Danny Fenton was your average twelve-year-old.

He had two parents, a sister and two best friends that he loved to hang out with during his free time, just like he was doing this afternoon. The friends were sitting at a table in Amity Park's well known local, the Nasty Burger.

"So, your parents still working on that hole in your basement?"

Danny rolled his eyes.

"Yes, Sam. They're still working on the ghost portal."

Sam Manson was one of those best friends. She was what people call goth and her character seemed as hard and tough as her combat boots felt. Danny and Tucker were two of the few people who were allowed to see past that facade.

"Dude, you don't actually believe ghosts exist, do you?"

"Tuck, I know I'm not nearly as far as my parents, but from what I've seen of their notes and blueprints, the stuff they're dealing with is serious science."

"Whatever you say. You stick to ghosts, I stick to my babes. Don't you agree, Claire?"

Tucker held his PDA close and smiled lovingly. While Sam loved nature and magic and Danny loved science and space, Tucker was a total techno geek.

"What happened to Lucy?" Sam asked in a clearly amused tone.

Tucker looked sad suddenly.

"She became outdated, I'm afraid."

"Poor Lucy." Danny commented with a grin.

Like most times, their day had been nice and relaxed and neither of them had planned for it to end any different. But then Danny received a message. It was from his older sister Jazz, telling him to come home as soon as possible and that it was really important. Knowing that his sister never asked him such things without reason, he hurriedly excused himself from his friends and headed home.

Danny Fenton was your average twelve-year-old.

But that was about to change.

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