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Chapter II


It has been two years since the Clone Wars began. The fighting has spread across the galaxy with lives being lost from both sides. The fighting has also caused both sides to run low on supplies needed to continue fighting. Chancellor Palpatine has proposed using uninhabited planet to find some material needed to help continue fighting in the war.

Several members of the Senate agreed to this idea, while others feel this would cause harm to the environment of that world. One of the planets that is proposed to be used is Heiwa. A world that was neutral, but was well known for the medicine and technology that were made thanks to the minerals found on the planet.

However, 13 years ago the planet was deemed off-limit due to an outbreak that broke out across the planet. Millions died during the outbreak and has made it impossible to go back to the planet. The survivors of the planet found a new home to live on in one of the colony planets near Heiwa, but were still neutral. Chancellor Palpatine invited the representative of the planet to speak to them and see if there is a way to let them return to the planet.

Chancellor Palpatine is in his office with Senator Padme Amidala, Admiral Moff Tarkin, Jedi Knight Anakin Skwalker, and Master Obi Wan Kenobi. Across from the chancellor are the representatives of Heiwa. One is a young woman named Ann Darrow a senator for the rulers of their new world. Next to her is Dr. Ishiro Serizawa their head scientist and his assistant Aya Hawkins.

"Senator Darrow, with all due respect. The planet has been under quarantine for 13 years and your government has not provided us any information of what this epidemic is," the Chancellor began as a hologram of the planet appeared on his table. "The minerals that your planet has is vital to help us turn the tide of this war. We need to use them before the Separatist find a way to the planet."

"The planet is protected by an electrical storm that will shut down any ships," Doctor Serizawa replied. "If any ship even comes close to the clouds, it will shut down and cause it to crash to the planet"

"We're aware of this and that is why we have been developing a new equipment to help bypass the storm," said Admiral Tarkin as a hologram of a large ship is shown. "Our scientist are convinced this new equipment will shield the ship from the electricity of the storm and provide safety for those inside."

Doctor Serizawa takes a look at the ship and was impressed, but knew it didn't matter. "There is still no guarantee that you will be able to find anything that can help you. The clouds have blocked much of the planet, preventing any sunlight from piercing through. I'm afraid finding the plants needed for the medicine will be futile."

"If memory serves me correctly during the evacuation your people hid much of the medicine and samples of the plant away in a secret bunker. Perhaps if you grant permission we can retrieve them," Admiral Tarkin suggested.

"No," Senator Darrow replied as she spoke out against this. "Both the Republic and the Separatist for 13 years tried to persuade our government to go to the planet. Not for the people of Heiwa, but for a darker purpose."

"That is not true," Senator Amidala spoke out. "The Republic only wishes to use the medicine for our troops and for the people who are suffering. We have no intention of doing anything bad with them."

"You might not," Doctor Serizawa turns to the Chancellor and Tarkin. "But we cannot say the same about the rest," he replied as he received a glare from Anakin.

Obi Wan stepped in wanting to bring a little peace between both sides. "I understand about the history between your people and the Republic. But times have changed and we want to help each other out."

"You mean you wish to help yourselves?" Senator Darrow replied. "Our people suffered greatly because of the Republic. You wanted peace, but you did not care what happened to us. As long as you only gained what you wanted. We are done playing games and we will not be your pawns anymore."

Chancellor Palpatine clears his throat as he tries to speak. "Senator, please. Let us try to bury the past and let us make amends for your people. Even offer assistance in finding you all a new home world to live on."

Senator Darrow stands up and clears her throat. "I believe there is nothing the Republic can offer to our people that won't result in conflict or death like last time. Good day to you all."

The senator bowed her head to the Chancellor before she took her leave with the doctors. As soon as they left the Chancellor orders everyone to leave his office while he discuss this matter with Tarkin.

As soon as they left the two Jedi and Padme stood outside the office. "Well, that could have gone better," said Obi Wan knowing with the history the Republic has with Heiwa it could have gone worse.

"I still can't believe they are accusing the Chancellor of any wrongdoings. What is wrong with them?" Anakin asked upset that they were insulting his friend.

"They have their reason Anakin," said Padme as she received a disapproval of her husband. "The people of Heiwa have had a rocky relationship with the Republic. Each time it looks like peace can be formed for both sides always ended in disaster."

"What do you mean?" Anakin asked wondering where his wife is going with this.

"A year before the outbreak, the Republic wanted to reform an alliance with them. The government of Heiwa considered it since they were concerned about the conflicts that were going on in the galaxy," Obi Wan began explaining as he recalls the events of what happened years ago. "However, when the outbreak occurred the Republic did not lend assistance to the people of Heiwa. The people claimed the Republic wanted them to make weapons of mass destruction and agree to the alliance in exchange they would receive help."

Padme remembered hearing about it and lets out a small sigh. "There was no proof to back that off and the senate called them liars. This made the people of Heiwa mad and decided to never form any alliance with the Republic."

Anakin was shocked to hear this and could understand now why they felt so distrustful against the Republic. "If that's true then why did they even bother coming here? What was the point if they never planned to rejoin the Republic?"

Padme had a theory and turns to the door to office of the Chancellor. "Perhaps they thought things have changed and they could start anew. But I guess that is not meant to be."

Anakin sighed as he turns to Obi Wan. "What now?"

Obi Wan placed his hand against his chin. "We can try speaking with the Council about this. I remember Master Qui-Gon telling me how the Jedi are still good friends with the people of Heiwa, but I don't know if they would get involved in this problem."

"It would be best if we don't get them involved. Not until things cool down," said Padme as she got an idea. "I'll go talk to Senator Organa and see if he might have some suggestions to negotiate with them. Maybe even find a way to negotiate with them."

"Think it's possible to negotiate with them after what happened?" Anakin asked.

"Maybe. I'll see you both later," she replied as she began taking off.

Anakin takes out his com-link and begins sending a message. "Better let Ahsoka know what happened and to come by to pick us up."

"How is her training going?" Obi Wan asked.

"It's going good. She's even gotten better in flying," said Anakin who is proud of how far his student has gotten. "Although, she still needs more work done when she flies during combat."

"Like you?" Obi Wan asked as the two began walking out of the room. "She has grown much since she became your apprentice. In fact, she might even be ready for the trials."

Anakin turns to Obi Wan and knew that is where he was going with this. "I'm still not sure about that. I think she still has a lot to learn before she can even take them."

Obi Wan could tell Anakin is hesitate to let his student take the trials due to his attachment to her. Something that has concerned him ever since Mortis. Since then he could tell how close Anakin is to her and how hard is to let her go on missions without him worrying about her. He hopes when she does take the trials that he will be ready to let her go.

"Well, let us hope she will be ready to take them before she grows too old," said Obi Wan making a small joke.

Anakin rolled his eyes. "Very funny."


Outside of the Senate building, Ahsoka arrived to pick up her friends. She is glad her master is letting her drive a speeder without him being there. As she waits she notices a teenage boy around her age sitting on top of a speeder. What caught her curiosity is the symbol on his jacket. She recognized it from her meeting with the Council as the royal crest of Heiwa.

She approaches the young man and clears her throat to get his attention. "Hello there."

The boy turns towards the Togruta girl and smiled. He had short black hair, blue eyes, tan skin, and a scar on his right cheek. "Hello there," he replied back. "Who are you?"

"My name is Ahsoka Tano, Jedi Padawan," she greeted back. "What is your name?"

The boy got off the speeder and introduced himself. "My name Haruo Yamagata, pilot for the senator of Heiwa. So, you're a Jedi Padawan huh? Wow, I never thought I would meet a Jedi face-to-face. Don't even care what ranks they are."

Ahsoka was happy to hear that as she walked over to him. "Thank you and I'm glad to be able to meet someone from Heiwa. We hardly get anyone from the Jedi Order that came from that planet."

"That probably is because the people of Heiwa don't always let the Jedi know that any of their kids are Force sensitive. They like the idea of keeping their kids than sending them off to be nomads," said Haruo as he smiled nervously hoping she isn't insulted.

Ahsoka was surprised to hear this, but then again with how the galaxy views the Jedi she is just glad his response wasn't a negative one…she thinks. "Well, what happens when they can use the Force? How would they be able to control them?"

"That I don't know and don't ask, but I'm sure they have their ways," Haruo replied relieved a little that she didn't take his response the wrong way. "So, what are you doing here? I mean if you don't mind me asking?"

"I'm here to pick up my master," she replied as she leans against the vehicle. "I take it you are here to take the senator of your planet home?"

Haruo nods in response. "Just glad I was able to meet you before we leave."

Ahsoka turns to Haruo confused. "You are already leaving? I was told you just got here, right?"

Haruo sighed as he looks up into the sky seeing all the vehicles flying around. "Yeah, but if things go like the senator predict they will go we will be leaving soon. I wished we didn't since I did want to get to know this place a little better and relax."

Ahsoka still felt confused on why he meant by what he said. "What do you mean about the senator predicting how the meeting will go?"

"Well…" he began explaining about why the people of Heiwa don't trust the Republic, why the Republic wants to form an alliance, and how bad the relationship has gotten. "So, that's I don't think things will last long."

Ahsoka was surprised to hear this and the issues between both sides. She knew there were problems with the Republic and Heiwa, but not to this extent. It made her wonder how the Chancellor would be able to form any kind of deal. Let alone one that will make up for what happened.

Haruo looks over and sees the senator walking towards them. "Oh, it looks like the meeting is over. I'm sorry that we won't be able to talk long, but it was nice to meet you Ahsoka."

Ahsoka nods in response and smiled. "Me too and hopefully we will meet again."

Haruo nods hoping the same thing too. He opens the door for the senator, professor, and the bodyguard as they boarded the speeder. He gives a small bow to Ahsoka before getting into the driver's side. The vehicle starts up and begins flying away.

Ahsoka watched on as they left and sighed a little. "He seemed nice," she said to herself feeling bad she didn't get a chance to talk to him some more.

"Ahsoka!" she turns around and sees her two Jedi friends approaching her.

"Master, how did it go? I take it the meeting went somewhat well?" she asked.

Anakin sighed as he shook his head. "Let's just say we have a lot to discuss with the Council. Who were you talking to by the way?"

Ahsoka looks back at the direction where the speeder went and replied. "A friend…at least one I hope to see again to call friend."

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