and right now since she isn't a Jedi she doesn't need to follow the rules anymore.

"I don't know. I was hoping to move away from everything and see where it takes me. But I'm not sure if I am ready to leave the only place I called home."

Haruo knew that feeling all too well. "Well, what if I told you I have a proposal for you that you might like?"

Ahsoka turns to him and smiled a little more. "A proposal huh? You offering a place to stay?"

Haruo nods in response. "You also don't have to worry about what happened. My people won't care and are willing to let you stay. We can even offer you a job."

Ahsoka stares at him curious by his proposal. "Be what? A soldier? A monster scientist? Because sorry to say this, but after what happened I'm not sure if I am ready to go hunting monsters."

Haruo chuckled a little and shook his head. "Not so much hunting in a sense of hunting monsters, but…"

His expression changed to a serious one as he looks around. The droid that was serving them walks over to the door and locks it. The droids in the kitchen closed down the area as well. Ahsoka had a feeling coming to this diner was no coincidence.

Haruo pulls out a holopad and activates it. "You remember when my grandfather left me the disc that contained all of his work?"

Ahsoka remembers as she nods. "He also said it contained files your father was working on, but he couldn't break the encryption code. Unless you already broke it?"

Haruo nods in response. "And remember when he said there were more monsters out there?"

Ahsoka nods again in response. "Well, yeah. We kind of figured that there are more monsters on your planet that are out there."

"No, I mean there are more off-world," Haruo replied as he shows a hologram of different images of cave drawings and files of different planets. "Turns out after what happened my father began working with people from our world and from other worlds. Gathering information about these creatures."

Haruo shows the symbol of the organization he is talking about and the name all in capitalized letter.

"The organization is a secret one that is funded by Heiwa dedicated to hunting massive unidentified terrestrial organisms or M.U.T.O. for short. They call their organization, Monarch."

"Monarch?" Ahsoka asked surprised to find out there are more of these creatures out there, but also there's an organization that knows about this. "Is the Republic aware of this?"

Haruo shook his head in response. "Only a few key planets know about this. These other worlds are the Wookies of Kashyyyk, the natives of Felucia, the Gungans on Naboo, and well you get the idea. Just to name a few that discovered these…"

Haruo showed drawings of other strange creatures. One appears as a large monster with three large claws and a large hump on its back. A large crustacean monster with large claws. A large monster with what appeared to be drills on its hands and appeared like an insect. And the last one a demon-like monster with large wings, spikes on its body, and a large tail.

Each picture Ahsoka saw made her feel uneasy knowing there are more monsters off-world and they could wake up any time.

"We don't know what these other creatures are, but my father thinks it has something to do with a prophecy our people foretold," Haruo explained as he recalls the story his grandmother used to tell him as a kid. "One that will lead to the end of all life in the galaxy."

Ahsoka turns to Haruo shocked by all of this and wasn't sure what to make of it. "And it involves these monsters?"

Haruo nods in response before showing the next thing he wanted to show Ahsoka. The real reason he came to see her.

"My father discovered a planet that appears to already be ruled by these creatures. One that is said cannot be found on any star map, only a few can find, and only one ever makes it back alive to tell the story. A planet like Heiwa…" Haruo shows a hologram of a large planet. "That has been protected from all other worlds for millions of years. And my father found it."

The hologram shows a planet that is surrounded by a large body of water, except for what appeared to be a large in the middle. Surrounded by what appears to be large clouds, which the hologram shows is electrical storms. What caught Ahsoka's attention is the form of the land. How it appeared to be in the form of a skull shape face.

"My grandpa found out our people were aware of this world and send the information to my father and he managed to find the planet before his death. He sent a probe to the planet to get us as much information about it," Haruo explained as he shows more images from the planet. "Now, unfortunately we couldn't get much images except for a few minor creatures we have seen before. Until last week when an image of a creature that my dad had discovered appeared."

Haruo took out a notebook and shows it to Ahsoka. "My dad wrote down about this creature and discovered how its species existed on Heiwa long ago. Until they were wiped out during a fighting between another species. Godzilla's in fact, which my father wrote down how he believes how both species were once mortal enemies."

Ahsoka stared at the picture as her eyes began to grow wide in shock. She looks up at Haruo wondering what this meant.

"I need your help. I believe whatever this thing is we would like to know about it. Learn to find out if this creature is peaceful or if it can be used against us by our enemies," Haruo explained hoping to get an answer out of Ahsoka.

Ahsoka looks back at the image and asked him a question. "I see...well, as long as we are more prepared than last time I suppose I wouldn't mind going."

Haruo is glad to hear that and smiled. "Glad to know. I bet the others wouldn't mind you joining us on this mission."

Ahsoka nods and hopes she is making the right decision here. "What do they call it?" she turns to Haruo as she motions to the hologram. "This creature, did your dad ever give it a name?"

Haruo nods in response before turning to the image. "My dad says our people had many names for this species of this creature. But there is one that my dad found that the natives called it the most…" the image shows what appears to be a large humanoid ape-like creature standing on its two feet looking up at the probe. "They call it…

*cut to black screen*


*A loud roar can be heard echoing*

That's the end of the story and that's right folks it looks like Kong is next in line! I am so happy to have finally gotten to the ending. Also glad to have gotten to this part, especially since after seeing the ending of Kong: Skull Island I couldn't help but want to do this like from the movie. Also, yeah Ahsoka still leaves the Jedi Order, but now she will be joining Monarch and we'll see how their role will play in the sequel.

Now then, the sequel will take place 15-16 years after the Clone Wars ends. So, around the Rebels series. I might have it after season 2 or during season 4. Possibly, but still working on it.

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